Headingley Final Day HIGHLIGHTS! | Incredible Ben Stokes Wins Match | The Ashes Day 4 2019
What a game, what a day. Relive the final day of the sensational Headingley Test. Is this the best Ashes Test of all time?
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  • Shamim Murshed
    Shamim Murshed

    Stokes you are a king you are batting like a king Ben stokes

  • Hemant Sahu
    Hemant Sahu

    Ben the men

  • Matthew Bickerdike
    Matthew Bickerdike

    I'll never forget this. I've seen some moments but as a sporting moment this is the best I've seen with out any doubt

  • MY - 06FR 839367 Sir Isaac Brock PS
    MY - 06FR 839367 Sir Isaac Brock PS

    unbeleivable this was clearly aussies game

  • Madhan D
    Madhan D

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 didn’t win this match. Australia 🇦🇺 lost twice by taking review and missing run out of leech. Really miss old classic Australia 🇦🇺 cricket 🏏 team...

  • vinod menon
    vinod menon

    Lucky just like world cup

    • hyena131

      vinoodd womanon < < < *SALTY* - because your team lost the world cup. Yet another bitter clown from the sub continent. So boring.

  • Nisha M
    Nisha M

    Jack leach and ben stokes are hero's.

  • Ranbir saluja
    Ranbir saluja

    No I love Australia after India

  • Apra veyie
    Apra veyie

    Thank you Ben Stokes. From cricket world

  • Vaibhav Krupakar
    Vaibhav Krupakar

    australia deserved to win. They played better. For some reason ben stokes has unbelieveable amount of luck(f**k due to behaviour in india(sore loser)). He should have been humiliated in both world cup and ashes

  • Sarcastic Panda
    Sarcastic Panda

    17:05 thank me later

  • Muhammad Talha Waqar
    Muhammad Talha Waqar

    missing the runout & then leg before.😳

  • visual phy
    visual phy

    Moment of the match 16:38

  • anshul suri
    anshul suri

    What a beauty

  • TECKY helps
    TECKY helps

    This is best match then india at gaaba...❤❤

  • The Vlogger
    The Vlogger

    Gabba Test Final Day (Border Gavaskar Trophy 2020/21) Headingley Test Final Day (The Ashes 2019) The most exciting Days in Test history 🔥💪

  • Shankar Eslavath
    Shankar Eslavath

    Super man show Ben stokes

  • Chatragadda Sridhar
    Chatragadda Sridhar

    12:11 and 14:00 Australia lost the match

  • Musharraf Alam
    Musharraf Alam

    What a dramatic last 2 Runs

  • Pramod Rijal
    Pramod Rijal

    Never turn off your tv even if england requires 100 runs with only one left they can grab the game from oppositions hand.

  • Paul Spice
    Paul Spice

    It was gone for all money at the end of Broad. Leach and Stokes. Amazing. Dropped catch, easy run-out chance. No reviews. You couldn't make it up.

  • Tuhin Roy Sarkar
    Tuhin Roy Sarkar

    The greatest innings my eyes have witnessed. ❤️

  • Jowel A Shanto
    Jowel A Shanto

    Four sixes in a row against WI,lost the WC which could easily terminate anyone's international carrier. after that it's all about fairytale happening to Ben. What an incredible comeback. Ashes,ODI WC... Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • beat runner
    beat runner

    The revenge of 29th August

  • charu art crafts and games
    charu art crafts and games

    What about India 4th test at gabba

    • hyena131

      chart farts and flames These are highlights of a game between England and Australia that have nothing do with india. Just calm down with the rabid, irrational nationalism and simply try to enjoy cricket regardless of race, creed, nationality, heritage or which teams are playing.

  • Sachin Mehra
    Sachin Mehra


  • Gaurav Mandal
    Gaurav Mandal


  • Raman Agarwal
    Raman Agarwal

    Choaking at serious situations is the habit of Australian team

  • raashid mehraj
    raashid mehraj

    The Great Ben STROKES

  • Asnain jamal
    Asnain jamal

    What a match

  • Ravi Khan
    Ravi Khan

    My favourite all rounder

  • Mehran Umarr
    Mehran Umarr

    Test ashes are better than any zimbabwe t20s🤣

  • Sharukh Khan
    Sharukh Khan

    Ben reminds me of Flintoff.....

