Pawan Kalyan latest telugu full movie || Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi suresh, kushboo
Watch and enjoy Pawan kalyan latest telugu hit movie

  • car kid sp
    car kid sp

    1 year

  • Mirza isthiaq
    Mirza isthiaq

    director where u get this stupid villain actor, so shit acting useless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ranganath Narayanappa
    Ranganath Narayanappa

    Worst direction,worst movie.

  • Hamaid Ahmed
    Hamaid Ahmed

    Deen Amma jeevitham.. First e dialogues sariga ravu ante.. Inka patalu kuda padtunnad ra nayina.. !

  • Ammu Ammu
    Ammu Ammu

    Only fighting mass dioluge like some people but who understand this movie perfect slow clear action diloge mass I like this movie

  • I am the Mission Impossible
    I am the Mission Impossible

    At 1:40 power 🌟 goose bumps....

  • sana sama
    sana sama

    Probably the worst movie that this hero ever made🙄 Pain killer is a must for anyone that watches this

  • Blox Hero
    Blox Hero


  • May Angelica Saludez
    May Angelica Saludez

    I like Aadhi's acting here...

  • Krishna Mandava
    Krishna Mandava


  • Ionut Claudiu
    Ionut Claudiu

    gibi asmr

  • prudhvi buddharaju
    prudhvi buddharaju

    Who is watching 2021

  • Ravi Vasa
    Ravi Vasa

    Oka hero introduction 30 mints ha

  • Jeyanathan Mithurshan
    Jeyanathan Mithurshan

    Anirudh nee pavam yaaa😂

  • Md yasin Howlader
    Md yasin Howlader

  • Krishnan Kesavan
    Krishnan Kesavan

    Waste of time....

  • Dwaraka Dwaraka
    Dwaraka Dwaraka

    Thumbnail: Who is this comedy hero? His face is looks like a joker 🤣🤣🤣🤢🤮

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka

      @The Punisher Ha Ha...... Enna ? Unmai sonathum kopam varutha ? Nee moodeettu poo daa ....

    • The Punisher
      The Punisher

      Nee modda ra Lanjakodakaaa

  • Venkta rathna Phanidhar
    Venkta rathna Phanidhar

    Not commercial but technical movie is block buster

  • Sai Thota
    Sai Thota

    Idhi chudaali ante hindi dubbing vhusi chooste apudu manaki elanti headache ki ayna immunity dorukutundi😁

  • Vaibhava Savitala
    Vaibhava Savitala

    They made a disaster on purpose guys because they couldn’t bare to watch his popularity go up in sky high.

  • Mickie Debellot
    Mickie Debellot

    Love this full version of the movie, scenes and the music and dancing are superb excellent actor in all he does this is one of my favorite movies would love to have this version with English subtitle it would truly be awesome

  • بدر عبد
    بدر عبد

    الو و. والغاز لتهقى اءتتبلوززو

  • SRA Channel
    SRA Channel

    Kis kis ko pas

  • z

    nice movie

  • Venkatesh Meka
    Venkatesh Meka

    headache ra babu

  • Ravi TejA
    Ravi TejA

    1:28:20 those elevations 🔥

  • deepa puli
    deepa puli

    One of the wrost story and wrost acting hero , 0 rating

  • Suhasini Ganta
    Suhasini Ganta

    PK acting in this movie same like uppal baalu

  • Raj

    1:50:09 nata viswaroopam

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka

      Who is that comedy hero? 🤣🤣🤣🤢🤮

  • Amrutha Arjun
    Amrutha Arjun

    My favorite is pagan Kalyan

  • Srik DIYs
    Srik DIYs

    intha chettha gaa koodaa trivikram srinivas tiyya galada....

  • { Zubair Sultan }
    { Zubair Sultan }

    nice, great. i really like story and pawan kalyani sir acting awesome

  • Srik DIYs
    Srik DIYs

    2.5hrs sudda time waste film...Donot waste ur money and time watching this worst film..

