Someone Adopted the ‘Worst Dog in America’
Prancer shot to viral fame after a hilarious Facebook post described the 2-year-old Chihuahua's behavior in order to help him get adopted. “There’s not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins,” the post read, but Ariel Davis, Prancer’s new owner, said she was interested in helping the animal because she knows what it’s like to have a dog with behavior issues.

  • Inside Edition
    Inside Edition

    Prancer loves his new home, STILL hates reporters:

    • Princess Doodles
      Princess Doodles

      He looks miserable on the thumb nail lol 😂

    • Pixelated Idiot
      Pixelated Idiot

      See a therapist

    • Descentjay


    • SCP [X] Foundation
      SCP [X] Foundation

      @Savetion II shut up edgelord

    • 꿀벌

      He's not the only one

  • Ignite Astra ;
    Ignite Astra ;

    How is the worst dog in America

  • Rigboner

    The dog is just racist

  • DoGESAndFooxes

    He's so cuteX3

  • Lost Vegas
    Lost Vegas

    Lots of abused dogs hate men because it's usually men who abused them lmao. A shame women can't get on that level 😭

  • Emily Neal
    Emily Neal

    And yet Nikki Philippi thinks her mellow dog can’t be rehomed to anyone at all and kills the dog. Too bad they didn’t make a post or even try to rehome their dog! They have over a million subscribers! SOMEONE WOULD OF TAKEN THE DOG!!!!

  • nhlahla Sithole
    nhlahla Sithole

    What if he's racist?

  • Liorayeeet

    Prancer prolly be related to brian Yknow,

  • G¡gaBy†e

    If only she could do the same to karens

  • SeemsLikeSomething

    I totally thought she was gonna say “I understand what it’s like to HATE EVERYBODY” Lol!!

  • Combat Wombat
    Combat Wombat

    Looks like a tipical kicking Trumpet!

  • TristanW27 ?
    TristanW27 ?

    Why does the thumbnail look like Prancers Mugshot

  • Boogiedoogie&toogie

    I saw an ad for this dog on Facebook 😂

  • ItzMeFurzan

    0:27 "Yo wassup bisch, how day's going?"

  • ThreeSidedDemo

    A karen doggo

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire

    They should have called Victoria

  • Lover Elliot
    Lover Elliot

    Mr. Bubz: “finally a worthy opponent..”

  • 59_Arushi Saxena
    59_Arushi Saxena

    No dog is worse or best.. they're just different.♥️♥️♥️


    I only love the dog face

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I Would Adopt That Satan The Second I Saw Him, No More Siblings Bursting Into My Room

  • Rascal

    Dogs I've seen on the Internet: *Cute and lovable* Dogs in my neighborhood:

  • Boris

    Light skin dog

  • ISmokeNerfDarts

    All dogs can be good they just need the right person

  • Timestandingtime

    Where's the race card

  • Fizzini Life
    Fizzini Life

    Xqc: actual rat dud no shot

  • Sean Luse
    Sean Luse

    So he's a sexist???

  • Christian B
    Christian B

    How about the dog that shot that gun

  • mefe1988

    They look alike too!! That’s cute!

  • 27matso


  • Steel. Girl
    Steel. Girl

    Did that dog just take a mugshot

  • Hope Tusa
    Hope Tusa

    There’s no bad dogs, just bad owners. Hopefully this owner can change his life!

  • Roblox Obby King
    Roblox Obby King

    Just put that dog down.

  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker

    love this update.

  • g C
    g C

    Super cute

  • w00tec

    I have been looking for a man hating dog just like I hate men, so it was perfect!

  • Comrade Russian robot ッ
    Comrade Russian robot ッ

    I would love to see a fight with this dog and mine because my dog does the same

  • Ganya

    Props to you, second chances save lives. He's adorable also lol

  • Talha Malik
    Talha Malik

    Is it just me or does the dog look like Ron Swanson in the thumbnail

  • Kayden 21
    Kayden 21

    When she said that she resonated with the story i thought she was gonna go on about hating men and children lmao

  • DurableProductions

    Prancer could take on a pitbull.

  • Kirby07

    He looks like my dog

  • Sushi-Katana

    Prancer is just acting like a standard Chihuahua to me. 🤷🏽‍♂️


    Who the bad boy I'm the bad boy 😎 🐕

  • big boss
    big boss

    That dog looks like a Karen

  • Hunde Sind cool
    Hunde Sind cool

    Prancer is cute tho

  • LoudOven0

    Racist dog

  • Thetheoryguy55

    So we all just forgot about Mr Bubz 😂

  • Flow Dark_Bright
    Flow Dark_Bright

    i dont think he looks like the woorrst dog in america

  • Matric 2021
    Matric 2021

    Yo!!! That's my math teacher

  • Whiteboy157

    I feel like the dog is a thug

  • Shar B.
    Shar B.

    Where is Cesar Milan? He would call that dog insecure!

