Kevin O’Brien's record century against England in famous World Cup win | #CWC11Rewind
Ireland produced one of the biggest shocks in world cup history as they overcame England in Bengaluru.
After being set an imposing target of 328 by England, as Jonathan Trott (92) narrowly missed out on a World Cup century & right-arm seamer John Mooney returned excellent figures of 4/63.
Ireland’s run chase got off to the worst possible start as they lost captain William Porterfield to the first ball of the innings. And it wouldn’t be until the loss of Ireland’s 5th wicket that their run-chase started to pick up serious momentum. As the pair of Kevin O’Brien and Alex Cusack put on a remarkable 162 runs for the 6th wicket partnership, a World Cup record stand.
That wouldn’t be the only record to be broken as Kevin O’Brien’s herculean 100 off just 50 balls became the fastest World Cup century in the tournament's history. Guiding Ireland to the brink of victory O’Brien finally fell, leaving the winning moment to John Mooney as his boundary sealed victory for Ireland and sparked scenes of jubilation.
A true World Cup classic and quite possibly the biggest shock in the tournament's history. A famous Irish victory ☘️
Join us to celebrate 10 years since the iconic 2011 Men’s Cricket World Cup. A festival of cricket featuring some of the biggest sixes, greatest wickets, and a countless number of moments that inspired a generation.
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  • Raynier Senpai
    Raynier Senpai

    Man I was in class 3 at that time those were memories

  • Mastram मीणा
    Mastram मीणा

    I like there were Indians in the crowd

  • Mastram मीणा
    Mastram मीणा

    Still remember that match

  • Sandesh Reddy
    Sandesh Reddy

    There were 4 South African born Cricketers playing for England in this match Prior, Trott, Pieterson, Strauss

  • Sc Brinto
    Sc Brinto


  • Shah Sultan
    Shah Sultan

    That was a remembering mathch

  • Karan Dwivedi
    Karan Dwivedi

    Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Great piece of sportman spirit.

  • Bharathi Bharathi
    Bharathi Bharathi

    Who get's Goosebumps when (this is massive)

  • Niranjan Pazhani Chamy
    Niranjan Pazhani Chamy

    The higher frame rate is really good for Sports. Would be nice if we have this for all cricket vids

  • Pratapratigna Patra
    Pratapratigna Patra

    O my god 50 ball fifty in a high pressure match.what an absolute magnificent innings played by Kevin o Brien.kudous to his confidence

  • Ganesh Abilash
    Ganesh Abilash

    Super super superb jai

  • Ameer Moavia
    Ameer Moavia

    5:11 that six ❤️👌

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    Their should be 12 teams in icc cricket world cup 2023

  • Muhib Arfin
    Muhib Arfin

    No matter how many times i watch this, England can't win 😌

  • p1502

    ICC is afraid of such results, so now only top 10 teams play world cup

  • Gyan Mondir
    Gyan Mondir

    What a win


    Who is watching this in 2021

  • Indian Citizen
    Indian Citizen

    Kevin o brien-Most underrated inning from any player in any world cup tournament

  • Dheeraj Khanna
    Dheeraj Khanna

    Kavian O Brian became super hero to eliminate eliminate from tournament.

  • Dil Hai Hindustani
    Dil Hai Hindustani

    Only tournament in which Bangladesh and Ireland beat England but India failed to do so

  • Yadnyesh Dhuri
    Yadnyesh Dhuri

    Ireland vs eng is like India vs Pakistan

  • Sahil Pathania
    Sahil Pathania

    In the history of world cup chase this match is greatest of all time

  • Doraemon69

    The inning that shocked the world. They celebrated like they have won the worldcup and it was worth it.❤️

  • Pratyush Kumar
    Pratyush Kumar

    England took them easily

  • Aneel Kashmiri
    Aneel Kashmiri

    I remember that match when i was 9 years old and remember k obrien as a man with red hair😅

  • Syed Salman Hassan
    Syed Salman Hassan

    Kevin o brien😎


    Ireland , Kenya, Netherlands should get one more chance To play in worldcup

  • suresh kuriyal
    suresh kuriyal

    This macth was so interesting special kabin o brin

  • Likith Chengappa
    Likith Chengappa

    Appreciate the crowd for cheering ire land 💥💕

  • Meraj Ahmad
    Meraj Ahmad

    Amazing awosome much

  • R Khan
    R Khan

    That the match play india and win, i think the video 20+m view alredy

  • Chetan Lotankar
    Chetan Lotankar

    One of best matches of all TIME

  • Zia Ahmed
    Zia Ahmed

    Thanks icc so much for uploading this match highlights because this match highlights was not available in youtube

  • Vilas Pathare
    Vilas Pathare

    अंग्रेज ने आयर्लंड को कम समझा था तो यह हाल हुअा अंग्रेज का👋

  • Vamsi Krishna
    Vamsi Krishna

    Kevin O'brien shook entire England 😂😂😂

  • MK Jagan
    MK Jagan

    2:34 JohnySins😜😂

  • Hmm Hmmm
    Hmm Hmmm

    Sadly no upsets in cricket world cup will happen because only 10 teams plays now. Fkng ICC increase teams

  • Aditya Barman
    Aditya Barman

    Ireland well played 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ritish Jasrotia
    Ritish Jasrotia

    6.23 looking old man hug they feel like Ireland won the world cup👌👌👌👌😁

  • Ram Raj
    Ram Raj

    Super match congrats

  • Panda ALEX YT
    Panda ALEX YT

    I am 8th class in this match. I am telling like stories with my frds Kevin was awesome

  • Manish Mhatre
    Manish Mhatre

    This is called One Man ArmY..... fantastic

  • Prince Kumar
    Prince Kumar

    England bhosdam phatam

  • Johnson Jeff
    Johnson Jeff

    In the span of 10 years england has become the best white ball cricket team in the world..thats called progress folks.

