Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+
Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • Juicy Boi
    Juicy Boi

    This on June 11th, Shang-Chi in September, Marvel is REALLY active right now

  • Henry Weldon
    Henry Weldon

    Roxxmart(nice try we know its roxxon)

  • Ritu Thapa
    Ritu Thapa

    Loki diserves... Now plz don't kill

  • Sherry Dugan
    Sherry Dugan

    Okay, but a thought. Could some of this POSSIBLY be connected to WandaVision? Its just cuz the ending reminds me of it.

  • Storm Empire
    Storm Empire

    I can’t imagine anyone else playing Loki besides this guy

  • Storm Empire
    Storm Empire

    I’ve swore he’s died like 5 times yet he’s back again, must be the Loki from the endgame escape scene

  • Bradley Bruvva
    Bradley Bruvva

    That lil bit of Black Widow. 🤭

  • Marrieta Mbula
    Marrieta Mbula

    Please sign to verify that this is everything you've ever said ...this is absurd😂😂

  • Abubakar khawaja
    Abubakar khawaja

    Is that Black Widow At 2.06 😵

  • Aimi Sato
    Aimi Sato


  • MM MM
    MM MM

    Owen Wilson better say wow

  • Pallavi Nag
    Pallavi Nag

    LOVE U LOKIIII this time again kill it man

  • raaz kohli
    raaz kohli

    We want telugu dubbed

  • Dan Gerouus
    Dan Gerouus

    Is it me or is this really just Marvel‘s Umbrella Academy?

  • Orengasi Bassey
    Orengasi Bassey

    why is no one talking about the fact that he's literally sitting with Natasha at 2:06?

  • Lemon Russ
    Lemon Russ

    I can picure Kratos sitting in front of the TV with a bag of chips in one hand and the laviatan axe in other yelling "BOOIII" at every fight scene!

  • Елена Крым
    Елена Крым

    Summer's soon 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ Good mood to you all🤗

  • தன்மானத் தமிழன் கூட்டம்
    தன்மானத் தமிழன் கூட்டம்

    I am waiting Tamil tupped

  • kpop098 890
    kpop098 890

    Atleast he fell less than 30 minutes ..

  • Shah Rukh
    Shah Rukh


  • Sienisota

    When one Loki dies, another is born. Loki is dead, long live Loki!

  • Jalen Vidales
    Jalen Vidales

    Loki is the greatest villain ever. He is just amazing in every way possible

  • Amy Pointon
    Amy Pointon

    If Owen Wilson doesn't say wow at least once this will be a failure of a TV show...

  • Gaming with Hemish
    Gaming with Hemish

    Most of the people don't know how loki was alive anyone noticed that in avengers endgame tony stark will come to take the tesarakth but he fails and loki takes the tesarath and he will go to another multi verse Real loki was died he is the alternate loki

  • Craig-James Noteman
    Craig-James Noteman

    It's crazy how I'm now a grown man but Owen Wilson's nose still disturbs me 😂😂

  • Chamudini Munasinghe
    Chamudini Munasinghe

    Everybody is here for Loki But im here for Mr. Tom Hiddleston aka my imaginary husband🥰

  • bronxvideos

    Tenet - The series

  • DeltaFoxtrot

    Please god, be better than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • Rick Fensch
    Rick Fensch


  • Patrick Baron
    Patrick Baron

    Yes please.

  • Meet Dobariya
    Meet Dobariya

    I think this is marvel's idea of compensating wanda vision.

  • Eduardo a.
    Eduardo a.

    The fact that Disney copyed rick and morty with this time police just make me wanna what this much more

  • viper1xシ


  • bella fridianty
    bella fridianty

    I'm not the only one who assumed that in 2:06 it's Loki and Natasha, right? RIGHT?

  • 21 David, Cindy
    21 David, Cindy

    2:07 is that Nat?

  • Taggart Butler
    Taggart Butler

    Am I the only person that thinks the music at the beginning of the trailer sounds like something out of super Mario galaxy?

  • What a Rat
    What a Rat

    why is this so much like the time commission from umbrella academy

  • *MASTER* Vince
    *MASTER* Vince

    Anybody seen black widow!? 2:05

  • Jair Saldana
    Jair Saldana

    The music in the end gives me chills

  • sanket dm
    sanket dm

    Your savior is here!🗡️

  • Yordy Lagos
    Yordy Lagos

    Loki and the time police

  • Jomar Gonzalez
    Jomar Gonzalez

    AWWW THE KITTY 😖💕 0:35

  • Tiana Gauri Ramakrishnan
    Tiana Gauri Ramakrishnan

    2:06 is that- who is that?

