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Hey Guys it's is the ipl season and we are to present you with a new video Versing our 2 favourite teams CSK and RCB ....we have lots of challenges to determine who will win the ipl trophy of 2021 It's an overnight challenge will see who is going to win ipl trophy ..Lots of fun and dare in this video Hope You Njoy it...💯💯💯Stay tuned for awesome content ...🔥🔥🔥
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This video is made only for fun, enjoy the video and drop your comments in the comment box.
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This is an original work by VJ Siva.
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Prankster: Siva Jammy
Show Producer: Sakthivel
Program content: Kishore
Editing & CG : Pradeep
Camera : Sarath
Social Media: Deepak

#dareorchallenge​​ #VERITHANAM​​​​ #Kulfi​​​​ #TamilPrank​​​​ #MonkSiva2021


    Register using my link bit.ly/KULFI_binomo on Binomo and get free INR 75,000 on the demo: Use "BS136" promo code and get +100% on your first deposit. Binomo's Official Instagram Account - instagram.com/binomo/ Risk Warning! Your capital might be at risk!

    • Abin Beni
      Abin Beni

      Bro I want prank


      Bor support to my channel

  • Diwa R
    Diwa R

    What happened Bro?!?!?! Prank videos are your core strengths... these Dares are not your types, Bro!! Please get back to your roots 🙏


    vara vara un views koranjute iruku... prank than unaku suit aaguthu... thevai ilama mokkai panitu iruka ipa. maathupa... palaya mari va

  • Jessie rin
    Jessie rin

    Content not good👍

  • jeba சீலன் jebasheelan
    jeba சீலன் jebasheelan

    நல்லா இல்லை இந்த விடியோ நண்பா வேர எதாவது நல்லா யோசி முதலில் எல்லாம் விடியோ நல்லா ஜாலியாக எடுத்த இப்போது ஒரு இதுக்கு ஆகாது


    yow content kidaikaama ennamo panra vera maathuyaaa

  • Prasanth Dj
    Prasanth Dj


  • Santhosh R
    Santhosh R


  • CSE-C1-13- BARATH S
    CSE-C1-13- BARATH S

    Sathiyama ithelam nalave illa..😪neenga munadi panna prankaga than naan unga videos paakave aarambichen....2 months ago than aarmbichen...aana ella videosum paathute....but ippo lam unga videosee paaka thonala bro..ipo panrathu nalave illa bro...🥴It may be harsh but ithan unmai..💯💯

  • Mąßter łK
    Mąßter łK

    No na rcb fan edhu mathiri video podatha bro

  • Stella Mary
    Stella Mary

    Bro I'll give u a dare Do it if u can Do Go to a bank n tell them that ur going to robb everything n tell them u have a bomb with u 😂😂

  • Death Of Ff The Last Zone
    Death Of Ff The Last Zone

    2 um cup illa bro mi than....😁😁😁😁😁

  • Master Mafaz
    Master Mafaz

    Not good

  • Master Mafaz
    Master Mafaz

    We hate this type of video

  • Master Mafaz
    Master Mafaz

    This guy mental now

  • Mohammed Arshad
    Mohammed Arshad

    Plz concentrate your videos content. Now a days your views and subscription becoming down.Hence please look in to that we expecting ultimate prank videos with love concept

  • Akash kailash
    Akash kailash

    Kevalama... Mattama... Poitu iruku...

