Late equaliser denies Spurs win at St James' Park | NEWCASTLE 2-2 SPURS
Two minute highlights of Tottenham Hotspur's 2-2 Premier League draw with Newcastle United.
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  • Robert Beatty
    Robert Beatty

    Random thoughts born of frustration with the not-so-special one: Start Bale please. Or at least don't put him in with two minutes left. Rodon is solid, but why no Toby. Sanchez not terrible this season, but not a good match for him. Lamela has had a tough run with injuries in his time with Spurs. He's deserved to get a chance. I thought he was correcting his bad habit of hanging on to the ball too much, but as we all saw this match, he hasn't and shame on him. And I thought Deli had proven himself deserving of some time. The team morale is awful because Mourinho publicly throws players under the bus and fields line-ups and subs that reek of personal preference over performance. I knew he'd mess things up when hired. I'm not so sure a league cup win will make me feel better about him, and if they get their heinies kicked as you can reasonably expect (with no Bale start of course), then he has failed in what he was hired to do with this very talented team (as much as he'll dodge responsibility)

  • stephanie i
    stephanie i

    yes lamela should have passed it but thats not why we didnt win

  • A.D.A.N

    VAMOS Almiron

  • Dudes Rule
    Dudes Rule

    Guys where is son😭😭😯

  • Berit Svendsen
    Berit Svendsen

    Dont left Tottenham Hotspur Heung Min Son

  • Ziral de Punzak
    Ziral de Punzak

    I think Lamela doesn't pass to Son because Lamela is a racist.

    • Sage 420
      Sage 420


  • 남윤호

    Tottenham needs another winger and proper df

  • Jason shiers
    Jason shiers

    Seriously that defence needs replacing.

  • 와일드트라오레

    Lamela football intelligence is too low

  • K WM
    K WM

    Lamela ruins himself.

  • Tommy Thuyen
    Tommy Thuyen

    0:30 1st goal, no CM support CB in the box area. 1:53 2nd Goal, again why there is no CM cover box area ?

  • Still Call
    Still Call

    what if this min 1:41 selfish lamela passed son. the game scores will have been diffrent. I hope jose never play him in this 8 upcoming matches.

  • Hồng Ninh Mai
    Hồng Ninh Mai

    Tiago djago welcome tottenham

  • Greatmate

    Given what i've just seen, when an easy 4-1 in reality stumbles into a 2-2... FFS

  • Greatmate

    I mean Tanguy is like the new Pele but please FFS his name is Ndombele not NdomPele you focken crank

  • Zina Zina
    Zina Zina

    That first Kane goal is Fifa esque

  • 북극곰은 사람을 찢어ᄋ.ᄋ
    북극곰은 사람을 찢어ᄋ.ᄋ

    Goodbye lamela

  • Wide Boi
    Wide Boi

    Lamela is incredibly bad

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    Get lamela out man cmon and a new CB too

  • Gepli PLR
    Gepli PLR

    Son should lamela pass free he is win to.

  • van dal
    van dal

    Lamela's brain can'nt beat a baby's. He has no thoughts at all.

  • JSK

    All comments saying about Lamela. Hahaha.

  • 킬포

    Why is Mourinho always generous to Lamela? i dont understand.

  • OR


  • Reza Ashifa
    Reza Ashifa

    So many korean buzzer here

  • せいろんティー

    post out

  • 이용철

    someone(29, Newcastle United) 11 vs 11 (x) 12 vs 10 (0)

  • magusd 30
    magusd 30

    1:38 😣😫

  • EaZy Annihilator
    EaZy Annihilator



    Jose & Erik out!!!!!!! Mourinho is also stupid, why do you keep using Lamela with Son Heung-min? It's the 2nd year, and you know they're not good at chemistry. Lamela still thinks Son Heung-min is a rival. Stupid. Already Son Heung-min is a world class. Lamela, wake up!!!!

  • jugemos con lo que sea trini
    jugemos con lo que sea trini

    Lo celso. Saludos desde argentina

  • mcg

    Lamela get out.

  • Dany Hermawan
    Dany Hermawan

    Erik "Lame"la is son's jinx

  • 와일드트라오레

    Lamela want to be a hero

  • Lazeez kitten life
    Lazeez kitten life



    Top 4 if everyone .ucks it up !

  • Modest Afasi Norvienyo
    Modest Afasi Norvienyo

    Levy must keep jose but must get good players....dier and Sanchez must go ...we need good defense

  • Charity Muthoni
    Charity Muthoni

    Kane doesn't even look excited to play in this team anymore!!..... Neither does could see the frustration on Son's face after Lamela's crappy decision...I love Spurs but Son And Kane need to leave if they want to keep any title hopes for them in the future.

