Amazing Airtel 5G Speed Test ⚡⚡⚡ Check Download Speeds on Smartphone (Hyderabad Store)
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In this Video #AmitBhawani shows you the #Airtel #5G speed test demoed at Airtel Store in Hyderabad, Telangana. Airtel 5G is dynamic spectrum sharing to seamlessly operated 5G and 4G connections from within the same spectrum block. This is the first time we were able to actually experience this 5G on a Smartphone & download files / play games like COD.
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  • PhoneRadar

    This is the Crazy High Speed 5G Test we did here in Hyderabad. Hit the LIKE Button to Appreciate the Efforts!

    • Music Nation
      Music Nation

      Sahi kaha

    • Shubham Kumar Tiwari
      Shubham Kumar Tiwari

      good 5g speed


      @Chandrakant Rai 😁😁


      @Gaming Rage bhai 4 g mobile me 3 g sim chaltahe esliye bola😂😂


      @Gaming Rage 😂😂


    Meto 1 MBPS dekhke hi khoosh hojata hu.....300,400 kbps bhi thik hai.🥱🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣 Ha ha ha ha me gareeb hu 4G ke baawjood.

  • Muhammad ilyas Ilyas
    Muhammad ilyas Ilyas



    Itni speed jab nhi aygi jab pura india m 5g available hoga tab sirf 1 kb ki aygi 🙄🙄

  • Laxmikant Bagarti
    Laxmikant Bagarti

    Telecom companies have big claims about 250Mbps but those were router speed not download speed. Just simply do this- 250Mbps router speed/8 = 31.25MBps. That's the actual download speed of a file downloading in your devices.

  • Durga Lakshmi
    Durga Lakshmi

    Nice info

  • Ajay Shiyal
    Ajay Shiyal

    Gujarat Me 4g Me Kam Speed Miltihe

  • BlackTape52 Black
    BlackTape52 Black

    3g speed of 350KB/s is more than enough. for media consumption

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    Lauda ka internet is Airtel. Its usually around 10kbs to 80 kbps in my area near Bengaluru

  • गौरव कुमार
    गौरव कुमार

    Vi मेरे एरिया में 14 से 19 mb स्पीड दे रहा है 🔥🔥🔥💪 जब vi का 5g आएगा vi तब सब को पीछे छोड़ेगा💥💥

  • aadhunik maddela
    aadhunik maddela

    If I don’t get 1gbps then don’t call it amazing!

  • mayur berde
    mayur berde

    Lol mere area Nancy colony borivali Mumbai mai network hi nahi ata airtel ka 4g ka e atat hai .bohot bar complaint kiya lekin kuch fayda nahi finally jio convert kiya

  • Reborn Troll
    Reborn Troll

    5G 1gb data=1000Rs...

  • Felix gaming
    Felix gaming

    What would be the ping while playing in 5g .will we get 20ms

  • Rida Musab
    Rida Musab

    I will play call of duty

  • Rajat poddar
    Rajat poddar

    jo bhi ho 4g or 5g or 10g!..broadband ki jagay koi nehi le sakta...

  • Rajesh Tech fun
    Rajesh Tech fun

    This is real 4g speed

  • jay narvekar
    jay narvekar

    280mbps ye 5g hai.. out of country Mai Jo 5g dikhaya Jane to 1900mbps dikha Raha ... Utna Nahi milega yha

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh

    ping is over 10ms. gamers thats your cue. lag

  • sarad matthew tigga
    sarad matthew tigga

    How misleading these folks are? How about checking speed in distant areas where they do provide the so called Service and have no service at all!Airtel and Jio both are scammers and thieves!

  • Sharada Poojarthi
    Sharada Poojarthi

    Airtel is big cheater in India

  • निःshabd

    Dropped in the mid....due to testing on oppo(A chin*s* smartphone)

  • FatBoi Gaming
    FatBoi Gaming

    Upload speed cannot be considered 5g speed. I get better service with jio

  • Sudesh Chaudhari
    Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sudesh Chaudhari
    Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sudesh Chaudhari
    Sudesh Chaudhari

    Airtel 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kladius Ghosh
    Kladius Ghosh

    In India 4g speed is like 3g, some european countries are still providing better speed at 3g, In India 5g will act like 4g


    Hamare yaha 4g kya 2g e padta hai

  • Gaming X YT
    Gaming X YT

    in beta = 300mbps when in hands = 5-7 mbps

  • Harsh Sinha
    Harsh Sinha

    I am getting 20-30 Mbps on jio SIM (got highest of 44 Mbps once) which is enough for me for now

  • Suyash Sahu
    Suyash Sahu

    Meanwhile me :- having less than 2mb speed.

