Resident Evil Village - Showcase Teaser | PS5, PS4
"Tune in on April 15th 3pm PDT for the Resident Evil Showcase! Watch a new trailer and gameplay for Resident Evil Village, and much more Resident Evil news live as it happens. #REShowcase
Resident Evil Village, eighth major installment in the survival horror franchise from Capcom is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on May 7, 2021.
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About Resident Evil Village:
Fear surrounds you in Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series. With ultra-realistic graphics powered by the RE Engine, fight for survival as danger lurks around every corner."

  • PlayStation 5 Fun Zone
    PlayStation 5 Fun Zone


  • Gab ram rou
    Gab ram rou

    renuncia jim ryan antes de que sepultes a playstation

  • Mike Midwood
    Mike Midwood

    Hopefully this showcase is less completely out of touch than the last

  • 카페인원샷

    0:07 인게임 캐릭터인줄 알았네 ㅋ

  • Umbrella Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation

    Can't wait for the Demo.

  • Deus Lucifer
    Deus Lucifer

    glad to live in England where every live event happens at mid night

  • Gobbi 22
    Gobbi 22

    pinche jaladota de prepucio nos daremos los virgenes JAKSJAJ

  • Screen Apple
    Screen Apple

    Ada Wong and Leo....

  • Rose Kim
    Rose Kim

    I LOVE mommy💖💖💖😊😊

  • Rose Kim
    Rose Kim


  • SgCy

    Capcom straight up added Scissorman from Clock Tower as a playable character lol

  • Rivadomomo Bvvv
    Rivadomomo Bvvv

    q buena está por Dios

  • Maixel 210
    Maixel 210

    0:04 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Anson

    Lady Dimitrescu bout to make us all act up😳

  • Kevin Miles
    Kevin Miles

    Kevin Miles Why does Resident Evil games always make a White guy like Chris Redfield the Protagonist? African-Americans exist too in the USA, so is Capcom racist for not making even ONE game with a Black MALE Protagonist ?

    • Daniel Holoweckyj
      Daniel Holoweckyj

      Why do you care about race so much? YOUR the real racist here, not Capcom.

  • Raul Rivas
    Raul Rivas

    0:04 👀

  • Silver Knigth
    Silver Knigth

    0:04 ¿A cuanto los mamelucos para caballero?

  • FireLineYT

    lady dimitrescu gave me a kissie in the hand

  • Colin Patterson
    Colin Patterson

    When will you guys realse wwe 2k 22

  • Странник

    Прощу длинную презентацию по RE8 VILLAGE, И долгий и захватующий геймплей там на 15-20 минут.

    • Странник

      @Elfangel85 Нет спасибо!не надо!

    • Elfangel85

      Вместо этого покажут геймплей Re:Verse :-)

  • YaXir Mahmood
    YaXir Mahmood

    0:04 I hate my mind 😂

  • Reza Fauzy Rakhman
    Reza Fauzy Rakhman

    Horror game of the year, of course 😏

  • Noah Golden
    Noah Golden

    Ethan will never have a left hand that doesn't get injured or completely severed.

  • Rich consparart bro
    Rich consparart bro

    Sucked his blood. MNM.

  • Kecambah Fans Club
    Kecambah Fans Club

    Always remember, dont pre order

    • Daniel Holoweckyj
      Daniel Holoweckyj

      No one cares.

  • Aatif Khan
    Aatif Khan

    Very excited


    What if Chris is undercover and he found the people who talked with Lucas in re 7 to send the virus details, maybe there is a connection between Evelyn and Lady Dimitrescu (same yellow eyes). Maybe only Ethan can destroy the virus or he is imune or something similar.

  • Lil Jet Gaming
    Lil Jet Gaming

    Hopefully a demo for PC!

  • Halston Stephenson
    Halston Stephenson

    "you can check it out why you wait". Um, she meant "while you wait", right?

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    It looks amazing

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke

    No one cares about 8 show us Resident Evil 4 remake

    • Elfangel85

      It's so early into development, what are you talking about? Nobody will show or announce it anytime soon.