  • Tristan

    i genuinely couldnt care less about these series'. Haven't watched a single one & don't plan to.

  • Tesean Louw
    Tesean Louw

    Let's be honest.. Its not your first time here

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    “You literally stabbed people on the back like 50 times” Loki: I never do it again 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BoiEatsnack

    "On June 11th" *THE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAYY!!*

  • hillary nazarthtreaking
    hillary nazarthtreaking

    Thor brother movie 🎥 I

  • Γιώργος Φελέκης
    Γιώργος Φελέκης

    Another fresh and "weird" concept for a show like wandavision ...I like it

  • Meagan McG
    Meagan McG

    2:06 NATASHA ????

  • Prafull Arjeria
    Prafull Arjeria

    I still believe there is a reason it's starting from 11th June instead of a week after Falcon and Winter Soldier. 9th July will have the second last episode of this series (the same day the release of black widow). That means they had to release the black widow before the last episode of this series. May be black widow got a post credit scene related to last episode of Loki.

  • Vivek Patel
    Vivek Patel

    Bro can u plz help me to grow my yt channel little bit plz i trying very hard but i dont get reach on yt so plz can u help me by collabing with me plz bro😭😭🙏🙏 I'm in though situation bro plz help 🙏🙏 The All in one 4u

  • A

    I refuse to believe that that, was not Black Widow like come on?????

    • Girl Shanhel
      Girl Shanhel

      @A c'mon we all wish that balck widow is alive, i miss her too ♡. I'm not sure who highlights the replies, it could be marvel or just yt 😂

    • A

      @Girl Shanhel True. I guess that brings an end to my wishful thinking it was Black Widow 😭 Also who highlights the replies is it Marvel Entertainment? Lol if it is then I need to be quiet 💀

    • Girl Shanhel
      Girl Shanhel

      If it's really lady loki then we have to understand marvel for not confirming it because it's the "surprise" part. It's a big deal because she's part of the mysterious plot and she might have a huge role in the series. If they reveal it then where's the fun in that?

    • Girl Shanhel
      Girl Shanhel

      @A tho we r still not sure if it's really lady loki or the enchantress

    • Girl Shanhel
      Girl Shanhel

      @A because loki series is dealing with alternate realities where in he will be (maybe) dealing with his other loki variants and that includes lady loki. Trust me, that's not black widow i'm a hundred percent sure.

  • Andreas Maruli Gultom
    Andreas Maruli Gultom

    Its only me or this man look like the joker

  • Mik 233
    Mik 233

    Czekam na nowego thora

  • Michael Jefferson
    Michael Jefferson

    I was sitting here thinking this was a movie June gone be packed wit Lit stuff


    Loki is lowkey the best pun intended

  • Alok Alax
    Alok Alax

    Marvel: how many timelines do you want. Me: yes.

  • Nedflix

    2:06 is that natasha?

  • sachin kangotra
    sachin kangotra


  • Rocky

    Captain america pls bring him back

  • Moises Elizondo
    Moises Elizondo

    Look I am not an 💯 % fan of this joker and I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ what happens to him but hey we waited a hole year for mcu to make tv shows so what the hell!!😊

  • Suraj Thakur
    Suraj Thakur

    Abe hindi me bhi dal dena.

  • Moises Elizondo
    Moises Elizondo

    I pray to god that Loki even though that is still helps for himself he’ll be able to bring black widow before she sacrificed herself for the soul stone on vormir or the 2012 version of Natasha be back, whatever it doesn’t matter what timeline the only important thing she comes back to life?!!!🤩


      nice theory

  • Ganesh Singh
    Ganesh Singh

    Most favorite : well I'd never do it again 😂😂

  • Mohib Haider
    Mohib Haider

    can you bring captain america back some how i am a huge fan of him please please view this and my question is how did loki survived? thanos killed him

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      Thanos killed Loki in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, did you saw MS' Avengers: Endgame?


      this is 2012 loki see endgame

  • Magda Vallarino
    Magda Vallarino

    I can’t waitttt


    16 millions complete

  • Aditya madan
    Aditya madan

    This seems to be very weird and awesome

  • 한국인Korean


  • Rontube4

    How original.. loki deserves better

  • Lego Man
    Lego Man

    I like Marvel but my dad won’t get Disney plus because they fired a Gena lady


      Pirate it😂

  • momond


  • Mithun Kumar
    Mithun Kumar

    Imagine what would happen if louis from the ant man franchise have to sign for whatever he said by the TVA , it would take decades to sign 😂😂😂

  • Jay Elex
    Jay Elex

    Honestly this is the marvel show I am most excited for. Can't wait.

