Neon Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial | Wing It With Ankush | ft @MostlySane
So I FINALLY shot with Prajakta Koli aka Mostlysane on my Mumbai trip. I’ve always This girl is SUCH a sport and has such an infectious energy (also why that goddamn purple pigment got spilled lmao) but this was one of the most fun shoots for Wing It With Ankush. Just when you think it couldn’t go more wrong, it does! But well, we winged it and how!
The look is - Neon purple eyeliner, pink eye makeup and a minimal base with dramatic eyelashes! 😍😍😍
Products used:
Facial oil - Ras Luxury Oils Face Elixir
Primer - Elf Poreless putty primer
Concealer- Maybelline Age Rewind
All brushes from La Cara
Neon pigment stack that she spilled - Fempire Beauty
Eyeshadow palette - Morphe 35B Palette
Color corrector - LA Girl Green Color Corrector
Foundation - Colorbar
Beauty Blender - Beautilicious
Contour - Nykaa Foundation stick shade 07
Concealor - Dose of Colors
Translucent powder - Kay By Katrina Banana powder
Blush - Morphe 35B Palette
Highlighter- Kay By Katrina Champagne Fizz
Lip liner - Forever 52
Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Babe
Setting spray - Smashbox Primer Water
Eyelash curler - Vega
White Kajal - Bella vostage
Mascara - Lakmé Iconic
Eyelashes - Beautilicious
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  • Ayushi Priya
    Ayushi Priya

    2:06 dono holi khel rhea ha 😂😂

  • Vandana Ghugare
    Vandana Ghugare

    This was the first time I laughed a lot in ankush's makeup segments.

  • babli choudhary
    babli choudhary

    Kusha kapila ka kb kroge

  • Ashika Jennifer Elango
    Ashika Jennifer Elango

    Just found your channel. I like this guy. I feel like you're my male version.

  • Mahek Miglani
    Mahek Miglani

    Praajakta is soooo cuteeee

  • S O
    S O

    This boy is a total sweetheart. God bless him ❤

  • sravanthi sampara
    sravanthi sampara

    1 m views🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Srishti Roy
    Srishti Roy

    Which app did you use the filter in the first clip?

  • Vicky Apple Khan
    Vicky Apple Khan

    She is just over acting

  • PratZ Patil
    PratZ Patil

    Sab dhokha hai bc !

  • Sonanki Ghosh
    Sonanki Ghosh

    the purple liner with pink shadow looks so amazing! I envy how gorgeous her eyes are looking 😪

  • Shaikh Aafiya
    Shaikh Aafiya

    i have literally watched this vedio more than 5 time still laughing each and everytime whenever i watch it .. 😅😅😅 ... best partt is when prajikta maam said soo innocently and cutely AAPARNAA PANDEY KON HAI ?? 🥺🥺👉👈❤ also love the way ankush talks with everyone .. i dont know about other but i would be bleesed if i have a male friend like him dude .. seriouslyy

  • Shivangi Pawar
    Shivangi Pawar

    Eyeliner looks really bomb

  • Isha Sharma
    Isha Sharma

    Plz do more meakup with Prajakta plzzz ....bhut maza ata it's very entertaining yrr 😬🤞

  • Rohma M.Khan
    Rohma M.Khan

    lol I started the video from mid and I thought they match eyes with her sweatshirt

  • Urja Vyas
    Urja Vyas

    out of all the looks that you have created I love this look the most😁💖

  • # SINFAM
    # SINFAM

    No one : Literally no one : Prajakta : jis brand ka bhi hai yeh product mai aapko ye batana chahungi ki aapka product bahut pigmented hai kahin se bhi nhi utarta yeh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 👇🏻

  • # SINFAM
    # SINFAM

    This video is the most funniest video I’ve ever seen in my whole life 😂😂😂

  • Rida Khan
    Rida Khan

    I have his many videos with many other like with Aishwarya, Aisha, Srishti and many more but this was the beeesssstttttttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Naresh Boolchandani
    Naresh Boolchandani

    11:13 No!! Lol!

