Ricky Ponting's Dressing Room Speech | DC v RCB
Never too late to relive the #DCvRCB thriller 🔥
A match that didn't go our way, but there was only positivity in the dressing room when Ricky Ponting spoke 💙
#YehHaiNayiDilli #IPL2021
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  • Pikesh Joshi
    Pikesh Joshi

    Ricky Pointing is ❤️

  • shubham dwivedi
    shubham dwivedi

    What a man 🙏🙏

  • Satyendra Tiwari
    Satyendra Tiwari

    👀😄 good luck bro for ur upcoming matches

  • Gaurav

    keep ricky ponting for the rest of the lifetime .he is the best coach so far for DC and so passionate about his work and encouraging skills. go dilli

  • Lawyer Care
    Lawyer Care

    Ponting please do take care of Avesh Khan and conditioned him well. And also Lalit batting power.

  • T P
    T P

    There should be Ajinkya Rahane in place of Smith..Smith is not doing good..playing run a ball..and not big innings..

  • chill vibes
    chill vibes

    When you realised that whole this masterpiece will be deorganised in next ipl 😭😭😭😭

  • Rishabh Pant
    Rishabh Pant

    Wear mask, stay home and stay safe everyone and wash your hand with sanitizer. 🙏🙏

  • Parth Mhatre
    Parth Mhatre

    Who Noticed Ishant sharma and Steve Smith sitting together 🤣😂 Their Incident in Border-Gavaskar trophy 2017

  • shawn

    Shaw be like nigga wtf

  • harsh yadav
    harsh yadav

    pointing is that best teacher everyone wants

  • Sam Mehera
    Sam Mehera

    Smith and Isanth sitting together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joy Vijay
    Joy Vijay

    What is the use of changing rooms ???

  • Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Faraq to pdta h,ricky ke aane ke baad lagataar acha perform kr ri h dc

  • Hitesh Raj
    Hitesh Raj

    Man management of ricky is brilliant. Surer DC will lift the title this year

  • arts, photography & beyond
    arts, photography & beyond

    How much it means to these men........MAn wow...pure stuff of life inspiration

  • fashion tech unbox
    fashion tech unbox

    Best coach in ipl

  • Akhil Mohan
    Akhil Mohan

    Big time CSK fan here but subscribed to DC channel for Ponting’s motivating speeches. Just started a supervisor role at work and already using the EFFORT, COMMITMENT, ATTITUDE and CARE element to motivate my team mates. Hopefully, nor Pointing or DC have trademark/copyrighted it 😅. All the best for IPL 2021. Heart says CSK but brain says DC.

  • Uranium 235 221
    Uranium 235 221

    I was very dissapointed for days after loss with RR and even more days longer for the loss against RCB, but even i, a die hard DC fan was motivated with this speech, forget about the boosted morale of the players, wonderful legend Ponting sir...

  • Pradeep Sethi
    Pradeep Sethi

    I m big fan of ponting but support always Punjab

  • Kiran Wadhwa
    Kiran Wadhwa

    Aavesh is on a streak

  • kiran swamy
    kiran swamy

    What a leader and motivator pointing is!! Great!!!

  • Honesty Maze
    Honesty Maze

    Prithvi shaw is like that first bench student who is like this class is not for me until teacher makes eye contact

  • Suresh Prajapati
    Suresh Prajapati

    Good speech men 👌👌👌

  • Sharukh Shahul
    Sharukh Shahul

    Wow..what would we do without our talisman Ponting. I hope he can stay here as long as he would love to.

  • mohan shrestha
    mohan shrestha

    Smith n isant sitting together 😁😁😁


    Biggest fan for delhi captils Rishabh pant big fan Gabar big fan Prithvi shaw big fan

  • Nrusingha Sahu
    Nrusingha Sahu

    What did ponting gave to the players in their hands??

    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha

      a badge axar told this in one of his interview

  • Farooq Ansari
    Farooq Ansari

    I want Ponting's pep talk before my next job interview.

  • shikhar govil
    shikhar govil

    ishant-smith sitting together quietly shows that 2021 is really weird.

  • fheroz 6886
    fheroz 6886

    Pant wudn't hav accepted dat had it been given by anybody else. He looked drowned in disappointment! See dat hand while receiving! 🤣

  • Vishnu Reddy
    Vishnu Reddy

    I really doubt if the Indian players understand pointing Aussie accent

  • shikhar govil
    shikhar govil

    good to see the way he handled the whole dressing room, although pant is the captain and a superstar but still pant is 23 and still very new in the game so it is important that he gets someone behind him who constantly supports him and gives him the right path, punter is dong a marvellous job in it.

