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Here is our latest video "The Final Breakup", Single shot video shot by Lakshit Dhargawe ((
Directed By ' Satish Reddy Mallidi ( '
Soniya Singh (
Ravi Teja Mahadasyam (
Written By - Pavan Yenagandula (
Editing,MotionGraphics by - Satish Reddy Mallidi
Sound Design - Venkatesh Chunduru (
Dubbing Studio - I Dream Media
Assistant Director - Karancharan55 (
Publicity Designs - Maany (
Subtitles By - Ramani Shelly
Production Executives - Pavan Sidhu & Gowtham Surampudi (
Line Producer - Sravan (
Produced by Sarat Ankit Nadiminti & Chinna Vasudeva Reddy
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  • Hey Pilla!
    Hey Pilla!

    Dedicated to people who always fight for LOVE and Never Give Up!! 😊😊

    • The Hyderabadi Hipster's
      The Hyderabadi Hipster's

      Hero in this film , got some serious acting skills .

    • Kranthi Sandy
      Kranthi Sandy

      Bro same situation bayyya naaadhi kuda monnna 14th na break up aindi but iam still hoping for her but she was ignoring me nen kuda same ala ammmai na love ni realize avvvvalani chustunnna broooo😔😔😔😔😔

    • agri green
      agri green

      Hey Pilla 😃😃

    • Ramkumar Dhanalakoti
      Ramkumar Dhanalakoti

      malli gurthu chesav bro

    • Gopalaswamy Alle
      Gopalaswamy Alle

      This is my love story ❤️

  • tayi prasant
    tayi prasant

    Even though the film was for a short span, the timing was to the pt & really appreciate you ppl for the clean sweep 👍

  • Dumpa Jayaram
    Dumpa Jayaram

    It was fabulous I've connected to this video bcoz my situation to same as the boy


    Ravi character adiri poyindi anna. And miru emotional acting bhaag chestaru. ನಿಜಾ ಹೇಳ್ಬೇಕಯ ಅಂದ್ರೆ total block baster

  • SagAr gouD
    SagAr gouD

    Emotionally touch aindi broo...

  • Ramya Jonnalagadda
    Ramya Jonnalagadda

    Soo cute


    We want a video on a long distance relationships ehich awesome thing to love and enjoy their fights,conversations,lots of love,waiting for each other's call,everything and everything Mainly they respect their relationships so that's why that's great


    Ledu bhayya idi correct kaadu bayya nuvvu final brekup ani cheppi last lo malli kalisipoyaru idi final break up kaadu bayya it's not right it's not correct endukante vaallu ippudu kalisunna kuda malli vidipoataru endukante oka book ending telsina maaku madylo unna story intresting ga anipinchadu so it's nt crrct

  • lovely sridevi
    lovely sridevi

    I like these video... Inka love story videos kavali

  • Chaitanya Chakka
    Chaitanya Chakka

    The idea of never leaving our life partner is very good

  • Hanumanth Hanumanth
    Hanumanth Hanumanth

    Wow i see different types short films but *CAPDT* short films very nice

  • Killer Maya
    Killer Maya

    Nenu ea video chusthunnapatinunchi aa dress bavdhi anukuntunna but last lo he said that dress is worst 😂

  • Rama Krishna
    Rama Krishna

    I want love a story between bava and maradal

  • Lathin Sai
    Lathin Sai


  • sivaram kumar Krosuri
    sivaram kumar Krosuri

    Nuvu breakup chesina Girl again she come back and propose chestuntey..... Dhenemaaa ahaaa feel yala untundhooo tulusaa Guys... Adhi face chestey ney thrill... Antey ekkada Girls ni takkuva cheyatam ledhu.. Boys ni understand chesukuntey chalu... Boys ammaaa prema kosam amiena chestaru... Loved It.... Soniaa Nuvu Rocks again....

  • Freakin Dope
    Freakin Dope

    Uncut vedio.... ❤

  • Freakin Dope
    Freakin Dope

    Who ever noticed..... Single shot love expressed vedio.... And their acting was fabulous... It's very rare and difficult to perform like this in single shot..... Very 😘.....

