Fairphone 3+ Durability Test! - it feels like cheating...
The Fairphone 3 is a modular smartphone that suposidly is super easy to repair, and replace parts of. But is the Fairphone 3 durable? The only way to find out is with a JerryRigEverything Durability Test. This time, we'll start off by exploring the FairPhone 3's insides, since that is what it is desigend for. Then we will see what the phone is made of and if the FairPhone 3 can survive every day life.
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  • Dee Snuts
    Dee Snuts

    The thing that i love of this phone it's that Fairphone has the possibility release upgrades, that would be cool to be able to buy a motherboard with a snapdragon 888 built in or more ram or even better the possibility to configure the motherboard with the SoC you want and how much ram you want on their website, just like a PC!

  • Moein Mirjalili
    Moein Mirjalili


  • defaultuser0

    3:53 i swear he wears a plaintiff at this moment

  • George Rigby
    George Rigby

    Poor mac, no one wants it and i can see why :) _im a windows guy_

  • Neil knightley
    Neil knightley

    Really hope this phone is super successful

  • Илиан Тодоров
    Илиан Тодоров

    Look the winner of most repairable phone of the year xD

  • Vault Dweller.
    Vault Dweller.

    No Zack, you are thinking in the modular phone original concepts.

  • DeepHorizon

    This. This phone wins.

  • rainbowmessenger

    I'd own a Fairphone if their phones weren't so big. But so it goes. x.x Such a great concept generally.

  • *************

    If it had different parts with different prices (battery sizes, camera modules, different chips, variety of refresh rates etc) at a reasonable price, i'd be really happy to back this up. I really like being able to simply fix what i got rather than constantly having to buy new stuff, even if it's cheaper to do so at times.

  • MaTaHuGu

    There is actually a Google idea that never worked which is similar to this phone called “Project Ara”

  • Arpan Mukhopadhyay
    Arpan Mukhopadhyay


  • Romeo Razal
    Romeo Razal

    I thought he will draw a big pp in the back

  • Farouk Yasser
    Farouk Yasser

    Jerry: this is the first phone to get a teardown before the durability test LGwing: am I a joke to you

  • Vedant Phuse
    Vedant Phuse

    He missed the opportunity to say "this looks unfair"

  • The King
    The King

    Okay, nerd rant time: computers didn’t start off being upgradable. The closest to “upgradable hardware” was actually the Apple 2, with its expansion slots. Stuff like the Commodore Pet had no real way to upgrade them. Upgradable computers didn’t really become a standard until the IBM 5150, and MS-Dos.

  • The Same Same
    The Same Same

    I love this concept!

  • Jim Huang
    Jim Huang

    I'm actually very excited for this.

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson

    Reminds me of the blackberry z10 with the back cover removed

  • Mr Michael
    Mr Michael

    Considering the price..and what you get. Not that Fair.

  • Mr.technology Silva
    Mr.technology Silva

    My grandfather knows how to swap a sim card

  • Ke'Naia Aamori
    Ke'Naia Aamori

    When you have enough experience drawing with a knife that its normal

  • 0pposite

    Ngl I thought about buying one, because i need a new phone like at least once every two years, but I play a lot of games on my phone. So a downgrade from my LG G8S wasn't an option.

  • station992

    I want this... 😍😍😍

  • Shyambabu2

    2:38 _Unless you own a mac_

  • Crazy's Gaming SK
    Crazy's Gaming SK

    nothing bad fof you, but JerryRigEggIsBig

  • hazel

    as an iPhone fan (currently using a OnePlus) i do have to say this makes most, if not all, current smartphone manufacturers look absolutely weak. We'Re RoOtInG fOr SaViNg ThE pLaNeT! Fairphone: wait wait wait, who was talking about reusability again??

  • Raam Jaane
    Raam Jaane

    Honest companies does not exist... But than there coem the fair fone

  • Obinator

    Ngl this is super cool imagine a new camera releases and you can just buy it and install it while your friends would have to buy a new phone

  • Dayko

    Unfortunately I doubt many people will buy this for $500 over other phones at that price range. Personally I already bought a new phone this year so I will not buy a new one for 2-3 years minimum. People care about cameras and 120hz oled screens. Really hope this takes off though.

  • Skthmd Rmn
    Skthmd Rmn

    0:58 the good old days!!!!

  • Pvshka

    3:32 do I see scratches from a stainless steel razor blade? This doesn't usually happen with Gorilla Glass...

