First barbeque night with family using new BBQ grill/Veg noodles recipe/Mayo using fresh cream
#bbqnight #vegnoodles #mayo
Few products i use in my kitchen
bajaj hand mixer
Morphy richards food processor
Mixed herbs
White pepper powder
Paprika powder
Wooden plate stand
dinner set
Piri piri masala
tall glass containers
Small glass containers
Butter pot
Storage basket
3 compartment box
Cotton vegetable box
PANKO bread crumbs
Mixed herbs
chalkboard sticker
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  • Good O Good
    Good O Good

    Sister, table chair nalla iruku 😃..enga vaanguneenga??

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    Anitha S

    Wow akka... 🤤🤤🤤

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    Kiruthigha N

    Hi sis, how can i reach you for product promotion? I sent message from insta..

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    Jayan Regis

    Bbq grill link


    Akka...neenga dog valakureengala.....valakureenga na kaarunga please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    AVM's View

    Very good

  • Souji Dachineni
    Souji Dachineni

    From where u bought the cast iron cookware please add the link

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    Divya Jaikar

    Hi sister very enjoy the video super family tinntu dance super

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    jayapratha ravichandran

    Ivanga yaru appa amma

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    thas abdul

    Yenaku oru doubt neenga mattum unga dad veetla veedu kati irukinga bt unga sis yen long la irukanga avanglu share illiya

  • Easy cooking
    Easy cooking

    Sunith akka were u bye that barbique grill stand

  • Teena Grace
    Teena Grace

    Wer did yu get dt table set frm

  • tiny kitty
    tiny kitty

    red chilly sauce illa na green chilly sacue add panalama sis

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    Shyamala Gowri

    Hi sister how ou maintenance ur weight many I follow r vedio still u keep no change 🙏🙏❤️💖 please tell one vedio

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    Sheela Rajashekar

    Donate some yo the poor from what u earn....that's the real happiness

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      We have been doing it dear regularly 👍

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    Nirupama Nataraj

    Akka kadai oda link kudukaava illa

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    Brinda karthik

    Stove pakathula irruka switch possible dummy pannidunga sis.change to some other pls.its not safety.already u have told this but take a step n try to change it pls.🙂

  • Saranya Gnanagurusamy
    Saranya Gnanagurusamy

    Wow, mouth watering agudhu Sunitha, I also enjoyed with you, you tempt me to cook in the terrace, it's my dream, but my husband didn't permit me, please pray for my dream.

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    ps aruna

    Akka vera level...parkkave jolly ah irukku

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    Sassy Crazy

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  • Jayachitra Nagarajan
    Jayachitra Nagarajan

    Fill the lower most part of grill tray with sand. It will safe guard the grill tray from damage. Heat will also retain for long time. Nice effort for ur family Sunitha great 👍

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    Shamyuktha Prashanthan

    Super 👍 sister and unka video romba clear nice

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    Meera Ammu

    Vegetables epdi cut panringa sis

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    Mathialagan Chelliah

    அருமையான இரவு நேர நிலா சோறு சாப்பிடுவது போல உள்ளது ஆனால் சோறு சாப்பிட இல்லை துரித உணவு சிக்கன் கபாப், பன்னீர் கபாப், காளான் கபாப் வேற லெவல் பார்டி சாப்பாடு சூப்பர்.

  • Nabeel cooking
    Nabeel cooking

    ஹாய் மேம் மாடித்தோட்டத்தில் தந்தூரி சிக்கன்நூடல்ஸ் சமயம் சூப்பர் மேம் தேங்க்யூ மேம் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் மேம்

  • Chitralekha Ankit Nair
    Chitralekha Ankit Nair

    U can put a foil sheet before keeping chicken or else it will go inside like panner ....

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    life saver charitable trust

    Plz put traditional food items

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  • VTA V&P
    VTA V&P

    U didn’t showed chicken marinating

  • VTA V&P
    VTA V&P

    Do you have servant for sweeping,moping? If not,How do you manage since morning duties and cooking and everything.

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      I don't have dear I mop once in 2 or 3 days so I can manage 😊

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    Deve Asmetha

    Super kutte ❤❤❤

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal


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    Ena mobile sis use pnrigga shoot ku!??

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    Blessie R Thomas

    Akka I appreciate your hard work God bless you abduntely

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Thank you dear ❤️

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    G.K Theekshitha

    BBQ Grill buying link venum aunty...

