Water into coke! #shorts
And that’s how I did it! 😂😂

  • 餅ᴍᴏᴄʜɪᴍɪɴ

    The fact that, he is actually not making a video on tiktok...


    My doorknob is brighter than his entire family tree IQ's combined

  • naruto, sasuke, fan
    naruto, sasuke, fan

    I will try that and i drinked

  • Mannat Nagpal
    Mannat Nagpal

    He could have added brown colour

  • Aldrich & Aldriya
    Aldrich & Aldriya

    He's a type of guy who cancels a dental appointment because he has a tooth pain Or He's a type of guy who cancels the appointment with a doctor because he's sick

  • Honey And Bunny
    Honey And Bunny

    He is a type of person who keeps a ruler under his bed to see how much time he slept 😴 😂

  • Fatimah Tuzzuhar
    Fatimah Tuzzuhar

    Gue gak ngerti apa yg dibilang

  • Wizo 1
    Wizo 1

    80% comments- he's thst type of guy

  • Ezyzs


  • Happy Tala
    Happy Tala

    The darkness was coming through dark... Lol

  • Ilikeanimations

    It looks so realistic :)

  • Nynke Wijma
    Nynke Wijma


  • Sahrish Athar
    Sahrish Athar

    Its does not look like coke

  • Mattsun_2_bg

    This will get you good torn it back to normal

  • praise afolabi
    praise afolabi

    wow learn somethong evr day now i learned that tic toks r lies 😢

  • Elias Seeger Fernandez
    Elias Seeger Fernandez

    ,,turning water into co*k"

  • V - Tae
    V - Tae

    Your acting doesn't look natural at all.

  • Seedy Pumkin
    Seedy Pumkin

    now drink it

  • Lifew. Ch
    Lifew. Ch


  • blu

    has he ever seen a coke...

  • PoqrV

    It would be more believable if it was brown with a bit of Black Coke is brown kinda

  • Muhamedi voge alija
    Muhamedi voge alija


  • eliassa aliyacine Goudiaby sonko
    eliassa aliyacine Goudiaby sonko

    Drink it then

  • Abhishek Goswami
    Abhishek Goswami

    I never commented on your video but the part of magician is also to Be a great liar.....😐

  • Chopper n3crozma
    Chopper n3crozma

    To make it look a bit more believable, use brown coloring. Coke is brown. Not black.

  • Pranker Girl
    Pranker Girl

    Beuh that looks like black water because it needs. Fix and second it needs a little brown

  • Juice wrld
    Juice wrld

    Did he mean Pepsi became coke is brown

  • Phyao

    cringe creator might as well quit INlabel and one note it looks nothing like coke it just plain bullshit

  • Riley is a Roblox Player
    Riley is a Roblox Player

    Cok Corg Cork Cog Coke #### WHAT IS IT?!

  • Yagmur Hamarat
    Yagmur Hamarat


  • gm

    Waste of water

  • ReaCora Studio
    ReaCora Studio

    So easyy

  • Anemo Supremacy
    Anemo Supremacy

    Turning watuh inte cok

  • Luke Anderson
    Luke Anderson

    Drink it then

  • Abhishek K
    Abhishek K

    Turning water into what?😳

  • Dark Devil
    Dark Devil

    He's the type of guy that if he didn't reveal his tricks people wouldn't be commenting this much hate Must've kept the secret to yourself.

  • Jimmy Twoshoes
    Jimmy Twoshoes

    Shshshshahahahshshhsshshshshshshshh. That's all i can understand

  • Josiane Urbanski
    Josiane Urbanski


  • Josiane Urbanski
    Josiane Urbanski


  • Andrew

    A magician with a difference! 😲😲😲😲 One who actually TEACHES us how it's done BEFOREHAND.

