DUDE - EP 01: Detective Ashok Bhatia | Ambrish Verma, Apoorva Arora, Chote Miyan | Web Series
Rusk Studios and Jio Studios bring you episode 1, Detective Ashok Bhatia of our new web series DUDE on Alright! Streaming on JioCinema & Alright!
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Hungry to finish his detective life and haunted by dark, fragmented memories of his past, DUDE uses his sleuthing skills to outsmart the suspects. All set to investigate the last case of his detective life, he somehow ends up battling between his personal and professional life.
So Rusk Studios brings you episode 1 of Dude season 1, the biggest blend of comedy, crime, and drama with an intricate puzzle filled with twists that trigger the series of threats, unraveling a new mystery at each stage. Brace yourself for the truth that will make you experience every single emotion on the spectrum. Till then stay tuned to Alright (rusk media)! for more amazing content: bit.ly/alrightsquad
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Dude web show Season 1
If you liked movies like Byomkesh Bakshi, then you would also like the Dude Season 1, Episode 1. Dude web show features Shibani Bedi, Ambrish Verma, Apoorva Arora, Chote Miyan, Shibani Bedi, Rakesh Bedi.
About Ambrish Verma
Ambrish Verma is a popular digital face that has been featured in various stand-alone episodes and web shows across leading fiction channels like RVCJ, The Timeliners, Hasley India etc. Ambrish Verma has written sketches like Luckiest Man in the World for Timeliners. DUDE showcases his first directorial and writing marvel. Ambrish Verma also plays the main lead in this new web series. If you like watching indian web series and hindi web series then you would also like to watch Ambrish Verma in Dude. If you like watching Ambrish Verma videos then you should definitely watch Wrong Number too. Stay tuned to Rusk studios for more such Ambrish Verma videos.
About Apoorva Arora
Starring in College Romance, Apoorva Arora is one of the most sought-after faces of INlabel. Dude season 1 is Apoorva’s first web show with Alright (rusk media). If you liked the #wrongnumber, #collegeromance, like dude web show. If you like watch indian web series and hindi web series then you would also like to watch Apoorva Arora in Dude. Apoorva is featured in many other ambrish verma videos as well from RVCJ.
About Chote Miyan
Chote Miyan or Arun Kushwaha is an Indian actor, comedian, and INlabelr. Chote Miyan is famous for TVF Qtiyapa, Chote Miyan video, and Teen Screen Patti video. Dude web show trailer features Shibani Bedi, Ambrish Verma, Apoorva Arora, Chote Miyan, Shibani Bedi, Rakesh Bedi. If you like watch indian web series and hindi web series then you would also like to watch Chote Miyan in Dude.
About Shibani Bedi
Shibani Bedi is a Delhi-based theater and web/TV/film actor and has acted in several viral videos, ad films, short films, done a bunch of stage plays, and short cameos. Shibani is also a voice-over artist and an ex-journalist. If you like watch indian web series and hindi web series then you would also like to watch Shibani Bedi in Dude. This is the first time Shibani Bedi has been featuring in any of the Ambrish verma videos which makes DUDE even more special for us.
Why is Dude special for Rusk Studios?
Rusk Studios is your one-stop-shop for fiction content. With a group of bright and hardworking team, Rusk believes in bringing you the most relatable content for free. Dude is a Delhi-based fiction story that we believe needs to be heard and seen by everyone. Dude web show is one of the best Hindi web series 2021, new web series 2021, Indian web series trailer, best web series 2021 similar from the binge, #jiostudios, #Bollywood, webseries, Hindi films, #entertainment, #Maddockfilms. Ambrish verma videos have always been fav to our audience. If you liked watching college romance, wrong number, and #roohi, then you would love watching Dude web show by rusk studios.
#AmbrishVerma #ApoorvaArora #ChoteMiyan #ShibaniBedi

  • Paurush Saxena
    Paurush Saxena

    very slow

  • Shanni Gupta
    Shanni Gupta

    Great episode I came after watching wrong number😍🤗

  • Abhi a.k.a Honey
    Abhi a.k.a Honey

    Just proud and happy to see Ambrish bhai rising 🤗🙏

  • Hashim Syed
    Hashim Syed

    Legends say that , mahesh ji ajj bhi dhund rahy hain k kutty ne kiya bola tha

  • Gaurav Setia
    Gaurav Setia

    Lots of advertisement in this video as compare to others

  • Coolquake

    Three layers of fun

  • Maya R.
    Maya R.

    Too much ads while watching...