  • Nikyta Nahid
    Nikyta Nahid

    Subha se raat ho gaya

  • ishika badola
    ishika badola

    That look on ankush's face after the pigment. Itna dukh😂😂😂

  • Ananya Aich
    Ananya Aich

    Ankush ne acting chor di kya.....lockdown effect

  • Paulami Majumdar
    Paulami Majumdar

    What’s the name of the liner? It’s amazinggggggggg......😍

  • aleefa shaikh
    aleefa shaikh

    I dont think lipstick shade is good

  • Simran Parveen
    Simran Parveen

    Omg 😂😂😂😂 Praju reminds me of myself 😂 I'm also clumsy yr

  • Julia Fernandes
    Julia Fernandes

    Woww!! I loved the makeup

  • Anika Parekh
    Anika Parekh

    Hi can you please tell me the shade of the Forever 52 lip liner?

  • Valsala Tv
    Valsala Tv

    Ankushhhh.... I am disappointed that the pisces in you didn't roast back!!!!! Nice makeup tho💯💯💯

  • Sushmita Parashar
    Sushmita Parashar

    Shoutout to Aparna Panday! 😂😂😂 hope you’re watching it you famous now buddy;😂

  • Manisha Tomar
    Manisha Tomar

    So much fun watching this...can watch non stop whole day❤️❤️❤️

  • Divya Bajpai
    Divya Bajpai

    Is there a direct link to buying that neon palatte..??

  • Poornima Saxena
    Poornima Saxena

    Good makeup but on wrong person

  • Kopila Chaudhary
    Kopila Chaudhary

    Who is aparna pandey hmm 😂

  • Kopila Chaudhary
    Kopila Chaudhary


  • sravanthi sampara
    sravanthi sampara

    Watching this and their video on prajaktha's channel is just a everyday thing!❤️ This videos are so cute and natural😎

  • JLT Just Like That
    JLT Just Like That

    This is one of the best videos ankush. Keep it up dude...

  • Maggie Sachdev
    Maggie Sachdev

    He was out of stock ???? LMAOOOOOO


    They are soo nice , I really wanna be friends with them. Be my besssfreeeennnn you guys!

  • Swara Takkar
    Swara Takkar

    She looks pretty without make up only

  • Shruti Konapala
    Shruti Konapala

    I literally feeled montu in Prajakta bcoz... When she said "ur going Bye"❤️❤️❤️

  • Garima Verma
    Garima Verma

    This video is giving me anxiety. She is so fidgety!!!!

  • Khushboo Saini
    Khushboo Saini

    Really late for this one but it was a great fun video and guys you made it great just loved it 😂😂😂 I hope you get this comment love it tq

  • Heta Kharwar
    Heta Kharwar

    This is the best videoooo😂😂

  • আওয়ামী যুব মহিলা লীগ সাতক্ষীরা জেলা
    আওয়ামী যুব মহিলা লীগ সাতক্ষীরা জেলা

    They are getting mad!!🤣😂😆

  • Kanchan Rathore
    Kanchan Rathore

    She is like me if someone does the makeup of mine

  • Disha

    Ankush ko bilal abbas Khan k tarah lg rh h🙄

  • Rishav Karmakar
    Rishav Karmakar

    Every single moment in this video is funny...and I am in love with this makeup....❤❤❤❤...I have watched this video 5 times till's amazing♥

  • Rishav Karmakar
    Rishav Karmakar

    I love this....just wow❤❤❤❤

  • Krishna Kulkarni
    Krishna Kulkarni

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  • Tani

    8:31 the hands😂😂😂

  • khushi agrawal
    khushi agrawal

    I realllllllly loveeeee thisss loook omg

  • Chandrima Dey
    Chandrima Dey

    Praju app joh vi video pe rehete ho chahe wo kuch vi ho wo funny video ban jata hh😂😂😂😂

  • Mrittika Byron
    Mrittika Byron

    What must it feel like to have coffee right after having paan masala?

