Top 5 Best Smartphones Under ₹20000 Budget ⚡ May 2021
Friends, Welcome To Another Helpful Video- Here are our top picks for the best smartphones for a budget of around ₹20000 rupees-While these are my recommendations, I am sure the majority of you will agree with me because we have done extensive research before making this video. Do let us know if you agree with our list and if you do, make sure you like and subscribe to our channel because we keep bringing you such awesome quality videos on a regular basis.

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00:58 Best realme Phone Under 20000
01:46 Best realme Phone Under 20000
02:32 Best Motorola Phone Under 20000
03:27 Best Redmi Phone Under 20000
04:16 Best POCO Phone Under 20000
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  • Trakin Tech
    Trakin Tech

    Mask Peheniye Aur Surakshit Rahiye.

    • funny Quotes. Op
      funny Quotes. Op

      Sir .. This video gives me a advise for buying a best mobile under 20000 and sir i thought to buy poco x3 but u can says they have bugs so i bought realme 8pro

    • Abhishek Ghosal
      Abhishek Ghosal

      F62 battery backup??

    • Umair Ansari
      Umair Ansari

      Sukriya guru ji

    • Aditya_Visions YT
      Aditya_Visions YT

    • unknown person 2.o
      unknown person 2.o

      @Anya Bharti No, you should wait for Realme X7 Max 5G.

  • Di Ghuman
    Di Ghuman

    is any phone left if budget Increased by Rs500-1000

  • Happy Lifestyle
    Happy Lifestyle

    5g ki wajah se Sare pakshiya mar rahi hai hame 5g nhi chahiye

  • Abhik Saha
    Abhik Saha

    Me Tomorrow buying poco x3pro

  • Arvind kumar
    Arvind kumar

    Ghuma phira ke wahi Chinese phone ......

  • Toto Troubleshooter
    Toto Troubleshooter

    I am moving to UK next month, which brand mobile should I purchase? Or How can I decide it?

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    Yes, miui is getting worse by each update. I was a beta tester for note 8 pro. We used to find bugs, check them on different phones and report them. But even then the bugs were not fixed in upcoming updates. There was a great protest on Twitter regarding this, but manu kumar jain didnt even care to respond. The bugs continued to exist even on 3-4 updates after reporting those. I was so disappointed that i installed a custom rom.

  • Ghanshyam Das
    Ghanshyam Das

    Thank you

  • santu tunga
    santu tunga

    Buy Redmi then install custom ROM. Easy idea

  • Skinny Learner
    Skinny Learner

    Inn log ki video dekh kar aur doubt me pad jate hai😟🤦

  • Sandra Wong
    Sandra Wong

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  • Kishor Jadhav
    Kishor Jadhav

    No Samsung... Fake review

  • Akash Saraf
    Akash Saraf

    4 .16

  • Jayesh Garch
    Jayesh Garch

    Best laptop under 20K plz...

  • Sujit Misal
    Sujit Misal

    ek no bhava ... last che teen mobile cha correct sangitlas UI interface cha . THUPS UP !!!!!!!!!!

  • BK

    Smartphone lovers always come to see ,like this video's Even they dont want to buy

  • Arijit Sutradhar
    Arijit Sutradhar

    Make a video best mobile under 15000 make video on this topik


    Realme 8 pro is best

  • Pranali Sable
    Pranali Sable

    Plzz make one on best display and camera phone under 20000

  • Aryan Raghuwanshi
    Aryan Raghuwanshi

    Moto g40 fusion is more value for money 💵 as compared to moto g60

  • Bittu Sushil
    Bittu Sushil

    Realme ke tatte chaat

  • Swati Pawar
    Swati Pawar

    Struggling with Vivo ads

  • Jatin Gupta
    Jatin Gupta

    Confuse kar diya

  • Shourya Verma
    Shourya Verma

    Hey dada can you pls provide me the link for resmi note 10 pro I'm going getting it anywhere ♥️

  • MK

    bro kindly do video for 40k to 50k budget

  • Chandra Prasad Bamini
    Chandra Prasad Bamini

    Bhai plz make a video on Aio pc vs Laptop vs Desktop....plz is very important to me and people like me..plz make this into ur consideration....plz... I really have a confusion on which to buy for higher education ....

