'Use of electric vehicle should be made mandatory for govt officials': Gadkari
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said he would make electric vehicles mandatory for officials of his department. The transport minister's statement came in a bid to encourage the use of electric vehicles instead of petrol-diesel vehicles. “If 10,000 e-vehicles are brought into use in Delhi, Rs 30 crore can be saved per month. Use of electric vehicles will also help reduce air pollution in the city-state. I will make use of electric vehicles mandatory for officials of my department. Electric fuel is a major alternative for fossil fuels which have an import bill in crores,” Gadkari said. The union minister was speaking at the launch of an awareness campaign, 'Go Electric’. The campaign was launched to spread awareness on the benefits of e-mobility, EV Charging Infrastructure, etc.
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  • Zig Wag
    Zig Wag


  • Tarzan Autowala
    Tarzan Autowala

    Please ask him to increase subsidy for EV’s and reduce road tax plz 🙏

  • Anish Singh
    Anish Singh

    Sir g ...neta ho toh aap jaisa nai toh ..

  • Pbabu Pbabu
    Pbabu Pbabu

    Namaste. Ji. Jai. Bahrat

  • Neeraj nagar
    Neeraj nagar

    Everyone loves nitin sir ❤️

  • Atul Mandal
    Atul Mandal

    सभी लोगों को इलेक्ट्रिक गाड़ी फ्री मे दो, mandatory करने का क्या मतलब है normal गाड़ी से दो गुणी मेहेंगा गाड़ी कहाँ से खरीदेंगे पैसे तेरा बाप देगा क्या

  • neeladri shekhar mondal
    neeladri shekhar mondal

    Charing station, repairing low cost but long durable & life battery important. Why not petrol pump take initiative to setup ecosystem for EV.

  • Pramit Samanta
    Pramit Samanta

    Man with great vision. But implementation matters more.

  • Sanu monu vlogs!!!
    Sanu monu vlogs!!!

    Give more subsidy on electric vehicles

  • zila wylde
    zila wylde

    You start first


    Please make toll fee mandatory to go to toilet . Lol andhbhakts dont pay toll and 100 rs petrol . Cant get out of city without paying tolls best minister itseems how blind voters be no rational just keep voting based on caste and relgion they will toll the air and water calk him best minister lol .

  • Vintage Classic Cars
    Vintage Classic Cars

    Electric vehicles have way too many problems. Better to wait for synthetic fuels. They burn cleaner on gasoline vehicles and you dont have to modify your engine or go out to buy a new car.

  • Mr A
    Mr A

    Only🚩 BJP

  • Nishad Bali
    Nishad Bali

    Congress for 2024 BJP out for sure

  • Varun 12
    Varun 12

    First railways should be fully electrified it consumes 10 percent diesel...

  • Raju Kumar Yadav
    Raju Kumar Yadav

    Modi Is The Worst Prime Minister Has India Witnessed. Modi Is A Chaiwala With Zero Knowledge Of Governance. India Is Waiting For 2024 To Get This Donkey Gadhe Ki Party BJP Out Of Power. Gaumutar Pene Wale Desh Kabhi Nahi Chala Sakte. Andhbhakto Sudhar Jao.😁

  • Gangadhar Rasamsetty
    Gangadhar Rasamsetty

    sir, are electric vehicles come free.

  • pr dada
    pr dada

    भारतीय smartphone market बहुत बडा हैं. जो smartphones भारत में बन रहे हैं उन्मे जो बॅटरी use होती हैं वो भारत में ही निर्माण होनी चाहीये. All batteries that are used in Indian made smartphones should be made in India. इस्से भारत में रोजगार के अवसर बढेंगे.

  • Phani kumar
    Phani kumar

    Good decision

  • vineet nagavi
    vineet nagavi

    Where is Greta?? The so called environmentalist who is making so many changes on earth (Note- she did nothing)

  • Susan Gomes
    Susan Gomes

    Just do not buy Chinese MG Motors car for govt. contract.

