The Story So Far | Season Three | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™
A vendetta that stretches decades will only end when one of them falls.

Recap the story thus far in #BlackOpsColdWar as the hunt for Adler continues in Season Three.

  • Admgrg23 George
    Admgrg23 George

    Fix your game idiots

  • Rigby Zen
    Rigby Zen

    where's the girl character to save all world?(insert ironic pun here)

  • V KronosV
    V KronosV

    1000 coments

  • محمد طالبی
    محمد طالبی


  • Mane Chinedu
    Mane Chinedu

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  • Alessio Giuntoli
    Alessio Giuntoli


  • Alex Turriziani Colonna
    Alex Turriziani Colonna


  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    I love this is my favourite games

  • Ramez0505


  • Von { }
    Von { }


  • spezzoni ogni tanto
    spezzoni ogni tanto


  • live tuber
    live tuber


  • Belfagor


  • P3R09 Crow
    P3R09 Crow


  • DudeOfTheWeek

    I really want Alex Mason as a playable operator alongside Woods

  • Nikola Ilić
    Nikola Ilić

    Call of duty modern warfare cold war?

  • Demi Havok
    Demi Havok

    Activision is run by garbage humans. Use to love cod, now they fire voice actors over criticisms from 4 years ago, about someone who is irrelevant? Pure trash company.

  • P4rzival


  • Mane Chinedu
    Mane Chinedu

    #Spacehack11 on !ñstagram is the best hacker you could think of💯 am so happy rn my account is now active

  • thedarckgamer95


  • BMX

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  • RxGs _
    RxGs _


  • Siki Jackson
    Siki Jackson

    Quad rebirth

  • Zechs Merquise C. Dimacali
    Zechs Merquise C. Dimacali

    Adler saying we got a job to do never gets old

  • MklEpic

    remove sbmm

  • Mad Dog Archive
    Mad Dog Archive

    Land 14 shots with Val in upper body + head, Sticks still 2 shot me from a distance, "Balancing"

  • Drew Seventyfour
    Drew Seventyfour

    Modern warfare 2 remastered multiplayer and no sbbmm thanks

    • Eric M
      Eric M

      It's not happening get over it

  • Justin Aguenido
    Justin Aguenido

    This game destroyed warzone and still gets compliments bruh who's idea was to put black ops guns in warzone

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    this game has turned into dogshit

  • Codly

    He really hates Adler

  • Chone

    PLEASE hire a new musician for the Modern Warfare Reboot series... David Buckley in Ghosts did BY FAR a grater job on war game music than Sarah Schachner in both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare 2019. It does not make sense to me why he wasn't kept in later Infinity Ward's releases. I wanna hope that you hire people for their talents and skills and not for other reasons.

    • fish43547

      What the music is awsome


    I love COD warzone, i play on xbox

  • Nenad Jakovljevic
    Nenad Jakovljevic

    I've uninstalled and no one is playing BOCW look at the streamers they are all on warzone :D Do not buy and do not fall for chessy trailers

  • Alejandro Peralta
    Alejandro Peralta

    Ese juego pesa 1tb

  • ء

    ♥️Mw3 ww2♥️

  • Nancy Mols pepels
    Nancy Mols pepels

    They need more WW2 games because i like Cod WW2

  • Darius

    Activision can you fix this glitch where you do aether shroud twice it glitches it out that you can’t use it again

  • Ryder Jones
    Ryder Jones

    It said Russel hotler in the captions

  • S GmiNG
    S GmiNG

    No one likes resurgence duos

  • Mane Chinedu
    Mane Chinedu

    With the help of #spacehack11 on !n$tagram my account was retrieved with a boosted lobby and new ammunition also

  • Mane Chinedu
    Mane Chinedu

    With the help of #spacehack11 on !n$tagram my account was retrieved with a boosted lobby and new ammunition also

  • orochi

    You guys have way to many problems

  • Mitch Onno
    Mitch Onno

    I just want a thing on call of duty please can you try to make the splint mode this will be fun like my friend dont play warzone i let him play he tell its not cool cause dont have friend but if you play co op with your friend that will be fun play a game without friend that kind of bored but if you play with friend this will be fun so try to do your best and put it please love you call of duty big the first game i have play in my ps2😂 try to make it and thanks

  • dmnvklm dmnvklm
    dmnvklm dmnvklm


  • andy reid
    andy reid

    warzone one big joke on xbox one cant get on it for months

    • Mane Chinedu
      Mane Chinedu

      With the help of #spacehack11 on !n$tagram my account was retrieved with a boosted lobby and new ammunition also

  • Victor Janssen
    Victor Janssen

    Boots off ground event in Cold War. Thruster jumps, slides and thruster dives. Please.