  • Shefali Islam
    Shefali Islam

    Faltu team ka chamak dene wali winning match😂! Iske alaba aur kuch bhi nahin.

  • Shefali Islam
    Shefali Islam

    Congratulations Ireland for your history making glorious moment. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩.

  • isaac newton
    isaac newton

    The best cricket world cup I ever seen.Lots of memories are associated with this.

  • puneet arora
    puneet arora

    One of the most and fixed match

  • muntzar hussain
    muntzar hussain

    Thanks frm Lahore pakistan

  • manjit panghal
    manjit panghal

    England ko dho k rkh diya🤣🤣

  • Memesbymanu

    More than winning a world cup❣️

  • Ultra Instinct Goku
    Ultra Instinct Goku

    Best match for Ireland❤️❤️❤️

  • Paul Casey
    Paul Casey

    From my memory, I didn’t remember how big a comeback this was. I just thought it was a shock. But 111-5 after 25 overs chasing 328 is crazy

  • Prakash Singh
    Prakash Singh

    It's just like what russia do with Spain in fifa 2018.

  • Tabia Tabish
    Tabia Tabish

    50 percent of Kevin brien century goes to Alex cussak

  • Vickey Sharma
    Vickey Sharma

    Kaafi ult fer huye the is world Cup mein



  • WWE Maker
    WWE Maker

    What an inning..... Kevin O Brian... Played one of the greatest knock of World Cup history....

  • Eisen Arafat
    Eisen Arafat


  • Eisen Arafat
    Eisen Arafat


  • Aman Mishra
    Aman Mishra

    Kevin ' O Brien one man army Ireland you rock 🔥🔥🔥

  • tufayel ahmmed
    tufayel ahmmed

    I'm watching this 2021 From Bangladesh Best of luck irish💚💚

  • sr ibrahim
    sr ibrahim

    What a match man😍 historical match🥰

  • prathamesh jalgaonkar
    prathamesh jalgaonkar

    Epic moment ⚡

  • Karthik Venkata 178-A0
    Karthik Venkata 178-A0

    How did Ireland won, phenomenal man

  • Abu Raihan
    Abu Raihan

    328 run chased! 😁

  • Jitu Grz
    Jitu Grz

    I guess this team is far more better than the 🐈 Bangladesh team as well after they won the match also they didn't react like the 😺 (cat) team

  • balaji sainath
    balaji sainath

    Kevin o brien looks like Donald trump young


    O brothers

  • Amit Karmakar
    Amit Karmakar

    Thok dia Gore wale ne GORE WALO KO😍

  • SP 2504
    SP 2504

    This is the match where he got his name

  • Eddie LR Fela
    Eddie LR Fela

    Imagine a guy who doesnt watch cricket look at the title like:"Ah,so Ireland won the World Cup against England"

  • Sarath Mg
    Sarath Mg

    Wow what a match irish. KevinObrein

  • varun sehgal
    varun sehgal

    Still can't bored when we watch icc 2011 highlights greatest world cup ever❤️

  • Prajakt Lade
    Prajakt Lade

    Any 🇮🇪 here hit like This match is one of the greatest games ever 🙌


    12 full members of ICC but only 10 teams in world cup :(

  • Anupama Nataraj
    Anupama Nataraj

    Please put some cwc 2015 videos also know

  • Vivek Oraon
    Vivek Oraon

    Bharat mata ki jay

  • Vivek Mohite
    Vivek Mohite

    When I feel demotivated, I watched this match for boosting the Confidence... One of the inspiring and memorable match in the cricket...



  • Krishanu Biswas
    Krishanu Biswas

    4:28 the bigg show start Kevin o Brian

  • Krishanu Biswas
    Krishanu Biswas

    I'm indian fan but I love this match aur mujhe India ke world cup jitne me jitni khusi hui ye match dekhke aur zyada achcha laga

  • Hill Station Khirsu
    Hill Station Khirsu

    George Dockrell Is very underrated

  • shaik hibathullah
    shaik hibathullah

    I was studying 6 th standard during this match one of a brilliant match 🙌🙌


      I was in 5th standard

  • pankaj arya
    pankaj arya

    First and last performance by Kevin obrien

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time

    I think this is the darkest world cup for england Bcz two upsets Bangladesh and Ireland

  • Sarosh Ali
    Sarosh Ali

    111-5 and Kevin o brien made the impossible possible nobody is weak everyone's equal my message to everyone

  • chicken Thoughts
    chicken Thoughts

    These highlights are so speedy It looks like watching cricket 2007 we used to play😂😂❤️

  • Mohammad Saleh
    Mohammad Saleh

    I remember this match live on tv 📺 i can’t believe to win this match by Ireland


  • Rizwan AhmeD
    Rizwan AhmeD

    Best ever world cup after 1999

  • Lucifer Cave
    Lucifer Cave

    David Vs Goliath.

  • Ali Rajpoot
    Ali Rajpoot

    O my goad unbelievable win this match for Ireland

  • Jomy K Joy
    Jomy K Joy


  • Syed Mohammad Nazeem
    Syed Mohammad Nazeem

    People who are watching this comments I wish their parents still alive for more than 100 years god bless u and ur family

  • Ankita misra
    Ankita misra

    je मैच उमर बर नहीं भूले गी eryelnd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • suparna Koley
    suparna Koley

    What a magical tournament ✨💗👌

  • Gul Memon
    Gul Memon


  • SL Fisherman
    SL Fisherman

    One of the greateat matches ..

  • SL Fisherman
    SL Fisherman

    One of the greateat matches ..

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