  • Vikas

    Nijangaa andaroo ilane easy ga kalisthee antha baagunno Mee story matram annitiki common ga undi it was a super idea acting aithe cheppaletilegani

  • Rajasree Reddy
    Rajasree Reddy


  • Devipriya Honey
    Devipriya Honey

    Nice .... Super story.....😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ch Mouli
    Ch Mouli

    Bro eragadesav...

  • renuka ganapathi
    renuka ganapathi

    Abbai over acting

  • Boda Lokeswari
    Boda Lokeswari

    Hey please try explain the problems face by the lovers an how to get rid of that problems😊😊😀😘

  • Katari revan kumar
    Katari revan kumar

    Awesome bro @raviteja mahadasyam

  • vasudha Vendipalli
    vasudha Vendipalli

    Gopi Anna ....hurrey😍😍amazing video's too gud

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar

    Heroin voice chala bagundhi

  • Raise The voice
    Raise The voice

    Evadra vadu dislike kotte beker naa koduku , denguthy shape out avthav rye

  • Kona Homini
    Kona Homini

    Hey pilla I mean akka ur videos r so meaning full and emotional

  • lakshman bhaskar
    lakshman bhaskar

    Wow single take video... Good job guys...

  • Gopinath Chiluka
    Gopinath Chiluka

    You guys are said excellent this is the thing everyone relationship happens also of course in my life also when i m see u the conversation for that I'm really think what happened in my life nice script guys

  • Sunny


  • Akash Chalwadi
    Akash Chalwadi

    This kind of girls only exists in our dreams and imaginations. LOL 😭😂😂😂

  • santhosh

    Hey guy's awsome video heart touch chesasaruu, i want that script in my life.

  • sivaprasad sikakolli
    sivaprasad sikakolli

    please do the shortfilm on CA(CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS)

  • aryen sujjan
    aryen sujjan

    Just characters exchange in my life

  • srisaiteja yavvari
    srisaiteja yavvari

    Akka mii short films chala bavuntay akka very nice 👌👌

  • prasanna dsl
    prasanna dsl


  • supriya hb
    supriya hb

    background music was osm...

  • vicky kumar
    vicky kumar

    Imagination : majli Sravani & short film heroin Reality : srujana

  • kiran PK
    kiran PK

    Give one more chance to u r partners are also guys Happy Ending no noo HAPPY STARTING U R LIFE


    Expectations:- girls saying sorry Reality :-always sucks😂🤣

  • nayab rasool
    nayab rasool

    Single shot


    Super bayya ne acting

  • Vidya Suresh
    Vidya Suresh

    taking in a single shot not small thing....great work dudes

  • Sunjay Yadav
    Sunjay Yadav

    Back ground music adiripoindii

  • My Life
    My Life

    Super bhaiiii

  • Thirupathi It's my show
    Thirupathi It's my show

    For single shoot i like this video..

  • Srividya Nandhi
    Srividya Nandhi

    I know whether the writer wrote it wantedly or it' just happened but keep calling name in every sentence repeatedly can psychologically make them surrender the listener surrender to the speaker 😊

  • Kalyan Sharma
    Kalyan Sharma

    So cool

  • Chandrashekar Madhaveni
    Chandrashekar Madhaveni

    Awesome pilla

  • Vinay Jesus
    Vinay Jesus

    Love never ends ...

  • Sandeep Agrico
    Sandeep Agrico

    Kalisunte baadhapadatam Ani telisunnappudu vidipoyi happy ga is not a compromise..and not an adjustment..

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    3 months dhagara 3 years untay, inka super ga untadi...

  • Adarsh Bugude
    Adarsh Bugude

    Nice one and it's a big task to do it in single shot and u achieved it guys 👍👌

  • shiva lakshmi
    shiva lakshmi

    Happy endings only ila movies and short films lone untay, but not in real life...

