Electric Cars in India | Can you buy a Tesla? | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee
Can you afford to buy an Electric Car or Scooter in India? In this video, I present you the solution to how you can. I explain the different subsidies being given by Center Govt and state govts with a special focus on Delhi Govt Electric Policy. You can save up to 15-20% if you're planning to buy an electric vehicle. I also explain the future of Elon Musk’s Tesla in India.
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00:00 - Introduction
00:46 - Why buy an electric car?
02:22 - Union Govt Policy
04:32 - Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy
06:45 - How to avail the subsidies?
07:26 - Charging Stations
08:08 - Operating Cost
08:40 - Maintenance Cost
10:03 - EV Policies In Other States
11:49 - Entry of Tesla in India

  • Dhruv Rathee
    Dhruv Rathee

    Use Coupon Code "GoDHRUV10" and save up to 40% on All Car Services gomechanic.app.link/DhruvRathee 00:46 - Why buy an electric car? 02:22 - Union Govt Policy 04:32 - Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 06:45 - How to avail the subsidies? 07:26 - Charging Stations 08:08 - Operating Cost 08:40 - Maintenance Cost 10:03 - EV Policies In Other States 11:49 - Entry of Tesla in India

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      Muin Ali

      Dilwado electronic

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      Bow wow Doggy

      Kindly make a Video on Jagtar singh Hawara

    • Bow wow Doggy
      Bow wow Doggy

      Kindly make a Video on Jagtar singh Hawara

    • Bow wow Doggy
      Bow wow Doggy

      Kindly make a Video on Jagtar singh Hawara

    • Bow wow Doggy
      Bow wow Doggy

      Kindly make a Video on Jagtar singh Hawara

  • Prabal Choudhury Choudhury
    Prabal Choudhury Choudhury

    Allegedly allegations ke liye istemaal hota hai. To galat shabd ko hataiye. Reportedly keh sakte hain.

  • you're in the wrong house fool
    you're in the wrong house fool

    Car se acha meri gear wali cycle hai

  • MD DaNiSh DK
    MD DaNiSh DK

    your video title is wrong because I am from a rural place where electricity is available for only 10 to 15hrs max and no any an E-charge station to charge our vehicles, now E-vehicles applicable for "metro cities". for us it will take a decade...


    I love tata e vison


    I love tata Nexon


    I reject Tesla

  • nastal e
    nastal e

    Paid by AAP


    Go Mechanic ne kitne paise diye hone Dhruv ko .

  • Aashu Tiwari
    Aashu Tiwari

    Great job dhruv.. keep it up.. awareness for the common people

  • Always Truth
    Always Truth

    I have an idea Provide vaccine for RS 250 to everybody (No free Vaccine) and decrease rate of petrol by Rs 20/ ltr... simple.....hope you got my message

  • Shoubhik Saha
    Shoubhik Saha

    1:28 how is electricity production done?? Doesn't burning coal cause air pollution?

  • Jags Tech
    Jags Tech

    In reality adopting to EV doesn't decrease carbon emissions and doesn't show any affect on global warming, because to fuel the EV's fossil fuel is required. I mean to generate electricity we need to burn fossil fuels (literally we will burn the same fuel some other place instead in the car). Even adopting solar energy doesn't help environment, to manufacture solar panel we need industries, to run industries we again burn fossil fuels.

  • Beom Seok
    Beom Seok

    Modi ji hai na

  • Remesh kumar Ramesh
    Remesh kumar Ramesh

    Canada mae as a student if u r going what kind of part time job a person can get which will offer valuable money.... And what skill a person should learn before reaching the Canada please make a video ...🙏🙏🙏 ..dasdo bro please boht loki jande ne mae v jana hai please bna de yaar bahi bnya

  • Twiter timer
    Twiter timer

    Just dont make fool of yourself.... it takes max 5mins to fill petrol or diesel, how will they charge each vehicle for long duration n look at the queue damn it

  • Ankit Jha
    Ankit Jha

    we cannot drive tesla in India due to the roads the car will break so good car needs good roads

  • Docter Strange
    Docter Strange

    Asli vikkas toh Kejriwal ji delhi ka kar rahe Hai BJP toh bas Huug rahe Hai DESH me !!

  • Docter Strange
    Docter Strange

    Abb Modi ji Ko lagta Hai Ki BJP 2030 rahegi 😂😂😂 jumle kar ne ke liye !!!

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    Yogita Jadhav

    Wow amazing!