  • Dr srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti
    Dr srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti

    Very important is this topic. Please share with your friends. Dear friends, I think 100% people don't know the practical applications on grid . Please understand what is the every day grid transmission , what is the actual traffic on the grid on peak hours and off peak hours . How much electricity is required for water pumping applications , how much electricity is required for commercial purposes and industrial applications. Like this if we consider each sector and it's peak and off peak hours total requirements. What is the total power generation and distribution one should understand. In India the per hour power generation is 317000 MW and in India there are minimum 100000 petrol pump outlets on pan India basis or in 28 states and 8 union territories and in India there are 230000000 vehicles running on roads and registered in RTO'S of India. If we consider each one individual petrol pump or outlet with a minimum storage capacity of 20000 litres of diesel or petrol then each one litre will have only 3 kWh or units of energy stored. So each petrol pump has 60000 kWh or units stored energy or 60 MW stored energy. Total petrol pumps outlets are 100000 and each petrol pump has 60 MW stored energy then it will be 6000000 MW of energy supplied to these 23000000 vehicles running every day on the Indian roads so where is the energy or electricity to supply for these many vehicles. If each vehicle battery is charged with in 35 seconds then where is the electricity generation. How can grid function on this sudden imbalance and over balancing of the sudden requirements from various sectors. Please understand this generation and distribution or transmission and where are the extra lines to take the extra load . Dear sir greetings, Story of India. India is having 78000 petrol pumps outlets and are selling petrol and diesel and gas and each petrol pump has a 20000 litres of liquid per bunk and this is having 60 MW energy. So India requirement is 5000000 MW of energy. Please understand this ground realities. 230 million vehicles on Indian roads 1 million is 1000000 230000000 vehicles If each vehicle gets minimum 5 kWh or 5 units charge then per hour India needs 23 00 00 000 vehicles X 5 kWh or units 1150000000 kWh or units per hour 1150000000 kWh or units per hour if each unit is sold for 10 rupees 11500000000 rupees revenue generated 100740000000000 rupees per year This is the revenue generated per year Sir these are genuine figures On ground reality If we convert this to hydrogen then please think about the ground realities Please understand the importance and value of the flywheel technology and invention I am the only person to work on Flywheel power generation technology and Flywheel power storage technologies I am the only person to work on power Multipliction technologies I am using hydraulic applications pneumatic applications batteries operated motors in-pipe cascading power generation technology etc for power storage and power generation and power Multipliction I have sent to mukesh ji , like this I have sent to all important people in India I am doing my marketing and advertising and branding I am open to all people of the world HYDROGEN story From where can India get the input electricity for making hydrogen Where is the water , where is the input electricity. Can any one answer? For an input of 100 kw only 70kw is coming So for 1000 kw requirements how much energy is spent 1428 kWh spent and 1000 received So my question is from where can they get this energy This is just for 1 truck energy requirements per 500 km run India is having total 23 crore vehicles running on Indian roads Out of this half are trucks ,buses So how can we get so much of input energy For storage , transportation and distribution how much more energy is required In the bus sector :- In India there are 350000 busses and if each bus gets an investment of 1428 kw then 350000 busses should get 1428 kw investment per each one individual bus = 499800000 kwh electricity per every single charge so if we convert this into MW then 499800 MW per every charge . AND For rest of the TRUCKS please think out of 100000000 trucks registered with Indian RTO from 28 states and 8 Union Territories. Please think what best can be the real time situations. World First fuelless power generation technology developed by Indian scientist couple. Absolutely free energy technologies www.kammagearflywheelpowergeneration.com Just 4 batteries and running a submersible pump, a welding machine or a lath machine or a industrial heater etc mechanical load and electrical load like halogen bulbs inlabel.info/chat/dK2lnrXZlKCJeJY/v.html inlabel.info/chat/lm6hr5XJx6hzY4A/v.html inlabel.info/chat/lJxet7y9pIB-q6I/v.html inlabel.info/chat/qGp2t97JwX2UjZ4/v.html inlabel.info/chat/o4iDsNTJ2IGLpYQ/v.html Federal government of India has accepted this technology and invention and incorporated Flywheel , compressed air and pump storage Thanks Like this there are many unanswered questions. Thanks Dr Srinivas Bhasker chaganti Scientist 91-8555045244

  • Ravi Kumar kona
    Ravi Kumar kona

    Good decision.

  • naresh singh
    naresh singh

    मुझे मारो

  • Ramanathan Ramanathan
    Ramanathan Ramanathan

    Good decision. Do we have infrastructure like charging station. If we bring that people will come forward for electric vechile.



  • nil null
    nil null

    This the real environmentalist, not someone like disha ravi.

  • Abhishek Mishra
    Abhishek Mishra

    One of best performing cabinet minister of Modi Goverment. Miles to go sir Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • P Karri
    P Karri

    Good move by Mr Gadkari, we wish other dept also make a such move with immediate effect.


    Only Gadkari is a exception in Bjp . Sir , From where and How You get Such a large quantity Electricity for Vehicles . Don't we find shortage there also .