  • Don't look at my video
    Don't look at my video

    it's funny how this show is going to happen just because Hulk was too lazy to take the stairs😂😂😂

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      Hulk took the stairs.

  • Brooks Gasser
    Brooks Gasser

    WTF internet, it's been over a week. "Do I get a (something)?" "Nah" should have became a meme by now

    • subtle fire
      subtle fire

      I think everyone is a bit preoccupied with dancing Zemo right now. 😂 But yeah, it should be a meme.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Seems they can't afford Chris Hemsworth and they'd rather come with a Lokiii movie, sorry "series * instead of something more properly, I guess marvel is bored to death during these covid-19 pandemic times😄

    • Alberto Rojas
      Alberto Rojas

      MARVEL Studios can afford Chris Hemsworth, simply because he will appear in MS' What If...? (voice-over) & MS' Thor: Love and Thunder. And also, CH wants to appear in MS' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

  • Beth Rogers
    Beth Rogers

    when rewatching this trailer is your coping mechanism

  • FangBlade

    I still wonder if we'll get an answer to why the Collector wanted the infinity stones

  • Kevin Paul Barnaiha
    Kevin Paul Barnaiha

    So is this Pre End game or Post End game?

  • HGX z
    HGX z

    Loki becoming more like doctor who

  • sagar raisinghani
    sagar raisinghani

    2:08 tom hiddleston Low-ki trying srk pose!! 😜

  • Evan Worden
    Evan Worden

    Isn’t this just Umbrella Academy?

    • 1 1
      1 1

      Tva first appeared in 1986 in marvel comics before umbrella academy comic

    • yolol

      TVA Marvel Comic come out before Umbrella Acedemy

  • Pickle

    Is no one gonna talk about Nat sitting next to Loki in 2:06

  • lee seng kit
    lee seng kit

    Paw patrol | official trailer mighty pups 2

  • lee seng kit
    lee seng kit

    Trailer mighty pups 2 paw patrol 2021 21 may

  • Muhammad Ahmad Siddiqui
    Muhammad Ahmad Siddiqui

    Everyone: Loki died how's this possible? Loki: Darling, you have no idea what's possible

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here

    The 15 million views are all from me rewatching this video so many times

    • Big Hand
      Big Hand

      @DEVANSH So have i


      @Big Hand i also rewatch this video so manytimes

    • Big Hand
      Big Hand

      Almost 16,000,000 views.

  • TJ Entertainment
    TJ Entertainment

    In anyways or any means the death comes for loki it doesn't matter. He always find a way out.

  • Nacho Games
    Nacho Games

    1:57 I love that he didn't deny that he did that


    He looks like DCs Joker !! especially in that jailsuit

  • Albert Jackinson
    Albert Jackinson

    Marvel? Time travel? HECK YEAH!!!!

  • Ganesh Gurmit Singh
    Ganesh Gurmit Singh

    This Littlefinger (GOT) spinoff is amazing !🤣

  • David Clark
    David Clark

    Did anyone else thank that was Bernie burns at 0:38

  • Olivia333 Dicen
    Olivia333 Dicen

    Was that black widow with loki?

  • Kekistani Terrorist
    Kekistani Terrorist

    I'm gonna pirate this since it looks halfway decent

  • dinesh kumar
    dinesh kumar

    I don't know if you all Marvel producer or directors or Kevin get the msg of fans but I still want try to say this that we would like see t Chala more I know that nobody can replace Chadwick and really loved him watching but he would had want to see story to be complete with or without him we cannot bring him back but we can bring T'chala the black panther and give him a tribute he deserved I hope get the msg from fans India ok thanks

  • Zildjian Casurao
    Zildjian Casurao

    *You broke the timeline you have to fix it loki* Owen Wilson: *Wow*

  • Cyril Poly
    Cyril Poly

    Why doesn't Loki have any girlfriend or Crush or something ❓🤔🧐😳

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