Man Fails at Helping Fiancee Who Slid Down Icy Stairs
Half of the nation is under a winter weather advisory as freezing temperatures, snow and ice move across the country. If you don’t have to be out, stay in. It was a lesson one couple learned the hard way. Their spectacular falls were caught on video. Louise Pewitt goes down hard. Her fiance, Jake rushes to help, but instead slides down the stairs right behind her. Louise says it was a clear sheet of ice that neither of them could see.

  • Jean Joseph
    Jean Joseph

    Such dummies.

  • Daniel Eaton
    Daniel Eaton

    It's nice that his mind went to save mode, but so many of these videos people walk EXACTLY in the same spot where the other person fell. lol Also if you look closely she made sure he didn't fall hard either.

  • Kasey

    Dude literally took o n e step and went down

  • X123Monster EX4
    X123Monster EX4


  • LLCisyouandme

    Idiot sees her slip and fall and acts like a lemming.

  • sarah-danielle new zealand
    sarah-danielle new zealand

    Would be way more funny if it was me that fell because I'm 200 pounds lol chubby as hahahah

  • The Redshift
    The Redshift

    "The roads may look clear, but the black ice is lurking..." You'd think news reporters would watch news reporter comedy sketches to avoid this kind of wording.

  • Dee Lawson
    Dee Lawson

    Goodness gracious they both slid down those stairs ouch! Bet they got bruised bottoms from those stairs.? 🤫🤔 Poor souls. Goodness that hurt me just watching them fall. 🤪😖😳😢🤧

  • Marilyn'i cck
    Marilyn'i cck


  • Cynthia Perrier
    Cynthia Perrier


  • Looney Larry
    Looney Larry

    My tailbone hurts watching this😂

  • phoenixman8569

    Louise fell down and broke her crown and jake came tumbling after.....

  • ws 2019
    ws 2019

    Lucky they aren't 75

  • Ladey Babey
    Ladey Babey

    Titanic ice edition

  • Nancy Mako
    Nancy Mako

    Also, take your foot OFF the gas pedal and downshift. DON'T step on the brake!

  • Edited Rectangle
    Edited Rectangle

    I thought she got shot O_o

  • Zack sen
    Zack sen


  • Keanu Ribs
    Keanu Ribs

    And that's how i met your mother.

  • Jay Gordon
    Jay Gordon

    Good old black ice. Can't see it. If you see any frost at all, use caution. We always put down those chemical de-ice crystals when it's going to be cold.

  • Ns Kumar
    Ns Kumar

    It reminds me "Black ice" skit by key&peele😂

  • dea dea squad
    dea dea squad

    He seen her fall like dang

  • Matthew

    The real man doesn't lift you up..he falls with you

    • ramiel

      I’m not sure about you but if my girlfriend falls off a mountain I ain’t falling with her

  • Benjamin Scott
    Benjamin Scott

    🤣🤣🤣 I'm sorry......I can't 😂😂

  • Richard Lawrence
    Richard Lawrence

    She is gorgeous

  • moon

    Couple goals

  • Russell Crosthwaite
    Russell Crosthwaite

    Ouch 🤕 Oh my god

  • call meh martin
    call meh martin

    does anyone notice that they spelled fiancé wrong🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Shalise Shaw
    Shalise Shaw

    0:02 They should've held onto the stair rail. 😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Alex Cortes
    Alex Cortes

    I guess u can say they fell for each other

  • honestly why
    honestly why

    'If she falls down some icy steps, will you do the same?' This man:

  • She Pirate
    She Pirate

    OUCH! Happy you didn't break your back! Walk Safe Ya'll XO


    Man, he really fell for her

  • GXXN!E

    The fact that I thought she was holding a baby at first... jeez


    💯Dude was not planing to save her 😂 when he took the first step towards her she was already done sliding down the stairs.

  • light canales
    light canales

    Tooo funny togther we fall 😆 uo we rise my people..

  • 369.B13. ابی وزرد
    369.B13. ابی وزرد


  • Cbonesteak Sauce
    Cbonesteak Sauce

    Dude saved his coffee though. Pretty good!


    A couple falls from the stairs* Inside edition: breaking news

  • EnzoJayden GAMING
    EnzoJayden GAMING

    The butt tho OUCH

  • Go getta ghutta rich
    Go getta ghutta rich

    Didn't let that coffee go...

  • gooby!!

    *if we fall down then we fall down together*

  • Jonathan

    Didn't show the part when he got up and started walking it off on the lawn

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    " Til ice do us part " 💍

  • Damien Salvatore
    Damien Salvatore

    Hopefully she's not pregnant

  • KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-
    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-


  • KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-
    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-


  • Beautiful Day
    Beautiful Day

    Oh my gosh my back hurts.Hope your doing well.

  • Stephen Y. Talagtag
    Stephen Y. Talagtag

    Till death do us part.