  • Armaan’s VLOG
    Armaan’s VLOG

    Very nice video No . 1 mobile is beast

  • Rahul Bhaiya
    Rahul Bhaiya

    13000 mein kaun sa best smartphone hai

  • MD Ikram
    MD Ikram

    LG G8X is on no. 1 in 20k

  • Julye Das
    Julye Das

    Poco x2 nehi hai why??

  • Harsh Choudhary
    Harsh Choudhary

    Best camera phone under 20000 plz reply sir🙏🙏🙏🙏


    U didn't consider Realme 8 why?

  • Aadarsh Shahapure
    Aadarsh Shahapure

    Poco X3 pro ka charjing 100 to 0 persent ...pubg test ..vdo banao na

  • swastik mishra
    swastik mishra

    When are videos for best smart watches coming ? If you plan to make please make it price range wise - under 5k ,under 7.5k and around 10k.

  • Vivek Paliwal
    Vivek Paliwal

    oppo ya vivo k phones nhi btaye apne.. redmi k phn me adds bhot ati h

  • Trustworthy lover
    Trustworthy lover

    Helo friends...Really Poco X3 is performance oriented phone but I really feel they shud do something with the look of the phone. It really disappoints on the looks factor.

  • Sivarathri beats
    Sivarathri beats

    Under 25k laptop top 5 plzzz

  • Singh Creater
    Singh Creater

    Sir plz make video about which mobile is best realme 8 pro or redme 10 pro max

  • Sanjeet Soni
    Sanjeet Soni

    Me apse puch rha hu ki mi k40 kab a rha h india me and apki video bhahut achhi lagti h

  • Gold Min
    Gold Min

    Boss aap vivo or appo ko kyu nhi lete ho best smart fon ki list me ?......

  • Mita Das
    Mita Das

    Ek kam karte haa 2, 4 mahine aur rukte haa 5g ke sat aur specifications mil jayenge 😂

  • Hdie Luyin
    Hdie Luyin

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  • Sangeeta Bhowmik
    Sangeeta Bhowmik

    Best 5g 30k phone..

  • The IGPU Gamer
    The IGPU Gamer

    When you watch a video but don't need to buy anything

  • Insha Ahmed
    Insha Ahmed

    Sir please do a video on best phone under 50k.... I'm really considering iPhone 11


    Mujhe amoled screen waale aur good processor phone chahie bro

  • Rinjuma Begum
    Rinjuma Begum

    Muje koi assah phone ka num batao

  • Neel Kadam
    Neel Kadam

    4:58 that's why i feel moto G60 is the best under 20k

  • Raghu Veera
    Raghu Veera

    How to buy poco x3 pro

  • DHRUVIX 1640
    DHRUVIX 1640

    Make a video on best camera phones

  • kamleshwar prasad
    kamleshwar prasad

    Kya sir vivo ka series banao na..

  • Arjun Gahatraj
    Arjun Gahatraj

    Sponsored by realme bolna bhul gaye arun bhai 😂🤣

  • Kunal Meshram
    Kunal Meshram

    Samaung f62 ki rank??

  • Abhishek Chauhan
    Abhishek Chauhan

    I'm using poco x3 pro Miui is worst

  • Techno gamerz ✓
    Techno gamerz ✓

    Phone ne jyada better kya hona chahiye Accha Disply Ya Performance ❤️

  • Ashok Mistari
    Ashok Mistari

    Sir aavaj kami jast hoto na video madhe tyamule khup tras hoto low crowd madhe video pahayla Aavaj continue kami jast karava lagto sir plz. 1 aavaj madhe mahiti bhetli na tr lay bhari hoil sir.... Trakin tech subscriber

  • Ani Kumar
    Ani Kumar

    5g phone vala bhi banao

  • Rajani Shahi
    Rajani Shahi

    I love your best smartphones under 20,000, videos they are very good and I think my favourite are PocoX3 pro and Redmi note 10 pro.