    • Mental Rat
      Mental Rat

      No, f no.

  • Surviver Gamer99
    Surviver Gamer99

    In 2022 they should do the 9/11 attack

  • Anton THC
    Anton THC

    Stop nerfing pellington!

  • zMephistoPheles- YT
    zMephistoPheles- YT

    Please come fov( field of veiw ) to ps4 We dont have a money to buy new consol(ps5) :) Please💔⚡

  • Diego Santoso
    Diego Santoso

    Please continue the call of duty ghosts

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You

    Call of dutyy pleasee bring the zombie mode back

  • Galil-WZ

    Petition for call of duty to make a movie about this

  • Bigfoot

    To make ur game better just get rid of the rose skin and fix skill based match making

  • Screen Apple
    Screen Apple

    Does the maker of COD know players cannot see ROZE hiding in shadows or anywhere dark ?!?!

  • Ivan Renov
    Ivan Renov

    This games broken I installed it on Xbox now it gives me a pop up saying to purchase the game, while in the game I own the full digital copy and now I can’t even get a loading screen without a glitch and it’s annoying me I want a fix

  • Fahad

    alvo ❣️❣️❣️

  • Poison



    I have a suggestion, next season or in some bundles you should add some Queen music

  • Alejandro Mier y Terán
    Alejandro Mier y Terán


  • Alejandro Mier y Terán
    Alejandro Mier y Terán

    Porque no asen mw 3 para play 4 o 5 ya icieron mw para play 4 y tambien mw 2 remastered para play 4 agan mw 3 para play 4 o 5

  • Ryan 14
    Ryan 14

    The Halloween music in warzone needs to come back

  • JahsehTheJhit


  • Floaty Memes
    Floaty Memes

    What ever happened to the theater crew are they still stuck with Willard and is there gunna be a new game?

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    Trash game


    Remember when warzone was funny?

  • Prez MRM The Great I
    Prez MRM The Great I

    yalls the devs should release every COD game from the original COD AKA COD 1 up until COD BLOCW into onto steam

  • l l
    l l

    YOU CANT SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Surya Vanshi
    Surya Vanshi

    It's like movie

  • TheGreatHuz

    So when you guys planning to release a new zombie map? Or do you plan on ruining another cod game again? The game has been out for 6 months and you have 2 zombie maps.(outbreak is boring and not exciting)

  • Reza Muhammad fazli
    Reza Muhammad fazli

    Where Soap Mactavish?🤨

  • DARK_sythere

    Activision fix your game my golden viper won’t unlock when I have all 35 zombies camos and it’s still saying 34 / 35 🤨

  • Артём Гущин
    Артём Гущин

    Why on the new map my FPS jumping from 75 to 50 if before i saw 75-65?

  • l l
    l l

    Why would I buy a gun skin on any gun not meta? Why would I buy a character skin that isnt pure black when you cant see anything? Morons.

  • Viking Actual
    Viking Actual

    There's a story?

    • ShadowReaper2006


  • chaneekgaming 16
    chaneekgaming 16

    Fix ur game I was playing zombies fire base and I kept getting glitched under the map and also stop giving all the content u have to mp its annoying the zombies cmmontie

