I Accidentally Became A Meme: Me Explaining To My Mom
Quen had always been told to scream out her frustrations. Little did she realize that doing so would turn her and the inimitable Ms. Juicy into a global meme.
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  • Sad Crusader Noises
    Sad Crusader Noises

    Bro it’s quensadilla!!!

  • Cash Now
    Cash Now

    Wow I just was thinking bout this

  • _Tem

    I was always so seriously worried about how that video came to the internet.. You're wonderful Quen, keep doing what you do.

  • Eve R.
    Eve R.

    I’m not gay but.....yeah

  • David Konevky
    David Konevky

    she has one of the few vines that didn't age poorly

  • iamcartier W
    iamcartier W

    Not used tor hospital ads😭😭😭😭😭

  • Addie Hansen
    Addie Hansen

    “After this pandemic ends” girl weren’t you at a party with James Charles a few months ago?

  • claire claire
    claire claire

    Why am I mad that they've never met in real life 😅

  • Danielle S
    Danielle S

    So ms juicy is not her mama.

  • Bisi A
    Bisi A

    Prayers go out to the young lady. Guys Jesus lives and saves!!!!

  • yuna choi
    yuna choi

    I’ve known Quen since vine, and even though I haven’t really seen much of her in a while, she still doesn’t fail to make me smile/ make my day :)

  • Levi Shum
    Levi Shum

    this girl reminds me of tyler the creator for some reason

  • MaibiItsAlice

    ( ◜‿◝ )♡(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ you guys did awesome though. Made people smile and got them threw their hard times, like me. I loved those videos! I'm glad your mental health is so much better though and in glad you took care of yourself :)

  • Aries Li
    Aries Li

    Why does Quen's voice on the intro sound kind of...?

  • anastasiya *
    anastasiya *

    Ingredients around the world, im mad i didnt think this first.

  • Valentina

    I never hated Quen, she reminds me of my sis who recently moved away

  • coolxkidrawrxd

    i’m glad ur still alive and i hope you’re feeling so much better

  • Li-Ara Jackson
    Li-Ara Jackson

    I love quens voice. I almost wish mine was deeper but I’m too insecure to keep hearing ‘will that be all sir’ in the drive thru again 😩😔😭

  • pinkB

    Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is!!

  • Mr. NLR
    Mr. NLR

    Wait hold up are they mother and daughter or am I trippinnnn🤣🤣🤣

  • daysia cuff
    daysia cuff

    why do people think Juicy is her mom??

  • Beware The guardians
    Beware The guardians

    I'm watching this instead of the Blue Jays lmao

  • Fadzai Manyeza
    Fadzai Manyeza

    I had no idea. The internet is so desensitised now, it's unreal. By the time I saw that meme, I had no idea of the crying video. You are a ball of sunshine girl, love and light to you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Star 4ever
    Star 4ever

    Can we talk about the fact that I JUST FRICKIN FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL

  • AF-P Queen
    AF-P Queen

    I love them both omg

    • I may be stupid, but
      I may be stupid, but

      yeaah they seem like so much fun 😭

  • S. Jones
    S. Jones

    Ms . Juicy, I can't wait for the new season so I can watch the Cowboys with you....

  • Lala

    I feel so sorry she got bullied just for marketing her family's business. Strangers on the internet just want to take out their anger on anyone and everyone for no good reason sometimes. She seems like a cool person and doesn't deserve it.

  • DAI

    I love miss juicy

  • Jeanette Rudder
    Jeanette Rudder


  • morgan

    the ingredients from around the world the product matches to your raw un-blemished/marked skin and begins to change the imperfections

  • Midnight Raven
    Midnight Raven

    “I’m going to kill myself because everyone hates me.” Damn they hate her over a damn product!

  • Rišhëī

    Buzzfeed’s I accidentally became a meme videos are probably the only enjoyable ones on their channel

  • Kristi Schoenhaar
    Kristi Schoenhaar

    So, Twitter hated on a child for promoting her family's product? Hey, Humanity. I have something to say to you: Don't do that.

