Coolie No. 1 - Official Trailer | Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan | David Dhawan | Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video presents
Coolie No. 1 Official Trailer
A Pooja Entertainment Franchise
Directed by David Dhawan
Starring Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal and others
World Premiere - 25 Dec, 2020 only on Amazon Prime Video
About Coolie No. 1
After being insulted by a rich businessman named Rosario, pandit Jai Kishen teaches him a lesson by getting his daughter married to Raju - a Coolie posing as a millionaire. Soon Raju’s real identity is exposed but he cooks up a story of having a filthy rich twin. One lie leads to another and things start to go out of hand.
Movie Credits:
Produced By: Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh
Directed By: David Dhawan
Screenplay: Rumi Jaffery
Dialogues: Farhad Samji
Lead cast
Raju Coolie / Kunwar Raj Pratap Singh - Varun Dhawan
Sarah Rozario - Sara Ali Khan
Primary cast
Jeffery Rozario - Paresh Rawal
Jai Kishen/ Jackson - Jaaved Jaaferi
Mama - Rajpal Yadav
Deepak - Sahil Vaid
Anju Rozario - Shikha Talsania
Mahesh (Villain) - Vikas Verma
Mahendra Pratap Singh - Anil Dhawan
Manager - Manoj Joshi
Dadi - Bharti Achrekar
Police Inspector Jagjit Godbole - Johny Lever
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  • Haritha Ramesh
    Haritha Ramesh

    Such a waste movie

  • shyam Solanki
    shyam Solanki


  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    Govinda se badiya acting nhi kr sakte

  • Ashutosh Chouksey
    Ashutosh Chouksey

    Chee bhai chee is se tik tok wale acchi acting krte h ye kya h bhai 💩💩💩💩 Amazon wale chutiye h kya

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan

    Better to watch govinda's coolie no 1

  • Boxer Khan
    Boxer Khan

    Bolly children with silver spoon and not a penny worth of talent !

  • Manish Rai
    Manish Rai

    I dont like this movie

  • Wajidali Bosal
    Wajidali Bosal

    Kya maa chudi hai govinda ki movie ki 45 move main 1 jase Acting Asy he sugl mela lagy rakho salo sari move copy hai govinda ki

  • Shiva Kushwah
    Shiva Kushwah

    Chutiye... Hain koi tailand nhi....only chutiya pa


    Bollywood industry's have no content they only copy old movies ya south movies Hindustani public----Dekh koi fayda nhi h daal roti kha aur ghar m aaram kar 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ankit 0007
    Ankit 0007

    Chullu bhar pani m dub jate iste badiya

  • Sandeep singh
    Sandeep singh

    Varun can never act like Govinda🙄

  • play game
    play game

    purea flim ki ma chod di vieagi

  • Ankit Raj
    Ankit Raj

    faltu h 🤣

  • Ankit Raj
    Ankit Raj



    I hate Varun Dhawan. Aise hote hai heroI like Govinda



  • Imran khan 88845
    Imran khan 88845


  • Sangeeta Katake
    Sangeeta Katake

    Varun to Varun lekin sara bhi tough competition de rahi hai 😂😂😂

  • Nithin

    Worst actor ever

  • Super Sarim
    Super Sarim

    I don't know why everyone thinks it's a bad movie . It is a very good movie

  • Ramya Badrinath
    Ramya Badrinath

    VD to much overacting..sara does not know acting..but sara is good by her heart

  • Jr Shahid Kamran
    Jr Shahid Kamran

    Fucking movie

  • ANCIO Keith dsouza
    ANCIO Keith dsouza

    *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  • Naparajith TL
    Naparajith TL

    2021: RRR and KGF. Bollywood ka kahani katham.