  • Dj Patel
    Dj Patel

    The only bjp minister i like

  • Abid. All in one chanal
    Abid. All in one chanal

    Ache bat

  • Manoj M
    Manoj M

    Better promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that has zero pollution and less fuel refill time of 10 minutes...compared to huge recharge time and battery cost of EVs...

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      And synthetic fuels. Battery vehicles have way to many problems.

  • Adarsh Upadhyay
    Adarsh Upadhyay

    One of the best guy in the cabinet. Really doing honest work in development of roads and highways. Loved his work.

  • David walalason
    David walalason

    Thus a good idea inorder to minimise government expenditures

  • Nanam Bikshapathi
    Nanam Bikshapathi

    Good.But implementation is must.

  • Sateesh Kumar
    Sateesh Kumar

    Please clarify yr stand on pursuing Methanol Economy. What is d fate of yr gazette notification on blending 15% methanol with petrol n diesel. What’s d fate of d methanol committee at Niti Aayog. Has d focus of d government changed n if so, on what basis,

  • polisetti baburao
    polisetti baburao

    Good decession.

  • B R
    B R

    AK BAAT samagh nahi aayi... Itna electric electric kar rahe hae. But na koi charging network set hua hae long distance travel ke liye. Na abhi taak zayada options hae electric 4 wheelers ke. Bus baato mae electric electric.....

  • raghu Lakshman
    raghu Lakshman

    Abhi petrol diesel jadha kardya ?tumlogo .bhad ma electronic rate jade karaga tumlogo .. Thoooooo😡😡😡👎👎

  • D Consult
    D Consult

    How does it make sense They Import Adani Coal to produce electricity. so how will Electric vehicle make any pollution sense.

  • Max

    Beef Export Ban First. Don't fool the people.

  • Rutvik Hada
    Rutvik Hada

    Petrol Price Is Hike to encourage Electric Vehicles Modi Government is Future Concerned

  • Shubham Gandhewar
    Shubham Gandhewar

    Muze CNG car leni hai lekin near me ek bhi CNG pump nahi hai 😓😓

  • Amit

    Sir first of all think why electric vehicles are so costly for buyers even there is subsidy for it. Rectify the loop holes, search where the profit goes? Then don't need to make it mandatory.

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan

    Electric gaadi ek bhut baad natak hai , tum logo ka , kabi bs4 kabi bs6 ab jee nahi bhar to electric electric karne lage , kal ko electricity unit baad dena to phir petrol/ diesel se manegi paade gi aam admi ko, Bharat desh k neet jaanta ko dram k naam par kuch bi kar lo agar koi virod kare to ,. Ab tumhari aasliyat baata hu kyu yeh sab kar rahe ho, ek haad tak bike car ka dono ka targets pura hoga ya , lag bag sab gharo bike car puch chuki hai, ab automobile industry car industry ko kaise boost kiya jaye isliye ab electric ki tarf mood diya , kabi insurance k naam par, kabi helmet k naam, kabi bs4 , kabi bs6 k naam aam Aadmi ko looot liya tum logo ne , ek baat yaad rakh naa jitni aati karo uska parinam bugat naa ho ga, tum logo se phele bi kuch aesa log aayte is duniya mein naamo nishna mit ga unka , insaan bano unko k saat do kamzor mat karo last mein ek jo kitabo likha ((( ek purani kahabaaat hai aaaaati aaant ka shuchak hoti)))

  • Praveen

    Fearless Visionary...

  • Music Study
    Music Study

    Mister gadkari, you are going in wrong direction... In order to improve sales of electric vehicles you need consider the problems which a consumer can face... And the biggest one is less public electric vehicle charging station, and lack of mechanic of these vehicles... Just pass an order for petrol pumps to install charging ports, and you'll definitely see an increase in demand of electric vehicles 🙏🙏

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      @Music Study by the time that happen some other technology will come through. Battery technology is very limited and the biggest issue is degradation. People are suing Tesla for faking battery life and unless you periodically run the full range you wont notice you have a massive range loss. Its going to be the same in a decade. I'd rather save my money and work with the cars I got plus no charging at home. Litterally with synthetic fuels all you have to do is replace the gas in the gas stations and fuel up. You're really to go. You don't have to spend anything extra the synthetic fuels will be at $3 or less.

    • Music Study
      Music Study

      @Vintage Classic Cars it'll improve with time, even newly invented commercial cars had problems... Those cars didn't have any self start, and it required a crank to start

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      Wait for synthetic fuels. No extra costs to drivers, you can use them in your existing engines and burns clean. Battery electric has too many problems and a waste of money. .

