a $3,000 dollar folding phone?! - Huawei Mate X2 Durability Test!
Its time to Durability Test the new Mate X2! New Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit www.audible.com/jerryrig or text "jerryrig" to 500 500 to try Audible today! Folding phones are some of the coolest smartphones around. Yeah, they are pretty expensive at the moment. But so were microwaves at one point. Eventually the price on cool tech always comes down. Today we are going to see how durabile Huaweis new Mate X2 Folding phone really is, and if it can survive a little bit of dust.
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  • A Demon
    A Demon

    and people say apple is expensive?..

  • Tinashe Fancella
    Tinashe Fancella

    I wonder what do yu do with the phones after the tests

  • Idrissa Morehouse
    Idrissa Morehouse

    Wish i could understand why it isnt competitively priced ?? - theyd be on the map and so desirable if the phone was just maybe $200 less than Galaxy Fold - also needs stylus compatibilty

  • Arnav verma OFFICIAL
    Arnav verma OFFICIAL

    People abusing you from heart Jerry.

  • Razor of Wolvendom
    Razor of Wolvendom

    I love that stand joke, Zack roast Apple again hahaha!

  • Night Hood
    Night Hood

    mi 11 ultra please mr?

  • yücel D
    yücel D

    Tiktok comes pre-installed.

  • to be a boss of yourself
    to be a boss of yourself

    Even I don't have a good smart phone please will you give me a smart phone after your durability test

  • Lipaldi

    someone: my heart can't be hurt me: show ths video someone : ooookaaay...

  • Gamers Ever
    Gamers Ever

    Hi Jerry I am facing same problem with my ASUS ROG 2 ... When I run a pubg or Google map it suddenly off and when i on the phone it off it salf again and again..... Can you review this problem.....

  • jamshid A
    jamshid A

    Hello Jerry where is the tear down video please?

  • Dominic Gaal
    Dominic Gaal

    I knew u gonna try bending it the other direction...and I hold my breath because I thought...pls don't....good work from Huawei...maybe they watching ur channel and know what to do 😂

  • Edson de zouza De zouza
    Edson de zouza De zouza


  • Death Squad88
    Death Squad88

    The sarcasm and the paradoxes in this video are murderous.

  • IsolestiK

    is there anything that huawei cannot copy?

  • Annie Mous
    Annie Mous

    $3000 etch-a-sketch made me bust out laughing

  • goodmaninabadtime117

    If I am gonna buy a $3000 phone it will need to have a holo projector Tony Stark workshop style.

  • Spencer Knight
    Spencer Knight

    3:34 😩

  • Wahid Rahman
    Wahid Rahman

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 5:40

  • sabatha bapela
    sabatha bapela

    how much for the beaten-up phone?

  • Tb

    ima go ahead an claim full credit for that idea with the glass been in the comments with the fold phones saying it forever

  • Luis Pires
    Luis Pires

    Why can't they use glass + plastic on the big screen? Or at least a paint with some crystals to resist scratch...

  • Ryptahi

    I never understood why pronounce Huawei as Wuawei, but thats fine

  • Bryanleto

    They'll say aww topsy at my autopsy.

  • フェリックス

    5:41 me when there's a fly on my book


    Crazy rich jerry rig

  • عوض العجرمي
    عوض العجرمي

    You should act in hitman new movie 😘😘😘😘

  • Nicholas Gallegos
    Nicholas Gallegos

    My biggest concern with a phone with a foldable screen is not the fold but not using the fold and primarily using the 3rd exterior screen. I'd wast a bunch of money on a gimmick and not use the coolest feature.

  • Emmanuel Chukwunonso
    Emmanuel Chukwunonso

    My Heart is bleeding

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill

    I’m really curious how this wider foldable would feel in the pocket compared to the Z Fold 2. Can’t wait for the teardown!

  • Rehan Ali
    Rehan Ali

    I was like "come on man do it the other way" 7:51 and he did

  • Sour412 Mishimamain
    Sour412 Mishimamain

    And I think it’s more weird we’re not electrocuting a little elephant is now then doing it previously

  • Sour412 Mishimamain
    Sour412 Mishimamain

    I used a torch lighter on my promax11 it’s white lol just for like 2 seconds

  • Abu Sayed
    Abu Sayed

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  • Sg Hector
    Sg Hector

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  • Саша Миронюк
    Саша Миронюк

    Hi there. i like your channel. I can ask to do a test for Motorola G9 power

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    How is he ok with the screech sounds?

  • akasyah

    I feel like I'm psychopath by Just watching this

  • Cpt. Duck
    Cpt. Duck

    It always at lvl 6 with deeper scratch at level 7.

  • ActionHeinz

    Huawei makes some really nice phones... Unfortunately someone with an interest of keeping the competition outside decided we are not allowed to have nice things...

  • 田川明音御見卋物處 U2分店
    田川明音御見卋物處 U2分店

    A Zack-proofed folding phone? MAN these Chinese gone crazy dude! Their catchin' up for rio huh?

  • El Magnifico
    El Magnifico

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    Weiß Schwarz

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    Taz Beet

    Who is gonna pay the $3,000 dollar??

  • carlos julio Guillen
    carlos julio Guillen

    Today i saw that there isnt absoluly any kind of fear of messing up any phone from this guy.

