Buttler, Rohit & More Star in Dramatic 2018 Series! | England v India Full IT20 Series Highlights
Take a look back at the classic 2018 IT20 series between England & India!
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  • Govind Mandle
    Govind Mandle

    Rahul bhai mast 🙏

  • Govind Mandle
    Govind Mandle


  • Devansh Dwivedi
    Devansh Dwivedi

    Kuldeep Yadav was and always will be a great bowler don't know why he is not been able to take wickets now.......

  • sangeeta singh rajput
    sangeeta singh rajput

    Rohit Sharma

  • Karamveer Singh
    Karamveer Singh

    Come on ENGLAND

  • Shyam Rao
    Shyam Rao

    In this match hero Vishal come

  • instagram reels
    instagram reels

    hardik pandeya amazing bating

  • nadim fahimi
    nadim fahimi

    Ms Dhoni Kuldeep Yadav

  • Technology Baba Satyam
    Technology Baba Satyam

    India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

  • Ipl match net kalko rune ৯২৭৬৯৯৫৫৪৫২৬
    Ipl match net kalko rune ৯২৭৬৯৯৫৫৪৫২৬


  • Raju Mishra
    Raju Mishra

    Jay hind🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar

    13:57😯😯🔥🔥🔥 this man can play all shots.

  • irfan gauri
    irfan gauri

    Miss the blue jarsy


    KGF advertisement on this channel. 🤟💥

  • Nayan Samaddar
    Nayan Samaddar


  • rk world
    rk world

    We need this Kuldeep

  • Get up man
    Get up man

    Rohit uses his superpower in the extreme conditions ❤️❤️❤️

  • Piyush

    No matter what, the english will continue to believe that India can win only at home 😂


    Love you team india from Pakistan love rohit hardik virat bumrah my 2 favorite team india

  • Ch Naga Narasimha Reddy
    Ch Naga Narasimha Reddy


  • Mark Antony
    Mark Antony

    Everyone is a gangsta until rohit loses his cool

  • Fabcon fact
    Fabcon fact

    From India 2 century and England 0 century

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar

    best team in world.. ind and england

  • mukesh kumar gauri
    mukesh kumar gauri

    जबरजस्त प्रदर्शन भारतीय टीम के द्वारा

  • Gaurav Rajput
    Gaurav Rajput

    In one match Chahal takes 6 wickets in this series

  • Vignesh Vikki
    Vignesh Vikki


  • Harsh Tiwari
    Harsh Tiwari

    This comment is for all those who think that BCCI does not upload any series highlights for us played in India:- If you do not know, then let me tell you that BCCI uploads the highlights of all the matches played in India on its official website. So stop hating the BCCI and be a little knowledgeable.

  • Jayshree Vartak
    Jayshree Vartak

    What a catch by dhawan

  • Creative Tech
    Creative Tech

    Rohit - Kohli partnership in decider match🤝🙌 Indian fans - We live for that✨

  • Mr PewDiePie
    Mr PewDiePie

    3:14 dd delhi daredevils ipl



  • Aman Saikia
    Aman Saikia

    1:47 we want this Kuldeep back😭

  • Techedu Virus
    Techedu Virus

    Missing dhoni ❤️

  • chandrakant yetale
    chandrakant yetale



    Vk fans like here 👇

  • Manoj Dhakad
    Manoj Dhakad

    Fabulous india

  • New Movie channel
    New Movie channel

    2021 mai kon kon dekh raha hai aaj

  • Pranav Mishra
    Pranav Mishra

    Kuldeep thn vs Kuldeep now

  • Mr. j_c_S Creator
    Mr. j_c_S Creator

    Kuldeep 's performance is not good at all in all formats...but when he played under dhoni he showed his best .

  • Mantu Pradhan
    Mantu Pradhan

    Congratulations 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Indu Bala
    Indu Bala

    I big fan king kohli

  • Beast Swag
    Beast Swag

    14:07 Virat kohli and rohits reaction is very funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Arham Imam
    Arham Imam

    Alex hales is a different specie

  • Mahesh Mishra
    Mahesh Mishra

    Niether kuldeep nor chahal are world class spinners ....I believe jadeja bowls better than them...R. Ashwin best spinner we have at the moment but preferences outplays his skill ...sad reality of life...

  • சுடல என்கிற ஸ்டாலின்
    சுடல என்கிற ஸ்டாலின்

    Waste of time

  • Junaid ahmad
    Junaid ahmad

    Himmat honi chahiye apni beijjati ko dikhane ki.......😂😂😂😂

  • anand prasad sharma
    anand prasad sharma

    KL RAHUL what a fabulous player he is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏👌🇮🇳

  • Ashok Palve
    Ashok Palve

    8:50 what a catch by shikhar Dhawan

  • jithinp2906

    Who else is missing this Kuldeep Yadav in ind vs ENG 2021 series ?

  • Dinanath Gamer
    Dinanath Gamer

    Amazing kuldeep but today he is struggling 🙁

  • Xfactor


  • Kshitij Pratap singh
    Kshitij Pratap singh

    See Kuldeep bowling They help him a lot to loose his confidence.

