We Tested Best Viral Life HACKS To See If They Work!! | **SHOCKING** 😱 @Samreen Ali | Mahjabeen Ali
Hello Friends, in this video I have done a very fun and interesting challenge called Cake Challenge with my Sister Samreen Ali. I hope you will enjoy. And yes don’t forget to like this video
Love you all!!!
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  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan

    Go check her description she writes the same description that she writes in her cake challenge in her every video she writes the same

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    Shagun chaurasia


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    Japji Badwal


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    Raj Aryan

    mahjabeen Di daldi new video dalo plz I'm waiting plz plz plz

  • Vishal Chaudhary
    Vishal Chaudhary

    Rainbow🌈 has 7 colors🎨

  • Mr Abdur
    Mr Abdur

    Is u r a muslim girls u dont have any islaam

  • Drishti Ailani
    Drishti Ailani

    Samreen pagal aurat

  • Saumya garg
    Saumya garg

    7:38 7 colours

  • khizer hayat
    khizer hayat

    Api is best i want ramadan routine plzzzzz

  • Mohammad Sajid
    Mohammad Sajid

    rinbow mae 7 colour

  • Rushda Khan
    Rushda Khan

    Living like a shinchin 24 hours appi please

  • Meera Gupta
    Meera Gupta


  • Neelu Yadav
    Neelu Yadav

    Living like a marri girl

  • Neelu Yadav
    Neelu Yadav

    Living like a pragati verma

  • Bhavika Anand
    Bhavika Anand

    7 colours😂

  • Rashmi Sonthalia
    Rashmi Sonthalia


  • Rabiya Sarfaraz
    Rabiya Sarfaraz

    Please do living like a VIP for 24 hours

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    sejalpreet kaur

    Hi from your new subscriber..you are doing great things..I like you..🥰🥰🤩🤩

  • Nigar Khan
    Nigar Khan

    Living in bathroom for 24 hours

  • Ismita Nayak
    Ismita Nayak

    Rainbow sendwich pragati verma ke channal me hua tha pass

  • Stuti Sinha
    Stuti Sinha

    Participating in give away: Di you both are looking v, v pretty and cute, I like your hairs, and I wish that you both get all play button, and you both become more famouse. You are my favorite youtuber. 🥰😘

  • Ume Areeba
    Ume Areeba

    Mahjabeen api is so cute

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  • Samina Rauf
    Samina Rauf

    common sence rainbow have seven colours

  • mahnoor butt
    mahnoor butt

    You are so over samreen

  • Girish Chitte
    Girish Chitte

    Meko khana hai sandwich deh

  • amardeep kaur
    amardeep kaur

    I will pray that your subscribers will. More than 7m

  • Hareem Sheikh
    Hareem Sheikh

    In 1st hack you take hot water

  • pooja tips
    pooja tips

    Rainbow me 7 colour rehte hai

  • sky nights
    sky nights

    Samreen dii and mehjban dii looking gorgeous 👌👌🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Raju Ansari
    Raju Ansari

    Samreen Appi please karo na sofa

  • Raju Ansari
    Raju Ansari

    Living on sofa for 24 hours challenge karo please karo na karna gussa jaaungi karna ki kya theek hai

  • Minal Take
    Minal Take

    Boiled water me pencil dalni padti he

  • Rash a 1da Begum
    Rash a 1da Begum

    Living in a fridge 24 hrs


    Next video eating only 🌈 food challenge...