  • ShakenMike

    Is this a trailer for a trailer

  • Wolf J.
    Wolf J.

    This game will end the legacy of no nut November for ever.

  • Erreur2

    Hi Brittney


    Big Tall Mommy Gf

  • Lu The Gamecat
    Lu The Gamecat

    Pleeeese give us Vr support!

  • Usama Mustafa
    Usama Mustafa

    Can't wait.

  • Pontus Toftgård
    Pontus Toftgård

    Where is the pc and ps4 demo for re village though?

  • Aigami

    I'm guessing the human villagers might turn out to be werewolves in hiding, and the dude with the shades is the head werewolf.

    • Chase Jackson
      Chase Jackson

      Its in Europe where umbrella was home-based so it will probably be a village where umbrella experiments were conducted.

  • ViolentxStrike


  • Juan Topo OMG
    Juan Topo OMG

    A la chucha ya antojaron😋

  • Danny Music
    Danny Music

    Resident evil village is going to be the best resident evil game ever

  • 306oldboyful

    Going to be fun doing a speed run with one hand

  • Cory M.M.
    Cory M.M.

    Glad this game is on Ps4 since getting a ps5 is practically impossible and I’m not giving any money to scalpers.

  • Original Left.Right_Twix
    Original Left.Right_Twix

    Give me the ps5, you clearly making enough money to keep producing them

  • Ny Avo Kevin
    Ny Avo Kevin

    I’ m here to pause at 00:05

  • Chairul Maulana
    Chairul Maulana

    Sucked up dry .

  • Taco Luvr 156
    Taco Luvr 156

    see....... but do I *REALLY* wanna watch more when I'm pretty sure we're all already sold on the game

  • Wennik Lopez
    Wennik Lopez

    I am still thinking if it is worth playing this game on a Ps4 pro

  • Jago Nexus
    Jago Nexus

    0:04 Capcom, do yall have any idea what yall have done!?!?!?!?

  • Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
    Ultimate Keyboard Warrior




  • Lionel Blaise
    Lionel Blaise

    I can't wait to see how ugly Lady Dimitrescu looks in monster form.

  • UL CA
    UL CA

    RE: Verse 💩🤮

  • GerforGold


  • Vinod S
    Vinod S

    cant wait for the tall lady :)

  • WeAreLive!

    Re:verse was absolute garbage

  • thatvfxguy

    Already preordered and waiting for May 7 to get here.

  • ZenIceHero

    The SHOWCASE i'm def looking foward the most to watch and enjoy is the photo mode with Lady Dimitrescu lol

  • H0ME W0RK
    H0ME W0RK

    Heisenbergs factory?? Also did it seem like ethan cut his own self? That's how it looked

  • ChipotleNV08

    y'all might not agree with me, but I believe there's a slight possibility that RE3 can receive an update. I mean she did say there were gonna be "a few other surprises". It's definitely not too late to add a few things in. I REALLY hope we can get all that cut content.

  • Daniel Serafim
    Daniel Serafim

    0:04 my mind is very dirty

  • Vaan ヴァナディール
    Vaan ヴァナディール

    0:04 I have a dirty mind

  • True Roman
    True Roman

    Hoping for a multi-platform demo, really want to try it.

  • Devil Sinister
    Devil Sinister

    You know what's kind of funny is that is not live on pc. That condition of that reason oh, you don't want data miners trying to get a hold of the game well just let you know that is simply easier to do with PlayStation. It is so simple.

  • zen nabu
    zen nabu

    Idc I just need more resident Evil

  • frankie

    Bricked up rn

  • Paaf gaming
    Paaf gaming

    I barely played the beta cuz the servers were down all the time 😡😡

  • Billy193

    willing to bet the new demo will be released after the showcase

  • TA

    Everybody so focused on the tall vampire lady I just really want to see more of the new merchant lol

    • Daniel Holoweckyj
      Daniel Holoweckyj

      Hes there! 0:13

  • racoon M45T3R
    racoon M45T3R

    I know its not part of the showcase, but a trailer or teaser for Welcome to Raccoon City would be nice.