  • selvi thiru
    selvi thiru

    2:07 ❤️😍

  • Mercy op
    Mercy op

    RCB fan but never miss a SINGLE Ponting dressing room speech. Legendary

    • Syada Umme Mahbuba
      Syada Umme Mahbuba

      Me too

  • Royal Boy
    Royal Boy

    Ponting should be coach of India

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @Honesty Maze yes

    • Honesty Maze
      Honesty Maze

      Then Ravi Shastri will do what..open a bar?

  • Varshi priya
    Varshi priya

    who r here for ricky .... luv u ricky....

  • My favs will be urs
    My favs will be urs

    Waiting for shaw 100


    play anrich norje

  • Manish Anand
    Manish Anand

    Great Coach

  • Vishal Gupta
    Vishal Gupta

    Pointing has done paradigm shift in DC.... Keep it up

  • saurabh singh
    saurabh singh

    Ishant sitting next to smith🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  • 『Sushant Saini』
    『Sushant Saini』


  • Sumit Pillay
    Sumit Pillay

    Anrich nortje playing 11

  • Gurjot Singh
    Gurjot Singh

    0:56 Who noticed that Ishant Sharma and Steve Smith are sitting together.😂😂😝

    • ganesh dilli
      ganesh dilli


    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha


  • Pankaj Nautiyal
    Pankaj Nautiyal

    Great speech again by Ricky Ponting.

  • mahim howlader
    mahim howlader

    Love u Delhi capitals

  • Sridhar P
    Sridhar P

    Wow. Punter , your speeches prove why you were such a successful player & captain 👌👏👏

  • Jay D
    Jay D

    A master of the game and now what a wonderful man-manager!!

  • kingkhanrocks1989

    Leader ship style aussie way

  • Samay Gandhi
    Samay Gandhi

    Uff at the end Ponting giving that last change room man of the match to Pant, 🔥 what a coach!

  • Sailaja Peela
    Sailaja Peela

    Remove RABADA

  • Chander Kant
    Chander Kant

    I want that diary!!

  • Chander Kant
    Chander Kant

    An appeal to DCTV:- Kindly change the DCTV LOGO. It feels old!!!

  • The Chandy VloggMent
    The Chandy VloggMent

    Waiting for DC VS KKR dressing room vid/speech... Pls upload

  • Gaichung gonmei
    Gaichung gonmei

    Smith and Ishant sitting together 😂😂😆

    • Parth Mhatre
      Parth Mhatre


  • Los Blancos
    Los Blancos

    I am waiting for Ricky Ponting to pull a Pep Guardiola " Sit Down nobody talk"

    • Debarshi Pandit
      Debarshi Pandit

      Come on, Ponting's speech reminds me that of Dean Jones 😭😭😭 Ponting must deserve Jones red book 🙏🙏🙏

    • Prabha Choudhary
      Prabha Choudhary

      Some will say "Let me talk!!" Btw I'm also a Madridista

  • Tanuj Rana
    Tanuj Rana

    Loved how he handled the situation with Pant. Gives him more confidence even after a loss🔥🔥

  • Vivek Babbar
    Vivek Babbar

    These dressing room speeches are the best stuff on any IPL team's INlabel channel. Love Ricky 💙

  • Kumar Dias
    Kumar Dias

    Excellent fightback from DC to get that close to winning the game


    I like the fact that he is sitting with Smith quite comfortable 😂🤔


      @Rishika jha yup 😂

    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha

      ishant na ?? 🤣

  • Kitty V.
    Kitty V.

    Relieved not to see mishra play in the last game against KKR, but your owner parth jindal tweeting about wanting to erect a statue of this bowler, who still hasn't received the verdict of NOT Guilty in court for the serious allegations of assault and abuse against him, was extremely disappointing, DC.

  • nitin gupta
    nitin gupta

    Rishabh Deserved it...more than any one else.. the situation we were in .. the old Rishabh would have thrown it away.. but he made sure he was there till the end.. great maturity and it is very difficult for someone like him to curb his instincts and play that waiting game.. didn't get the result but one of the better innings from him

  • Vansh

    I like how Ponting did not blame Rishabh for anything, instead boosted his morale and encouraged him by giving him the Changing Room's MOTM award

    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha


  • moheed theruvath
    moheed theruvath

    BCCI should select ponting as India team head coach . Pointing have ability capability take to next level


    Poor rishabh yaar Good job ricky

  • Aaditya

    Do we remember Ishant's spell to Ponting and how many times he took pointing's wicket? Irony is today he is Ishant's coach 😂😂

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @Sourabh Dhoni didn't cheat

    • Sourabh

      @Royal Boy better than dhobi captain

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      @Mayank Chandra you are crybaby

    • Mayank Chandra
      Mayank Chandra

      @Royal Boy chup be crybaby.