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka

      U r right

  • Abhinay Andoji
    Abhinay Andoji

    Hey bro can you add subtitles to this movie

  • Raj

    1:40:21 Car lo ne gate varaku ravochu kada. Illigal ga road cross cheydam lo heroism emundi raa.

    • harsha vardhan 2019
      harsha vardhan 2019

      shooting maa office parking spot lo ayyindhi ee scene. Amazon Hitech city 😂

  • Surma Surma
    Surma Surma

    Supar mubi,, cute keerthy.. Wow keerthy

  • Vaibhava Savitala
    Vaibhava Savitala

    They made this a disaster on purpose so I think that”s why PSPK lost interest in movies guys because some of the people where jealous of his popularity going up guys.


    Worst story failure movie

  • Phani Indra
    Phani Indra


  • Rakee B
    Rakee B

    Super movie


    Who is the real heroin???

  • vid viddd
    vid viddd


  • SIVA ROYAL కడప
    SIVA ROYAL కడప

    ఇందిరా మాకు కర్మ

  • Praveen Roshan's
    Praveen Roshan's

    One thing. Trivikram have to stop directing films. He gud for only dialogue writer

  • JsTravels Pammi
    JsTravels Pammi

    2:33:33 కనీసం చివరాఖరిగా ఆ ఏడుపు సీన్ లోనైనా మమ్మల్ని ఏడిపిస్తాడనుకుంటే ఏడ్చినట్టు యాక్ట్ చేసాడు..ఛ ఏం పవర్ స్టారో ఏమో తుస్సుమనిపించాడు..

  • kamal korlapati
    kamal korlapati

    I doubt they might have started with good intention slowly some problems might have arised and somehow to make it 2.5 hrs movie so much of non sense is added knowingly that it will anyway fail just filled the 2.5hrs content..

  • Nanda Kishore
    Nanda Kishore


  • Psk Psk
    Psk Psk

    I haven’t seen Most illiterate dumbest cognitively impaired actor he doesn’t have any mental or physical qualities to be hero nor an actor.. surprising he has two beautiful heroine .. they treating him like Hollywood star ... My favorite actor is Allu Arjun deserves all the respect for the movie I am suriya I am Indian.. it’s best movie after Indian from Kamalaksan having said it’s petty see Indian young generation they to addicted to watch illogical movies or senseless action hero like him srijaves brother can take inspiration from movie story but please don’t take any cinema actors you role model because it ruining many talents youngsters and hardworking adults they wasting time on them, these actors personal life ugly and dirty.. never demonstrated good human ..

  • Divya Gottipati
    Divya Gottipati

    Luv the movie!

  • Eshwar Narmada
    Eshwar Narmada

    Waste movie

  • Mdfiroz Khan
    Mdfiroz Khan

    Bekar movie

  • Shaker Shakee
    Shaker Shakee

    1995 sens worst move

  • Shaker Shakee
    Shaker Shakee

    53 min chusanu bhaya ..... 2times coffee thaganu ...thala noppi

    • Prasanth Reddy
      Prasanth Reddy

      Bro pawankalyan movie bro

  • Shaker Shakee
    Shaker Shakee

    Kovothu -agarottu logic led chi

    • Shaker Shakee
      Shaker Shakee


  • Shaker Shakee
    Shaker Shakee

    Worst move logic lekunda thisaruu time bokkka

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

    finest productions....congrats...

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

  • Debabrata DasBurman
    Debabrata DasBurman

  • zakariya rahman
    zakariya rahman


  • srikanth ramineni
    srikanth ramineni

    dumb fking movie ever...didn't expected such sloppy work from a director like Trivikram

  • Visbalalam

    Waste movie.

  • munshif

    enga da podichinga indha hero payala 😁😁

  • Anusha J
    Anusha J

    1:29:40 local MLA BiggBoss voice

  • sreekanth mitai
    sreekanth mitai

    Nuv anukuntene adiginattama, Nuv adigte adi aipoinatte amma🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Pathan Khan
    Pathan Khan

    పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ లో మీకు నచ్చిన ( నలుగురికి ఉపయోగ పడే) విషయాలు తెలపండి?

