IPL 2021 Team Preview: Can RCB go all the way this season?
Daniel Vettori, Dale Steyn, Ajit Agarkar and Gautam Gambhir look at Bengaluru's prospects this season.
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    Samaya Lohcheb

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    Abd in everyone's squad 🔥


    Gautam Gambhir said that RCB will struggle in death bowling And in RCB vs MI, RCB bowled so good in death

  • Shreenikethan V
    Shreenikethan V

    Death bowling?? 1 run at last over and 4 wickets!

    • mike reigns
      mike reigns

      Bowlers did good no doubt ,Im more concerned about batsman and fielding

  • Manjula Rao
    Manjula Rao

    They said lack in death rcb proved them wrong

  • Android gaming king
    Android gaming king


  • Vishal S
    Vishal S

    Let's talk about death bowling now?

    • Divyansh Jangral
      Divyansh Jangral

      Today's match was having two typical ipl stories 1.MI losing their first match 2.RCB trying so hard to loose a simple match🤣🤣

  • Lakshman Subramanya
    Lakshman Subramanya

    Vettori the man who spoilt RCB in 2018 mega auction 😤

  • suriya prakash 10 years and
    suriya prakash 10 years and

    Gautam Gambhir fans hit like😁👍🏾

  • suriya prakash 10 years and
    suriya prakash 10 years and

    Bottom four😁😁😁😁😁

    • Divyansh Jangral
      Divyansh Jangral

      Definitely yes

  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar

    I like the points which vettori stated.... Very good observation and bang on. 👍

  • ali mohammad
    ali mohammad

    Gambhir said top 4 Rcb fans: 😳🤦‍♂️

  • Metla Sri lakshmi
    Metla Sri lakshmi

    Mr dayle styen u have played for rcb u r telling that deaths bowling is problem then my dont prove at that time

  • Collin Tenzing
    Collin Tenzing


  • Santosh Adhikari
    Santosh Adhikari

    Thank god ghambir didn't choose abd 🙊




    Rcb Cannot qualify now Gambhir said that rcb will qualify 😭😭

  • shridhar deshpande
    shridhar deshpande

    I don't understand why everyone lost hope....RCB will fight back...❤️

  • Daydreamer World
    Daydreamer World

    Not even respectable third place. But I agree with all of them they can't even make top four this time. It's a hopeless team

  • Gurkirt Singh
    Gurkirt Singh

    Yaar rcb vale batting strong kri jande a bowling vich best krde nhi

  • Prasad A gokarna
    Prasad A gokarna

    PANAUTI GAMBHIR destroyed RCB's winning chance , destroyed washi's ability too...he said Daniel Sam and he got Corona...oh my God

  • It's Raghu
    It's Raghu

    RCB did blunder to release mories...if he could be there then mories and kane Richardson will solve death bowling greatly ...

  • Lokesh Nerella
    Lokesh Nerella

    Washington sundar ....gg rocks

  • Mysterious Universe
    Mysterious Universe

    Bottom four🤦‍♂

  • Ritu Raj
    Ritu Raj

    Rcb gonna win this year not at top four ,at middle of the table ,at 4th, and especially not in bottom of four mark this 💯 😑

  • D A R S H A N
    D A R S H A N

    Ajith Agarkar. hilarious man u dont deserve to give you thoughts

  • Nikhil H P
    Nikhil H P

    Sooo no one belives Rcb lifting the cup 🤨🤨🤨 hmm prepare to be surprised

  • Siddhesh Rajgure
    Siddhesh Rajgure

    Biased Vettori 🙄 trying to push his country men

  • Aman Shah
    Aman Shah

    Missing Dale Steyn ☺☺

  • Sanjeev G
    Sanjeev G

    Look at their face when they talking about RCB !!

