Ending Minecraft: How We Make Minecraft Episode 9
How do you end the greatest game of all time? You’d have to ask them. But before you do that, find out how we end our plucky little crafting game! Discover how Minecraft’s difficulty curve works, why the Ender Dragon is so tough, and what’s next for our Narrator now he’s got no more ‘wisdom’ to impart...

  • NickMortuus

    I love minecraft

  • Randomness Animation
    Randomness Animation

    That plot twist at the end. What could it mean?

  • Zach Teague
    Zach Teague

    Me plated mincraft for 7 years “umm yeah about that”

    • Zach Teague
      Zach Teague


  • emilio zoda
    emilio zoda

    ᅠ Kdkdk

  • Herman Macatingrao
    Herman Macatingrao

    Hi pwede Po mawala Yung monster school tomorrow

  • stev prov
    stev prov

    “The true ending of minecraft isn’t out yet” WHAT

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Y tu juego no me gustó nunca Sólo lo original el que no quiso

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Y creo que tus juegos como Minecraft bedrock Minecraft Java son aburridos

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Pero tú creaste en Minecraft dungeons

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Como el Diablo 3

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    No sabes que no quería la viejas redes sociales

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Esta vez no voy a comprar más juegos nada de dinero en tu juego

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Yo soy Team noche

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Jeff por favor vete

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Quiero buscar llama todos desinstalar Minecraft

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Jefes que no vuelva el trabajo

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Karaoke tu equipo de trabajo debería hacer otra vez las viejas texturas

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Voy a poner quejas si no haces que notch si el jefe otra vez

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Por qué le dice un montón de dinero no y luego se largó

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Jeff no lo hagas más actualizaciones

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    No estoy de acuerdo con Jeff

  • NICHO Lemus
    NICHO Lemus

    Noche es el verdadero creador de Minecraft

  • Kevin Duliesco
    Kevin Duliesco

    Never thought guys that make minecraft could be this fun.

  • Loki Chanh
    Loki Chanh

    Add a nautilus pls but an alive one

  • Ali Adel
    Ali Adel

    Who playing Minecraft

    • SOUP


    • DaRoyceGamer Drawer
      DaRoyceGamer Drawer



    Ahhhh the Sorcerers stone can turn stone into Gold Just like your bugs to diamonds.



  • Kuroi Mae-Ashi
    Kuroi Mae-Ashi

    3:18 lol Reminds me of Kings Landing. Daenerys having another bad day.

  • Osama Altier
    Osama Altier

    And,new,baby mobs in 1.17,tv shows

  • Rxddy Bxtch
    Rxddy Bxtch

    3:55 this is why I love minecraft

  • stupid stuff
    stupid stuff

    Wow, the 3D Terraria ripoff actually looks decent now.

  • Roger Setiawan
    Roger Setiawan

    The Ending make me confuse, there are two Jonathans

  • AnimeGamerCreater

    Noooo we love narrator dude no one knows the name of

  • Mythical l
    Mythical l

    ypu guyas are popiu headsa

  • Plazma#5214

    is mojang ever going make spears and daggers, like daggers could have a much faster attack speed than swords and axes and spears would would have much longer range but lower attack speed than swords and axes and why do axes deal more damage than swords in java edition?

  • Bubblegum

    Where netherite horse armor

  • Seperate 54
    Seperate 54

    Breaking dead bush = 1 stick Touching dragon egg = Teleport somewhere... That egg still useless. Except decoration. Look dude i defeat ender dragon. And i have no friend for show. :( saaaad. Can we get more useful dragon eggs?

  • Zachary The Lazer
    Zachary The Lazer

    Secret episode 10: how we completely duplicated are game and made it a bit worse then called it the default and best version of Minecraft, oh and we added blinking...... don’t remind me of that!

  • Seokbyn player
    Seokbyn player

    minecraft please add caves and cliffs in bedrock just please

    • SOUP

      they add it later

  • MEGA 276
    MEGA 276

    add space

  • MEGA 276
    MEGA 276

    I propose that they add an evil cow of withers roses like the zeta cows and the yellow ones

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    Is bedrock ever going to get cool down (1.9) pvp? It’s been a long time and bedrock is missing many features and feel left out.

  • Aung Thu
    Aung Thu


  • Higor Amorim Neves
    Higor Amorim Neves

    Existe um canal chamado minecraft brasil que passa as mesmas coisas daqui mais em portuguens

  • Raysub Bucket
    Raysub Bucket

    Minecraft should add Pocket edition to have version choosing like JAVA edition

  • vickylyn colbongan
    vickylyn colbongan

    delete all virus of miecraft herobrine

  • Youtube Is no fair
    Youtube Is no fair

    I swear when Minecraft announces the last update I'm going to cry


      Why cry? Maybe the last update will be announced when they reach a point where the game can’t be better than what it is

  • X123Monster EX4
    X123Monster EX4

    I freaking love this.