  • Deivel angery
    Deivel angery

    Yes Poco x3 pro very best

  • Deivel angery
    Deivel angery

    Sir 5g phone b batao 20k ka under

  • Sameer beniwal
    Sameer beniwal

    5g ka kya karenge jab India me 5g 1se 1.5 saal baad aayega

  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar

    I bought redmi note 10 pro, miui is worst, it makes the experience of this phone irritating I think samsung Or oppo phones are better

  • Aditya_Visions YT
    Aditya_Visions YT

  • Rider NH8
    Rider NH8

    Sir... Overall i love this video ... But sir video voice Bhoot km hai sir .... ❤️

  • Arati mardhan Mishra
    Arati mardhan Mishra


  • Bik ram Halai
    Bik ram Halai

    Gaming phone under 20k

  • kamal Samberwal
    kamal Samberwal

    In this video, redmi note pro - 15,999/- and on amazon, redmi note pro- 16,999/- What can i do ? , i want to buy it . pls tell me.

  • Ashutosh Dixit
    Ashutosh Dixit

    Nice video sir thank you sir

  • Deepak Vastrakar
    Deepak Vastrakar

    Redmi note 10 pro market me kab se aa raha hai😞😞

  • Durgesh Kumar
    Durgesh Kumar

    its weird said you didnt give 5g a priority and still Realme X7 makes through and somehow Realme 7 pro misses out....


    MIUI k Liya Gaming Problem Hogi ya Nahi?

  • robisson willard
    robisson willard


  • Arjun Puri
    Arjun Puri

    Ye video dekhne se pehle fix tha ki poco x3 lena he

  • Arjun Puri
    Arjun Puri

    Bhai me poco x3 lene wala hu kal

  • Suman Halder
    Suman Halder

    poco x3 pro i buying😊😊😊😊

  • Anmol Verma
    Anmol Verma

    No software updates in Redmi phone . Many bugs Too much dissatisfied . 😏😏😏


    Sir apne 33w k jaaga p 30w bola

  • Sk Ishak
    Sk Ishak

    I'll go for MI Note 10 Pro instead Poco X3 Pro...👍

  • Rishi Pal
    Rishi Pal

    Bhai axa video banate ho bhai😊😋....tq

  • Darshan Patel
    Darshan Patel

    7000 under ka batao

  • karan KB
    karan KB

    Iam here after iQ ad

  • Mahesha H V
    Mahesha H V

    Where stands realme narzo 30

  • Sidharth Sudhakaran
    Sidharth Sudhakaran

    Sir can you make a video for smartphones under 30k


    8000 top 5 please Bro

  • Jatin singla
    Jatin singla

    Please male same video on 5G..... 😊😊😊😊

  • The Great
    The Great

    5 Best smart phone under 15000 May 2021 video

  • Aasif Ansari
    Aasif Ansari

    Sir muje konsa phone lena chahiye PLZZ help me

  • Utkarsh

    Sir note 10 series me proximity sensor nhi hai hardware level pe.

  • Mrutyunjay Jadhav
    Mrutyunjay Jadhav

    Nice comparison on the basis of performance...

  • Mysterious Guy
    Mysterious Guy

    Abba nhi manenge😞

  • Yash javali
    Yash javali

    Which is best for gaming and PERFORMANCE PLEASE TELl me❤️❤️❤️

  • deepak chavhan
    deepak chavhan

    under 4k smartphone list nika lo😄

  • Goutam Carpenter
    Goutam Carpenter

    Under 30000 bhi bana do plzzzzz

  • Vinod V. P
    Vinod V. P

    Bhai is this the best time to buy a 5g phone or..... reply back plz

  • scry sall
    scry sall

    Sir oneplus ka under 20k phone kab aayga


    Spammer s are also comes 😂

  • Aniket Bramhankar
    Aniket Bramhankar

    Samsung F62?

  • Bipin Gulia
    Bipin Gulia

    Sir redmi note 9 pro max kysa h

  • Solanki Roshan
    Solanki Roshan

    Bhai samsung M42 ka review karo

  • Ambrose Francis
    Ambrose Francis

    I would've gone for the Moto G60, but the screen is way too big 6.8inches...TV hi de do yaar. Companies should be under 6" to 6. 5".

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