  • Raafay Thange
    Raafay Thange

    Who said RCB will finish on forth place The mighty team RCB will only finish on 1st position

    • ROLL - 43 Ankit Pradhan
      ROLL - 43 Ankit Pradhan


  • Ramdas Pawara
    Ramdas Pawara

    RcB lover

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming

    Ajit agarker just destroyed this video by saying bottom four

  • Vasantha Kumara
    Vasantha Kumara


  • Prashant Silas
    Prashant Silas

    Who will win this year Rcb=comment MI=like

  • Tejas Goyal
    Tejas Goyal

    First choice 4 international players Abd Maxi Kyle Fin Allen

  • Varun

    I liked how all the legends selected their home country players as breakthrough one😂

  • Kisna

    Gambir said death bowling is major problem😆😆🤘🤘🤘😄😄😎😎


    Gambhir is the best captain ever


    Best for rcb=== R patidar/D padikkal Virat kohli M Azharudden Ab devilliers G maxwell D sams S prabhudesai/H patel W sundar K jeminsion M siraj/N saini Y chahal

  • hoysala01

    Ajit Chutiya Agarkar 🤣😂

  • Dev Patel
    Dev Patel

    When gg said top four my heart is broken .

  • Arun GK
    Arun GK

    Mark my words RCB will win this IPL 2021 and Dan christen will be the X factor

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran

    Sams Corana

  • Pruthviraj Chinna
    Pruthviraj Chinna

    Where's Punjab's review??

  • Ankit Bhatt
    Ankit Bhatt

    Daniel Vettori is so obsessed with Finn Allen.

    • Salman Rahman
      Salman Rahman

      he can play at least one match. that won't hurt the team much

  • Babua Bhattacharjee
    Babua Bhattacharjee

    Rcb will be finish at no 8 spot

  • Himanshu Rai
    Himanshu Rai

    Ajit agarkar and Gautam Gambhir dont know that sams and zampa are not available for the first match

  • Arindam Das
    Arindam Das

    Make AB the captain and the RCB will be a better team.

  • Vennela Reddy
    Vennela Reddy

    challenges before srh---inlabel.info/chat/kIBmnJXPqomdrqI/v.html

  • Gourav Kumar
    Gourav Kumar

    My RCB playing 11 can be:- 1. Devdutt Paddikal 2. Virat Kohli 3. Mohammad Azharuddin 4. Ab de Villiers✈️ 5. Glen Maxwell ✈️ 6. Washington Sunder 7. Danial Sams / Danial Christian ✈️ 8. Kyle Jaminson ✈️ 9. Mohammad Siraj 10. Navdeep Saini 11. Yuzi Chahal

  • Junaid Aj
    Junaid Aj

    1.dev 2.virat 3.washi 4.maxwell/finn 5.abd 6.rajat/azhar 7.kyle/Christian/sams 8.saini 9.kane 10.chahal 11.siraj

  • Chandan

    1:48 .... damn great point !!!

  • srinivas atla
    srinivas atla





    Zampa Absent Sir 🙄

  • Nag C
    Nag C

    1:10 - Steyn saying Death bowling is a big headache is like saying I suck at bowling at death as he was the one doing that last year 2020

    • feel alive
      feel alive

      bruh he is coming from recovery and rcb has a horrible record with bowling... you should see dale steyn in the earlier years of ipl he carrried the deccan chargers squad by a mile dont disrespect the legend.

  • Randy

    1) Virat 2) Padikkal 3) ABD* 4) Maxwell* 5) Rajat Patidar 6) Md. Azharuddin (wk) 7) Washington 8) Daniel Sams* (excellent death bowler) 9) Kyle Jamieson* 10) Chahal 11) Saini


    Rcb best 11 1.Mohammed Azraudheen 2.Devdutt Padikall 3.Virat Kohli 4. Ab De Villiers 5.Glenn Maxwell 6.Washington Sundar 7.Daniel Sams 8.Kyle Jaimeson 9.Harshal Patel 10.Navdeep Saini 11.Yuzvendra Chahal

  • Tanwar Prashant
    Tanwar Prashant

    Padikal Virat Azruddin Abd Maxwell Christian Jamieson Sunder Saini Siraj Chahal

  • Resham paudel
    Resham paudel

    Gg panauti😂

  • IndianArmy GamingYT
    IndianArmy GamingYT


  • Steev

    *Gambhir said RCB will finish top 4* Me : heartbreak 💔 *He said mumbai too will lead* Me : all cool bruh

    • IPL 2021 NEWS
      IPL 2021 NEWS

      This is ipl anything possible

  • Mumtaz Irteqa Ahmed
    Mumtaz Irteqa Ahmed

    People have to understand here that jamieson's high price tag wasn't decided by RCB alone. The other team bid for him too, obviously they saw something in him that could fill in a void for their respective teams.