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      G.K Theekshitha

      Okay Aunty

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Vl sure provide dear

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    RAJESHWARI Raviraj

    Master chef audition pati solu ngah...

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      I am still waiting for results dear adhukapram share panlam nu yosichirken 😊

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    Aunty ungala master chef promo la pathen

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      vinoth kumar

      I like you and you baby

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    Keep aluminum foil for mushrooms and panner

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    Tamil Banker Family Vlogs

    எப்ப பார்த்தாலும் சிவப்பு மிளகாய் காமிச்சிட்டு பச்சை மிளகாய் பச்சை மிளகாய் சொல்றீங்க அடுத்த முறையிலிருந்து இருந்து பச்சை மிளகாய் காமிக்கணும் சரியா

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    Party super

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    Pavitra Mahesh

    Plz don't put this kind of videos in this pandemic bring day to day vegetables only becoming scary .....try to understand...

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      I agree dear but this is our profession I have to upload videos to run my family...I am trying to be responsible as much as possible and I vl defn pray and help for needy

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    Premalatha Chandru


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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

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    Lakshmi Sweroopa

    Akka pls alexa review kodunga plsss

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    Love from UAE 🇦🇪

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    You could have used skewers for mushroom

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Yeahhh 😊

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    Binusha L

    Enaku rompa pudichathu ellaru seathu terrace la iruthu sapdathu

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal


  • Poovarashi Erulan
    Poovarashi Erulan

    Wow nice get together,u have beautifully done the make over of ur terrace with the dining space and for BBQ,even my mom started watching cricket after my brother used to watch 👍

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Thank you dear

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    Binusha L

    Semma ya iruthuthu video

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

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    My husband ku Covid positive 1week aagituchu plsss ellarum Pray pannuga🙏🙏🙏


      Aandavare kaapathum

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      Earn Money Online Tamil

      @Pr Seba mariyan 👍

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      Kandipa pray pandrum akka

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      Pr Seba mariyan

      Jesus ketta pray pannekonga sister nangalu pray pantro sekeram sari aketum feel pannatheng a

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      Sari aagidum kavalai padathirgal

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    Daily Update


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    Tamil bees

    Mayo hand mixer la pannalaama akka?

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    vasuki selvam

    How u light d charcoal sis.... It didn't work for me... Plz guide... Did u use any lightening fuel for charcoal

    • vasuki selvam
      vasuki selvam

      @Innaiku Enna Samayal lightening fluid use panningala sis

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Vl include next time dear

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    Kalpana Kalpana

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      That's ok dear hope u are doing good

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    Karpagam Jayaraj

    Akka neenga cook with comali season 3 la cook ah vandhudunga 😍

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      Innaiku Enna Samayal

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    RAJESHWARI Raviraj

    Plz update panu ngah ka

  • RAJESHWARI Raviraj
    RAJESHWARI Raviraj

    Why no update for master chef audition

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    sakthi kamatchi YouTube channel

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    Shades Of Creativity

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    Barbecue setup link pls sunitha

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    Sushmitha Kannan

    Wow nice Vlog Akka ,Yestaday in our House also we prepared BBQ And we Enjoyed Akka ,now seeing your Vlog with BBQ Topic I Am very happy akka......💜🥳🥰💖✨

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    Marynn Prema

    sis pls annakku enna diet follow paninga covid ku ,pls reply urgent ,sis me and my sister are having fever and some symptoms enakku bayama irukku family elarume bayapadaranga .enna treatment Anna edathaga pls sollunga

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  • Maha Kumar
    Maha Kumar

    Y are you IGNORING any questions about masterchef?? Be kind enough to answer it. Look at your comment section. If u don't want to answer, that's fine bt atlest tell that to your subscribers. This is not the way you respond. Don't take this in bad way. It's your choice to share the masterchef experience. I respect your decision but simply not telling about it and ppl asking out of curiosity, doesn't feel good. Thanks!!!

    • Innaiku Enna Samayal
      Innaiku Enna Samayal

      Yesssss 💕

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    mom's lifestyle

    How will you ignore the negative comments pls help me sis

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    Chinnathambi Karthika

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    Akka tintu papa hairstyle beautiful i am already says change tintu hairstyle thanks for this hairstyle💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

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    Gomathi sadaiyan sweet dreams

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    Small request to ram plz stop calling ur wife suneetha with dee in videos it really damages ur wife's dignity.

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    karthika mutharasu

    Sis, how anna finaly tested covid negative? After how many days anna tested negative

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