  • Anurag Paul
    Anurag Paul


  • Sahil Gayakwad
    Sahil Gayakwad

    Bhai electricity ko tho thermal power plant se ayega ess me tho pollution hoga

  • Sahil Gayakwad
    Sahil Gayakwad

    This vedio is only for promotion


    *Increasing the price of petroleum means increasing the price of all things, we should use something and who does not* 🎉🔥🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Bhushan Rai
    Bhushan Rai

    Sir ye sirf 200km tk chalte hai suna

  • Ravi Kant
    Ravi Kant

    To produce electricity we need coal and if we start using electric car then we coal will came to end one day then what we"ll do dont say petrol can also came to end to produce coal we need thousands of years

  • ರಣ ರಣ ರಣ ರಾಕ್ಷಸ
    ರಣ ರಣ ರಣ ರಾಕ್ಷಸ

    Government Electricity price hike kardega ,, India me public's government ka slaves he

  • Ravi Agrahari
    Ravi Agrahari

    Most of the air pollution is the through the heavy oil used by logistics through sea

  • mukta rain
    mukta rain

    Good ideas but company can cheat customer also.beware of fraud company... price are very High

  • Agastya Tech Talks
    Agastya Tech Talks

    See, man , you don't know but ev cars create more pollution as electricity is also extracted from coal.

  • 1050 Debaleena
    1050 Debaleena

    Wowow you are very closed to 5 million dhruv bhaiya 😁👍

  • K.S.Vijay Nair
    K.S.Vijay Nair

    Great Dhruv. Thanks for valid information. I too protector for Environment sustainability. Vijayan Nair from Bangalore 🙏🙏

  • Abhishek Raj
    Abhishek Raj

    हम ज्ञानी हैं ! मूर्ख हैं !! या महामूर्ख !!!* *मैं चौकीदार हूँ* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *मैं चाय वाला हूँ* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *मैं फकीर हूँ* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *मैं गरीब हूँ मेरे पास तो कार भी नहीं* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *मैं कामदार आदमी हूँ* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *वो मुझे काम नहीं करने देते* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *वो मोदी को हराना चाहते हैं* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *स से सपा रा रालोद ब से बसपा : यानी सराब* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *उनका गठबंधन मिलावटी है* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *नेहरू ने अगर ऐसा किया होता, नेहरू ने अगर ऐसा ना किया होता* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *कांग्रेस की विधवा माँ...* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *कांग्रेस खत्म हो गई तो गरीबी भी खत्म* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *मेरे विरोधी रो रहे हैं* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *ये मोदी है, बारी बारी सब का हिसाब लेगा* क्या ये जनता का मुद्दा है? *ना रोजगार की बात* *ना काले धन की बात* *ना फसलों के दाम की बात* *ना अच्छी शिक्षा की बात* *ना अच्छे स्कूल युनिवर्सिटी अस्पतालों की बात* _जरा समझिए आम जनता के मुद्दों से हटाकर आप को किन बातों में उलझाने की सोची समझी कोशिश हो रही है???_ अरस्तू कहते हैं : *अगर ज्ञानी की संख्या कम मूर्खों की संख्या ज्यादा होगी तो मूर्ख लोग ज्ञानी पर शासन करने लगेंगे.!* _मानो या न मानो, लेकिन भारत है तो मूर्खों का, महामूर्खों का ही देश। आपको ये बात भले ही अटपटी लगे लेकिन अकाट्य तथ्य तो यही साबित करते हैं कि भारत बाक़ायदा एक मूर्ख-प्रधान देश है!_ (1) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो 130 करोड़ लोगों वाले इस देश में कैसे एक आदमी लाखों का सूट-बूट पहनकर कहता है कि मैं ग़रीब हूँ और जनता उसे ग़रीब मान भी लेती है…! (2) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो CBI, ED, IT, NIA जैसी एजेंसियाँ और SC, EC, CAG जैसी संवैधानिक संस्थाएँ जिस एक आदमी की कठपुतली हैं, वो आदमी कहता है कि मुझे सताया जा रहा है और लोग मान भी लेते हैं…! (3) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो जिसके पास संसद में भारी बहुमत हो, जिसकी पार्टी 22 राज्यों में सत्ता में हो, वो कहे कि विपक्ष उसे संसद में काम नहीं करने दे रहा और लोग मान भी लेते हैं…! (4) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो जो भ्रष्टाचार में जेल काट चुके लोगों को टिकट देकर भी कहता है कि मैं भ्रष्टाचार के ख़िलाफ़ लड़ रहा हूँ, लोग उसे भी सही मान लेते हैं…! (5) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो जिसके शासन में सबसे ज़्यादा भारतीय सैनिक शहीद हुए वो कहता है कि दुश्मन उससे काँप रहा है और लोग मान भी लेते हैं…! (6) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो जिसके राज में सबसे ज़्यादा किसानों ने आत्महत्या की हो. फिर भी वो कहता फिरे कि उसने किसानों को ख़ुशहाल बनाया है और लोग मान भी लेते हैं…! (7) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो जिसके राज में बलात्कार का वारदातें रोज़ाना नये कीर्तिमान बन रही हों, फिर भी वो कहता है कि उसका ‘बेटी बचाओ’ अभियान सफल है और हम मान भी लेते हैं…! (8) भारत यदि मूर्खों का देश ना होता तो सुखमय भविष्य का सपना दिखाकर सत्ता में आने वाला हमें भूतकाल में घुमाकर कहे कि वो हमारा उद्धार कर रहा है और हम मान भी लेते हैं कि हम ख़ुशहाल हो रहे हैं…! (9) कालाबाजारी को खत्म करने का दावा करके नोटबंदी करने वाला छोटी बड़ी लाखों भारतीय कंपनियां बंद करा कर ढाई करोड़ भारतीयों को बेरोजगार करके कहता है नोटबंदी सफल रहि और लोग मान भी लेते हैं। (10) देश का प्रधानमंत्री करोना वायरस जैसी आपदा में सरकार के तरफ से की गई व्यवस्था के बारे में जानकारी देने की बजाय लोगों से ताली और थाली बजाने की अपील करता है और लोग अपनी छतों बालकनी और गलियों में जुलूस लेकर निकल जाते हैं। (11) भारत मूर्खो का देश है जहाँ सरकार लोगो के पीने के पानी पर नही बल्कि ढोंगी और पाखंडियों के शाही स्नान पे करोडो का खर्च करती है’। _मूर्खों को धर्म, जात, गोत्र, खाप, आस्था राष्ट्रवाद जाति आधारित नफरत जैसे तोहफ़े हमेशा से बेहद पसन्द आते रहे हैं। शिक्षा- रोजगार - स्वास्थ्य सेवा- जैसी बुनियादी जरूरत मूर्खों को नहीं दिखाई देती..!!_