  • Patrick Lorenz
    Patrick Lorenz

    Danke, dass ihr Cod über die vergangenen Jahre so zerstört habt. Es war eins meiner Leidenschaften.... Das sich gewisse Dinge mit der Zeit verändern ist klar, aber was ihr aus dieser Spielreihe gemacht habt, ist eine Enttäuschung für jeden Fan. Die Multiplayer Maps sind einfach nur noch hässlich und überfüllt. Ich meine selbst Nuketown habt ihr zerstört, indem die ganze Map mit Grafitti voll gesprüht wurde und Schrott herum liegt. Warum haltet ihr die Maps denn nicht so simpel, wie in den damaligen Cods. Die Menüs sind komplett überfüllt mit irgendeinem nutzlosem Müll. Der so wundervolle Zombie Modus TOTAL RUINIERT. Ich erinnere mich noch so gut an den BO1 Zombie Modus. Mit "Kino der Toten", "Five", "Shangri La" und den ganzen absolut geilen Maps. Es ging einfach nur darum Zombies zu töten, in der Map weiter zu kommen und es gab ein par easter eggs. Dann die unfassbar geile, mysteriöse Musik im Menü von BO1 im Zombie Mode. Und jetzt ist der Zombie Mode mit haufen, irgendwelchen Portalen voll und es ist ein Mix aus Zukunft und Vergangenheit. Sooo viele unnötige Sachen... Einfach nur noch hässlich.. Da kommt absolut gar kein Feeling mehr auf. Und darum geht es doch... Nach den Teilen wie: "Advanced Warfare", "Ghosts" und "Infinite Warfare" ging es zwar wieder ein Stück bergauf. Aber es ist immer noch eine pure Enttäuschung jedes Jahr. Wie gesagt... Dass es nicht mehr 1 zu 1 wie früher sein kann, ist mir klar. Jedoch solltet ihr euch einfach an den besten Teilen, mit dem größten Hype und den geilsten Zeiten orientieren... "MW", "MW2", "BO1", "MW3", "BO2" waren die geilsten Dinger ever. Und die Zeit damals einfach nur schön, wo sich auch die INlabel Community drumherum aufgebaut hat. Verdammt nochmal, bringt endlich wieder ein Cod raus was den alten ähnelt und macht EURE FANS STOLZ!!!!

  • Godhand

    I will throw a party once Bobby Kotick bites the dust, anyone care to party along?

  • Sean Teale
    Sean Teale

    Warzone isn't the same since cold was got hold of it I've deleted both cods

  • max vita
    max vita

    last week i bought bo4 because it was my favourite game now what i see the game start dying slowly only few players left dev please its a request please make game free to play so that game will revive otherwise it will die soon

  • Y3di

    People have been saying the next cod game is going to be named cod ww2 vanguard is that true?

  • Alex Teran
    Alex Teran

    Please fix cold war

  • Saltybru

    Give us a forest map plz

  • Michael Gorton
    Michael Gorton

    Is this like a prequel to call of duty modern warfare 2019?

  • Nick Nordland
    Nick Nordland

    That last frame was stand-off. Right? Does that mean it’s gonna be a map?

  • Don't Commenter
    Don't Commenter

    Lettttssssss gooooooo

  • V H
    V H

    Nothing can save Cold War from being a subpar CoD, Modern Warfare is literally leaps and bounds better in every way possible. Cold War is Laggy, the hit detection feels like it's not sure who has the upper hand in gun fights, killing someone usually time skips to you or them falling down dead in a weird high latency time skip!

  • Edgardo P.
    Edgardo P.

    This is how they milk people for money

  • Syazriman HAFIZI
    Syazriman HAFIZI

    Light em' up

  • vip vip
    vip vip

    delete aim assist

  • The Ga10
    The Ga10

    Hey guys I bought modern warfer last week and it wouldn’t let me play campaign and the store is unavailable so I can’t download the missing data plz help :(

  • Maxy

    Please leave the resurgence trio on verdanks in the game its so much more fun than the normal BR

  • Arfat Aslam
    Arfat Aslam

    Everything is connected

  • J M
    J M

    The game lacks naration , you wont remember every mission continuation

  • Victor Janssen
    Victor Janssen

    Please be apart of the 3D comeback like Xbox can do 3D at a 120hz with 4K enhanced. So a Stereo Optic 3D setting in Warzone please.

  • Aqua

    Will Call Of Duty: Ghost 2 be released

  • Gaming Cow
    Gaming Cow

    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War | Warzone the movie.

  • gam D
    gam D

    can we just leave alder to die? I want Hudson

  • Funny Tree
    Funny Tree

    Bring back King Slayer Trio

  • Beneton

    BUilding a greater RUssia. I see... Bly*

  • Tidepool Clipper
    Tidepool Clipper

    Activision LITERALLY only cares for Call of Duty now. They have left their other IPs to basically rot away. Assuming they are even working on Spyro 4 anymore, they will just discard that series afterwards like they did with Crash Bandicoot.