Kohli's FIRST Test Century in England! | Edgbaston 2018 | England Cricket
Watch the moment Kohli broke the curse and secured his first Test century on English soil at Edgbaston in 2018!
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  • Smruti Rajaan
    Smruti Rajaan

    I love Virat Kohli 😘

  • Karthik Prathi
    Karthik Prathi

    Kohli is the best cricket player

  • hemanth reddy
    hemanth reddy

    Man of masses .....

  • Diago Harry
    Diago Harry

    class batting from Kohli, class bowling Jimmy!!

  • Naveen kumar G
    Naveen kumar G

    Run mission virat kohli 🏏🏏🏏

  • Dhruv's Food Review
    Dhruv's Food Review

    Not a pitch to play cricket in it...... Intentionally made a British friendly pitch....icc should look into it....

  • The day of life
    The day of life

    Bad person in Indian cricket chor BJP


    1:21 happy to hear.. Klassic kohli

  • Schrödinger Wave equation
    Schrödinger Wave equation

    Indians love the game.

  • Kannappa Mulekeri
    Kannappa Mulekeri

    Wah kohli

  • vishal jaiswal
    vishal jaiswal

    Bc sir k baal pakne lg gye h ab to 71 hundred k liye sahi me

  • videos uploader
    videos uploader


  • Suraj Rajak
    Suraj Rajak

    Is match me Kohli ne kitna four aur six mare the

  • Rahul Chowdhury
    Rahul Chowdhury

    Chase Master ❤❤❤

  • Swagoto Saha
    Swagoto Saha

    That's how legends astonishes the world.

  • 3020 _maths_Nitin Verma
    3020 _maths_Nitin Verma

    Waiting for 71st century

  • Harman Malhi
    Harman Malhi

    I think test matches in england are more entertainment to watch rather then in india doset matters who won!! I support virat kohli🔥🔥

  • Aanisah Bhanaiip
    Aanisah Bhanaiip

    Kohli is the best


    clearly the pitch was not the reason the skills are.... England must find new excuses for their defeat in Ahmedabad

  • Prateek Jha
    Prateek Jha

    8:07 that's what she said

  • 499 Mehta Kavish
    499 Mehta Kavish


  • सारांश गुप्ता
    सारांश गुप्ता

    Zomato walo tumari gaand maar dunga kisi din🤬

    • Divesh Choudhury
      Divesh Choudhury

      Kya hua batao

  • Rb Shukla
    Rb Shukla

    The best cover drive playing player on planet earth .

  • shabsify1

    Anderson still had him in a lot of trouble and with a bit of luck would have had him going back to the pavillion on more than one occasion.

  • sai ram
    sai ram

    Best innings i seen in my life

  • Abhinaba Mitra
    Abhinaba Mitra

    Kohli needs only one good knock now.If he hits that in next test I am sure the king will be again back in his prime form

  • Ayaan Rana.55
    Ayaan Rana.55

    Brilliant performance 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Anant Ashrit
    Anant Ashrit

    What a poor pitch that was.. doctored for seam bowling..

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar

    Top class knock

  • Pavan b
    Pavan b

    We want this kohli. Please comeback king

  • Virat Sahu
    Virat Sahu

    They are earning there 50% revenue from this

  • Fomez

    How many times did he get dropped though?!!?!

  • Avishkar Pagare
    Avishkar Pagare

    Here after English whining about the pitch they should learn something from kohli 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Dr. Nasty-Dave
    Dr. Nasty-Dave

    England you have to learn to adapt to pitches like kohli rather than crying about the pitch

    • ncfclee

      Who won the 3rd Test is irrelevant - the pitch was not good enough. I would have said the same if England had won. That pitch was embarrassing to Test cricket.


    5:23 lion roars

  • Aŕþiť Sïņğh
    Aŕþiť Sïņğh


  • Mohammed Mokhsadul Islam
    Mohammed Mokhsadul Islam

    Umesh Yadav also deserve love for long last wicket parnership

  • Abhilash Maity
    Abhilash Maity


  • waqar shah
    waqar shah

    It's aways U vs U. Kohli is what he's coz he comebacks Strong through his mistakes; 2014-2018..🙋

  • Musarit Rashid
    Musarit Rashid


  • Sakthi Jeeva
    Sakthi Jeeva

    Missing this Aggressive Virat Kohli like anything! 😭

  • magoma1 Kkak
    magoma1 Kkak

    The noxious grenade booly seal because sandra increasingly suspect along a exciting exclusive epoch. majestic, obnoxious punch

  • jatin goyal
    jatin goyal


  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    David Malan the criminal.

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    Fun fact:- Anderson haven't got Kohli out since 2013-14.

  • Jupiter House
    Jupiter House

    Remember the Name

  • Arun S
    Arun S

    Kohli fans like 💯🔥💯

  • Pushkar Singh
    Pushkar Singh

    I just love English Weather ❤️

  • Bridget Saville
    Bridget Saville

    I am here after axar crushes England top order

  • Sanjay Lanka
    Sanjay Lanka

    That sound come onnnnnn

  • Anand Yadav
    Anand Yadav

    We want this Kholi Back

  • pit Lu
    pit Lu

    Miles to go for Kohli to be dhoni

    • AmaanSlayz

      In batting even Pant is better than Dhoni(test cricket)

  • Snow man
    Snow man

    kholi is just lucky

  • Advitiya Srivastava
    Advitiya Srivastava

    Kohli best knock.