  • Aditya Goswami
    Aditya Goswami

    Jhatu picture 🤣

  • Hussen Ali
    Hussen Ali

    Amazing movie

  • Karthik Kulkarni
    Karthik Kulkarni

    Now bollywood is doing cheap gimmicks😕 hiding Imdb ratings, and giving fake rankings for related bollywood movies 🙄

  • Road blogger
    Road blogger

    Dislikes ko show kar bey

  • Kaustubh Bhosale
    Kaustubh Bhosale


  • Rudra Kumar
    Rudra Kumar

    My mood is getting of to see this🤣 I think youtubers & south indians are best infront of him🤣🤣❤

  • Furkan Hashmi
    Furkan Hashmi

    johny lever ki acting acchi lagi

  • DopeGamer

    *Kids: Watched It* *Men: Disliked It* *Legends: Watched It, Disliked It & Did Comment.*

    • vergil 123
      vergil 123

      What about women 🤣🤣?

  • Sumit Empire
    Sumit Empire

    Tum log movies nikalte jaoo. Hum log movies ki band bajate jayge. ...😆😎

  • Balasinor Bulls
    Balasinor Bulls


  • Monti Rawat
    Monti Rawat

    Betta baap baap hota hai betha betha hota hai tera baap govinda hai

  • Monti Rawat
    Monti Rawat

    Flop Film k trelier mat dhala karo you tube par

  • Asmi Rawat
    Asmi Rawat

    No matter 1000 motherfucker hate uhh I will always love uhh vd

  • Rakesh Nishad
    Rakesh Nishad

    2:16 nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye

  • Rakesh Nishad
    Rakesh Nishad

    Bekar actor


    Fake people with fake personality , we will never forgive you all, coz of u all shushant is no more today, all r bloody jokers in this Industry.🔥

  • madhusudan Thore
    madhusudan Thore

    Ye to tatti he

  • Aasish Darji
    Aasish Darji

    Hate you from nepal😂😂 Gobinda is best but you are cartoon bro

  • Gul Rahman Tarai
    Gul Rahman Tarai

    Please don't upload movie like this because it's tatti film

  • Ahsan Raza
    Ahsan Raza

    Without govinda fucked up

  • Rajesh lakhani
    Rajesh lakhani

    Bakwaas has new dimension now

  • S P
    S P

    The worst movie in the history of Bollywood.... Thank god i didn't waste my time after watching this for 15 min 😜

  • Alok Krishna Singh
    Alok Krishna Singh


  • Saleh Bin
    Saleh Bin

    There is no comparison between old cast just look at Khader khan Shakti Kapoor Govinda every one is awesome. Now I m started hate Varun Dhawan & every actor in this movie. Spl sara Ali khan. Hate you acting please don’t sign any other movie. Phela love aaj kal ki wat lagayi Abhi yeh.

  • jaimin patel
    jaimin patel

    pls throw some acid on my eyes

  • poonam wagh
    poonam wagh

    maha kabadi flim in bollywood

  • Aamir Faraaz
    Aamir Faraaz

    Bokas Actor

  • Ajay Nath
    Ajay Nath

    Sometimes remakes work, sometimes they don't. But it would be so helpful if the director clarified what was the point of remaking this movie in this time and age. If having too much money is the problem donating it would have been so much better.

  • Pavitra Naidu
    Pavitra Naidu

    Aaa thu I don't have any word for this movie it is the basest movie I have ever seen


    2 min ka maun rkho 🤣🤣

  • Arnav Bhai
    Arnav Bhai

    *kitno ke sapne hotey hai movie main role Karna or in chutiyo ne majaak bana rakha hai **#lodabadelga*

  • sameer ansari
    sameer ansari

    waste of time movie...