    • Suyash Sangale
      Suyash Sangale


  • ALPHA -X gaming
    ALPHA -X gaming


  • Shreyas Bhat
    Shreyas Bhat

    open with kohli and sundar , one down paddikal , 2 down abd, 3 down maxwell, 4 down dan christian/sams 5 down (patidar /azaruddeen/prabhudeshai/shabaz ahmed),6 down kyle jameison,7 down harshal patel,8 down siraj,9 down chahal

  • #TMRAHUL Tube
    #TMRAHUL Tube

    RCB champion this season 😎🤟

  • Arun paliwal
    Arun paliwal

    To let Sundar play at top order will be best decision so that we can have batting depth otherwise he is not good at lower order

  • Prasanta Bhatra
    Prasanta Bhatra

    My prabete pilyar devdutt padikkal

  • Labh deep
    Labh deep

    1. Abd✈ 2. Zampa✈ 3. Christian✈ 4. Maxwell✈

  • Siddhesh salunkhe
    Siddhesh salunkhe

    People hyping gambhir's comments and then there is Ajit Agarkar who straight up said bottom four😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  • Vivek Kedia
    Vivek Kedia

    Gambhir intentionally told that rcb will finish top four because he himself knows whatever he tells opposite happens, he is a clever guy

  • Hello Hey
    Hello Hey

    Rcb's team is very very unbalanced this time, unnecessary spending of Kyle and maxi. I don't think they will make it to the playoffs


    ME :- All saying your team is worst 🤣🤣 RCB:- Ruko Jara sabar karo

  • Rohit Betageri
    Rohit Betageri

    C d face of gambhir hopeless man I have ever seen like this player

  • akki Singh
    akki Singh

    Rcbians 😎❤️

  • Karthik Joshi
    Karthik Joshi

    No one mentioned Kane Richardson. If RCB play him, he'll pretty much take care of death overs.

    • Karthik Joshi
      Karthik Joshi

      @Qwerty123 Good for them

    • mike reigns
      mike reigns

      Because of his height he brings something new for rcb ,and in1st match he performed well

    • Qwerty123

      @Karthik Joshi let’s go , Jamieson had good economy and took a wicket , and we won

    • Sourish Das
      Sourish Das

      He is not available for first couple of matches

    • Karthik Joshi
      Karthik Joshi

      @Qwerty123 Yeah. But they might eventually go to him if Jamieson doesn't do well.

  • Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde

    Vettori the criminal who destroyed rcb

  • Boom Boom
    Boom Boom

    Ashwin will be coming back to sqaud for wt20 as sundar will have a cery bad season bcoz gambhir had praised him

  • Katyayini Gurunath
    Katyayini Gurunath

    2:02 Daniel Vettori you and Ashish Nehra completely ruined RCB squad in Mega Auction way back in 2017 now you are saying mid of the table while forming the team only you should have the sense now RCB squad is like done and dusted.🙏

  • M H
    M H

    No need of other prediction when gauti makes his own😂😂😂, rcb u confirmed bottom 4 position

  • Kl97 F
    Kl97 F

    Some idiot fans of rcb🤦‍♂️ If gg says rcb will qualify Rcb fans (only idiot fans of rcb): panoti lga di If gg says rcb will not qualify Rcb fans (only idiot fans of rcb): gg hates virat Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hti h P.S I am an rcb fan as well so don't abuse in the comment section those moron haters

    • Saubhagya Jaiswal
      Saubhagya Jaiswal

      I agree bro, even I am RCB fan but I have respect for Gambhir, leave those idiots there are many fans of other teams also do the same, we must respect all.

  • salman faaris
    salman faaris

    Ajit agarkar r u mad see rcb will win IPL trophy

  • Nischay vk
    Nischay vk


  • Mihir Rout
    Mihir Rout

    Rcb at top 4❤️❤️❤️😭😭 Thanks GG tere liye mere dil mein izzat badh gaya 👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Shubham Kurade
      Shubham Kurade

      Rcb-0 Mi-5...😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️💙

    • Siddharth Gupta
      Siddharth Gupta

      Bhai Woh joh bolta hai uska Ulta HOTA h 😓...but I also hope ki rcb top 4 m hi finish kare

  • Shridhar Sawaikar
    Shridhar Sawaikar

    How many were expecting gauti to say use Washi at 3?