  • Vivek Priyam
    Vivek Priyam

    4G bhi airtel hi laya tha pehle....

  • Xperia A.D
    Xperia A.D

    4G thik se nehi chal raha or 5G ki batt kar rahe he

  • Pradeep Tiwari
    Pradeep Tiwari

    Uploading very less

  • Pradeep Tiwari
    Pradeep Tiwari

    Use kya hai itni speed kaa😂

  • Dorjey Gailtsen
    Dorjey Gailtsen

    I couldn't even touch 1mbps in the 4G network. If we get the original 4G speed that enough for me.

  • Bineet Ghosh
    Bineet Ghosh

    Airtel is the worst network of India

  • Hemad Khan
    Hemad Khan

    for the very i will download all my games that i have purchased on steam 😍

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali

    Aare bhaiya arsh ka speed kuch dino baad farsh p aa jta h jab jyada customer aa jate h. Abhi mujhe Jio 4G m jo speed milta h kuch saal phle woh 2G m milta tha. Halaki Airtel ka condition thoda better h. Can't deny that.

  • Sayan Banerjee
    Sayan Banerjee

    4G is more than enough speed to run our daily life but due to connection and bandwidth load we do not get the actual speed of 4G...and now it's time for 5G again a business twist to make the people forcefully to buy new 5G phones...!!! I'm using iPhone 12 Pro Max but seriously I will not switch to 5G...I have my own 100 Mbps broadband in my home and Airtel 4G when I goes out side...It's enough for me....


    I have 1GBPS network in Assam gogamukh

  • Sohan Sarkar
    Sohan Sarkar

    what was the ping in cod?

  • vn sudheer
    vn sudheer

    i want it

  • FGT - Facts,Geography and Tech
    FGT - Facts,Geography and Tech

    This is around 30MBPS (~240 Mbps) 30MBPS is 5G?? Some claim 5G to be 20Gbps(2. 5GBPS)..30MBPS Little over 4G's 13MBPS

  • Nagendra Reddy Maasireddigari
    Nagendra Reddy Maasireddigari

    Bloody airtel network......I am getting even 3 G speed


    Bro karnataka mei kab ayega 5g network

  • xRaptorGG

    you mean 4G+?

  • S.A Ansari
    S.A Ansari

    Backwash hai .bolte 5G dete hai 4G speed

  • Rohit Roniya
    Rohit Roniya

    INlabel recommend me your video after a year or more maybe

  • Shehub Howladar
    Shehub Howladar

    Upload speed is bad 👎 I want 100 Mbps Upload Speed !!!

  • Vikas Yadav
    Vikas Yadav

    Airtel is indian proudly

  • SAITAMA xzx
    SAITAMA xzx

    Sab se pahale main apna 2year purana Router bahar phakunga..

  • S H A B B E R .S H A I k
    S H A B B E R .S H A I k

    Pehale 4g ka speed badao😂

  • ziphy

    It is the true 4g speed not 5g

  • Manish Prajapat
    Manish Prajapat

    Vi takes 25 seconds to download 1 gb file which is only 4 g then I think I will throw my phone after watching these video

  • Always Smile
    Always Smile

    Airtel madarc*od h bhen ki l*di🙂

  • Barsha Das
    Barsha Das

    show downloading file with stopwatch 😁

  • Menuvil

    Phele tho jio sim tor dunga

  • Menuvil

    Mere jio 2mbps detahe

  • modak riba
    modak riba

    We don't need 5g we need wifi

  • darker cc
    darker cc

    sanka naku

  • Z K
    Z K

    This is the original 4G speed but still, we will not get this speed even if it is named 5G.