  • ଅଂଶୁମାନ सामन्तराय
    ଅଂଶୁମାନ सामन्तराय

    Do Electric vehicles really reduce air pollutions? Of course, if and only if the electricity to recharge the batteries of Electric vehicles are purely from a renewable energy source or from Nuclear or hydro projects electricity. If we use thermal pant electricity then we just shift the air pollution from big city to rural village where the thermal pant exist.

  • Branded video,s
    Branded video,s

    Dhruv bhai kya mai appka video apne channel pe laga shakta hun? Plz na mat kehna

  • Mukesh Panicker
    Mukesh Panicker

    Where are you going to drive electric vehicles in india ?? Electricity is still a problem in major cities , roads are crap , water logging is still a problem in banglore , delhi , Mumbai and Tesla is not cheap.

  • Bimal Ray
    Bimal Ray

    मैंहंगाइ से बचने का एक मात्र तरीका है भाजपा मुक्त भारत |

  • Muhannad X
    Muhannad X

    No translation

  • vipin shukla
    vipin shukla

    Delhi government is working very good compare to modi gov

  • A Friendly Seal pup
    A Friendly Seal pup

    But electricity in india mostly comes from coal

  • Akash Shukla
    Akash Shukla

    Bhai Ambani bhi aa rha hai

  • Syed Masood Ahmed
    Syed Masood Ahmed

    what happens if you are stuck in traffic does your ev get charged magically. Other countries are opting ev's coz they topnotch infra roads. Ev's are not meant for India even after 1000yrs

  • Rishi Youtube
    Rishi Youtube

    Everybody is talking about many benefits of electric vehicles, being an Automobile engineer I want to ask you including Dhruv do you know from which source electricity is produced in India? Its from coal. Once you figured ail about it EV aren't preferred choice for you but Hydrogen vehicles. I support fuel cells especially for big vehicles?

  • Rakshit Jain
    Rakshit Jain

    It help me in my group discussion. Thank you brother

  • Vineet Kansotia
    Vineet Kansotia

    The number of EVs to choose from right now is abysmal. 😔

  • ajmal ali
    ajmal ali

    electric car me AC kaise work karta ha

  • Ankush Dalal X
    Ankush Dalal X

    😂😂Hey foolish peoples😂😂 Apko kya lagta h, electricity se pollution nhi hota...?? Electricity = burning of coal= Lots of pollution!!

