Last Day of School Vlog!!
Today I vlog my last day of sophomore year... I can honestly say that it was one of the best last days I've ever had! Going from public school to online school in March was a huge adjustment and it feels so great to have finished all of my online school on time with the grades I wanted! If you are still in school don't worry! You are so close to finishing.. study hard and all you can do is your best! Summer 2018!!!
merch coming very very soon... sneak peak in this video but make sure to follow me on Insta for when it drops! ahh I'm so pumped
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Thank you so much for watching and I really hope to see you around in my next video!!

How old are you?? 16
Where do you live? Arizona
Who are you signed with? Next models, Agency AZ, Trend Spain

Thank you so much for watching


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    Quiero empezar a hablar ingles!! Vuelvo en un año para ver si entiendo más palabras!!!! . Mar.22.09.2020 👑🦠 . Patty Chik 💖

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    Abdlla Tube

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    Saludos cordiales Saludos a todos por

    Español por favor 😁

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    Leandro Rodrigues dos Santos

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  • Leandro Rodrigues dos Santos
    Leandro Rodrigues dos Santos

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