How a dog survived night in a toilet with leopard in Karnataka
Now, dog Bollu has a formidable reputation among the mongrels of Bilinele village in Dakshina Kannada, having survived a night and day with a leopard in a toilet, at the end of which he walked out while the leopard darted through the roof. And the dog survived the horror. Jayalakshmi, the owner of the house, was at her relative’s on Tuesday night, when the leopard likely strayed in from the adjacent Kombaru reserve forest. Early Wednesday morning, a family member saw the stout tail of the leopard through the toilet door. Without skipping a beat, she locked the door and went on to call forest officials. What bystanders captured through the toilet window was intriguing: the leopard curled into a corner, and diagonally opposite was Bollu, each apparently having marked their territory in captivity. The house belongs to late Venkappa Gowda of Moolemane in Kaikamba. “It is located adjacent to Kombaru forest. The leopard may have entered human habitation chasing the dog at night. And while the dog took shelter in the toilet, the leopard probably followed it,” said Subrahmanya Range RFO HT Raghavendra. The two remained closeted, in a space barely 3 feet by four feet, until 1.45pm on Wednesday when the big cat made a dash for it. Through the morning, forest officials placed two layers of nets on the asbestos sheets that served as the toilet roof and got permission to dart the animal.

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh

    like i survive with my wife everyday


    Psicología, cuando los dos están en las mismas circunstancias, el leopardo solo quiero libertad.

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    Dog to his friends, Friends: Hey, where were you last night after getting drunk like hell in the party? Dog: I had one night stand with sexy woman in leopard print last night in hotel room. Friends: Hard to believe you looser. Dog: Why don't you check the news, besides all our hooman friends were there too watching us making out. Friends: 😳🤔

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    I hope for another tsunami to kill all of those people



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    After watching meme 😂

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    Dog: let me sleep Leopard: understandable have a great day

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    Le husbands: are you challenging me😄😄

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    Like I survive with my wife every day.

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    Leopard just vibing in there.

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    ಅಯ್ಯೋ ನಾಯಿ ಪಾಪ ನನ್ನ ಹಾಗೆ ಸಾಧು ಪ್ರಾಣಿ 😔

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    Hello animals...the humans are curious about how you guys don't eat up each other...

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    Dog :- are ma chudi padi hai bhai

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    If I would have been there in the dog's place I would hav died by an heart attack

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    Video : How dog survived... Music: Star plus saas bahu serial..

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    Leopard respect dog

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    Pubg camper's

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    Mutual understanding?

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    It was very scary moment of dog

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    lol i think they were singing hum tum ek kamre mai bandh hojay XD

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    Why both of them gone toilet same time?

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    Salam Dara

    The truth is wild animals only kill and eat others animal only when they are hungry but humans kills for fun that's the difference...... "If you don't know now you know it" - Dana white.

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    Plz🙏भोकना मत (◠‿・)-☆तुझे कुछ नहीं कहूंगा भाई🐱

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    Leopard did attack the dog but still the dog survived..............damnnnn

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    Sandas me khana kon khata hai bhai

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    Others : dog was lucky Dog : how u dare to enter in my washroom . Twist : leopard was trapped in washroom I'm in 2021 , I'm watching this video after the day it was uploaded . In future recommendations hope u will find my comment . If u found me than subscribe my channel and comment at my latest video that " leopard survived "

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    Leopard: Meow

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    Dog:(scared) are you gonna kill me? Leopard: Nah I just wanna talk bro

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    Only legend knows that, the leopard was beaten by dog. Leopard survived whole night with dog😂😂

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    Bharath Kumar

    Some Studies said that lepord or animals will only Hunt ,when feel hungry. Lepord would have done with heavy meal. & sleept soundlessly 🥱😴 As same as human behaviour 🛌

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    Tabu BHAI indian

    Leopard not eat in toilet so he's Not kill dog in toilet

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    Dog: please don't kill me Leopard: i have more humanity than humans

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      Samu Frog

      I’m happy this leopard was a good one I hate the ones that go for puppies like get a pig or a human I don’t care just not cats or puppies

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      Or just say Dog:-pls dont kill me Cheetah:- i wont eat in toilet dont worry

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      It's Deep 😇😇

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    Now Dog has a good story to tell his grand puppies 🐕🐕🐩🐶🐶

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    They hunt & kill only when hungry. Unlike us.