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      Cheater ponting

  • Shinas Nizar
    Shinas Nizar

    It might be all Pollard in Mumbai Indians dressing room speech

  • GG B
    GG B

    Nice nice nice

  • Nadim Syed
    Nadim Syed

    I want delhi to win only for pointing speeches

  • Mishra Sagun
    Mishra Sagun

    Punter always to the point when he speaks 😊😊😊😊......such a legend he is🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Rajat Shandilya
    Rajat Shandilya

    Please upload his each & every aftermatch speeches. Thanks For uploading these videos.

  • harsh modi
    harsh modi

    1:51 prithvi shaw trying to copy in exams.Lol it's hilarious

    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha


    • Jayesh Baldawa
      Jayesh Baldawa


    • Mizba Shaik
      Mizba Shaik


    • Heartbreak Esh
      Heartbreak Esh


  • Nishad Pawaskar
    Nishad Pawaskar

    I was only waiting for this speech from THE Punter...

  • Syada Umme Mahbuba
    Syada Umme Mahbuba

    Ricky ponting's speech are always joss but I feel this was the best one. The last part was amazing.How he motivated Rishabh was mindblowing

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos

    What is Ricky giving to all those 4 people?

  • Titus James
    Titus James

    It's amazing to see how ponting cares his team so much than any other team coach❤️❤️

  • Titus James
    Titus James

    Ponting ❤️❤️

  • Kawaljeet Singh
    Kawaljeet Singh



    Waiting for next one💙💪

  • rahul jamkar
    rahul jamkar

    I am sure Ponting must have remembered Ishant's iconic WACA spell against him.... beauty of IPL... making impossible things to happen...

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Very appreciating the method of Ricky point 👍👍👍👍

  • Babbu Parmar
    Babbu Parmar

    Best team ii this ipl

  • Joe Limbu
    Joe Limbu

    ❤️ Ponting the legend

  • Mayank Dhyani
    Mayank Dhyani

    Ricky Ponting's Dressing Room Speech > Any other IPL content on INlabel > Rest of this channel's content.

  • m81203

    Pointing’s speech acts as an inspiration for me in life. True leader.

    • Hunter King
      Hunter King

      @Royal Boy lol

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      And cheater

    • Murtaza Shabbir
      Murtaza Shabbir

      Absolutely! He is such a good speaker!

  • Kalp Parth
    Kalp Parth

    Just look at the run chase of MI players, if DC can manage run chase like it, there's nothing stopping it🔥.

    • Divyanshu Mishra
      Divyanshu Mishra

      We need Polly for that. What a player he is. Greattt

  • Ankit 998
    Ankit 998

    Last line was just amazing

  • Aas Singh
    Aas Singh

    Speech in a loss is even better #Thankyoudc #Roarmacha

  • Aas Singh
    Aas Singh

    2:19 I got goosembumps here😊

  • Ritik Ray
    Ritik Ray

    Wow! Seriously amazing to see Ricky talking with so much positivity and confidence to this team. Ricky Ponting is the difference! The atmosphere and change room atmosphere in the DC camp is so goooood. The boys are secure and in a good space for sure. Proud of OUR TEAM! C'mon DC and Rishabh!

  • Parth Vasoya
    Parth Vasoya

    Who's here after Pollard's smashes against CSK🔥

    • Sami XD
      Sami XD


  • Aas Singh
    Aas Singh

    Thank you😊

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma

    It's OK, It Happens Sometimes


    This much of encouragement from coach is needed for the team....! *Loved it 💘

  • prabhat singh
    prabhat singh

    This is i was waiting for , thanks DC

  • pawan raut
    pawan raut

    Dc has the.... talented banch of a people.....I think..with the help of Ricky....they conker the world...

  • Bagpiper _
    Bagpiper _

    What he had given to all 4 of them??

    • Bagpiper _
      Bagpiper _

      @Rishika jha ok lvly Rishika❤️❤️

    • Rishika jha
      Rishika jha

      a badge axar told this in one of his interview

  • Kanha

    "I know you'll get it done for us."---Best line ❤️❤️❤️

    • Dharmin Acharya
      Dharmin Acharya

      That is man management at absolute best he knows what to say it and when to say it

  • mr. pots beatz
    mr. pots beatz

    Make some noise for the dc boyz

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