Horse Gets Offended After Owner Removes Marshmallow Stuck on Their Lip - 1188199
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  • Leonardo ponse
    Leonardo ponse

    Ain’t that fucked up to give a horse gelatin?

  • Michelle Christian
    Michelle Christian

    Marshmallows are made of gelatin that is made from ground up animal bones not a choice a horse would normally make.

  • Benjamin Raymundo-Ramirez
    Benjamin Raymundo-Ramirez

    The horse was just horsing around lol

  • Stacyann in Az
    Stacyann in Az

    That explains the long face 😜

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones

    She ruined the horses fun.

  • MrDenis7p

    Good example of people who shouldn't be allowed unsupervised visitation with animals.

  • Jos frost
    Jos frost

    i wonder if its bad for the horse,,

    • Jos frost
      Jos frost

      @Eijiro Kirishima ok thx

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      some horses should not eat marshmallows or marshmallow-based treats. Since marshmallows contain a significant amount of sugar, horses that suffer from insulin-resistant diseases can't not eat them since it will be bad for them. A sugary treat like a marshmallow could spell disaster for an insulin-resistant horse. it's also really bad for their teeth since it has a lot of sugar

  • Norman Alvarez
    Norman Alvarez

    You could have your marshmallow

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    Horse: When? Girl: When what? Horse: When did I ask for your help?

  • Shining Stars Farm
    Shining Stars Farm

    those eyes are just gorgeous though ❤️

  • fruit salad
    fruit salad

    I hope that marshmallow doesn't have gelatin in it.

  • Felicia Wu
    Felicia Wu

    Marshmallow are made from gelatin. Bone soups. That female want a herbivore to be carnivore. parasites are known to advocate for chaos.

  • Mukund Saroj
    Mukund Saroj

    The marshmellow: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️

  • Stormy Effects
    Stormy Effects

    That’s both a beautiful and cute horse

  • mikayla.

    this looked super adorable 😂

  • Ricardo Juliet
    Ricardo Juliet

    Offended? No. Annoyed? Maybe a little.

  • gamer playz
    gamer playz

    i hate this video cause anything with sugar are not good for horses

  • Sharon Hewitson
    Sharon Hewitson

    god I love horses.

  • Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held
    Syrath Douglas Foot tall Neko Boy Likes being held

    I’m laughing too hard at the fact the video ends and there’s just N O S E

  • Qasim Mohammed
    Qasim Mohammed

    Horses are just big long rideable dogs. They all goofy bois 🤪

  • ThunderAppeal

    Horse: 'It wasnt supposed to be this way'.

  • Ewa Rodewicz
    Ewa Rodewicz

    chain on a horse - great horsemanship right there...

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      it's a halter....... wtf? why is it bad

  • C. Lance
    C. Lance

    Perhaps, he was so happy to get the marshmallow off of his lip,that he doesn't care for more.

  • Sharon Eastwood.
    Sharon Eastwood.

    You kinda took the fun outa of it.

  • Sharon Eastwood.
    Sharon Eastwood.

    Mmmm sugar.

  • Cheryl Teo
    Cheryl Teo

    Horse has character😁🐴

  • Theson

    Such offense

  • Stephanie Yee
    Stephanie Yee


  • Thoughts

    That horse probably had fun until she ruined everything

  • TheAnimewolfchick

    Okay but isn't that made of puffed gelatin? Like the stuff from hooves?

  • V D
    V D

    You killed the fun karen

  • Pro Cow
    Pro Cow

    That was there adversary you had no right to intervene in there glorious battle

  • Peter Vlčko
    Peter Vlčko

    So horse want to get rid of it and the moment you took it down you offer it back. So who is horse here?

  • Wolfsong Moondancer
    Wolfsong Moondancer

    Humans are killjoys...

  • The Fog
    The Fog

    Heyyyyyy I was just gonna toast that

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker

    I wouldn't give artificial sugar to any animal. Cute horse. ♥

  • Chaoui hamza
    Chaoui hamza

    Horse: I took that personally!

  • M varela
    M varela

    Horses are herbivores I don't think MarshMellows are very good for them..