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    I don't support anyone creating these videos just for some views! Shame on you! Poor animals.

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    y'all making jokes just imagine what that dog gone through that night.

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    Due to corona they both are on social distancing So simple is that😆

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    The lepord : Bro I have some fame , I cannot eat you in a toilet . What will people say🤫🤫😅


    Badbu se sund pad gaya hoga 😂😂😂

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    Dog name was swara Bhaskar so the leopard didn't bother 😂😂

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    This is sad who put that leopard in there with the dog so the leopard can kill that dog That's what it was about freaking ignorant people want to make a video

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    why was there a camera in bathroom??

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    Imagine that was your toilet a bucket, wow


    After few years This video is gonna get recommended randomly across the globe... For all of those I just want to announce I watched this video on the first day itself.....

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    Vegan leopard

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    This leopard is very choosy...eats only boneless. That dog was a haddi wala dog.

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    Leopard ka bhi ek standard hai jo toilet mein nahi khata 😅

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    Damn they still using asbestos sheets as roof in India, that's such a shame. Asbestos is highly toxic.

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      chill its a forest not a IT City

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    first thing is that big cat don't eat dogs

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    Don't judge a cat by its looks

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    Actually dog was corona positive so leopard was maintaining social distance😂😜

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    Even animals are more human than human themselves ❤

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    Leopard mutne gaya tha udar Par lock karna bhul gaya Aur fir kutta aya hagne par andar leopard pehle se tha, so leopard said "abbey sale" dog replied sorry woh jara pressure me idar udar hojata hu , aap karlo fir me karta hu, leopard said aap pehle karlo hugna is more important, dog said nahi aap pehle, And puri raat wohi chalu tha Moral of the story- lock the door of toilet before doing any work

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    Dog said, if u touch me our gang comes and beat u...Be care full!

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    Pinto Vikramaditya

    Leopard was more worried about escaping from locked room rather than killing the dog.

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      Nice understanding Vikramaditya.... your name also soo powerful

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    It's quite surprising that the leopard got away without being caught inspite of a big net that was placed above the roof

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    To whoever put the dog in with the leopard I like to see you put in with that same leopard is the if you survive the night

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    fun fact :- the dog was covid positive....hence the leopard did not touch the dog

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    Dog : tum mujhe maar ke khate kyu nhi Leopard : abe ye toilet hai maar to dunga lekin kha nhi paunga pgl..😅

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      Uska upwas tha shayed

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    Experiment- Schrodinger's dog

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    Dog ( male on tinder) leopard ( female on tinder) public ( parents)

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    • Meena Girish
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      Lol. His tail was near to toilet hole

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    Leopard:- I will kill you Tomy my food grrrrr Dog :- maintain social distance, I am corona positive Leopard:- Help , Help "please help me out from this place

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    Can anybody tell me how the dog and the leopard stuck into the room?🤔

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      @cute queen feat ML i didn't read about this news when i wrote the cmnt. After reading the news thn i abused this person

    • Divya Raichura
      Divya Raichura

      Leopard mutne gaya tha udar Par lock karna bhul gaya Aur fir kutta aya hagne par andar leopard pehle se tha, so leopard said "abbey sale" dog replied sorry woh jara pressure me idar udar hojata hu , aap karlo fir me karta hu, leopard said aap pehle karlo hugna is more important, dog said nahi aap pehle, And puri raat wohi chalu tha Moral of the story- lock the door of toilet before doing any work

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      @SABA ROSHI I don't think they would make such a sacrifice

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