  • Kishan Dasondhi
    Kishan Dasondhi


  • Mohit Mokhriya
    Mohit Mokhriya

    Bc itne ache content k view nhi aate Tony kakkar jaise chutiyo k aa jaate h 1 mont 3 million hi hue h

  • Chaudhry Bilal Ilyas
    Chaudhry Bilal Ilyas

    Jab kutay Ko photo dikhai gae 😆

  • Mehra Ajey
    Mehra Ajey

    Bhai ad ke beech m kyu video dikha re ho yr ...ad dekhne do chain se

  • DUDE


  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh

    bhai including paid promotion ke bad 6-7 add wahi ice cream ke😂😂

  • Rv Rishu
    Rv Rishu

    Crazy xyz sa koun koun aaya hai

  • The Storyteller
    The Storyteller

    Too much advertisement...frustation level .high sir

  • Incredible AK
    Incredible AK

    14:24 anybody knows who is she?

  • Shabana Ali
    Shabana Ali

    Kon kon chahat anand ke link se aya hai yha

  • Kaushik Sarma
    Kaushik Sarma

    It's soooo good🔥🔥🔥

  • Kartik Pidurkar
    Kartik Pidurkar

    Anushka missing....!

  • Shadman abdulkalam Kalam
    Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

    Really very nice 👍

  • Pathik Ranjan Mitra
    Pathik Ranjan Mitra

    The start is too slow

  • Tanay Ravanang
    Tanay Ravanang

    Chote miya ❤️❤️

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma

    Adds bahut show ho rahi

  • S Shahnoor
    S Shahnoor

    I normally don't watch web series just becoz they have all got love stories or relationship crap but atleast this one is a good thriller. Interesting story and well directed plus the background music is amazing

  • Aakash saini boy
    Aakash saini boy

    Chote miyan is best😂😂

  • Nitin Negi
    Nitin Negi

    4piece ek guthli😂



  • framedheart

    The music is amazing, where can I find the soundtrack?

  • Shubham Pathak
    Shubham Pathak

    That girl is damn cute than apoorva 10:28 🥰🥰😍🤩🤩

  • Musical Rahu
    Musical Rahu

    Great work

  • Tarandeep Kaur
    Tarandeep Kaur

    Sab toh theek hai lekin December main Alphanso Mangoes kahan milte hain???

  • Shashikala Tiwari
    Shashikala Tiwari

    Dog said mmmmmmm

  • vinod kumar
    vinod kumar

    Chhote miyan always best ..

  • Abu Durrah
    Abu Durrah

    Cutting printed letters is a concept from Sherlock Holmes.

    • Palav Trivedi
      Palav Trivedi

      Also the bgm in between sad scenes is similar to dark series😂😂 Btw awesome series can't wait for season2

  • Harry Absy
    Harry Absy

    Socha nhi tha interesting hoga but one of the best Ambrish content.. Web series.

  • Harry Absy
    Harry Absy

    Chote miyan rock star accent and performance man

  • Trisha

    Dude you are really good....hats off to you Ambrish and whole team...all are my favorite...this show is just awesome...AV you are no doubt a fire of talent 🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️

  • Starry Night
    Starry Night


  • Jyotiprakash Nayak
    Jyotiprakash Nayak

    Not seen yet. How is this series ???

  • quick books
    quick books

    mast hai

  • Amaan Arshad
    Amaan Arshad

    Phifty Only😂😂😂

  • Mrigendra Jha
    Mrigendra Jha

    The execution ,the story, the music and finally the acting .... Well i can just say it has surpasses many good movies i have seen in just 1 episode

    • Jyotiprakash Nayak
      Jyotiprakash Nayak

      How is the series ???

  • Mrigendra Jha
    Mrigendra Jha

    25.40 meme moment...

  • Mrigendra Jha
    Mrigendra Jha

    That tune .... So mysterious i love it🥶🥶🥶

  • Jonas Justin
    Jonas Justin

    Please Alright Dude ka full soundtrack Upload Kardo. Please!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jonas Justin
    Jonas Justin

    Please Alright Dude ka full soundtrack Upload Kardo. Please!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jonas Justin
    Jonas Justin

    Please Alright Dude ka full soundtrack Upload Kardo. Please!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jonas Justin
    Jonas Justin

    Please Alright Dude ka full soundtrack Upload Kardo. Please!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Shoaib zubair
    Shoaib zubair

    thoda background music low hota to acha lagta. it was kinda distracting.

  • 4 Fun
    4 Fun

    Fuck The Background Sound Suru k 10m dimag khrb kr diye

  • krtika sahai
    krtika sahai



    Who is coming after getting suggestions from anyone

  • bhupender singh
    bhupender singh

    Chotey miyan Waah Bhai waah

  • jyoti prakash nanda
    jyoti prakash nanda

    Official desimemes


    December me aam wo bhi alphanso

  • Rowdey Rathore
    Rowdey Rathore

    Bc music suna suna ke hamko kwutiya bana rahe hai ......... Ye bik gaya hai show ab isme kuchh nahi hai

  • Nitin sharma
    Nitin sharma


  • sourav mishra
    sourav mishra

    Who is this girl ambrish broke up at 10 min

  • Dhruv Shah
    Dhruv Shah

    What is the last episode no ????