  • Andrew

    It doesn't mean that you can drink the coke

  • Shah Tirth
    Shah Tirth

    OK noob

  • Suyog Bajracharya
    Suyog Bajracharya


  • Tereza Čáslavská
    Tereza Čáslavská


  • humaini ruhullah
    humaini ruhullah

    Just like this just like that just like this just like that just like that

  • Kiba Tetsu
    Kiba Tetsu

    Hee we gohh

  • terry


  • Anderson Rafael Delfino Rafael
    Anderson Rafael Delfino Rafael


  • Cyrus Allen Quitquitan
    Cyrus Allen Quitquitan

    "It will turn into-" My perverted brain: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Me: *ISTG DONT*

  • Summer Fern
    Summer Fern

    You should’ve added a bit of brown because coke isn’t straight up black

  • tortlemitro

    He’s the type of guy who reminds the teacher that his class has timeout

  • Hyuriel

    His accent makes him sound like saying something else other than coke

  • Mr. Johnson
    Mr. Johnson

    You do this man

  • Dariel Guzman
    Dariel Guzman


  • Retrowokstar444

    All these “He’s the Type of Guy” comments are not funny AT ALL😭😭

  • Lil Rabbit
    Lil Rabbit

    Yes I love charcoal looking coke

  • Jonathan Willis
    Jonathan Willis

    anyone gonna talk about the fact it’s FUCKING GRAY????

  • Mr Commenter Commenty Pants
    Mr Commenter Commenty Pants

    He’s the type of guy who would call the police to report that somebody stole his drugs.

  • Jill McIntyre
    Jill McIntyre

    He’s probably tired of all these “hear the type of guy “ comments so I think we should stop to give him a break

  • KurtWild 4.8
    KurtWild 4.8

    I dont remember coke being grey

  • Hannah Newlon
    Hannah Newlon

    I loathe his videos ENTIRELY

  • Abdullah Xheikh
    Abdullah Xheikh

    @abdullahsheikh430:Piyar du piyar lo like du like lo 😂😅

  • Kobe Brown
    Kobe Brown

    Lol everyone here know it ain't coke just because it looks like it doesn't mean shit

  • Betty Amodio
    Betty Amodio

    His voice sometimes annoys me but I love his videos

  • Betty Amodio
    Betty Amodio


  • David Escobar
    David Escobar

    That aint coke

  • soon to be Sxlfmade AspecT
    soon to be Sxlfmade AspecT

    Coke is brown

  • lano shad
    lano shad

    Turning water into co-😳

  • Ultima Thule
    Ultima Thule

    turning water into coc

  • Farina Farani
    Farina Farani

    I like all your voice

  • susana zambrano
    susana zambrano


  • Elisa Ng
    Elisa Ng

    Add dark brown not black

  • BunnyBuns

    Use carbonated water so when it opens it fizzes like coke

  • Rence Ranola
    Rence Ranola

    If that is the real coke for everybody This is the proof drink it

  • Francesca Morena
    Francesca Morena

    Io sono sono stancata di questo

  • weird airport dude
    weird airport dude

    Me when i turn my water into cug😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Ljilja Jankovic
    Ljilja Jankovic


  • Coolkid 123
    Coolkid 123

    Coke is grey now apparently

  • QBing & Much More
    QBing & Much More

    When coke is of black color

  • Светлана Цыренова
    Светлана Цыренова

    И что

  • Charity Lesley
    Charity Lesley

    That did not look pretty good

  • Ruinzpro Music
    Ruinzpro Music

    That doesn't look like coke

  • ELT Reshock
    ELT Reshock

    Should have did black and brown

  • Liezl Aguado Gutierrez
    Liezl Aguado Gutierrez

    You are loot magice thuuu is not hewego😐😑

  • Channel with no content
    Channel with no content

    Man had a different coke, think ur high

  • Zenrick

    When it’s not even black it’s grey

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    He’s the type of guy to think he can turn water into wine

  • dish

    The guy who doesnt go seimming coz its raining


    Coke is a browny dark not a greyish dark... literally looks like paint water

  • Alex Sarmiento
    Alex Sarmiento

    Dan: *puts paint on lid and shakes bottle* MEH: thats dosent look like coke its way to dark and black -,-

  • Jonah Aadland
    Jonah Aadland

    Coke is brown not black!!!😡

  • Comedy Crafts
    Comedy Crafts

    That looks NOTHING like coke.

  • Kyle Armstrong
    Kyle Armstrong

    Hes the type of guy to ingest hydrochloric acid willingly

  • Roblox_čøčøbêâñ [:
    Roblox_čøčøbêâñ [:


  • Clem

    I think you might need a life straw to drink that coke..

  • Akhil Gurrala
    Akhil Gurrala

    That’s literally black water. And it’s not cok 😂

  • Ava Alexa
    Ava Alexa

    Umm coke is brown

  • yoboyeli yoboyeli
    yoboyeli yoboyeli


  • Yoda Jacara
    Yoda Jacara

    Pedro Bruxarias

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