  • Vishnu vardhan
    Vishnu vardhan

    Master class of MSD

  • vikrant kumar
    vikrant kumar

    Miss you dhoni

  • Shyam Nikalje
    Shyam Nikalje

    wow super nice video Maza aagya

  • Amit Shinde
    Amit Shinde

    Awesome game spirit England and Wales cricket 👍Thanks for such a cheerful video 😁🙌

  • Aswin R
    Aswin R

    Kuldeep is out of form now, but he was in a prime form when there was Dhoni

  • Aswin R
    Aswin R

    Dhoni ❤️❤️

  • Madhu Peyala
    Madhu Peyala

    Hitman brilliant batting

  • Happy Gupta
    Happy Gupta

    Kuldeep yadav a change bowler than and mow

  • Sohel Rana
    Sohel Rana

    Kuldeep need to be in csk

  • prasad Kadu
    prasad Kadu

    kuldeep chahal combination works with dhoni ... not without dhoni

  • AviNasH


  • aditya pathak
    aditya pathak

    Poor Kuldeep

  • Param Prakash
    Param Prakash

    King 👑 kohli genius 🔥😊💪

  • Dad's Joke
    Dad's Joke

    Man Kuldeep was so brilliant 3 years ago Now he has become predictible

    • Dad's Joke
      Dad's Joke

      he literally doesnt do variations...he bowls with the same pace same line length...very easy for a set batsman especially when the ball isnt turning

    • Raj Sahu
      Raj Sahu

      just need confidence in his game , and some good gametime if you don't need him then let him improve himself in the domestics , he is getting rusty sitting in the side lines and it is having impact in his game as well

    • Vedant Sharma
      Vedant Sharma

      @Aman Saikia yeah maybe

    • Aman Saikia
      Aman Saikia

      Kuldeep need to spend some time in Domestic, then he will get his rhythm

    • Vedant Sharma
      Vedant Sharma

      yes , he was good only when dhoni was in the team , he is not competitive unlike chahal or ashvin . Dhoni used to guide him a lot , like after every ball he used to tell him where to ball, he is also a terrible fielder


    Adil rashid attitude is that as they won the match bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣😛😛😛

  • Sumit Pandey
    Sumit Pandey

    1:56 Root be like not even trying to reach the crease as he knows who's behind the stumps 😎❤️MS DHONI

    • subha ghosh
      subha ghosh

      Sab jayga mein ajate ho bakchodi karne ki liya

  • Shafeeque Tk
    Shafeeque Tk

    Rohit...superb innings🥳

  • अरुण कुमार अरुण कुमार
    अरुण कुमार अरुण कुमार


  • Egzalted Gaming
    Egzalted Gaming

    Can't explain the awesomeness of Dhoni's wicket keepering

  • Aravindh Aravindh
    Aravindh Aravindh

    India is a no1team not england

  • Naveen kumar N
    Naveen kumar N

    Ro Hit man Sharma

  • Chandrasekhar B
    Chandrasekhar B

    I loved kl Rahul batting in this series 😘


    I think they should change the title...what did rohit do instead of rohit it should be kuldeep and rahul...


      @Uma Mahesh Nani ek hi na baki matchon may....

    • Uma Mahesh Nani
      Uma Mahesh Nani

      What did he do? Decider match mein century tumne maara kya?

  • rahimuddin siddiqui
    rahimuddin siddiqui

    How many times have we seen Rohit Sharma playing a crucial inning yet he hardly get enough credit.

  • Habiullah Devan
    Habiullah Devan

    World cricket India is the best

  • Veera KS
    Veera KS

    Alex Hales🔥

  • Gaming ची Duniya
    Gaming ची Duniya

    This is Indian Cricket

  • Himanshu Mishra
    Himanshu Mishra

    *𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚢 𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚍𝚑𝚘𝚗𝚒 𝚏𝚊𝚗𝚜* 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚔 𝚞𝚛 𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎

  • abishek chandrasekar
    abishek chandrasekar

    Got confused b/w Hardik and Jordan in the thumbnail.. both look alike esp hairstyle 😮

  • R G
    R G

    Miss this blue🧢

  • Raju Singh
    Raju Singh

    Look at kuldeep bowling 😘 why is not right now 👉

  • Vinayak Lalwani
    Vinayak Lalwani

    I loved virat kohli and dhoni


    Who's here after Kuldeep poor form in all 3 formats Tough luck to him

  • Kasak class 8 a roll no 41
    Kasak class 8 a roll no 41

    This match is wonderful

  • harbans Guleria
    harbans Guleria

    4:40 a kon saa lodu vala style tha 😂😂

  • Neeraj Moolekkkattil
    Neeraj Moolekkkattil

    This is what a quality highlights is like Icc should learn from ecb

  • Andre george
    Andre george

    SuperHit Sharma

  • Nikhil Kamode
    Nikhil Kamode


  • Abhinav Saxena
    Abhinav Saxena

    who is the commentator here at 0:30

    • Aman Bhardwaj
      Aman Bhardwaj

      David Lloyd

  • Ashu kumar
    Ashu kumar

    Hitman 🔥 100


    11.36 sec chips fell down while getting exicted

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    Best catches 8:50:- shikhar dhawan 13:28:- Chris Jordan

  • Moksh Das Banerjee
    Moksh Das Banerjee

    How is Rohit starring in this?

  • Anish Rana
    Anish Rana

    The dynamics on this channel are elite

  • Geetha Thambiran
    Geetha Thambiran


  • Aritra Basu
    Aritra Basu


  • Pramod Panicker
    Pramod Panicker

    The description of the video should have Rahul Mentioned as well since his 100 features in this collection..

  • Adhav gaming
    Adhav gaming

    I love hardik pandiya batting