  • adryd

    You should do a durability test and tear-down of the Librem 5 if you get a chance to

  • Apple&IOS

    2:39 unless you own a mac

  • caswtbb

    new phone who dis

  • Subjih Huh
    Subjih Huh

    The dependent latex indisputably fetch because bagel recurrently disapprove forenenst a noisy improvement. grubby gruesome, tame peony

  • Hannah

    Nice! I still have an old Lenovo Motorola G3, it can be opened and upgraded in terms of battery and storage, but not to the same degree as the FairFone. This is cool!

  • KULT Vítka
    KULT Vítka

    if i know right the new EU law will bring a sentence "all eletronic mass consumed products must be easy repairable by owners without a service" - looing foward to that with new law that all eletronic devices must be charge able through usb c. - 2030 comming :)

  • Jan Party
    Jan Party

    Thank you for what you have done for Scar!

  • William Allen
    William Allen

    You should do some other budget phones. Like the Google pixel and lg stylo6

  • Sepific

    have you ever fixed a pare of apple beats?

  • Xervoo

    Would love a Fairphone "Ultra" sort of thing. With a more modern design, Plastic is fine, but going back to bezels that large is tough. Would love to see bezels more like on the Galaxy S9. For me that's the biggest issue with the Fairphone. (Of course getting faster CPUs would be great aswell, perhaps increasing the longevity of the phone.

  • Dadive

    I would love to see a small Fairphone (in the ballpark of the iphone mini). I would buy it as soon as I can't repair my XZ2 Compact anymore

  • Peter Højland
    Peter Højland

    Please make a modular phone with Oled, 120hz and top end CPU. Then i'll buy it for sure!

  • John Michael Crescencio
    John Michael Crescencio

    From the word fair, it is fair for me easy to fix but it's plastic.

  • Jasper

    Fairphone after watching the video: that's not what this was designed for

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man

    Love it.

  • Arnab Adhikary
    Arnab Adhikary

    *"Glass is Glass, And Glass Breaks"*

  • Ant Macina
    Ant Macina

    I've had the Fairphone 2, then the 3, now I've bought the upgraded selfie camera. I love the modularity and repairability by design, just wish they'd ask for an extra couple of hundred and throw a Snapdragon 8 series chip in here for more performance.

  • Rix Cano
    Rix Cano

    Can you do a scratch test on the phone having liquid tempered

  • mathskzha

    Not including the charging brick is so much worse for the environment if u need a brick or the plug cause the extra shipping, especially for USB c cause iPhone users or ppl with old phones that had micro USB would need to buy they new cord and or brick. They should have an option to buy with the charger for a few bucks extra

  • quelorepario

    There are people using the same fairphones for over 6 years. The fact that we might get surprised hearing this is a sign that there is something really wrong going on in this industry. This should be the norm, not a freaking oddity. I have a 286's that's still running, My Nokia 3310 is still working, even my Motorola Startac is workinga after 20 years or more. And somehow we got indoctrinated by the cellphone industry that the cool thing these days is to throw away a handlheld computer every 2 years. It is time to wake the fuck up.

  • Sem Serg
    Sem Serg

    Hi, Jerry did the test right or not Jerry liked me I told someone you are an idiot to buy an iPhone or Android foulds no also out of respect for those who manufacture saving the world it means saving as much waste as possible that we throw tons tons of plastic and therefore fairphone instead the shit that we throw in the sewer instead you cannot transform it and when they talk about producing even more and unfortunately we have to live together. 👍🌎🌏🌍

  • Qwer Rew
    Qwer Rew

    Hi, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee👍

  • Rohit V
    Rohit V

    Why was I expecting scratches at a level 3

  • Holla Henderson
    Holla Henderson

    "A single camera dates the Fairphone 3 pretty hard." I understand that multiple cameras are the "norm" now, but why do people even need more than 1 on each side? What purpose does that even serve to the common person on the street? you got a camera for selfies on the front and a camera for everything else on the back. extra cams are extra price, nothing more.

  • Technology is Awesome
    Technology is Awesome

    It passed the durability test. That's good.

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans

    Any chance you can do a Durability test of LG or Sharp smartphones ? 🤔

  • ابو طلحة الشامي
    ابو طلحة الشامي

    Can we updated some peace from this dvic ?

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy

    If this comes to Australia it's my next phone.

  • Kenneth Kline
    Kenneth Kline

    Did anybody else blow on their phones after he finished carving that thumbs up?

  • gd5830

    These videos are like the polar opposite of asmr for me, I can only watch them with my fingers on mute...

