All World Cup Final Goals (1998-2018)
All goals scored in World Cup finals between 1998-2018, including 2006 penalty shootout and trophy lift for each year.
All World Cup Goals
All Euro Final Goals (1996-2016)
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    Trequartista TV

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    • Sonia Delvert
      Sonia Delvert


  • Yaasiin Cadde
    Yaasiin Cadde

    France majority are africans 3 times final 2 win 20years amazing If france majority africans Why african teams lost in groups ?

  • nguyen hung
    nguyen hung


  • nguyen hung
    nguyen hung


  • nguyen hung
    nguyen hung


  • nguyen hung
    nguyen hung


  • fadi sim
    fadi sim

    Man zidane is a legend 👍

  • Pengkritik Bertauliah
    Pengkritik Bertauliah

    1998,,zidane great header,,2006,,another great header from zidane🤣

  • Pengkritik Bertauliah
    Pengkritik Bertauliah

    2018 worst final

  • Yamaludin Ahmad
    Yamaludin Ahmad

    FACT : 2010 & 2014 = champion thropy in podium tribune start 2010 Final in Stadium non Olympic. Stadium specialy Football

  • denny s
    denny s

    Stupid captain

  • muneer ajwa
    muneer ajwa


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    Henry Coker

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  • neriman nebiyev
    neriman nebiyev

    0:16 Azerbaijan flag🇦🇿

  • neriman nebiyev
    neriman nebiyev

    16 ci saniyede durdurub Azerbaycan bayrağini görmemek mümkün deyil

  • armani sim
    armani sim

    France and Germany dominated

  • Mgeed Rest
    Mgeed Rest

    The Africans brought the 2018 world cup 🙂 to France.

  • Gojek Driver
    Gojek Driver

    2022 next indonesia juara aamiin allahumma aamiin

    • Shaleen Shrivastava
      Shaleen Shrivastava

      Allah mulla ka kata lulla

  • Me Me
    Me Me


  • Abhijeet Kundu
    Abhijeet Kundu

    The most beautiful ball is 2002's ball. I had one; played a lot with that. 2002's Brazil team is anybody's dream team - Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Kaká. But, my personal favorite is 2006. It was Pirlo vs Zidane. How more epic can it be??

  • كيكو التركي 00
    كيكو التركي 00

    { بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم }

  • كيكو التركي 00
    كيكو التركي 00

    { بسم الله ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن الرحيم }

  • MJ BaLocH
    MJ BaLocH

    All of the above the final goal.. france would have killed the goal keeper if they were not leading..

  • soikot ahmed
    soikot ahmed

    2006 is the best

  • Anirban Karmakar
    Anirban Karmakar

    2002 was nostalgia to me... It was Rolandinho cup..

  • Jonty kalita
    Jonty kalita


  • Bikash Kafle
    Bikash Kafle

    Wanna go back to 2002,

  • Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy

    The French always seem to get a penalty in crucial matches. Hmmmm!!

  • Renato Junior
    Renato Junior

    impressionante como o brasil toma gol de cabeça desde sempre

  • Federico Grossi
    Federico Grossi



    Zidan 🖕

  • jojrang Shira
    jojrang Shira

    I was 10 yrs old in ‘98 World Cup. I was supporting Brazil like anything and France broke my heart only to redeemed myself in 2002 World Cup when Brazil won the final. And another heart break I got was when gotze scored in 116th minute in World Cup 2014😢

    • Dead shot Kooo
      Dead shot Kooo

      Some people where supporting France



  • Ivan Ruhangisha
    Ivan Ruhangisha

    Zidane 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh

    My india 😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪

  • Raymond Byarugaba
    Raymond Byarugaba

    Good memories. Thanks

  • nakshatra sangrola
    nakshatra sangrola


  • Toonwale

    I think make a cartoon video on football to may channel after cricket

  • Ngov Meng Channel
    Ngov Meng Channel

    I like it so much

  • Сергей Ли
    Сергей Ли

    I play like France goalkeeper WC 2018 when I have big advantage over my opponent in FIFA.

  • Fahad Beats
    Fahad Beats

    The World Cup 98 was the best ever u can’t chose which team is the best all of them were the best god damnit

    • Don S
      Don S

      No arguments there .... But ill always remember 98 WC for thr way Croatia played.

    • Alessandro Herciu
      Alessandro Herciu




  • Rodolfo Licks
    Rodolfo Licks

    Here in brasil we call a keeper like subasic "bracinho de jacaré" which translates to "the alligator's arm", cause he never extended his arms haha

  • Ku Rill
    Ku Rill

    After 8 years Zidane wait for claiming the hat trick headers . At Materazzi chest 🤭

  • lukas ibrohim
    lukas ibrohim

    I like it

  • luluthegreatcat

    poor the goalkeeper behind iker

  • f bm
    f bm

    1998 ( was last stage of amusement of soccer ) after that I guess no much interesting to watch it

  • ET Bed Talks
    ET Bed Talks

    Mbappe goal is special. Love it.

