30 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)
30 Minute Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)
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This is a 30 mins beginner daily yoga routine that you can do at home. With this unpredictability surrounding the world in the pandemic, this video is focused on channelising our energy in learning the divine practice of Yoga. If you are a complete beginner to yoga or someone with basic experience, then this video will properly introduce you to the heavenly world of asanas and pranayama making your body healthy and mind calm. One more thing this video is not just to watch but to follow along. So come on. Let's do it together.
0:40​ - Before getting started with this Yoga Routine, do this.
01:12​ - Yoga Warm up. These have been referred to as Sukshama Vyayama in the Yogic scriptures
05:14​ - Suryanamaskar.The sun salutation. A powerful yogic practice involving 12 asanas.
06:53​ - Six most important asanas to beat the problems of our busy modern lifestyle
07:05 - Pawanmuktasana. The gas release pose. Best to beat acidity and gas issues.
07:47​ - Markatasana. The monkey pose. This is especially for the back and the issues related to the spine.
08:41 - Naukaasana. The Boat pose. This is to reduce the belly ponch and tone the abdominal muscles.
09:20 - Sarvangasana - The Shoulder stand. It is helpful for almost every body part.
10:25 - Badhkonasana - The butterfly pose for PCOD and prostate.
11:16 - Mandukasana - The frog pose is the best for diabetes.
​12:20 - Yogic pranayama or the breathing exercises.
12:40​ - Aum chanting. Thrice. Aum chanting creates subtle vibrations within the body that makes the body ready for pranayama.
13:27​ - Bhastrika pranayama or yogic deep breathing. This is a simple yet effective way to boost the immunity. It energises the body and calms the mind.
14:47​ - Kapalbhati or rapid exhalation. Among the most powerful Yogic pranayama. It pushes the excessive air trapped in the digestive tract.
19:03​ - Agnisaar. The benefits of agnisaar kriya increase manifold when it's done just after Kapalbhati. It is known to strengthen the digestive system.
20:03 - Jalandhar Bandh. Miraculously beneficial for getting over addictions of the body as well as the mind.
21:26 - Shithali breath. The cooling breath. For all body heat issues. Must in summers.
22:35​ - Anulom Vilom pranayama or Alternate Nostril Breathing. Anulom vilom instantly calms the mind. It has the capability to put in a trance state. You feel mediative.
26:43​ - Bhramari Pranayama or Bee breath. This is the best breathing exercise for brain. Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, anger issues, weak concentration power, you name it, Bharamari has the power to cure any issues related to the brain. It even stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands.
28:03​ - Rubbing the hands together before concluding. It activates the acupressure points.
28:27​ - Last but not the least. Shavasana, to cool down the body.
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I wish you good health.
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