  • Premsila Chalan
    Premsila Chalan

    Kohli you are the best

  • Gurtesh Arora
    Gurtesh Arora

    I miss this kohli

  • Jyotiranjan Das
    Jyotiranjan Das

    Mark my word king gonna return again ❤️

  • Harish chander
    Harish chander

    Watched this gem of an innings 50 Times already... King kohli ❤️

  • Fahis NT
    Fahis NT

    King 👑


    Power of India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Abhiram P
    Abhiram P

    this man cooked his oppostion more than choking his team... but still haters go bow bow..

  • Umadevi Chemudupatu
    Umadevi Chemudupatu

    Kohli the one man army he doesn't lose his confidence and his favourite shot is cover drive

  • Progressive Media
    Progressive Media

    Quiet ly game

  • Aman Sharan
    Aman Sharan

    5:32 luck of love!

  • Astrophile

    They Gave Him Grassless Flat Pitch , What Else Did They Expect After Taking Away The Home Advantage From Themselves , More Like If India Starts Making Non-Spinning Wickets For Day 5 .

  • Arshad

    This is peak kohli but still gave so many chances that were dropped.

  • nithin cristano
    nithin cristano

    we need this Kohli back after he got his kid he lost his cool n became gentleman pls Virat get the old aggresion

  • Samuel Modi
    Samuel Modi

    Over acthing, virat, looking so,,,,poor nw, really poor man nw,

    • Sam Viratian
      Sam Viratian

      He's a billionaire lol he's not poor

    • Chirag Mohite
      Chirag Mohite


  • Vish Edit
    Vish Edit

    The thing that I like about the England crowd is no matter what happens, when the player does well, they appreciate it from their heart

  • JBL Aakash Gupta
    JBL Aakash Gupta

    This 2020-2021 Test series against England The king will be back 😎

  • happy tripathi
    happy tripathi

    Noone talking about Anderson bowling to kohli...I mean not a single chance

  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma

    modi hai to mumkin hai

  • N Kumar
    N Kumar

    King for a reason❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️

  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot Singh

    King kohli 💥🐅🐅

  • SAI RAM 004
    SAI RAM 004

    Shame on BCCI for not keeping such memories to our Indian fans in INlabel....!!!

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    God please.. Help Kohli to overcome his long drought for runs and centuries.. Hope he'll do his best in this ongoing series.

  • Tanish Agarwal
    Tanish Agarwal

    No matter what he does people troll him for being the Captain and these are the people who also wait for Kohli Anderson Rivalry. He is the greatest batsman I have ever seen,For me He is the Legend of Legends. Once you troll him for something BROTHER YOU WILL SEE WHAT A KOHLISTORM IS!!!!!!❤️🔥💯

  • Navindu Induwara
    Navindu Induwara

    Whatever the terrific inning jimmy anderson will always create chances

  • balaji

    1:20 What A Shot 😍😍😍 Virat kohli legend of world cricket

  • Cricket Club
    Cricket Club

    all time favorite player

  • shashi charith
    shashi charith

    I like this shot very much 7:25 of Kohli👌

  • shashi charith
    shashi charith

    Why below score card doesn't show the no. of balls played by the batsmen🤔🤨

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar

    it's amazing Kohli

  • Shyam Patel
    Shyam Patel

    1:44 what an inswinger from kohli Touches the james anderson's right sided body

  • Amit kumar Apata
    Amit kumar Apata

    Virat power is out standing fantablus i am inspire to his power

  • Abhishek M
    Abhishek M

    When Kohli scoring runs in difficult swinging conditions on the green pitch against the likes of Jimmy, Broad etc, No one complained about the pitch, but when English batsmen struggling on Indian pitches so-called greats started complaining about pitch😂😂I feel pity for you guys🤣🖕🏿

  • Mř. Póďďã
    Mř. Póďďã

    Who here after ipl auction? 🤔

  • Rowdy N Yadav
    Rowdy N Yadav

    We are missing this Kohli in present India Vs England series

  • Abhishek Tiwari
    Abhishek Tiwari

    Run machine

  • Zidan Zidan
    Zidan Zidan

    Anderson 🔥

  • Granth Mour
    Granth Mour

    He came with booes and left with applause.

  • Anshul Khandal
    Anshul Khandal

    Kohli told with his eyes at 6:38👀where the next one is going....


    Virat Kohli 🔥🔥🔥 One man army

  • Rakesh Ranjan
    Rakesh Ranjan

    King Kohli

  • Mr Rana
    Mr Rana

    many dropped catches. Very lucky Kohli.

  • NotSoCool

    England's Crowd , they love cricket appreciating the masterclass of Kohli.

    • Nazal

      they were booing him when he came out

  • AYAN The 90's Music Lover
    AYAN The 90's Music Lover

    We desperately need this Kohli back 🔥

  • Sharan Kadakiya
    Sharan Kadakiya

    this was by no means kohli s inninggs it was all gift by england fielders..

    • AmaanSlayz

      Every player gets chances to score runs in Engalnd

  • sai ram
    sai ram

    😍😍😍😍😍Kohli is my god

  • Vijay Shankar Mishra
    Vijay Shankar Mishra

    I have seen so many times in last decade when no one in team made 50+ score and this man made century for his team 💪❤️.... Greatest batsman of all time 💪🤟

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