  • muthumani N
    muthumani N

    R u chellage me

  • muthumani N
    muthumani N

    Nan sollura mari ungal la show panna mudiyum ma

  • muthumani N
    muthumani N

    Bro etha mari show pannathinga neengal already first pannuna mari show pannunga

  • murali vijay
    murali vijay

    Prank epo ya poduva

  • Vitality Of Homeopathy
    Vitality Of Homeopathy

    Challange konjam diffrent a pannunga

  • Vitality Of Homeopathy
    Vitality Of Homeopathy

    Super bro

  • Ramakandan periyasamy
    Ramakandan periyasamy

    Put prank videos pls...I'm waiting.....🥺🥺

  • MR Vijaya Kumar
    MR Vijaya Kumar

    I'm unsubscribing ur channel

  • MR Vijaya Kumar
    MR Vijaya Kumar

    Prank pandra

  • Raja Raja
    Raja Raja

    Na ithu pudikala

  • Roman Paul Roman Paul
    Roman Paul Roman Paul

    Bro prank pannuga... Ithu boring 💯

  • Sanjay kumar appu
    Sanjay kumar appu

    Bro ipl is just a friendly cricket match between some States not war

  • Gayathri Sathya
    Gayathri Sathya

    Mass pandringa 🔥


    Prank show nala panitu eruthiga epo ena achu....

  • Pawan s
    Pawan s


  • venkat msd
    venkat msd

    Bro olunga prank eh podunga..recent ah entha videos um nallave ila

  • Thunder Storm-TS
    Thunder Storm-TS

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  • Habiba

    We want our old shiva With funloaded prank 😁😂 Who all agree this 😉

    • Balaji S
      Balaji S

      I'm agreed 👍

  • Sathyavathy Manokaran
    Sathyavathy Manokaran

    பேசாம கிரிக்கெட்டுக்கு போல இல்ல 😀😀

  • வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி
    வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி

    Virat kholiku kovam varuma

  • N.S.K Tech Official
    N.S.K Tech Official

    Vera level seven shot csk player vera level throw😂 😂

  • N.S.K Tech Official
    N.S.K Tech Official

    Bro nengalam dhoni ya erukum pothu avar en virat kohli la erukakudathu Rcb

  • Akash kailash
    Akash kailash

    Marana mokka Da daii

  • BTC and Network marketing
    BTC and Network marketing

    Enna bro indha video vum oothikichaaa

  • karthi keyan
    karthi keyan

    Bro binomo appla India amount kkata matudhu bro eipadi change pananum


    Bro u r dare is - yaarukkaavathum prank call pannanum athum oru youtuber kita guys like this plss

  • Venkatesh S.m.venkateshm
    Venkatesh S.m.venkateshm

    RCB ingeyum thokkurainga😂😜

  • LK Entertainer
    LK Entertainer

    Kohli ❤️❤️❤️ Luuv ❤️❤️

  • Balaji S
    Balaji S

    Kulfi channel's secret of success is pranks... All your pranks were ultimate and completely unique. This video and the other dare videos are not really entertaining bro... Most of your pranks videos went viral with millions views and you can check views of this type of videos too

  • Abin Beni
    Abin Beni

    Bro I want pranks

  • Vicky Jillu
    Vicky Jillu

    Prank hy panungada ...ithelm vena

  • Ajith_02 B
    Ajith_02 B


  • Naga

    Abdian 😈

  • Vini Talks
    Vini Talks

    6:28 😆😆😆😂😂

  • Vini Talks
    Vini Talks

    Csk vs mi match : dare

  • Allwin Raj
    Allwin Raj

    Prank a thavira ellam poduringa

  • Sanjay Don
    Sanjay Don


  • vinay_ Jarvis
    vinay_ Jarvis

    Red army Hit like hear ♥🚨

  • VJ tamizha
    VJ tamizha

    Shiva bro neenga super a bowling podreenga

  • Arun Kumar S
    Arun Kumar S

    Pandige na holi csk gali semma 😂✌️

  • MI6 Siva
    MI6 Siva

    Bro prank concept pannunga bro ithu intha concept 😭😭

  • muthu raj
    muthu raj

    From Banglore, tamilian, don't compare Csk vs RCB..

    • Day2Day Jokes
      Day2Day Jokes

      😂 true..!

  • MaduraiBlack Pandi
    MaduraiBlack Pandi


  • Kulla nari Kootam 7
    Kulla nari Kootam 7


  • Kulla nari Kootam 7
    Kulla nari Kootam 7

    He tried

  • Rizwan Rizwan
    Rizwan Rizwan

    Content nalla illa bro❤️

  • Navaneeth S
    Navaneeth S

    RCB ❤️

  • madhav prakash
    madhav prakash


  • babin babi2
    babin babi2

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  • Akash Vardhan.V
    Akash Vardhan.V


  • Madesh Madesh
    Madesh Madesh

    VAliMAi update 🙄

  • kollywood spot
    kollywood spot

    Dare challenge vena bro ine prank eh panunga adhu intrest ah eruku dare challenge la ine stop panitu different prank panunga bro

  • COOK with Tamila
    COOK with Tamila

    Mudicha Love proposal panni accept pannunga...