    • Elfangel85

      @racoon M45T3R I expect Infinite Darkness trailer, the tentative release date was May in the leaked files.

    • racoon M45T3R
      racoon M45T3R

      @Elfangel85 forgot about that delay

    • Elfangel85

      With November's release it feels too early.

  • soflo 32
    soflo 32

    Already pre ordered ready to play

  • racoon M45T3R
    racoon M45T3R

    Everyone, I FINALLY GOT A PS5!!!! I just wanted to brag about. Them things are harder to get than a Tesla.

  • Major K
    Major K

    Why tf do you need a stupid Capcom ID to play the reverse beta. I tried resetting Capcom password and it just won't send the email to reset so the beta is completely unplayable for me and the full version likely will be too since Capcom just can't have a normal online infrastructure

  • AxWielder Sprigz
    AxWielder Sprigz

    I saw a dummy post that “oh, when Lady Dimitrescu mutates, she’ll look disgusting af.” Looks like someone hasn’t checked Alexia from CVX or Rachel from REV1. Capcom knows how to preserve to an extent.

  • %???

    0:03 Lady Dimitrescu: *eats Ethans hand* Everyone: DONT FORGET ABOUT US

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof

    0:11 gachiGasm

  • Ivan Alejandro Varela Mendoza
    Ivan Alejandro Varela Mendoza

    Adid zombies or other enemies in re verse like re5 or Operation raccoon vs mode


    That factory is just one of the most scariest things I've ever seen in a RE game. So that's what we have in Romania? Umbrella bases?

    • Chase Jackson
      Chase Jackson

      Alot of countries have small towns and villages where they would either do experiments that they didn't want people to know about, or places to put people they considered undesirable.

  • marc farrants
    marc farrants

    Beta broken

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield

    Don’t tell me there’s another underground research facility

  • TigerTony 77
    TigerTony 77

    Not even resident evil it Castlevania rip off

  • Ricardo Santa
    Ricardo Santa

    Got the CE on order 😆 can’t wait to play it

  • Catatafish

    0:03 weird scream kekw

  • Simon Roman
    Simon Roman

    0:10 Hmm, 4 symbols, plus the 1 symbol for The Umbrella Corporation. Does anybody have a theory what the 4 new and unknown symbols have to do with Umbrella???

  • Silent Spectre
    Silent Spectre

    Won't play until it's in VR

  • NickPearlTV

    Hooray while we wait for this resident evil direct we get to play a game that nobody wanted


    As much as I love Resident Evil, I would love to see an open world game materialise ... full of action and horror!

  • Javier Ignacio
    Javier Ignacio


  • Magneisuem Winterjuice
    Magneisuem Winterjuice

    Heh, Jack 'Daddy' Baker using scissor blades made popular thanks to Clocktower.

  • assembled 18
    assembled 18

    7 and 8 has brought back the horror that RE should kept focusing on instead of becoming Fast and The Furious with too much action orientated.

  • Mighty MOSA
    Mighty MOSA

    Is there a stalker mode in this game, where you can hide inside closed spaces and observe the movements of the main villain ? Just asking for a friend.

  • Mighty Murph
    Mighty Murph

    House of Vampires, House of Werewolves, Whats next a Frankstein attempt? I actually hope so

  • James Earl Cash
    James Earl Cash

    Anyone know when the re8 village demo hits PS4?

  • ismail elasbihani
    ismail elasbihani

    capcom literally knew the only thing that the comunity want especially boys and they do their best to make it attractive as much as they can

    • Protocetus


  • DeathStar7

    I want to see lady dimitrescu saying Ara-ara.😂

  • the underground empire
    the underground empire

    Hopefully it won't be as repetitive as RE7. HOPEFULLY RE8 WILL ACTUALLY BE FUN basically not a repeat of re7😞

  • Ma O
    Ma O

    Playing this game on HARD is going to have a whole other meaning for me.

  • Timefall l
    Timefall l

    Surprised to see resident evil 8 hasn't been delayed

  • isharerick25

    Ou yeah señor cangrejo

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