  • Apple Is cool
    Apple Is cool

    It looks like a Galaxy Fold 2 knock-off.

  • Aurora The Otter
    Aurora The Otter

    My xs max will be 3 years old this year in oct might get the new iphone depends what they do with this years. If isn't interesting or worth i will just get a iPhone 12 pro max from 2nd hand market

  • Onuwa Aniugo
    Onuwa Aniugo

    Do you dream of doing this also?

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    Shawon Sheikh

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    Zeshan Ahmed

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  • Zeshan Ahmed
    Zeshan Ahmed

    2:10 jerry hands

  • entrutia

    Techrax: Who are you? JerryRigEverything: I'm you but just way more cruel with phones.

  • Rajkamal Deka
    Rajkamal Deka

    Jerry: Can I borrow your phone? Guy: Yeah Sure Jerry: *breaks the back glass and says"glass is glass and glass can break" Guy: With a angry voice"Bones are bones and bones can break"

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head

    That blade gives me Anxiety

  • Keijo-kevin Tuul
    Keijo-kevin Tuul

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  • Godzilla Vs sushi
    Godzilla Vs sushi

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    When u putting out the take apart video bud😁

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    Jennifer Adams

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    Olof Nilsson

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    Sems Fstk

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    sl hart

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  • Putra Juliana
    Putra Juliana

    What makes you stay almost 2 years with that note 10?

  • mrofinUtortxoF

    It's the first folding phone I'd really like to buy and use, if it was cheaper. It has all the functions of a standard phone, if you use its outer screen, and, if needed, feel free to use that giant inner screen. The point is that outer screen here is not for "hey, it's something small and supposed to be used as temporary backup", but it's just a giant normal one. Good job, Huawei.

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    Haha 😂, well done testing the phone 👍

  • Tino Fernando Villagra
    Tino Fernando Villagra


  • Astroch

    Much better built quality than samsung fold, but no google... Sad

  • Astroch

    I want one too

  • Mixer Origami
    Mixer Origami

    The Mate X2 is actually pretty good until the screen touches inside. don't appreciate this

  • TopGames

    lol China quality better than all

  • A T
    A T

    Love from india for screwing a Chinese phone.🤣🤣

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      @A T sorry if saying you biased was too much for you

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      @A T sorry if saying you biased was too much for you

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      @A T sorry if saying you biased was too much for you

    • A T
      A T

      @Anand Raj if you call it biased, I'd love to remain biased for the rest of my life.

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      You Indians are so biased

  • Keerthi raj
    Keerthi raj


  • Bobby Atanassov
    Bobby Atanassov

    Yet another proof that Huawei makes superb quality phones! I have three Huawei phones and I am not planning to stop buying them regardless of GMS. In fact, I am pretty convinced that Harmony OS will work even smoother

  • Shekler

    So there is that thing about gaskets in many phones without being officially waterproof rated to avoid the certification cost for manufacturers. I would love to see an addition to the durability test where you actually check if a device is waterproof or not; assuming that it has gaskets. I know that this might be tricky due to possible damage to the phone, but I'd love to see it.

  • GameRaiderNL

    Huawei is just copying samsung design features like the pinholecamera

  • BJ 654
    BJ 654

    So Zack... you were going on earlier this year about a "sapphire" covered phone. Are you gonna be able to test that?

  • ابو جعفر الشمري
    ابو جعفر الشمري



    I skipped the video to 6:19 and actually I thought he snapped it into 2 pieces.

  • Santiago G Hernández
    Santiago G Hernández

    Super chingon

  • Oxyuran

    I really love the idea of folding phones but I'm not ready to buy one yet. The price is out of my current budget and I think there's some innovation on in bendy screen technology comming sooner or later that'll make the main screens more resistant to scratching so that at least a fingernail won't the trick anymore.

  • Kevin CR51
    Kevin CR51

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    Sunny Sam

    Oh man!!! It survived.


    At first I thought this was the galaxy fold 3 😂

  • Sebastian novacean
    Sebastian novacean

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  • Rainbow Tiger
    Rainbow Tiger

    That screen protector twist is always nice to see.

  • Shot on Iphone meme
    Shot on Iphone meme

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  • MyGorilla1

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    Jose Miguel Del Cid Morales

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  • sir

    I don't know if this is possible, but what if there was a folding phone that had glass on the inside, and around the general area of the folding hinge, it slowly transitions to plastic to make the screen more durable? Just a thought...

  • Ahmed Shahabi
    Ahmed Shahabi

    I would like to see glass folding phone. I know glass dose not bend but i mean two glass screen attached by plastic screen in the middle. 😅

  • jessada castonguay
    jessada castonguay

    will they make a jerry proof phone one day?

  • Ke Nny
    Ke Nny

    Imagine paying this much and not having Google services 🤣🤣😬

    • Ke Nny
      Ke Nny

      @Anand Raj I just got the p40 pro 3 minutes to get everything easy

    • Anand Raj
      Anand Raj

      Lmao. You can install them with no effort.

  • xBrandon 22
    xBrandon 22

    I'm so glad you bended the phone the other way! You had me dude I thought you were gonna leave us hanging, I'm surprised it didn't break, pretty tough phone.

  • RS Redbaron
    RS Redbaron

    Is there a glass protecting to buy, for the inside?

  • Ninesun Chung
    Ninesun Chung

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  • Citaro SR
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