  • Faris Gago 96
    Faris Gago 96

    For me the best final it’s 1998 and 2002 and 2010 ❤️

  • King Messi
    King Messi

    @ above link to watch argentina vs France Fifa 19 worldcup final

  • Huseynov Yasar
    Huseynov Yasar

    0:16 Azerbaycan bayragina baxin 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

  • Huseynov Yasar
    Huseynov Yasar

    1 0 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • Spartacus

    Nigeria 4 croatia 2

  • Spartacus

    98 world cup was given to France by fifa Mafia brazil did lose any games a conceded 3 goals in the final year right

  • Kerimaman Arga
    Kerimaman Arga



    Michael owen is the legend

  • Hasnat Shah
    Hasnat Shah

    Now zidane turns into ronaldo

  • Muhammad Asad
    Muhammad Asad

    All these football worldcup i watched live.i am big fan team of brazil.

  • Muhammad Asad
    Muhammad Asad

    My Fav wc final 1998 .but my fav team was lose.

  • Bon Lee
    Bon Lee

    I HATE 2018 France

  • efat

    Next may be Argentina I wish....

  • naushad sekh
    naushad sekh

    Italy vs France was the best final

  • #منوعات SHE
    #منوعات SHE

  • Mik Swan
    Mik Swan

    From France to France :)

  • Il Bryga
    Il Bryga

    Italy ❤️

  • SlimyDog

    watching Gotze get that volley was when i realized the best world cup experience of my life was over 😔

  • Асет Шакеров
    Асет Шакеров

    Неймару ещё далеко,до них равнятся.они легенды.сборная бразилия тогда было просто монстром .а сейчас симулянты и нытики

  • Brotbüchse 44
    Brotbüchse 44

    I love your videos 😍❤️

  • Sunit Kotwal
    Sunit Kotwal

    Zidane d GOAT

  • Ali Qasim
    Ali Qasim

    2006 was the best

  • Junior 1516
    Junior 1516

    I miss 2022 Argentina vs Portugal messi against Cr7 his last world cup :v

    • Anil Gehani
      Anil Gehani

      That's not gonna happen

  • Junior 1516
    Junior 1516

    Te falto 2022 Argentina vs Portugal messi contra Cr7 su último mundial :v

  • Ferrari Mxp
    Ferrari Mxp

    ¤¤ 2006 Italy team is the most complete team from goalkeeper to sub.... what a team🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Junior 1516
    Junior 1516

    The best World Cup was in 2002.

  • Junior 1516
    Junior 1516

    El mejor mundial fue el 2002 les duela o no fue el mejor mundial

  • satya kiran
    satya kiran

    Now I got it why Zidane have bald head

  • Rabiul Hasan
    Rabiul Hasan


  • সব কিছুর Official
    সব কিছুর Official

    Gotze hearted all of us.😥

  • ศรัญญา ศรีล้อม
    ศรัญญา ศรีล้อม




  • Menno Wielenga
    Menno Wielenga

    4:49 😥...😢...😭. It's almost 11 years ago and it still hurts 🤧.

    • Amjid Ali
      Amjid Ali



    Work Hard Goals are come

  • mike watte
    mike watte

    La frog seem to get to final quite often

  • casablanka

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  • Lobahan lobo
    Lobahan lobo

    2022- the world vs corona virus

  • Sam Ali
    Sam Ali

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse

    98: "calmest man amongst the clamour" zidane 2006: not so calm zidane lol

  • Universe Boss
    Universe Boss

    2014 final goal was extraordinary

  • Universe Boss
    Universe Boss

    Among all the teams here, Brazil 2002 team is the best.

  • VV 007
    VV 007

    2018 WC was the best!


    2014 is still 😔💔💔

  • ko Ko
    ko Ko


  • Paul Hansen
    Paul Hansen

    World cup 2018 .. all goals for second half were score in the same place showing the goalkeepers weakness.. Pogbas goal is the funniest

  • Антон Горбачёв
    Антон Горбачёв

    Россия хоть-бы раз до финала дошла...Грустно мне,ребята:(

  • The Great Hitler
    The Great Hitler

    France Is shitt

    • The Great Hitler
      The Great Hitler

      @Adolf Hitler wow 😍

    • Adolf Hitler
      Adolf Hitler


  • عبدالله و زيدون
    عبدالله و زيدون

    منةلمل مالك حغ٦٦

  • Partha Proposal
    Partha Proposal

    Unforgettable goals

  • Ν.Π. aueb
    Ν.Π. aueb

    only I see the Croatian goalkeeper to not try as much as he can to save the goal and catch the ball? I think 2018 was the most fake world cup final in the football history


    France was actually deserving 2006 world cup. It was single-handedly Zidane's effort that took them to the finals.

  • MrZZooh

    Started with France and ended with France. Pretty classy France.

  • Henry Kaspar
    Henry Kaspar

    Somehow in each of these world cups, the best team won the title.

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