  • Teja A
    Teja A

    Beautiful nd lovely expressions in both voices ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍👌👌👌

  • Teja A
    Teja A

    Awesome... Ultimate

  • Teja A
    Teja A

    Really suuuuuuuuperbbb

  • 110- Sai Krishna
    110- Sai Krishna

    Acting....👌👌👌👌 Fantastic bro🤘🤘

  • Aishu Gowda
    Aishu Gowda

    Concept 💗👌

  • pakshula rahul
    pakshula rahul

    Gr8 action both

  • vinayak saidu
    vinayak saidu

    My eyes filled with tears...we broke up ...I am finding a way to get back here..nice support..i will take this video as reference

  • MR_ Sʀɪɴɪᴠᴀꜱ Gᴏᴜᴅ
    MR_ Sʀɪɴɪᴠᴀꜱ Gᴏᴜᴅ

    Awesome bhayya

  • Chinni Reddy
    Chinni Reddy



    sorry brother kani koncham over acting chesav naa tammudu laaga😊

  • Gollapalli Raghavendra Sai Dev
    Gollapalli Raghavendra Sai Dev

    Boys Manchi ga vunnapudu girls ki value teliyadu.. Manam eppu dithe vallani avoid chesi manam success ki deggara ga veltho Malli vastaru.. girls want safety.. they want rich life.. they make fun with boys..

  • Medha Karri
    Medha Karri

    The pair looks amazing. Bro you acted so well. The first expression after seeing her. Oh God!!!

  • Dinesh Gangula
    Dinesh Gangula

    Can you make a video abouta person forgetting his place where he came and showing money mind on friends and relatives

  • Gollapalli Raghavendra Sai Dev
    Gollapalli Raghavendra Sai Dev

    Really hurt touching short film bro..


    Awesome bro. Amazing full short film in single take. 👌



  • pokalkal sai
    pokalkal sai

    Lady Arjun Reddy

  • Shireesha Aithanaboina
    Shireesha Aithanaboina

    Nachinavalla dhaggara nachinatluga undadam awesome

  • Dhana Durga
    Dhana Durga

    Ravi baga act chesav

  • k l
    k l

    Yeandhuko nachaleadhu ee short film naaku

  • surya chakravarthi
    surya chakravarthi

    Nachaledu anna aa amai ni vadiley

  • Shreya_Anil

    Liked it ❤️😍😍❤️

  • S R Kadarla
    S R Kadarla

    She did better than him😉

  • Santhu Gowda
    Santhu Gowda

    I like


    Aswome act😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • latha pushpa
    latha pushpa

    climax is superbb....i want my breakup also to be close again....

  • Jyothi kerala Ammayi
    Jyothi kerala Ammayi


  • Naveen Kolli
    Naveen Kolli

    Mee bokka laga undi

  • saida rupavath
    saida rupavath

    Naa lover kuda back ravali ani korukutuna but raadu aa poti

  • balaji chavan
    balaji chavan

    Bro wht a video bro me before 2days only I have taken a decide to break up with my gf and I did...but after see this video I get to know that v have respect each other thanks for this video

  • gundawar sushanth
    gundawar sushanth

    Prathi ammayi ela vadi boyfriend ne artam cheskuntey. Enta baguntundi. Bro, nuv chepinchina emotion even movie kuda dorkadu what movie enti evaru anta goppaga chey leru and one best think was single short. .. .. ..

  • Sindhu Bangari
    Sindhu Bangari


  • hyndavi rao
    hyndavi rao

    Single shot video!! Awesome......guys Ur rocking in every video

  • VINOD 23 surya
    VINOD 23 surya

    Emotional Baga chesav baiyyyaa

  • Pavan Kumar Achanta
    Pavan Kumar Achanta

    Please do short film on childhood love story if possible mail me I have a svript

  • shashi kumar kompelli
    shashi kumar kompelli

    Worst video I hv ever seen bro plss don’t repeat these fucking dramas Nd overacting chestunnadu pillodu

  • pallerla gopireddy
    pallerla gopireddy


  • naveen krishna
    naveen krishna

    One shot lo cntent antha gurthupetukoni cheppadam iddaru hatsoff


    Very nice...specially single shot...👌👌👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Suresh Penki
    Suresh Penki

    Anni love stories elanee unteeee Chala baguntundi medammmm

  • Gopi Gorantla
    Gopi Gorantla

    Really spr bro...Nyc sister... intha chinna short films thiyakandi bro appudey aipoindha anipistundhi...

  • Vinay Varma
    Vinay Varma


  • Mr. Vinil Krishna
    Mr. Vinil Krishna

    Your research in scrips is apparently visible.. Keep rocking.. All the very best..

  • Srikanth babi
    Srikanth babi

    His acting is peaks and iam not even look at her performance simply superb

  • Ameer Pv
    Ameer Pv

    Please use english subtitles because we don't understand this language.