  • Ashwin Das
    Ashwin Das

    Country produces electricity mostly thru coal based thermal power plant . buying e vehicle will only help when we largely produce electricity based on renewal source.

  • Bikash rak
    Bikash rak

    So that's your new excuse..

  • Icarus Eden
    Icarus Eden

    Just another dialogue. No actual effort. Acche din aye nahi pr khatam hone wale h. Please revise FAME 2 policy. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Achter Naam
    Achter Naam

    Elon musk ab yaha aaya hai. Uske liye welcome gift.

  • Garden Flower
    Garden Flower

    Make all mucipalities of india have CNG pump stations as mandatory. CNG Tractorsm ,CNG Automobiles should be pushed more in to villages aswell. If villages start using CNG, Urban mobility will automatically change towards sustainable modes.

  • Kunal dhruw
    Kunal dhruw

    Be e-vehicle

  • mano M
    mano M

    Modi will not allow him to perform

  • ramakrishna gupta
    ramakrishna gupta

    Sir we can create lot of solar power ...median(gap between roads in highways) on NATIONAL HIGH WAYS.... U CAN CREATE LARGE NUMBER OF solar power charging stations

  • rakhi ghosh
    rakhi ghosh

    Modi rojgar do


    Dekha dekha... kuch samj rhe h ... Iseliye petrol ka rate bada rhe h.. Aur ek baat Ambassador is d best car till date..

  • Safari Storme1
    Safari Storme1

    The most eligible boy for PM's post.

  • Gurnoor Singh
    Gurnoor Singh

    The only minister in bjp's cabinet who has done something

  • Prashant Rathor
    Prashant Rathor

    petrol 200 rs ltr kardo phir electric kya sab cycle pe aa jaege

  • Abhishek Kothari
    Abhishek Kothari

    After modi he should be given Prime minister post. Amit shah gujarat CM and yogi Home minister.

  • Kirandeep Kirandeep
    Kirandeep Kirandeep


  • G k
    G k

    True leader ..

  • Urban D
    Urban D

    No ek ka mungerilal aadmi hai ye , keval fekology ke kuch nahi .....ye ho wo.ho aisa ho waisa ho ...blah blah

  • sumeet patil
    sumeet patil

    Isiliye petrol ke rate badha rakhe hai inhone...kya hai yaar

  • Suraj Pathak
    Suraj Pathak

    Yes. Today, it is necessary to use renewable resources. Electrical vehicle is just a step towards the goal of green energy. In the near future, in India, we must use electric vehicles as many as possible. We must build charging stations in a huge number. That charging stations will use solar, wind ( renewable) energy to recharge itself. In the near future our country will develop that kind of ecosystem. It will be successful for sure. Lastly, big giant like Tesla is creating manufacturing plant in India and it will open R and D department after that. This will boost the business of electrical vehicle and other renewable energy sector businesses.

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      @noman jk yes hydrogen is the future and we need to convert to synthetic fuels. You don't have to modify your engine with this new fuel coming out that burns clean.

    • noman jk
      noman jk

      Electric vehical only success when hydrogen cell be success

  • Tenzin Kunga
    Tenzin Kunga

    Bolne or karne mae bohot farak hae,,, we r sick of the jumla

  • Raju

    Bhai Electricity produce karne me pollution nahi hota kya???

    • Harsh Shukla
      Harsh Shukla

      Nahi nuclear technique, hydro power technique, solar power, aur wind power banane wali energy me koi pollution nahi hota nuclear energy best rahe gaa

  • P Dhanunjay
    P Dhanunjay

    If all people uses electric vehicle the electric price increases Edit so better to use bicycle 😂🤣

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      I will wait for synthetic fuels. They burn clean and you dont have to modify your engine either.

  • Dnhdfnfkr Jxjxfjjggj
    Dnhdfnfkr Jxjxfjjggj

    I do not support bjp but Nitin Gadkari is the best infrastructure minister in our history, zimilar to Manmohan Singh as Finance minister

  • De An
    De An

    News main rahene ke liye kuch bhi??? Yeh India hain. Electric vehicles main transform hone main kum se kum 10 saal lagenge, isse achha hain abhi jo current situation Petrol aur Diesel ko lekar woh dakhiye kindly

  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh

    Bhai sahib, toll plaza have been converted into goonda plazas. Try to ensure manless operation at the toll plazas throughout the country. Badi meharwani hogi.

  • Divya Sridhar
    Divya Sridhar

    Before making mandatory, Sell it with subsidiary price, so that even middle class can afford to buy it.. After all, for what we pay taxes, just to give loan or freebies for other countries..??