  • sebo tv comedy
    sebo tv comedy

    Sebo tv comedy show

  • Papi Matengo
    Papi Matengo

    So free

  • Gerhana 0
    Gerhana 0

    1:40 lamela can perfectly see son running, but he prefer to do another shit.

  • Tropical Storm
    Tropical Storm

    Mourinho was spot on with his comments the players should be ashamed no passion no desire no fight even levy has no ambition!!! Even one of the best managers the game has seen can’t get these lazy group of players going. Mr levy it doesn’t matter who manages the team if they don’t have the right tools for the job you call ya self a business man that’s basic you’re just a con man. Harry and son I wish you both well you deserve better.

  • Potter Jack
    Potter Jack

    well lamela did what he always do thats not the issue our manager is deluded and keeps trash players like lamela and sachez playing over bale dele and toby is mou an assassin from other team to break us apart?

  • 僕は佐々木

    stop blaming Lamela!!! He may not have done a good job. But he wasn't the only one to make a mistake. This is the responsibility of the team

    • stephanie i
      stephanie i

      @Still Call then tottenham should create more chances

    • Still Call
      Still Call

      He is shite that was the only big chance Tottenham had it.

  • Steve Maweu Jr.
    Steve Maweu Jr.

    Jesus Christ loves you, so much that He died for you on the cross, to pay the penalty of your sins so that you wouldn't have to. Put your full trust and believe in Him for salvation today, because who the Son sets free is free indeed 🙏🏻 Kindly consider receiving Him into your heart as your LORD and Saviour, it's the best decision you'll ever make 😊 (Romans 10:9-10 and Ephesians 2:8-9)

  • deeshmond

    So infuriating yet not at all surprising we have up yet another second half lead. Pathetic.

  • TR ER
    TR ER

    everyone talking about lamela

  • Calum Dunn
    Calum Dunn

    Get sanchez OUT

  • Funny African Skits
    Funny African Skits

  • Jeroxvids

    As soon as I saw Lamela sprint with the ball and Son ahead of him I knew he was not gonna pass that ball without trying a dribble.

  • Ken Lim
    Ken Lim

    Lol Lamela joke 🤣🤣🤣


    Honestly, what is wrong with Lamela!!!? Son was right there!

  • Sammy Loved sasha
    Sammy Loved sasha

    Poor performance from spurs

  • 기혁

    Son Heung-min passes to Lamela, but Lamela does not pass to Son Heung-min.

  • BENEDICT Samson
    BENEDICT Samson

  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    North London is RED!

  • ehdgjskkk

    1:43 what a fucking brainless twat he is.

  • arjuno mojopahit
    arjuno mojopahit

    Why vini out???

  • 와일드트라오레

    Lamela sell!

  • 와일드트라오레

    Lamela out please, why don't you pass son?

  • Anthem Skwiffz
    Anthem Skwiffz

    1:50 what the fuck is snachez doing there

  • #joseout #sanitasout
    #joseout #sanitasout

    Get Jose out of my club man! Is it until we finish below assnal then youll realize how finished he is?

  • Diwakar Lama
    Diwakar Lama

    Spurs drew due to shit defense now stop hating your own player Lamela

  • Rick Renegade
    Rick Renegade

    1:35 The worst thing about it is the attack starts from Son but then he won't play the ball back to him.

  • 끼루

    Lamela is covid19

  • Elvin halvar
    Elvin halvar

    Harry Kane

  • On Hide
    On Hide

    Fuxx you ramela!!!!! Get out fuxxing lamela

  • 주성치

    저 타이밍에 안주면 언제 패수한다는말인가...

  • Mark Kariuki
    Mark Kariuki

    This is why i think lamela should be sold man been in spurs for to long

  • S Lee
    S Lee

    It is obvious Lamela is not only selfish but also obviously harmful for the team. Take him out of the team. Please!!!

  • Neem Carry
    Neem Carry

    I will be happy if Kane and Son leaves this useless club at the end of this season and find a better club where they can win titles

  • 김형준

    Oww.. how draw with newcastle..... Even son was playing.. thought must win So disappointing at the spurs performance Son shouldve scored Why lamela didnt pass to son instead kane at the great chance I think son is back and spurs next match is very important but man U is different team than 6:1 team before I think current spurs cant beat man U New castle has to be beaten this time If spurs wants champions league So.. lamela what are you doing?