  • wolfy_gamer667


  • BABYJam25

    ✍Dont. Hit. Wall

  • Carol Yowell
    Carol Yowell

    How did this get on the news

  • spindlerjohn

    It would’ve been funny if they continued sliding down the sidewalk, across the street and into the neighbors driveway

  • king xray
    king xray

    I wonder if the couple read the comments yet.

  • The Don A.R.K B Noah
    The Don A.R.K B Noah


  • Acid Man
    Acid Man

    This reminded me of my friend when he slid down the stairs

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez

    Why do they look like brother and sister though?


    Tell me you running out of ideas without telling me you running out of ideas

  • J JJ
    J JJ

    "Save her", after she already fell.

  • Chupu Toteh
    Chupu Toteh

    First fool no fool,second fool dam fool

  • Andrew Mayfield
    Andrew Mayfield

    4 left feet and TWO cinder-block dancers. LOVE it.!!!!

  • Greg Holland
    Greg Holland

    She's fit

  • Satria Jannatan
    Satria Jannatan

    Im sorry but why am i laughing


    this is more fun than roller coaster so experience it

  • Hoa Sam
    Hoa Sam

    Whoops see daisy lol😅😅😅😅

  • Belinda Pettway
    Belinda Pettway

    It's the sticky bandits! See ya later ya filthy animals

  • red horse
    red horse

    The trick to spot black ice is if The car in front sprays water then that's water. If it looks wet and doesn't spray water. Also notice the pile of cars in front of you

  • shonya

    Decided we should be man tries to help wife and falls down the stairs and makes the same mistake LOL I'm glad to see that they're okay

  • Jr Castillo
    Jr Castillo

    Well that's 1 way to never walk again

  • Ana B
    Ana B


  • Ana B
    Ana B


  • Free Shavacado
    Free Shavacado

    Finance - "he's got a nice bruise on his tail bone" The world - "SHOW US YOUR ASS BRUISE!"

  • Meli Powell
    Meli Powell

    He preached a word there, idk if y'all caught that! Where you 👀 look ,you will go! Focus is a form of manifesting!

  • Finn W
    Finn W

    Rest in pepperoni 🍕

  • Punisher !
    Punisher !

    Lmao the same thing happened to my husband and I. Walking down the stairs and my knee gives out, whammm down I go. He did try to catch me but failed lol....the guests thought I was drunk cause I couldn't stop laughing on the floor.

  • Random Random
    Random Random

    'United States of ice'

  • Meow :3
    Meow :3

    I 'm going to hell for laughing XD

  • Clement Lee
    Clement Lee

    The first split second is always the most frightening and then you realized there’s nothing you can do but fall and slide. As we slide we try to take consolation that it’s at least somewhat fun but at the bottom of the stairs you know it’ll start hurtin soon!

  • Eliezer Rosario
    Eliezer Rosario

    Why would you even walk that fast if you know there is ice and why would you come down the stairs after what u just seen happened to her

  • Compilation Nation
    Compilation Nation

    Yikes.. That's gotta hurp

  • Calia Powe
    Calia Powe

    How does her back not hurt

  • Kiddobarth

    A ghost body slammed her

  • Sagittarius moon
    Sagittarius moon

    She flew 😂 😥 obviously he did fall but jesus her feet came up high. Ouch

  • Jordan Negron
    Jordan Negron

    This is what’s on the news now a days 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  • dee dee
    dee dee

    Awwww white privilege problems sounds about white.🤔😉

  • terimontgomery1980

    Glad they're young. Old person like me wouldn't be able to walk for a couple days

  • Francesca Ferguson
    Francesca Ferguson

    Woman: Falls Man: "Romeo & Juliet!" Inside Edition: This is news-worthy!

    • Orchid’s Art and Design
      Orchid’s Art and Design

      More like Jack and Jill.

  • Gracin

    No dip you can't see black ice

  • Heidy Mendoza
    Heidy Mendoza

    This reminded me of the I jump from the titanic but instead it's I fall.

  • Tri Trev
    Tri Trev

    Wait till the liberals cancel the word “black ice” bahahahahaha 😂

  • The Movement Generation
    The Movement Generation

    Til death so us part...

  • A

    Looks like a new ride at six flags

  • urtrixity

    why is this cute

  • Bill Lawrence
    Bill Lawrence

    She Had already fallen before he even moved, lol

  • Jacob __
    Jacob __

    🎶If we fall down then we go down together🎵

  • Kilowrocks

    The black ice part reminds me of key & peele.

  • john Muscles
    john Muscles

    Actually looks like they were having fun

  • Nanirossa Kenchana
    Nanirossa Kenchana

    This is so romantic

  • Danny Glover
    Danny Glover

    Acts 16:30-31


    Happen to meh to

  • Never 666 Forever 666
    Never 666 Forever 666

    Nobody: Every AI Teammate in COD when you move:

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