  • Dakshkumari Mehtalia
    Dakshkumari Mehtalia

    Can u please tell @ankush from where did u got that pigment stack????? Btw u did the lovely makeup, eye catchy and alsosimple and subtle at the same time

  • No one No one
    No one No one

    P u look gr8

  • poli bharath
    poli bharath

  • Oshin Mane
    Oshin Mane

    Lovely makeup😍

  • Anagha Karkare
    Anagha Karkare

    Woww this video was so much fun!!!😂 😍wish I was liking ankush's posts at that time so praju would have said my name too😁🤪

  • Smile Always
    Smile Always

    Awesome video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sheeba Sudhakaran
    Sheeba Sudhakaran

    I literally love Prajakta koli

  • Sheeba Sudhakaran
    Sheeba Sudhakaran


  • srushti gharat
    srushti gharat

    I love this video 😍❤️ and Ankush also❤️

  • Sadia Oyshi
    Sadia Oyshi

    Beautiful makeup

  • Manavi Bangade
    Manavi Bangade


  • Neha Rai
    Neha Rai


  • Samiksha Dhekane
    Samiksha Dhekane

    Prajakta wear this hoodie on holi 😂😂

  • Nandini Singh
    Nandini Singh

    Best video ever!!!❤❤❤

  • Khushi Lakhan Paul
    Khushi Lakhan Paul

    This is hilarious man 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻

  • Sheeba Sudhakaran
    Sheeba Sudhakaran

    Who is Aparna Panday???

  • Always Smiling
    Always Smiling

    Ur makeup skills.💕💕

  • Dipti Bapat
    Dipti Bapat

    These both have much better chemistry than prajakta and rohit did.

  • Bhoomika More
    Bhoomika More

    I was literally laughing like a mad person my mom sitting in front of me and taking online class she is like itna kya hai tere phone mei joh tu itna fudak fudak ke hass rhi hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Madhura Ingule
    Madhura Ingule

    Ankush is makeup artist???😅

  • Aritra Das
    Aritra Das


  • Aritra Das
    Aritra Das


  • Monoroma Deshamukhya
    Monoroma Deshamukhya

    OMGee !! What a video it was ! Seriously !!! Meine itna toh Praju di ki fun video mein bhi nahi hasa jitna meine yeh dekh ke hasa . & U guys were fantastic ! Seriously !!! & I loved d purple pigment part. Also d make up was amazing !

  • stylish me
    stylish me

    Tune pigment ke paise nhi diye na😂 Mne sweatshirt ke diye hai 😂 best😂

  • Devanshi Goyal
    Devanshi Goyal

    Who is here again after watching prajakata's video of her doing makeup on Ankush!!! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Cause I am 😁😁

  • Tejinder Naru
    Tejinder Naru

    Which liner have you guys used...I loved the purple liner

  • j c
    j c

    Ye itni overacting kyu krti hai. Kab band kregi. .. Ankush you are genuine.

  • RaMaL RiaZ
    RaMaL RiaZ

    Why prajakta so much valgur she's saying F so much times😳

    • Ananya Dudhalkar
      Ananya Dudhalkar

      She said it only one time The part was shown many times.... repeatedly

  • Neha Chandra
    Neha Chandra

    Phele mujhe laga prajakta ka purple and grey hi shade ka h but later i know that it is an accident😆😆😆

  • Ayushi Bahuguna
    Ayushi Bahuguna

    😂😂😂😂oh god

  • Kriti Jain
    Kriti Jain

    where is prajakta's jawlineeeeeeeeee

  • Diksha Deshmukh
    Diksha Deshmukh

    8:41 Meanwhile aparna pandey:

  • Ishika Jain
    Ishika Jain

    Who is here after watching #realtalktuesday?

  • Kinjal Sheth
    Kinjal Sheth

    I had so much fun watching this video 😜


    Yaarrrr Prajakta 😂😂😁lovee you 😘❤️

  • Riddhi Chatterjee
    Riddhi Chatterjee

    I can't stop laughing. It's more of comedy than make-up 🤣🤣

  • Ayeshahub



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  • Prachi Dalmiya
    Prachi Dalmiya

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  • Heyy Guyss
    Heyy Guyss

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  • Adia Masoora
    Adia Masoora

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  • Shivani Singh
    Shivani Singh


  • Anika John
    Anika John

    Pigments are from?? i really loved the color.... your makeup is really good but just one suggestion from a makeup artist just try to stand on your right side don’t move here or there...

  • S S
    S S

    Purple liner was too cool

  • Monika Choudhary
    Monika Choudhary


  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta

    it was a holi themmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.hehe

Bhanda fod dia😂 #Shorts #imkavy
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