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta

    If we have environment minister in our country, ask him or her to take some tips from Sir Gadkari on making environment friendly policies and how to implement them too.

  • amit mitra
    amit mitra

    1:56 ...the caption "electric fuel"..there is nothing called electric fuel....electricity in our country is generated by help of fossil fuel.

  • amit mitra
    amit mitra

    Electric cars are good but the power plant should first shift to renewable source of generating electricity

  • Raj Kumar Lingi
    Raj Kumar Lingi

    Jai hind Sir 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Jaffer Ali
    Jaffer Ali

    He is a man of originality...... Rare to see such type of political person in bjp..... ........

    • Secularism in India is one sided
      Secularism in India is one sided

      Rare to see in Indian Political Parties

  • Vijesh Singh
    Vijesh Singh

    Aur jo electric vehicle ke prices joo limit se bahoot ooper hai uska kya

  • Akshay Jadhav
    Akshay Jadhav

    This will create a major demand of electricity. And electricity generation power plants will work at their best. So, Will it really minimize the pollution and costing? We also need to focus on alternate electricity generation technique on large scale.

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      Synthetic fuel for gasoline vehicles is better. They burn 85% cleaner and you dont have to modify anything to your engine.

  • Sarfaraz Afzal
    Sarfaraz Afzal

    Tel kharidne ki aukat nhi hogi future main... Go electric 😀😀😀👍🏻

  • Bhavana Dixit
    Bhavana Dixit

    We need more leaders like him

  • Success Unlimited
    Success Unlimited

    Make him prime minister

  • Shubham

    Why depressing music?

  • Raju Bhattacharya
    Raju Bhattacharya

    Bjp is jhumla party it can charge hike tax on petrol and diesel.

  • Raghu Veer Dendukuri
    Raghu Veer Dendukuri

    Perfect Nitin Gadkari ji, we need to focus on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Solar powered electric vehicles in sync with Battery Charged ones for transition. while petrol/diesel & electric hybrid may be brought in, using ethanol with petrol is a temporarily helpful. Using non-pollution kits reduce pollution of existing petrol vehicles

  • Sky Minds
    Sky Minds

    I don't get it why they say about only vehicles all the time when more than 50 percent of indias pollution comes directly from coal plants used for electricity generation.

  • Shiva Das
    Shiva Das

    Jai ho Nitin Babu ki 🚩🚩🚩🚩🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sachin Rathod
    Sachin Rathod

    electric tractor

  • Tactic Boii
    Tactic Boii

    Right man in Wrong party

  • Rajput Dharamveersinh
    Rajput Dharamveersinh

    People who are thinking electric vehicles will reduce pollution....just know the fact that from where ur electricity is producing and will charge ur vehicle....😂😂

    • Vintage Classic Cars
      Vintage Classic Cars

      Would be better to push synthetic fuels. They burn 85% cleaner and you dont have to modify your engine.

  • mukul sanatan
    mukul sanatan

    yess the same thing i think like govt. whenever starts the new scheme should starts from governmental properties.

  • Harish Tangudu
    Harish Tangudu

    Yes if you are not producing Power from Coal..

  • Rajput Dharamveersinh
    Rajput Dharamveersinh

    Tesla se mast pesa mila he 😉😁😂

  • Nickel Vikky
    Nickel Vikky

    Use of govt schools , govt hospitals , govt transport , govt colleges should be made mandatory for all families of govt employees and MLA’s MP’s only then situation of these organisations will improve ... people enjoy reservations get scholarships even studying in private institutions and take govt jobs which is not correct

  • hakim hussain
    hakim hussain

    The only talented person in present govt.

  • Saalim m
    Saalim m

    Oh yes... Ambani & Adani will supply power & petrol, diesel you will sell to neighbouring countries. Indians will use Bullock Kart (use Gau Mata)

  • katam katam
    katam katam

    In BJP rule (2014 onwards) all house hold products increase including petrol, diesel, oil. And in their rule rich people become very rich, Middle class people are become poor, poor people become very poor. And they are selling public assets to private parties. They are private all 300 PSU S to private to remove indirectly removing reservations to SC, ST, OBC, EWS, PWD, Ex-Ser. Youths should recolonize this and Association of SC, ST, OBC, EWS, PWD, ExS man should opposite to private PSU. Other wise they intelligently removing reservations. BJP destroying Indian economy.

  • Sundal Murugan
    Sundal Murugan

    why? coz adani controls all the Li battery imports?

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The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem
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PUBG: NEW STATE Pre-registration | PUBG
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