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    Ohh gg ne keh diya abb to rcb qualify nhi karegi😠

  • Shambhavi Singh
    Shambhavi Singh

    All r trolling GG and his predictions (though it is illogical)..Oh rcbians! Have u forgotten 49 all out under GG's captaincy?? He was a G.O.A.T captain , a player and is a good analyst too.. Previous year he made a bold statement about csk that it will not qualify and it became true. Grow up kids☺️.. He is just answering whatever he is asked..It is his opinion. ( Don't want to hurt rcbians, they r already broken 💔 with 0 trophies )

    • Shambhavi Singh
      Shambhavi Singh

      @Naman I see many even abusing him for this..

    • Naman

      It's just a meme bruh.

  • Sivaroy G R
    Sivaroy G R

    Pls gg remove

  • Ahaan Roy
    Ahaan Roy

    Gg right away says top -4 Thats brought a smile on my face

    • Raghwesh Kumar
      Raghwesh Kumar

      @Ahaan Roy jo o bolta hai uska ulta hota hai

    • Ahaan Roy
      Ahaan Roy

      @Sujal Ghorse we don't need to cry. Others need to

    • Sujal Ghorse
      Sujal Ghorse

      As a rcb fan i am crying.😂😂😂

  • Vijay Jakune
    Vijay Jakune

    I liked there is no AAKAsh baate by akash chopra

  • Dhanvanth Prasanna
    Dhanvanth Prasanna

    Sundar is done

  • upendra chapagain
    upendra chapagain

    GG said top 4 and rest might be history 🥺🥺😭

  • Jivin Thomas
    Jivin Thomas

    Kohli Padikkal Azharuddin Maxwell De villiers Christian Sundar Harshal/saini Siraj Zampa/sams Chahal Best xi

  • Aadarsh Suvarna
    Aadarsh Suvarna

    Adam Zampa first choice 😂😂 he will get married in chennai 😂😂 just joking


    usne to mumbai ko 2021 ka champion bhi predict kiya hai to mumbai ki to 🤣😅😂 Those who agree 👇👇👇

  • Gagan Srinivas
    Gagan Srinivas

    why gambhir why??

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta

    how most countries representative are biased towards their player , ridiculous! vettori : finn allen, really has he done enough to even play in x1 ?


      Bro he is a great young talent going around just watch out for him if he gets opportunity just look at the way he played for Wellington along with Devon Conway

  • Vaibhav Yadav
    Vaibhav Yadav

    1.Finn Allen/Washington Sundar/Azar 2. Virat 3. Padikal 4. Abd 5. Maxwell 6. Dan Cristian 7. Washington Sundar (if he's not opening)/ Kyle Jamison 8. Kyle Jamison (if Sundar not opening)/ shabash Ahmed 9. Navdeep Saini 10. Mohm. Siraj 11. Yuzi Chahal

    • Vaibhav Yadav
      Vaibhav Yadav

      @Sharfin Ahmed usko open karna tha. Sayad test me open karna tha. Humne misunderstood kiya

    • Sharfin Ahmed
      Sharfin Ahmed

      10(16) test level batsman 😅

    • Vaibhav Yadav
      Vaibhav Yadav

      @Vinay Sharma Washington is opening today

    • Vaibhav Yadav
      Vaibhav Yadav

      @Sharfin Ahmed bro he's opening !!!!! I predicted it

    • Sharfin Ahmed
      Sharfin Ahmed

      @Vaibhav Yadav Fuck Mi have exclusive opener & num 3 like de kock, sky & u wanting to send inexperience washi as opener & paddikal at 3 are u gone mad? We need best at 3.so better go with ab!

  • Vikash Ajitsaria
    Vikash Ajitsaria

    Surprisingly Gautam gambhir said RCB will finish in top 4 after so much cricticing

    • Vikash Ajitsaria
      Vikash Ajitsaria

      H @rʊdrə 07

    • p.k.h. rao
      p.k.h. rao

      He predicted it on team strength.

    • Akhand Pratap Singh
      Akhand Pratap Singh

      Yhi toh dikkat h.....Panoti saaala

    • rʊdrə 07
      rʊdrə 07

      Mundin sala cup namde😭😭 Ee sala ddu govinda govinda😂😂

    • Sourav Das
      Sourav Das

      Yeah exactly my point

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