  • Shivasish Garg
    Shivasish Garg

    What will you watch Kgf chapter 2 or this noptism ka "shopping mall"

  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Hagemaru Ninja
    Hagemaru Ninja


  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    Fuduuu filmmmmm saleaaa sachh main collieee ka kmm krne lgjaaaa (((bonduuuuu))))dhawan ki aullaaad

  • Princy

    gane ka remake hazam ho jata hai but ese ghatiya remake bardast ke bahar hai 🤮🤮🤮disgusting

  • Harshit Gangwar
    Harshit Gangwar


  • CheRished the moments
    CheRished the moments

    Sala koon hay ye Varun Gandu kassam se jidhar dekhunga ek laffa jaam k marunga. Sushant Singh Rajput ka bahut insult kiya tune.. Gandulal

  • Panchal Hardik
    Panchal Hardik


  • Panchal Hardik
    Panchal Hardik


  • Panchal Hardik
    Panchal Hardik


  • Panchal Hardik
    Panchal Hardik


  • Panchal Hardik
    Panchal Hardik


  • Sane Fran
    Sane Fran

    So Badlapur is still Varun Dhawans best work...comedy is not yet your game to ur strength man....why try to be someone else.... Copied... Expected nothing and still disappointed....

  • Advait Abhishek
    Advait Abhishek

    this is just like main tera hero's pirated third copy

  • Golu Bholu
    Golu Bholu

    Kuch nalle bol rahe hai ki dad ki vajah se bete ka career khatam hone ko hai. Jhatuo baap ki vajah se use kaam mil raha hai

  • Golu Bholu
    Golu Bholu

    Not getting courage to see even the full trailer.

  • Rahul comedy 690
    Rahul comedy 690


  • Mustafa Md
    Mustafa Md

    Varum Dhawan ki movie jaldi sey Rilisa karuna Tv par pless main Varun ka bahut bada wala Fan hoon

  • Pooja Vishwakarma
    Pooja Vishwakarma

    sarita vishwakarma

    • Pooja Vishwakarma
      Pooja Vishwakarma


    • Pooja Vishwakarma
      Pooja Vishwakarma

      sarita vishwakarma

  • Anuj Zodage
    Anuj Zodage

    Yeah DEKH nese PEHLE me andha kyu nhi hua PATA hai over acting kar raha 50 rupyaa badme kaat lena😂

  • Motivational Quotes
    Motivational Quotes

    Full movie G-876 series pe aa rahi hai 20 ko premiere lagaya hai usne

  • NR Gaming
    NR Gaming

    So Coward,, Don't even dare to show likes and dislikes...... 😆

  • Sonu Kumar
    Sonu Kumar

    Yee Trailer Dekhne se pehle mee andha kyu nahi ho gaya......... 😂😂😂😂

  • Akil Gopaul
    Akil Gopaul

    Worst movie of the year 2020

  • Dharmisthaben Vasava
    Dharmisthaben Vasava

    South ki filme ki bhi kopy

  • Dharmisthaben Vasava
    Dharmisthaben Vasava

    Purani filme par Aa Gaye Govinda to copy Dub maro filme Band kardo bhai Aub kuch Bacha hi nahi sauth copy karte ho

  • Niraj Sanchaniya
    Niraj Sanchaniya

    Without even seeing the trailer I disliked it. 😂😂

  • vineet kumar soni
    vineet kumar soni

    Fun fact ( DONT BE POLITICAL) 🤪 he say ATM KA PHONE HAI 1) AMBANI NOT MORE IN TOP 10 2) TRUMPH loses the PRESIDENTIAL election 3) AGLA NO. MODI JI KA 😂😂😂😂

  • Shivam Ahire
    Shivam Ahire

    तुमच्या आईची gand 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • abhishek dixit
    abhishek dixit

    Etni jhakkkas acting kasy kr lete ho 😂😂😂😂

  • Seema Minocha
    Seema Minocha

    The thumbnail should be 67 million+ views and 1m+ dislikes😂😂😂

  • Prashant Singrole
    Prashant Singrole

    Roast cooli no-1

  • Nice acting 👍

  • Rishabh Sahu
    Rishabh Sahu

    I have seen the movie .. belive me its waste of time. Dont watch unless you have nothing better the this movie

  • CG Komal Gamer
    CG Komal Gamer

    Ye movie Ko Mai Apne channel me dalne vaala hu aur ESA movie jo aate hi realze hote hai use Mai pahle hi daalunga