  • Ken De Leon
    Ken De Leon


  • Jadie Jaden
    Jadie Jaden

    mojang pls fix the dpad glitch on minecraft pe plssss

  • Daniel Ribeiro
    Daniel Ribeiro

    0:15 Mobbo proposes to the guy and then the titlecard is a rainbow. *Coincidence? I think NOT!*

  • yoongi stans are all gay
    yoongi stans are all gay

    does anybody know who the narrator is? he's so funny and his voice is pleasing to listen to, i'd love to see more of his content

  • Sapphire Bloom
    Sapphire Bloom

    I love Minecraft! I just started playing last year during quarantine :)

  • Dennis Broderick
    Dennis Broderick

    So get off minecraft and play roblox? No lol

  • Mohammad Ahmed
    Mohammad Ahmed

    I hope minecraft mobile would be free not cuz I am broke is that I am bored of playing copy minecraft

  • md nirob
    md nirob

    who is herobrine and who is entity

    • SOUP

      long story but most of us know its just an creepypasta

  • Mabel Pines
    Mabel Pines

    i didn’t read the title properly and i legit thought they were ending minecraft

  • Unknown 123
    Unknown 123

    congrats on 7.02 million subscriber!!!🥳🥳🥳

  • clean00

    I love how they talk about speedrunning for 7 minutes straight without even mentioning the word

  • C. burst
    C. burst

    Gotta hand it to them, they are telling players to uninstall the game and didnt get any bad results

  • Rica Joy Catama
    Rica Joy Catama


  • Rica Joy Catama
    Rica Joy Catama


  • evander scp scp
    evander scp scp

    Qué dijiste no no estos días en un comentario de tu página que no se permite comida posesada

  • evander scp scp
    evander scp scp

    Minecraft podría sacar tomates

  • Beverly Orsel
    Beverly Orsel

    Mincraft make different textures of dogs

  • Frederick Lo
    Frederick Lo

    Congrats 7 millon


    Why RTX is not available on bedrock mobile? Why is only pojav launcher? It works on mobile if i use pojav launcher...

  • glh4ojj9rraa glh4ojj9rraa
    glh4ojj9rraa glh4ojj9rraa


  • Pengyu (sammy) Li
    Pengyu (sammy) Li

    0:14 Turns out that Mobbo is a Girl

  • Tewdew

    So jeb bought the game?



  • Rafał Cholewa
    Rafał Cholewa

    Pleas the minecraft pocked edition new version

  • Fiuk Santos
    Fiuk Santos


  • Fiuk Santos
    Fiuk Santos

    Fiuk Santos

  • Namo Posavljak
    Namo Posavljak

    You could possibly add like some event of Mojang account creation to announce caves and cliffs (one per device)

  • Bradleigh Nyabezi
    Bradleigh Nyabezi

    Add scuba suits.

  • Amyel Quimson
    Amyel Quimson

    6:48 never

  • The EveryGamer
    The EveryGamer


  • Rauwolf Joshua Pamaran
    Rauwolf Joshua Pamaran

    I like mobbo

  • Tugsuusoko gaming Battulga
    Tugsuusoko gaming Battulga

    I like Minecraft to play on phone and on my computer

  • It's me
    It's me

    # DJvillager

  • jonathan ro
    jonathan ro


  • Milk Duds
    Milk Duds


  • Master videos123
    Master videos123

    Fun fact: In Minecraft there is the armor stand. On the bottom of it there is Jeb’s name!

  • Master videos123
    Master videos123

    Is Jeb talking?

  • The_Pro_Gamer

    It would be very amazing if you could make Minecraft free. Lots of people wants to play the game but they can't afford it. It would be appreciating if you could make Minecraft free. Pls pls pls🙏🙏🙏😢😥🥺

  • enderman water
    enderman water

    Bawal na dapat ang minecraft sa buomg country dahil walang Sible yan Yong mga pagaaral Hindi Yong puro ganyan

  • shreyash agrawal
    shreyash agrawal

    I wanna work at Mojang day their working environment seems really nice

  • Rona Mohamed
    Rona Mohamed


  • Rona Mohamed
    Rona Mohamed


  • Gameplay Channel
    Gameplay Channel

    Guys do you know the warden is in the Disc 11??

  • AMYGO !
    AMYGO !

    well looks like minecraft failed to remove acid and i killed the acid queen twice with a stone axe lol

  • Sharlene Mae
    Sharlene Mae

    Like realistic world tanks minecraft

  • Sharlene Mae
    Sharlene Mae

    Hi add a cars in minecraft and make some smoll city and rocket ship in 1.18 👌

    • Appl3 YT
      Appl3 YT

      Dumb suggestion

  • Faye Erika Labrador
    Faye Erika Labrador

    *-acid spitting queen-*

  • Maio Bros
    Maio Bros


  • Aʀᴅɪʟʟᴏɴ

    This feels like Vsauce is narrating it.


    Space Update,and there would be a Moonlord Boss

    • Appl3 YT
      Appl3 YT

      That would ruin the game's theme

  • Maynkraft

    "combat system that nobody complaints about" This had me laughing

  • Zachary Mog
    Zachary Mog

    How dare they make a cliff hanger

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