  • Palash Kale
    Palash Kale

    Rashmeet was a nice surprise... 😀 I did feel bad for her

  • Ina Kakal
    Ina Kakal

    bgm of the series it too good it gives kind of suspense and creates interest in the series

  • Proudly Labour Class
    Proudly Labour Class

    9:37 till now felling bored😑

  • Khadija Begam
    Khadija Begam

    Theme song of this series is awesome 👌👏

  • Muskan Srivastava
    Muskan Srivastava

    Amazing ❣️

  • Manish kumar #HR_32
    Manish kumar #HR_32

    Bc 20 advt. Aagyi bhai kya kr rhe ho

  • Dadapota Offical
    Dadapota Offical

    Bht ala yr

  • Gaming Birds
    Gaming Birds

    Ads!Ads! Only Ads lund sala

  • Abhishek Mali
    Abhishek Mali

    On watching this video who see ananya pandeys ad over 💯 times

  • Niyaran Sahil Kanday
    Niyaran Sahil Kanday

    Corneto ki banao bati aur dal lo jaha dalna hai

  • Divyansh

    Chutiya saala har jagah cornetto ka ad daal rkha hai dimaag kharab ho gya

  • Searching The Unknown
    Searching The Unknown

    FIRE 🔥

  • Vishal Bharodiya
    Vishal Bharodiya

    Million dollar advice: pls download and watch whole series to avoid millions of cornetto ad

  • Rida Nadeem
    Rida Nadeem

    1 month phly post hui h or lkha h 2005 wah

  • Ajay Rai
    Ajay Rai

    Itna tune kyu daal rakha hai sar me dard ho gya 2 mint me.hi

  • Mohit Mokhriya
    Mohit Mokhriya

    Bc corrnto ad😠

  • aditya rajput
    aditya rajput

    Bisi ek video m kitne ad daloge views se mnn ni bhr rha

  • Kunj Patel
    Kunj Patel

    Why the heck this web series isn't on any ott platform? ❤

  • deepak verma
    deepak verma

    love all episode 😘😘well written and gud screenplay 😍❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Diganta chowdhury
    Diganta chowdhury

    Holly helllll

  • raiyan. intention
    raiyan. intention

    4pc 1 guthli😂

  • raiyan. intention
    raiyan. intention

    Kiya bola kutte ne😭

  • Suraj Chaudhary
    Suraj Chaudhary

    Kutte wala scene 😂😂😂

  • Monalisa Mohapatra
    Monalisa Mohapatra

    There is a lot of unnecessary loud monotonous background music, which spoils the show

  • Pratyya Basu
    Pratyya Basu

    Guys complete time waste not a good story. Unexpected from Ambarish. I don't know how they managed to JioStudio to sponsor this.

  • S H I V A M
    S H I V A M

    Only annoying thing is that ananya pandey ad

  • Sonu Sonkar
    Sonu Sonkar

    34 dec sirf maine suna kya?? 🤔 21:52

  • Nitish Dhyani
    Nitish Dhyani

    Cosee ke thos

  • 20FPS Gaming
    20FPS Gaming

    Abe bat bat p add🤦

  • Farhad Sony
    Farhad Sony

    Irritating music....😭

  • Shahid Shaikh
    Shahid Shaikh

    Faltu music bht dala hua h

  • Rakshit Verma
    Rakshit Verma

    Aisi agency hamare desh m bhi hoti h kya?

  • Vishal Mishra
    Vishal Mishra

    This is high production value cinematography which needs to be known even by Movie fraternity all over the world

  • Krunal Gandhi
    Krunal Gandhi

    Just here bcs of chhote Miyan

  • Shivam Agarwal
    Shivam Agarwal

    Abhey chutiyo ya toh ad dikhalo ya series.. Har 2 minute baad bc chokissomo

  • Anmol Sharma5
    Anmol Sharma5

    This episode was same as the movie scene of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! To alright: Caught u guys!!!

  • Shashank Shourabh
    Shashank Shourabh

    Irritating background music

    • Shashank Shourabh
      Shashank Shourabh

      Acting is great

  • Pratik Sahu
    Pratik Sahu

    15 - 20 ad aur daal dete....😑

  • akshad Goyanka
    akshad Goyanka

    Ambrish verma is doing everything good

  • lakshita sharma
    lakshita sharma

    Ye bg sound lgana jruri tha kya🙄🙄 Sir drd lg gya

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