  • hot d0ggo
    hot d0ggo

    Lol trash dog get good

  • pOlisH jErRy
    pOlisH jErRy

    That dog looks like my 6th grade teacher

  • Noah H
    Noah H

    Bunch of idiots who don’t understand how dogs think at all

  • Princess Doodles
    Princess Doodles

    Prancer looks miserable on the thumb nail lol 😂

  • liz

    what breed is he?

  • Gaurav Vikalp
    Gaurav Vikalp

    So they can raise the “ worst dog in America” and the Philippis put their dog down cause he kinda bit their kid because the kid tried to steal the dog’s god? SMH 🤦‍♀️

  • Somures

    Thats rude his a dog it dosnt matter

  • Deneb Gementiza
    Deneb Gementiza

    He looks like Señor Chang on the thumbnail

  • miguel mallari
    miguel mallari

    He's cute but demonic

  • Nguyen Duc Hung
    Nguyen Duc Hung

    Seems like a normal Chihuahua to me

  • Al Rrenoir
    Al Rrenoir

    He looks like kim jong un

  • U.A. Perfect Ace
    U.A. Perfect Ace

    Any dog on Earth is infinitely better than the best humans on this planet. The failure is on the owner, not the dog. Unconditional love? Check. Can save your life many ways? Check. Won't backstab you. Check again. Will get thier lips stuck on thier teefs? Deal with it.

  • Mcgreger vlogs Mc
    Mcgreger vlogs Mc

    My dog is worse than that dog

  • Ghada A
    Ghada A

    Me if I was a dog

  • Shee Kayza
    Shee Kayza

    The thumbnail 💀

  • Funny videos
    Funny videos

    So cute 🥰

  • Tania Bams
    Tania Bams

    He has the face of a disappointed gym coach who forgone his sports career to teach a bunch of spoiled teenagers, who will amount to nothing thanks to their rich entitled parents always throwing money at the problems they cause.

  • jordan Watson
    jordan Watson

    Why's the dog got a light skin face in the thumbnail

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist

    Tsundere dog

  • Brian Ramirez
    Brian Ramirez

    This Chihuahua looks like he committed a crime

  • mario burca
    mario burca


  • THENAMESDJ Almighty
    THENAMESDJ Almighty

    That dog is so light-skin never did he just pose like that

    • Eric Santos
      Eric Santos


  • Irish Republican
    Irish Republican

    She could always just get the dog put down

    • tabris

      @Irish Republican prancer is literally healthy and fine, you just want to her to kill her dog for no reason

    • Irish Republican
      Irish Republican

      @tabris why not??

    • tabris

      Why would she get it put down??

  • Dayna Kersey
    Dayna Kersey

    This dog isn’t the worst dog. It may be one of the best dogs. It’s just very protective of his owner

  • It's Not A Tumor!
    It's Not A Tumor!

    What an adorable little goblin.

  • Luis

    I would kick that thing if I saw it

  • Ava Nicole
    Ava Nicole

    She looks like his owner 🤣

  • Chef Specialty
    Chef Specialty

    Dogs still in pet stores:Write that down write that down

  • Elia : Project Lazarus
    Elia : Project Lazarus

    That dog is Overpowered but over Cautious.

  • Rain CSGO
    Rain CSGO

    Of course it's a chihuahua

  • Sa7yam Gaming
    Sa7yam Gaming

    This recommending from days but finally I click

  • ヒックスkatxryx

    my dog is worse so um..........

  • Rude_Boi

    0:28 looks like some of the old Asian women I work with.

  • bailey

    gimmie the dog omg

  • It's curtains for you doll
    It's curtains for you doll

    I ❤️Ariel

  • MagmaXMajae


  • Haylie Marrufo
    Haylie Marrufo

    What is up with this thumbnail bruh😭

  • Alex D
    Alex D

    Did yall notice they never showed her touch the dog 🤣🤣

  • Pure gamer testosterone
    Pure gamer testosterone

    The first photo of him looks like a mugshot

  • Tursiops

    Those behavior problems that dog is having would be solve with some good training. I don't know how much this person knows about dog behavior and training, I hope she has some knowledge or at least interest in getting into it as otherwise things will just get complicated for her and the dog... Many owners abandon their pets for behavior problems like this one that require a bit more of patient and understanding.

  • ezemell

    Karens dog

  • HG Ivan
    HG Ivan

    just a average chihuahua

  • Matty

    Stupid dog 🤬🤬

    • JonTheEpic

      Stupid human 🤣🤣

  • Matty

    Stupid dog 🤬🤬

    • Matty

      @forestm its a dumb stupid dog 🤬

    • forestm


  • The Three player Roblox Dudes
    The Three player Roblox Dudes

    He should be the funniest

  • Bullfrog Verified
    Bullfrog Verified

    If I’m being honest the thumbnail from the video made me click 😂😂

  • Le o
    Le o

    This is a great example what to do with a dog like that, not like that horrible INlabel couple that killed their dog.

  • Ãïshïtē ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ
    Ãïshïtē ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ

    Why tf would you hate an animal!?

  • kuku na
    kuku na

    😂 damn

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