  • Dallas

    I like the concept but for the price I feel like you’re better off getting a OnePlus Nord 10 or an iPhone SE

  • Leo Sto
    Leo Sto

    Great idea, but will never take off. Shame really.

  • CanadaBallGames

    Can you test the Xiaomi Redmi 8a

  • Julian Bogado
    Julian Bogado

    if you replaced every part of the phone, is it still the same phone?

  • SimpySon69

    This shouod be the future

  • BAthEeraunA

    Finally I can remove the microphone against google and use it for home usage!

  • Lion King
    Lion King

    Very nice to see these phones! Make them better with more camera modules and support this company!

  • Patrick Borden
    Patrick Borden

    2:30 "And boom, new phone, who dis?"

  • Ingus Kurpnieks
    Ingus Kurpnieks

    can u pls test ipad 8

  • Jonas Deichfuß
    Jonas Deichfuß

    My next phone! We have support companies like fairphone. Nice job.

  • Gilson Neto
    Gilson Neto

    Trying to read Zack's t-shirt at 3:02

  • es

    You really spelt supposedly as suposidly in the desc

  • 『 Eshan Playz 』
    『 Eshan Playz 』

    The first phone to be taken apart before a durability test?

  • Jack Reacher 33
    Jack Reacher 33

    I Like concept but .....The price is too expensive for me , I would rather buy a refurbished phone with Better spec .

  • now now
    now now

    I cant stand how smug this guy acts

  • Aypac

    Also important to note: the fairphone 3 comes with a removable rubber strip all around, making it very well protected against drops (both the edges and the screen).

  • Silver Hawk
    Silver Hawk

    This is modular cellphones done right.

  • Oliver Immich
    Oliver Immich

    With better support in local LTE bands this would've been a buy. Yet, I'm going to keep an eye on the iterations to come. @Zac: Care to explore the os options on your 3+?

  • Santiago Fernandez
    Santiago Fernandez

    What do you do with all the phones you have Can I get the iPhone 12 you opened up and broke the camera

  • Elijah Resnick
    Elijah Resnick

    and boom new phone who dis??

  • Athgghf Mfuhjrhh
    Athgghf Mfuhjrhh

    vivo v19

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar

    *Dislikes from apple and samsung headquarters*

  • Shibathedog

    Pretty fun watching you wreck phones while appreciating them lol

  • UhOh

    Life moves forward while borrowing ideas from the past

  • High Last gaming
    High Last gaming

    Who else wants him to build his own phone using the parts he has

  • TheDairyBum

    I want this phone in the States.

  • DeepDoctor42

    Could you tear down the BLU vivo xl4? I know it's an old phone. But I have one and I wanna know what's up with the charging port

  • Weki Bridgestone
    Weki Bridgestone

    am a pretty big fun of this fairphone concept.... me too

  • Elliot Daniels
    Elliot Daniels

    damn, my grandma wouldnt be able to do this lol, but i get what you mean

  • Sebastian madsen
    Sebastian madsen

    Hey jerry, since you are in America why not use a zippo lighter instead, it would be kinda cool if you used in a video. Btw good video, keep it up.

  • ChairDoorMan

    This reminds me of that one Kickstarter project from a few years back everyone was freaking out about. Does anyone know if the companies are related?

  • Niels Nijmegen
    Niels Nijmegen

    For people that just want a phone that works and lasts, this is a great phone. And a much bigger statement than any i-phone or alike... (which in my view are totally obsolete, 'old economy' that kills our planet). I have been happy with my FairPhone 1 between 2013 and 2017 and even more happy (bigger memory) with my FairPhone 2 of 2017! Perhaps I need a new phone in 2 or 3 years, who will say? But I can say what I would like to buy then!

  • qasim jebran
    qasim jebran

    Its not available in my country I love everything it stands for and the idea it promotes

  • Ronit Chawla
    Ronit Chawla

    Mr.Jerryrigeverything I am a big fan of your's. I really like your videos. I have one request that can you do a teardown of Realme X50 5g phone. Thank you 😊

  • Chris Sturm
    Chris Sturm

    It can't possibly succeed. It just makes TOO MUCH SENSE!

  • - hypnoticbat9555
    - hypnoticbat9555

    It would be nice if it was a good phone. My current phone works fine, but it is slow. I guess you can't change the CPU/graphics part either to replace it by a new one. That would means it will still be slow after some years.

  • Leonardo Oppi
    Leonardo Oppi

    The volume dropped at "unless you own a mac"..😅

  • Damien

    Feel honored to see my language as first rule on package

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