  • tech gaming -call of duty mobile
    tech gaming -call of duty mobile

    Stokes 135* and leach 1* run innings will be remembered for ever 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Poe Raut
    Poe Raut

    Every single time i watch it feels like a thriller

  • Saheer

    Ben Stokes ❤️❤️

  • cocoomalov3r

    sport at its finest. the end

  • Mahdi Sultan
    Mahdi Sultan


  • NoOb Fr0mPK
    NoOb Fr0mPK

    i appreciate leach

  • Dinesh Verma
    Dinesh Verma

    Ashes is overrated now. Aus vs india is the new ashes.

    • cquilty1

      dinesh *VERMIN* And you're an overly and laughably nationalistic fukwit, princess. Sad really...

    • Dinesh Verma
      Dinesh Verma

      @cquilty1 still you wont stfu will you 14 yo?

    • cquilty1

      dinesh VERMIN Was that even English? *LOL!!!* 3rd time now, I love *ALL* test matches between *ALL* teams. You should try it, nationalistic princess. Best of luck. You'll need it.

    • Dinesh Verma
      Dinesh Verma

      @cquilty1 if your opinion matters then stfu.

    • cquilty1

      dinesh VERMIN No you don't. It's your opinion, no more no less. An opinion governed exclusively by irrational, hysterical nationalism. 2nd time now, I love *ALL* test matches between *ALL* teams. You should try it, fangirl. Good luck.

  • Nischay Hemraj Sahu
    Nischay Hemraj Sahu

    People : it's impossible!!! Ben stokes : hold my world cup !!!

  • khan Ali
    khan Ali

    ONE of the great asset of cricket history.

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill

    And people say test matches are boring.

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill


  • SparkZ

    The English crowds are just something else!

  • akhilback


  • Nishant Prasad NTPD
    Nishant Prasad NTPD

    Look the nahils of audience 🤣😂😎😂

  • Mugdha Dandegaonkar
    Mugdha Dandegaonkar

    I know Australia lost this match, but actually they played really well and the mistakes they made were kind of obvious to me. See, Australia were under pressure and when you have a review left, and that review can make you win, Tim took the review out of desperation. Yes, it was wrong, but it is understandable. Next, the run out. Ok they just needed a few runs, and you can imagine the tention. Lyon made a blunder by not collecting tha ball, but I can imagine the pressure for him. I'm not saying that they were not mistakes, but at least they can be understood even though unacceptable

  • Vishal Gill
    Vishal Gill

    eyes of stokes are like cats

  • gurnoor singh
    gurnoor singh

    Ben stokes is a terrible player to bat with 😂his calls are so untrustworthy he got butler run out and leech was almost run out too but what a knock he has played overall.

  • Vienna People Productions
    Vienna People Productions

    I’m an Aussie and this is the greatest innings I’ve ever seen. Truly one of the all time great test matches.

  • Sushil Verma
    Sushil Verma

    What a match ❤️❤️❤️

  • SB Marjuk
    SB Marjuk


  • Utpal Sharma
    Utpal Sharma

    Ben stokes one man army 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Sannan Akbar
    Sannan Akbar

    Goddamn no way this isn't scripted. What a summer of cricket in england 2019 was

  • sharique khan
    sharique khan


  • P. Arvind Harihara
    P. Arvind Harihara

    You burnt him for his t20 wc final performance, he is a Phoenix who rose again and won em WC and Ashes....

  • Badrinath Krish
    Badrinath Krish

    why the man at 16:38 not in any meme?

  • MJ B
    MJ B

    Very brave!

  • Shabeynoor Ansari
    Shabeynoor Ansari

    I want to bat like a ben stokes

  • Cricket Lover
    Cricket Lover

    I Watch it many times without boring Big Ben Is alwalys hero for England and Inspirational for young Cricketer A tribute to Big Ben

  • Cricket Lover
    Cricket Lover

    I Watch it many times without boring Big Ben Is alwalys hero for England and Inspirational for young Cricketer A tribute to Big Ben

  • Mairaj Khan
    Mairaj Khan

    Incredible inning stokes played just like a solider fights in a war

  • Satvik Chitrapu
    Satvik Chitrapu

    Nathan Lyon had so much time that I could've bathed in that time!