  • 아티스White

    ManU Nani - I am Ronaldo Spurs Lamela - I am Messi Stop fucking dribble

  • Jeong Park
    Jeong Park

    Hey Lam, Son is not your competitor or rival. How dare you compare with him. Don’t overrate yourself.

  • Khalid

    Spurs boss needs to be so tight and actually spend if he wants to win anything

  • CJ Biafra Biafra
    CJ Biafra Biafra

    Lamela fuxk u


    Lanela is a spy

  • yong hyun KIM
    yong hyun KIM

    Lamela is particularly stingy about passing Son! Why....???

  • JaySee

    Dude get lamela off the pitch - son was wide open and he stops the god damn ball? for what reason? Lamela is just a jealous little boy who's selfish and cannot watch his teammate have the glory

  • Byung Moon Lee
    Byung Moon Lee

    Lamela doesn't help team and he play for himself.

  • Philani Ntuli
    Philani Ntuli

    Hugo being rooted to his line is killing us. I don't know why people aren't saying this. We need a powerful goalkeeper who's going to dominate the box, attack crosses and corners and prevent players from even stepping into his 6 yard area. Sell Hugo as well. He's been a great servant to the club but it's time to let him go.

  • Lily Bingham
    Lily Bingham

    Happened too many times now lads. A draw that couldve been a win.

  • Mohammed Hossam
    Mohammed Hossam

    Mourinho is excused with this bad team in defense

  • Pedro 86
    Pedro 86

    Spurs needs to rebuild the defense. Offensively they're really good.

  • Blessed Victor-Igwe
    Blessed Victor-Igwe

    Lamela is a fucking fool. Would have assisted son 🤦

  • Pes 2gosis
    Pes 2gosis

    Lamela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Myvette Henry
    Myvette Henry

    Sanchez has had a piss poor season.. But he seems to always be in the starting 11

  • Yooyoung Ji
    Yooyoung Ji

    It seems that Lamela needs to learn to how play football as a team

  • Bruno Ricardo
    Bruno Ricardo

    Esse Panela e uma porcaria.......

  • Carlo Hodgson
    Carlo Hodgson

    Every time

  • 무등산신령

    Tottenham must release Lamela, who only plays to benefit the opponent every time as if he were playing sabotage on purpose! As long as there is a player on the team who can't cooperate like Erik Lamela, the teamwork will collapse!

  • 무등산신령

    There is a hole that will rise even if the sky collapses, and the ground will harden after raining. Although it's a difficult situation, I hope you realize that if you try to improve your team quickly, you'll be able to secure a place in the top 4 and actively encourage the team to take over! Let's go, Tottenham! The hill is right there!!

  • 무등산신령

    Coach Jose Mourinho, please don't blame the players. It is no exaggeration to say that much of the current crisis stems from Mourinho's lack of virtue. It is common knowledge that all discord within the team lies entirely with the coach. Why do you pass the buck to the players every time? Wasn't it Mourinho who messed up Delhi Ali for his natural play?

  • K K
    K K

    Lamela MOM

  • 무등산신령

    Every time Tanguy Ndombele tries to break through alone with his clumsy skills, he loses the ball or fatally breaks the flow of the game. Therefore, Ndombele should make efforts to pass quickly to his teammates as much as possible.

  • lionel bastos
    lionel bastos

    At 00:45 Lamela has Son open on his right waiting for a ball and he takes two touches, slows down and passes to Kane with 3 guys on him, wtf is lamela doing? Where’s his vision? How can he not see that son has a better chance early on in the run? He really puts the Lame in lamela. Asshat. One footed player as well, terrible thinking

  • 무등산신령

    Erik Lamela seems to be playing match-making to the point where he suspects that he intentionally does not pass his teammate at every critical moment in order to prevent the team from winning for the gamblers. How bad is his personality that one can't find any cooperation in him?

  • 북극곰은 사람을 찢어ᄋ.ᄋ
    북극곰은 사람을 찢어ᄋ.ᄋ

    Son : LAMELA...lamela lamela fucking lamela!!!!!!!!

  • 무등산신령

    Lamela seems to be playing match-making to the point where he suspects that he intentionally does not pass his teammate at every critical moment in order to prevent the team from winning for the gamblers. How bad is his personality that one can't find any cooperation in him?

    • FBI's secret meme stash
      FBI's secret meme stash

      Bro....chill Tottenham lost but you seem to take this to heart and soul damn

  • You’re Chinese
    You’re Chinese

    Radioactive waste Lamela go back home to China lol

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