  • Adriane Jaylen
    Adriane Jaylen

    sm people was using her screaming video for edits..I never knew that was the reason she was screaming

  • Eskandar Al
    Eskandar Al

    Nowadays becoming a meme is one of the greatest achievements. :))) Bless your soul.

  • Life Is Not Daijoubu
    Life Is Not Daijoubu

    The comments being defensive about Quenlin being fair game for jokes are obviously feeling bad about the whole situation. It’s like saying “Oh this phone is laying here on the table so let me just take it”

  • jace

    the thumbnail really made me think miss juicy was her mom 😭

  • Acid

    man this has quite the sad backstory

  • GodRico

    I almost commented the fuckin thing

  • Alisha Archuleta
    Alisha Archuleta

    I eat chips and chocolate almost everyday just to make up for all the years I "couldn't" due to a lifelong severe struggle with eating disorders/body dysmorphia. It tastes better than bring skinny will ever feel!!!

  • BotsanDayGrl Rodriguez
    BotsanDayGrl Rodriguez

    She from corsicana that's right next to me.

  • chae monroe
    chae monroe


  • deen 02
    deen 02

    Im glad quenlin doing good right now

  • deen 02
    deen 02

    omg i love ms juicy

  • Hey Forslaytion
    Hey Forslaytion

    Awww I mean yeah the skincare tweet was silly but damn folks dont stop “trolling” chika just went through this recently.

  • Baby Fingers
    Baby Fingers

    ‘Why be sad? When you can be glad(e)’

  • Lani Calipari-Jones
    Lani Calipari-Jones


  • skullkidsaysfuvmennit

    Wasn't til the i realised they weren't mother and daughter idk i jus always thought they were lmao

  • sx wx
    sx wx

    Miss Juicy too cute

  • Stardoo Galaxie
    Stardoo Galaxie

    Now it got me thinking that twitter memers, stan twitter and anyone who goes "lets bring back bullying." Are not to be trusted in any way shape or form.

  • Kook Monette
    Kook Monette

    Skin care? Girl give me those TEETH 🦷😬😍

  • Ana

    Wait.....wait- so ur telling me...they are not actually related???😭



  • Syleen Durant
    Syleen Durant

    It's crazy the internet constantly inverts things. Good into bad and bad into good

  • Jaymin Thomas
    Jaymin Thomas

    “Some of you guys was there when this meme happen” It’s me, I was there.

    • Tami W
      Tami W

      That’s your biggest flex

  • Lily Fajardo
    Lily Fajardo

    When I only know Ms.Juciy from little ppl of atlanta-🤚🏼😭

  • Flxcks

    the fact that blood is really blue and it taste like metal like.... SLIVER

    • Vox Animalium
      Vox Animalium

      uh whot

  • Prathmesh Bhosale
    Prathmesh Bhosale

    How to be a meme ? Can someone help me about it ?

  • Chono Erono
    Chono Erono

    I can see that her family runs a skincare company, that some nice face

  • Imari Nash
    Imari Nash

    The entire comment section: “ I can’t believe you guys, she was at a low and we laughed.” We get it.

  • Ronaldo Fuentes1
    Ronaldo Fuentes1

    Lol Queen probably was boiling her eyes out and someone walks into her room and says your a meme and she says Huuuh in a crying tone 😂 and than she’s happy it’s with that funny lady


    Great video for today's times...both ladies are beautiful souls

  • jnk

    3:27 the way she smiles and giggles lowkey gives me butterflies 😳

  • Pri Vya
    Pri Vya

    I always thought they are mother and daughter .

  • Jaila Burton
    Jaila Burton

    The voice that told her to not go in oncoming traffic was Jesus.

  • akm alamgir hossain
    akm alamgir hossain

    I used that meme show*

  • DDspeaksout

    The skin products obviously worked! Look at her skin glow!