  • Ajay Pachade
    Ajay Pachade

    First launch 4g properly then talk about 5g

  • Swapnil Chilveri
    Swapnil Chilveri

    I am a Airtel user m facing so much error in network while callin I had even complaint dey took a 2week tym to solve the issue ...the end result is voice braking n then to with full network for both connection.... seriously airtel have a network issue alot ......I so pissed of this network feel like to change ...but hoping for the best that dey ll solve few days

  • Himanshu Soni
    Himanshu Soni

    The Upload Speed is my Download Speed in Jio.

  • M A
    M A

    Not needed by Kashmiris at all ..Here 2G plays hide and seek 🤣..But yah GOI recently restored 4G actually 3G (max speed goes upto 1.3 Mb /s only)..👍

  • Sameer Bajpayee
    Sameer Bajpayee

    Maa chod do environment ki apne bas ghatiya se shok hor ghatiya se 5G k liye.. Har jagah wifi signals. Nitrogen se zara air me radio waves hain.. we need landline just only for communication. 🙄🙄

  • Candy crush
    Candy crush

    Abhi 300 mbps ki speed h kyoki ye akela use krra h 5g ko jb pura india use krega na to 30 mbps ki bhi speed nhi rhegi

  • Qazi Muhammad 636
    Qazi Muhammad 636

    I am from hyderabad

  • Pramod Kumar 333
    Pramod Kumar 333

    *:- How to complete your 1.5gb daily data in less than a minute.. 😂

  • Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya
    Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya

    Airtel kese chalae

  • Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya
    Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya

    Sir hamare gav me sirf jio tabar he

  • Aarkestra Club
    Aarkestra Club

    5G sim kha milega airtel ka....

  • mayank vaghela 19-9027
    mayank vaghela 19-9027

    Are 5G valo pele network issues to solve karo pehle

  • Ferdinand

    It’s 2021 and still people are happy with megabit instead of gigabit speed.

  • ojas bansal.c
    ojas bansal.c

    Vi Vodafone Idea is the best

  • OyeCadburry

    there is no use of 5G when there are no 5G supported phones & Budget Phones in market

  • Fact Hain
    Fact Hain

    Sala mene abhu hal hi me realme 6 liya ab mera baap 10 saal tak koi phone leke nhi dega. Chahe 5g aaye ya 6g

  • Fact Hain
    Fact Hain

    Kon kon chahta he sabse aage jio nikle

  • Recalled Gamer
    Recalled Gamer

    If you are thinking that this is the actual 5g speed in India when you got this 5g network. You are going to disappointed my friend

  • Amit

    It's a original speed of 4g india mey ise 5g bol kar chalaya jyega jese 4g mey hame 3g speed milta hey

  • shoaib khan Gaming
    shoaib khan Gaming

    Bhai idar 4G seeda nai aara 5g kya khaak aaye g

  • ashwani singh
    ashwani singh

    Yaha sahi se 2g ki speed to dete na 5g ka koi matlb v hai

  • Abhishek Bhamare
    Abhishek Bhamare

    Finally 4g is coming 😂

  • rahulsingh23in

    Ishliye ab 4g kaam nahin Kar Raha hain

  • Vikas

    I am sure jio will crush every one in 5g...

  • DarkSnow OP
    DarkSnow OP

    I diss like cuz he has oudi make sure next time don't show yr oudi in next video

  • Souradip Banerjee
    Souradip Banerjee

    4G bhi thik se kar nehi paya aur 5G bechne aaye hain airtel wale


    My 4g speed 1.3Mb

  • Leopard 2A7
    Leopard 2A7

    5g meh 4g haha

  • Lost Dir
    Lost Dir

    U said faug lol🙏💩💩

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Airtel 4g ka to thekana hi nahi air 5g aa raha hai!

  • All About Amazing
    All About Amazing

    4G is enough


    Uploading speed badhao downloading se matlab nahi hai 200 kaphi hai downloading uploading kam se kam 100+ karo note,take my suggestions,


    Jaldi lao be hamare area's mai bsnl wiFi ne gnd maar rakhi hai wifi ka ishko downloading speed nahi uploading speed badhao

  • Kmr Aftab
    Kmr Aftab

    Jio is best

  • Gagan

    20-30 Mb/s mile tab maja ayega...

  • Naitik Khurana
    Naitik Khurana

    Yoohooo Airtel is very good

  • rahul singh
    rahul singh

    4g ke network toh thik se aate nhi or ye 5g la rhe h

  • Supravat Kar
    Supravat Kar

    We don't need 5g

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