    • Ankush Dalal X
      Ankush Dalal X

      @I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN. No, not only with coal, but in India , Most of the electricity is produced with Coal in Thermal Power Plants


      Sirf coal se hi banti hai kya electricity

  • Mehraj Kajal
    Mehraj Kajal

    Agar sari electric car ho jaye fir sarkar uspe bhi tax laga degi

  • Yash Dubey
    Yash Dubey

    Delhi ki sarkaar ki hi tareef karna

  • Rajat Singh
    Rajat Singh

    Middle Class ke Budget ke bahar h even after incentives

  • Naked Truth
    Naked Truth

    Ghadi Chodo .. Ghode lelooo ... ✊

  • O H
    O H

    GoMechanic is a scam please don't promote it. Visit their workshops which are not theirs in the first place and of very inferior quality with no professionalism. They are just aggregators with no control on quality.

  • Akshayjyot Ratnoo
    Akshayjyot Ratnoo

    dhruv please make a video on health insurance schemes, this is something that every middle class and bpl sector requires.

    • आलोचक कुमार
      आलोचक कुमार

      Are bhai aisa mat bolo. If Dhruv makes a video on health insurance scheme then Delhi govt will stop the scheme just like they stopped giving subsidy on India's best electric vehicle.

  • Sathvik U
    Sathvik U

    Who is here after delhi govt suspended subsidy on ev

    • आलोचक कुमार
      आलोचक कुमार



    It is good that central government is taking measures to make people buy the electric vehicles. But!!!! Central government is charging a tax of 6lakhs on a battery of cost 8lakhs(capacity:-45kwh). Hope the manufacturing of Lithium ion batteries increases in India. The down side of electric vehicles is that the LI ion battery need to be replaced after few years. The advantages of electric vehicle are maintainance is low and the running cost is also low. Running cost will be low when you charge them at your home using the AC charger that will be provided by manufacturer. The unit cost at the fast charger is high. And on dialy basis if the DC fast chargers are used it may damage battery and cost of running too increases which is almost equal to fuel car's running cost. The govt need to increase the production of electricity to balance the needs.

  • A Special CommonER
    A Special CommonER

    Finally...dhruv bhaiya ne baal katwa liye.

  • kishan chand
    kishan chand

    Tata company is also there in electric car race...

  • Prateek S
    Prateek S

    Benefits of electing an educated minister

    • आलोचक कुमार
      आलोचक कुमार

      And that educated minister is so clever that he stopped giving subsidy on India's best electric vehicle and no one noticed 😂 Dimaag toh hai bande me 👏

  • Rajnikant Suryavanshi
    Rajnikant Suryavanshi

    Namste from Norway! I drive Hyundai Ioniq EV from 2018. by experience i can say had at least 50% cost reduction in my car operation cpst.

    • Rajnikant Suryavanshi
      Rajnikant Suryavanshi

      How?...No Road Tax, Not Toll, n free parking for EVs

  • Dharm Singh Godara
    Dharm Singh Godara

    EVs विचार अच्छा है यदि सरकारें हमारा शोषण न करें जय हिन्द

  • Sitanshu Nisar
    Sitanshu Nisar

    Dhruv is am agent of aap

  • Epic Gamer Yash
    Epic Gamer Yash

    Bijli ka bill tera baap bharega. 🤣

  • Pradeep Rattan
    Pradeep Rattan

    Dhruv, just a small recommendation. You frequently use non-modern standard Hindi (One thought at schools in India) while saying word 'mil rahi' - like you use 'subsidy milne lag ragi hai' instead or 'mil rahi hai'. I understand that it might be coming from a Hindi dialect of your region and its completely fine to proudly use regional dialects and languages. Just that since your video is in Hindi and I believe most of your audience also speak, write and listen to mainland modern standard Hindi; viewers may get distracted on hearing a word/language not commonly used. Mind it, I'm not saying its objectionable to use other dialects. Just that in story telling, narration it distracts users away from the core agenda. Update after watching full video: Before start, I was wondering why a Dhrun, a non-auto expert creating this vide but nor realised. Its a video made for sponsors GoMechanic & Delhi Govt. Though official credits to the second sponsor, Delhi Govt. are not given; Dhruv's affinity towards AAP is well know :) PS - Before some start criticising me, should mention - I do not have any consonance with any political party. Have voted for all three A, B & C in last few Yrs...for different reasons. You may call me confused, but I appreciate or criticise work, not party.

  • ShIgHdOw

    Dhruv bhaia I am an indian and I have an urgent issue i want to talk to you on call plz if u r reading this msg then please reply . I will give you my number☺️sorry mere paas paise nhi h vrna m apka gold membership leleta lekin plz

  • harvinderkumar sharma
    harvinderkumar sharma

    We can not afford on such cost of Tesla car, Unless and until it comes under 5 lakh prices.

  • Abhijeet Mani
    Abhijeet Mani

    Nexon EV is the best

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