  • pandiya rajan
    pandiya rajan

    Rcb players vera level

  • B. Akilan
    B. Akilan

    Do prank bro But this is also good

  • Zee Shaan
    Zee Shaan

    Who want prank like👇

  • Zee Shaan
    Zee Shaan

    Bro do prank

  • HV pets tamilan
    HV pets tamilan

    Yellow army 🔥Vera level

    • LK Entertainer
      LK Entertainer


  • Palakurthy shounak Chanti
    Palakurthy shounak Chanti

    Virat kohli is become fat 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • V Thangam
    V Thangam

    Who are Missing prank videos....😔😔😔😔😔.........👇👇👇

  • Thivishbalaji Tsm
    Thivishbalaji Tsm

    Csk pudi pudi

    • Ba la
      Ba la

      Poda f

  • Fashion style gamer
    Fashion style gamer


  • Karthik Kitty
    Karthik Kitty

    Missing the prank .. prank fans hit like 👍🏻


    Shiva Anna neega kulfi channel Lum yoingaliku vlog channel

  • Asrarullah Sheriff
    Asrarullah Sheriff

    Bro make video lockdown prank🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Csk wessle podu thika muchkonu manage hodu

  • varun h
    varun h

    Please do more pranks alone..


    Who r speaking bad about Rcb🖕🖕


    SEMA bowling siva bro Vera level

  • creation gp
    creation gp

    Super bro 👍

  • chaicho


  • Rx100 Gaming
    Rx100 Gaming

    Prank panuya

  • Ba la
    Ba la


  • Sathiq

    Enna da 6 ballukku pattju ball podreenga

  • Vishal R
    Vishal R

    shiva bro u bowl well...u should be in ipl...

    • Vishal R
      Vishal R

      @SivaKumar Usha haha. 😂 ...aana. video super funny irundichu especially bowling at stumps in last..Keep the good work

    • SivaKumar Usha
      SivaKumar Usha

      Dei romba pesadha da nane adhavida nalla bowl pannuvan ipl la romba over

  • kumar kumar
    kumar kumar


  • prathunan k.k
    prathunan k.k

    Bro ithu ore series aa podunga semya iruku❣️❤️

  • Asrarullah Sheriff
    Asrarullah Sheriff

    Kulfi squad 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Vara level fun

  • Crazy minutes - தமிழ்
    Crazy minutes - தமிழ்

    🙏🏻😭நல்ல மனசு காரர்களே எங்கள மாதிரி சின்ன யூடியூபர்ஸ்க்கு ஆதரவு தாருங்கள்😭🙏🏻

    • Balaji S
      Balaji S

      @Crazy minutes - தமிழ் Keep posting videos bro. One fine day will come and your video will go viral and people will look at you. Cheers !

    • Crazy minutes - தமிழ்
      Crazy minutes - தமிழ்

      @Divya Divya INlabel not recommended my videos so I doing 😭

    • Divya Divya
      Divya Divya

      neenga nalla video panna naangaley support pannuvom bro

    • Praveen praveen
      Praveen praveen

      Try To People Impress

  • Kavin M
    Kavin M

    ft.kohli is dude perfect rage montser while 8:03

  • Harish vishnu
    Harish vishnu

    Bro prank matum pannunga.....ithellam vena bro

  • Nithishwar M
    Nithishwar M

    6:26 ball konjam mella vathuruntha pavam patatha edathula pattuirrukum.😂😂😂😂

  • Kavin M
    Kavin M

    ada pavi kholiku thopa vachiteyeda ......!

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Mai papa ban gya😍
1.5 ਮਿਲੀਅਨ
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