    • Harish ravanaboina PaWaNiSt
      Harish ravanaboina PaWaNiSt

      Helping nature which is bigger than any quality for all human's Manaki unna daantlo koncham ivvadam ok but almost mundu venaka alochinchakuda ivvvadam it's great thing.

  • Pathan Khan
    Pathan Khan

    Display లొ 50 కామెంట్స్ మాత్రమే ఉంటే 1.1k అని దొంగ కామెంట్స్ చూపిస్తున్నారు అనవసరంగా టైం బొక్క . పరమ.....................ఉంది

    • sreevathsa meesala
      sreevathsa meesala

      Cinema bagoledhu le. Adhi correct.

    • sreevathsa meesala
      sreevathsa meesala

      INlabel top lo comments daggara SORT BY ane option untundhi. Akkda default TOP COMMENTS select ayyi untundhi. Adhi kevalam 50 comments ye choopisthundi. SORT BY lo NEWEST FIRST option select cheste motthan 1.2K comments kanabadathayi.

  • Peddi Chinna
    Peddi Chinna

    1:54:00 to 1:54:40 Back ground...👌👌

  • Peddi Chinna
    Peddi Chinna

    25:00 to 25:50👌👌

  • R D Mufthi
    R D Mufthi

    Good movie..... but 🤮🤮🤮🤮Keerthi Suresh 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


    nice movie from UAE

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka


  • Gopal Syamala
    Gopal Syamala

    Good intellectual film with missing logic and reasoning. Biggest drawback Kushboo.

  • Ratnam Kadali
    Ratnam Kadali

    Really good

  • 18 street
    18 street

    Don't know what language ,👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Geet Anand Setty
    Geet Anand Setty

    i love the borther partss my fav...

  • Ajay kick
    Ajay kick

    Over action movie 😅

  • Baji Bashit
    Baji Bashit

    Best movie...pls tamil dubedd this movie

    • Howlader Sohel
      Howlader Sohel

      Yavedu 3

  • Sudha Malladi
    Sudha Malladi

    Worst emotions Nonsensical story Over the top action by pawan and actresses Underused actors No chemistry whatsoever

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka


  • Sudha Malladi
    Sudha Malladi

    Such a nonsensical movie in tolly history

  • JsTravels Pammi
    JsTravels Pammi

    నంగి నటన =పవర్ స్టార్

  • Chengayis Vlogs
    Chengayis Vlogs

    MG vs Tech Travel Eat വിശധികരണവും ആയി സുജിത്തും എമിലും തീർച്ചയായും ഓരോരുത്തരും കാണേണ്ടത്

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar


  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar


  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar


  • Sadeed Afridi
    Sadeed Afridi

    Hindi dubbed

  • mohd sajeed
    mohd sajeed

    Paniki malina chetha sodi movie

    • Revanth Vuyyuru
      Revanth Vuyyuru

      Paniki malina chetha moham needi

  • Gaming Nayeem
    Gaming Nayeem

    new movie

  • venu myana
    venu myana

    Not bad

  • Sandra Miniauskiene
    Sandra Miniauskiene

    Traiuy naoea batuto cat puffs

  • Chinnu Ammulu
    Chinnu Ammulu

    Ma devudu pspk

  • Chinnu Ammulu
    Chinnu Ammulu

    I love you pawan

    • Dwaraka Dwaraka
      Dwaraka Dwaraka


  • Rajvigneswaran Kaneysan
    Rajvigneswaran Kaneysan

    Please put subtitles

  • Star Q
    Star Q

    Jaffa Kaama ji Daffa movie 🥴🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • a lone boy A lone Boy
    a lone boy A lone Boy

    plzz hindi dobbed

  • Over Rodríguez
    Over Rodríguez

    es bonito

  • Mahendra Dasari
    Mahendra Dasari

    ❤Da laga vundhi

  • ameer shanawaz
    ameer shanawaz

    Man move friend

  • ameer shanawaz
    ameer shanawaz

    This movi best business

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