    • M varela
      M varela

      @Eijiro Kirishima Oh I said this because of gelatin

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      some horses should not eat marshmallows or marshmallow-based treats. Since marshmallows contain a significant amount of sugar, horses that suffer from insulin-resistant diseases should not eat them. A sugary treat like a marshmallow could spell disaster for an insulin-resistant horse. So they aren't very good but it has nothing to do with them being herbivores

  • т Green_Demon14 т
    т Green_Demon14 т

    That horse was just mad that you helped him, because he was so sure that he could do it on his own.

  • 邓Bongo

    I just died when I realized the horse still had the pink marshmallow mark 💀💀💀💀

  • E Blat
    E Blat

    someone needs to get off their high horse...

  • SoapierScroll

    Horse: Lick......DAMMit, Lick........DAMMIT, lick .........DAMMIT, Lick..... DAMMIT

  • Lag Swag
    Lag Swag

    Dont want it now, you totally ruined it😆😆😆

  • Big Blue Swisher
    Big Blue Swisher

    it's dangerous to feed a horse with your fingertips like that, they can't see that angle too well and many people have lost fingers doing that. If you feed them from your hand, best to use the center of your palm facing upwards, fingers out of the way

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      @Big Blue Swisher i agree i guess i just understood it wrong

    • Big Blue Swisher
      Big Blue Swisher

      @Eijiro Kirishima oh, I seriously doubt the author will read this. I intended for some other commenters to see it and not get hurt one day by trying to feed a horse for the first time like this. An expert doing something with a particular animal doesnt mean that itll always go well for an in onlooking imitator

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      @Big Blue Swisher true but then again she owns the horse so yeah i'm pretty sure (i hope) she was aware of that

    • Big Blue Swisher
      Big Blue Swisher

      @Eijiro Kirishima it's a physical inability of the horse. My grandfather used to tend to them and this was one of his biggest pieces of advice to those new to horses. I think it's worth sharing if it'll save a finger one day.

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      it's her horse i'm sure she knows him/her well

  • Tommy BRO
    Tommy BRO

    Why the long face?

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    I don't think he is offended. He could be scared of the color of the marshmallow.

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima

      nah he is not

  • Larry Nottingham
    Larry Nottingham

    Geez I enjoyed savoring my marshmallow and you ruined my experience. Go away.

  • Jols De Vera
    Jols De Vera

    The attitude..

  • Georgie Ippolito
    Georgie Ippolito

    he was eating it like a lollipop! put it back on his lip so he can enjoy it. he must like the texture and the feeling of the marshmallow too. so cute!

  • Counting Strides
    Counting Strides

    Put it BAAACK!

  • Amavex T.
    Amavex T.

    That horse had such a long face after its marshmallow was taken.

  • dyscea

    When the wait staff DOESN'T ask if you are "still working on it."

  • Thumper Comet
    Thumper Comet

    Now I really want some marshmallows.

  • Noel-The She-Male
    Noel-The She-Male

    How do some of these animal videos go viral? I was expecting the horse to vomit on the bitch owner.

  • JD Knight
    JD Knight

    Sulking 🤣


    The way she has the cross ties and the halter. OOOHG it just got on my nerves. Some people don't know how to do the simplest things. The halter was too loos and needed to be farther up the muzzle. And the cross ties. CHAINS! REALLY?!? WHY?!?!!!!!!

  • David’s Mom
    David’s Mom

    I find this disturbing, teasing and laughing at a chained up animal.

  • Dice Wood
    Dice Wood

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  • Kjell Ringström
    Kjell Ringström

    Is human candy really good to give a horse? :/

  • Sarah Bronnert
    Sarah Bronnert

    “Im gonna eat this. But I am highly offended by it.”

  • Faye Mont
    Faye Mont

    Maybe he was trying to get the nasty tasting bump off his mouth and now you're trying to make him eat it. Most animals will turn away from food they DON'T want.

  • Joe Cola
    Joe Cola

    No bits . Become a true horseman .


    YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT IT IN IT'S NOSE 😈😇🥰😍🤩🙂😋😝🤭😐😒😏🤨🤫😀😁😁😅😃🤣😗🤭😘🥵🥶🥳🤓🤢😕😤😞💀💀😞😖☹😕☹😳🤓🥳☹🥱😨😖😞😳🤢🤢🤒😴🤥🤔🤪😋😙😘😁

  • Scarlett Herbst
    Scarlett Herbst

    he had his reasons.

  • Sem Criatividade
    Sem Criatividade

    Why is there numbers in the tittle? Is that the sauce?

  • Warren Rodgers
    Warren Rodgers

    Jesus is the only way to heaven. Humble your selves and ask him he will answer

  • Superlative CG
    Superlative CG

    We all know where this is headed.

  • Keisha Hicks
    Keisha Hicks

    I don’t want it now... you put your hands on it😆

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star

    Here before one mil

  • Librocubicularist 1
    Librocubicularist 1


  • Mike Davidz
    Mike Davidz

    A cowboy buys a horse from the town pastor. The pastor explains, “To make the horse go, you gotta yell, ‘Thank God!’ And to make it stop, yell, ‘Hallelujah.’” The cowboy rides away. He rides all day and starts to nod off in the saddle when he notices he is about to ride straight over a cliff. Searching his memory, he yells to the horse, “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” The horse grinds to a stop just at the edge of the cliff. The cowboy wipes the sweat off his forehead. “Phew!” the cowboy sighs. “Thank God!”

  • Nex Wex 3
    Nex Wex 3

    Horse is not ofended. Just doesnt eat sweets.

  • Amar Bosanac
    Amar Bosanac

    He was pissed off because you gave him this shit in first place and was glad that you removed it...and then you offered him this shit again...? I would be also pissed in that case

  • Scooter

    At first it looks like some kind of weird growth on its lip

  • Lucky Bumpkin
    Lucky Bumpkin

    “You took my only food and now I’m going to starve”

  • bushputz

    Should've jammed it back on their lip...

  • dragonflycat

    He's a smart horse...however he has his pride -! He told all his equine pals to watch this impending video but then you made sure the marshmallow stuck to his upper lip. For your sake I hope you sleep with one eye open. :-)

  • White H0rse
    White H0rse

    I think it’s bored of being locked up guessing from me seeing a horse in its stall. Poor thing.

  • Blu Pyxi
    Blu Pyxi

    Where the hell can I find pink marshmallows?!?

    • Eijiro Kirishima
      Eijiro Kirishima


  • PorkChopVII

    Quit horsing around Mr. Ed

  • Celebrimbor

    I could literally hear the frustration of that horse

  • Malachai Irish
    Malachai Irish

    Ur ruinin it

  • sapristi

    this horse just cancelled her

  • Dʌrk Ukiyo!
    Dʌrk Ukiyo!

    Horse: WAS THAT ON MY LIPS??!

  • Adrian Bingham
    Adrian Bingham

    0:25 the look of disapproval in that horses eye there.

  • Donde Merlin
    Donde Merlin


  • My Dog is Bossy
    My Dog is Bossy

    Horse: No... keep it. I'm good.... no, really. **awkward silence**

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh

    Horse: "my boogers are mighty tasty today. I wonder what's up with that? HEY!!!"

  • Firestorm Danger Dash
    Firestorm Danger Dash

    "My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined."

  • inp imp
    inp imp

    "Omg, we just dodged that bullet." -horses teeth

  • sweetie -
    sweetie -

    Wow, I never noticed how huge horses are ☠️ the eye is literally the size of my pinky

  • Damon. Salvatore
    Damon. Salvatore

    Plys free him🙏

  • Vivek

    Not offended. But pity.

  • Agniv Borah
    Agniv Borah

    In the horse criminal book, it is considered a criminal offence. Don't do that again😉.

  • AG92

    Horse: Hmph!

  • Some Words
    Some Words

    see how it starts with the marshmallow already stuck on the horse?

  • Teddy Flood
    Teddy Flood

    That's really offended...?

  • NiKki C.
    NiKki C.

    Nooooo stick it back on there he almost had it... 🤣🤣🤣

  • M H
    M H

    What a proud one 🦄

  • Arsenal Manic
    Arsenal Manic

    Free the horse. That all that muzzle and all those chain shits off the poor horse. Set FREEEE !!!!

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