  • Max Bendel
    Max Bendel

    wow so good watched it 100 times tooo good

  • vindana weerasinghe
    vindana weerasinghe

    1 minute of silence for people who didn't watch this legendary match.

  • Sidharth

    First the catch drop Second the run out missed by Lyon Third LBW

    • cquilty1

      Sidharth But what a great innings and test match though!!! Right?

  • Namit Sachdeva
    Namit Sachdeva

    This man and this match goes down as one of the best in cricket history

  • Nayan Chelluri
    Nayan Chelluri

    umpire made a mistake that was out..

    • cquilty1

      Naysayer Celery This happens from time to time - to *ALL* players, both bowlers and batsman. Win some lose some. Hardly a fukkin newsflash. It was still an amazing innings by Stokes and an equally amazing game of cricket. And many are of the opinion he was not out LBW. Keep an open mind, princess...

  • nitish meena
    nitish meena

    Fixed match

    • cquilty1

      nitshitt meena Really? Do you have proof of this? And no - being a negative, *SALTY* sore *LOSER* from the sub-continent crying because your team lost the 2019 world cup does *NOT* count as proof, princess:) 🤣😂🤣

  • for U
    for U

    Ben stokes wrote this day on history..... Awesome match

  • TheMusicalMeerkat

    This is the greatest sporting day in all of sport, any sport will not compete with that last innings partnership, the crowd cheering like a football match. Incredible stuff, you'll never forget it!!

  • madhu wadhwa
    madhu wadhwa

    Legends watching after 1year

  • Kavin Kumar.K
    Kavin Kumar.K

    What a player Ben stokes is ???

  • Afzaal-ur-rehman 4853
    Afzaal-ur-rehman 4853

    Greatest inning of all times under pressure.... Love from Pakistan... That was hell of a cricket... After Abdul razzaq stokes is the second man who led the match single handedly by scoring a ton... Take a bow stokesy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Susan Kunwar
    Susan Kunwar

    Its my 20th time watching this


    Who were saying eng will win after 9th wicket they are the real fan of eng

  • M J
    M J

    Wow... just wow..what a game..🔥🔥🔥

  • Prem Pawar
    Prem Pawar

    see jos butler run out

  • Prem Pawar
    Prem Pawar

    plzz see jos butler run put carefully

  • Prem Pawar
    Prem Pawar

    see tere is a mistake jos butler runout

  • Lingesh 27
    Lingesh 27

    5:25 how is that even out?

  • Xavier

    Fakhar zaman 😭

  • Yasir Murtaza
    Yasir Murtaza

    This match remembers me The World Cup Final match of 2019

  • Kabir Sethi
    Kabir Sethi

    I saw the test and this episode was my favourite

  • Jordan THFC
    Jordan THFC

    As an Aussie I still can't get over this, Cummins said no 13:20

  • Neo Luddite
    Neo Luddite

    That Nathan Lyon over had more drama than the got season 8

  • Adil Khan
    Adil Khan



    Stokes in 2019 Pant in 2021 Nightmares for Australia once in two years

  • ss alif
    ss alif

    fixing with umpire

    • cquilty1

      ss alif Proof? No - of course you have no proof. Idiot.

  • mapa bandara
    mapa bandara

    Wow ben

  • Pavan

    Match:-Aus vs Eng Comments:- Indians 😵

  • Techaholic007

    Moral of the Story: Don't hit Stokes in the head again, the guy goes absolute Mental.

  • Mejbah Meju
    Mejbah Meju

    The greatest 1 of all time leach ❤️🤟

  • Furad Syed
    Furad Syed

    Australia did win the series....🏆 but ben stokes won our hearts ..💙 cricket was the actual winner that day....

    • cquilty1

      Furad syed How original of you...

  • AB Talk
    AB Talk

    seems like fixxed

  • Alkez Hajong
    Alkez Hajong

    2minutes of silence for Australian bowler

  • Len Holloway
    Len Holloway

    Was this a day when australia was not cheating?

  • sandepp pathak
    sandepp pathak

    He played an inning every kid dreams of playing.

  • A S Shivam
    A S Shivam

    If I am not wrong, then the commentator is Mark Nicholas