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    ramkrishnsingtomar tomar

    7 colour

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    Danger gaming


  • Danger gaming
    Danger gaming

    I. Love you

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    Rasti gamer chanal

    Mahjabeen apii plzzz living like sinchan for 24 hours ya wali video bnao pppppllllllzzzzz🙏🙏🙏

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    Narender Sharma


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    Waleed Mobile

    7 colours 7

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    Yashi aggarwal

    Nice hacks👍👍👍

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    Aashima Goyal


  • Jageet Singh
    Jageet Singh

    I see red on hair

  • Saroj Shamnani
    Saroj Shamnani

    Rainbow have 7 wonderful colours

  • maha.khuram124 maha.khuram124
    maha.khuram124 maha.khuram124

    Aap apni hair care routine bataen plzzzzzz🤠

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    Aarti Sharma

    I love u guys u ae amazing

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    Eating banana🍌 dishes for 24 hours please 😀

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    Ghanshyam Thakur

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    Ghanshyam Thakur

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  • Jaspret Singh
    Jaspret Singh

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  • suruchi yadav
    suruchi yadav

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    Shreya Dwivedi

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  • Rimpa Dey DAVMTPS3256
    Rimpa Dey DAVMTPS3256

    Amul= Taste of India Babul=paste of India Tiktok=waste of India Mahajabeen di=best of India❤❤

  • muskan kumari
    muskan kumari


  • Haji Hasan
    Haji Hasan

    1red 2 orange 3 yellow 4green 5 blue 6 indigo 7 violet

  • Ajija jbemum
    Ajija jbemum

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  • Madhu Rathore
    Madhu Rathore


  • Madhu Rathore
    Madhu Rathore


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    Manju Devi

    I have eaten the ranbiow sancwhich di mere to pass ho gaya da

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    Shanam Khan

    6:11 @Samreen_Ali reaction 😂😂😂

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    Khan Mudassir


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    Sarah Ahmed Raisa 29


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    Aaradhya Arya

    Ha light a gaiy hai ana 7 colour

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    Kamlesh Aulakh

    Living like a shinchan for 24 hours

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    Sahiba Yeasmin

    Samreen tumaharee bal itne glow kesi hai staraight karte ho

  • Subiya Qursehi
    Subiya Qursehi

    Mehjabin api lens pehn kar kitchen m nahi jate

  • Lubna Khan
    Lubna Khan

    You do your first hack wrong because water have to be boiled

  • Nandini Sadana
    Nandini Sadana

    Mene tishu paper ka hack mene apni friend ke sath kiya

  • Nandini Sadana
    Nandini Sadana

    Mahjebeen di app samreen di ko 3 lake rupes doge shopping ke liye please di our ounko 2 hours doge please di app mera challenge le lo

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    Younus Bin

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    Kaif Zeeshan

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  • Kaif Zeeshan
    Kaif Zeeshan

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    Anaya Tuteja


  • Zahid ali
    Zahid ali

    24 hours

  • Zahid ali
    Zahid ali

    Red colour food challenge

  • Zahid ali
    Zahid ali

    7 colours

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    Nimra Khan

    7 colours

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    Alina Nakade

    Mahajabeen apke video me aap se Jyada samreen hi bolti h

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    Mudasir Khan

    living in mall plz

  • Mudasir Khan
    Mudasir Khan

    living in mall

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    Muhammad Saleem

    aslamulikum sister i am iffat i am your very big fan please contect me

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    Saima Javed

    Hi mera name adina hain

  • C P Kaushik
    C P Kaushik

    Sam is doing too much overacting at all

  • Hasina Khan
    Hasina Khan

    Cheese sandwich aapko sandwhich maker me banana chiye tha kyuki pragati ka bangaya tha sandwich

  • deobrat Kumar
    deobrat Kumar

    Seven colours

  • Feriha Khan
    Feriha Khan

    I will have the rainbow bread if you both are giving me to eat cuz I'm a big fan of you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Usha Bhattppyu
    Usha Bhattppyu

    Swalla Hak Kam Nahin Kiya

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar

    Wow I can't believe on hack🤩🤩

  • NaTasHA SiDhU
    NaTasHA SiDhU

    i have hair color hack take marker open the marker put color of marker in boul and put hair CONDISHENR aply to your hair wait and wash

  • Usha Bhattppyu
    Usha Bhattppyu

    7 colour

  • Tannu Rana
    Tannu Rana

    Amazing video but we want Living like shinchan for 24 hours

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    CHIMAN Sing


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    There are 7 colours🤣🤣

  • Uzma Khan
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    I like rainbow

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