  • Canal Matheus De Drummond
    Canal Matheus De Drummond

    loves it 💗

  • Connoriscool

    Cool man that’s cool I guess

  • Michell Waterman
    Michell Waterman

    I’ve seen the meme used for everything and I honestly thought they were related! So nice to know the backstory. People get real big and tough when they’re behind a screen. 99% of them would NEVER say the hateful things they spew on social media to your face. Her experience is why my teens aren’t allowed to have social media accounts until they’re 18. Words hurt. They leave scars. Keep that in mind the next time you disagree with someone on the Internet and you causally tell them they’re worthless or ignorant.

  • Alvaldong


  • Alyssa Scrivner
    Alyssa Scrivner

    5:34 :"Even though I did want to kill myself that day, it turned into such a cool thing." I felt that deep in my heart

  • china matobole
    china matobole

    MiSs Due see babhiee❤❤🔥🔥🤣🤣

  • R P
    R P

    cutest meme had no idea the context

  • Butter Gurls
    Butter Gurls

    That girl’s personality is so cute lol

  • Just Another Cancerous Person
    Just Another Cancerous Person

    I genuinely thought that she was a boy in the meme

  • sss s
    sss s

    Well, I'm in love with quenlin

  • Clau

    Me pregunto si la persona a la que se le ocurrió unir esas dos imágenes y convertirlas en un meme ya vio este video 😂

  • Kurui Queen
    Kurui Queen

    Wait she's the same person who said: "I don't need a degree to be a clothing hanger" ???

    • - f u n g i -
      - f u n g i -

      yes lmao

  • Oren freeman
    Oren freeman

    I like her voice

  • Epic Dre
    Epic Dre

    Why tf she got a man voice

  • Margaux Laurent
    Margaux Laurent

    i'm sad what happened to queens but this happens way to often on the internet. i see grown up adults bullying small kids for dancing on tiktok on the daily, let them be dance and enjoy themselves.

  • Jacinth Lilly
    Jacinth Lilly

    Not me thinking they were mother and daughter

  • SimplyEunoia

    People literally hated her for what

  • TheChick2304

    "Get off the internet and make mistakes without the world seeing" That's great advice tbh Also, she has a beautiful deep voice.

  • Anna B
    Anna B

    I’ve always loved her, so sad to hear this story. I’m glad she’s doing well.

  • Kryptic Nick
    Kryptic Nick

    When she said her blood was blue and silver I thinking oh 😌

  • Jasmine Wilson
    Jasmine Wilson

    I need to find this music 🎶 😩

  • Annie With an E
    Annie With an E

    Spoiler alert Idk if anyone has watched Devilman Crybaby here or not but Miki was one of the most loved personality but she literally got ripped off just because she shared her opinion in the internet. Like how people change in just split seconds. She was the most loved but got smashed by the humans just because of a difference of opinion. They didn't care to look into the matter or cross-check about the situation . They just smashed her because they BELIEVED in their wrong opinions. I think Internet is a very very toxic place. And we humans are the most dangerous creatures alive. We should try to support each other and also like try not to spread hatred because even though we don't admit it but we are on the internet almost for the entire day for whatever reasons. So I guess we can be better if we want. Thanks

  • Dorcas Mwika
    Dorcas Mwika


  • Siley Rams
    Siley Rams

    YALL AINT EVEN MET?!?!??!!!!!

  • depressed memer
    depressed memer

    ive seen EVERY vine they showed lol

  • Cheyenne Alexis
    Cheyenne Alexis

    Well now I know why she was allowed to be screaming in her house

  • Cheyenne Alexis
    Cheyenne Alexis

    I adore Quen, I imagine she’s an amazing friend and woman in person

  • Tabs Tube
    Tabs Tube

    I'm so confused why the title says explaining to my mom lol. Maybe I'm dense or missed something 😂

  • Cody Haymon
    Cody Haymon

    I like Ms. Juicy! Haha

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi

    This girls voice is sooo cool and she is gorgeous

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi

    I noticed this thing that black people are often the ones with negative stories of being a meme. just me?

  • Fracklo

    I knew this meme but didn't know the backstory. I'm pretty surprised

  • Alika Harris
    Alika Harris

    Well looks like her skin is glowing to me. & I’m glad you are still with us Queen! Shine bright!!! ☀️

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