My favorite place...In my favorite place Full Video | Anasuya Bharadwaj | Balcony Tour
My favorite place...In my favorite place Full Video. In this video you can watch of Anasuya's favourite place inside her favorite place! Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and give the video a thumbs up if you like it!
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Anasuya Gearing up for a Wedding :
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  • Urmila Perada
    Urmila Perada

    What an attitude ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eswanth Thadi
    Eswanth Thadi

    Home tour

  • Dharamsoth Pandu
    Dharamsoth Pandu

    Nice medam iam die heart fan for sudigali sudheer anna sorry for this comment akka

  • Uma Rani Mettu
    Uma Rani Mettu

    Akka this is nikki do you remember me In airport I met you you and asked you to remove your mask you told it just for your saik do you remember me

  • Sudaker Reddy
    Sudaker Reddy

    Akka MI pilalatho oka video chayi AKKA plz plz akka

  • vasavi is the Best
    vasavi is the Best

    Do your house tour akka please

  • creative rahithya things
    creative rahithya things

    Home tour please please please please please please please 🙏🥺🥺

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar

    Super ga chapparu

  • Boya Mallika
    Boya Mallika

    Home tour akka

  • Ramya Cheeli
    Ramya Cheeli

    Most inspiring women.


    Akka pls do home tour video 🤩

  • Korra Lavanya
    Korra Lavanya

    Home tour

  • Shankar Reddy
    Shankar Reddy

    Mam, i love the way ur. Husband is supporting u and also not listening to the bloody rumours which rise on u . I also loved the way ur parrots r eating their food.

  • Shaik Suhial1236
    Shaik Suhial1236

    14:18 so cute laddu 🥰

  • Navya Vicky
    Navya Vicky

    Show your in-laws akka


    U r ☺ smile super akka


    Yes's Akka u said correct

  • songs channel Archana
    songs channel Archana

    Akka home tour cheyava please please

  • Sasi Rishi
    Sasi Rishi

    Home tour

  • pavithra murali
    pavithra murali

    Anasuya garu meeru thisukunna thredmill shop adress ivvandi nenu kuda thisukovali

  • PRANAVA Holisitic Healing & Rejuvenation Centre
    PRANAVA Holisitic Healing & Rejuvenation Centre


  • sridhar boppineedi
    sridhar boppineedi

    Beautiful advice, create your own happy space 👌👌👌👏👏👏

  • Mettu Vaishnavi
    Mettu Vaishnavi

    Please do home tour sister

  • mekala raju
    mekala raju

    Anu akka nuvvu chala lucky,,, manchi husband, very supportive, caring, super, cute couple

  • mekala raju
    mekala raju

    Love u anu akka,, nenu meeku very very big fan of you,,,, me to bird's super, living more

  • tiger chandra kala sadan sen teddy
    tiger chandra kala sadan sen teddy

    Sumangali ladies saapam peditey tagultadi anasuya be nenu maa laanti vaallu tiditey tagultaayi anvasaramga nannu blame chesevaallani tidutunta chaala Mandi aa curses tagili bad effects face' chesaru

  • tiger chandra kala sadan sen teddy
    tiger chandra kala sadan sen teddy

    Voice maatram sexy voice

  • Hemashri Silla
    Hemashri Silla

    Yes we don't compare anyone be yourself

  • Jyothi M.jyothi
    Jyothi M.jyothi

    Ur very strong girl in always

  • Magic Wallet
    Magic Wallet

    Valuable words mam,tqq

  • Anusha

    akka home tour please


    Do an vdo on your wedding pics

  • Chaithanya Chaithu
    Chaithanya Chaithu

    Hi lovely

  • Y Abhishek
    Y Abhishek

    Paina pataram song 💯❤️🔥👌


    We are unable to watch your over action on tv’s , jabardast what ever it is now you came on to youtube and bringing virus 🦠 please wear your dresses properly cause your a mom right i saw your last video in a cafe thats so weird tieing rubber band to your tshirt and exposing your middle part thats show’s how you wanted to expose to people just a request you take or don’t take no body cares but remember your not a foreigner your indian mon cheers

  • jhansi banoth
    jhansi banoth

    hii mam... aa birds ekkada tisukunnaru...

  • Konduri Kalyani
    Konduri Kalyani

    Guddalu yekkuvini

  • Kavya Imandi
    Kavya Imandi

    Home tour akka

  • Anusha sreenivas
    Anusha sreenivas

    Love ur clarity

  • Neelarao Yanda
    Neelarao Yanda

    Anasuya garu aadhi garu leru me dhaggara

  • Swtha chatla Swetha ch
    Swtha chatla Swetha ch

    Daily routine workout oka video cheyandi

  • Nasreen Taj
    Nasreen Taj

    After pregnancy u r work out video chayadi akka

  • Yashaswini T
    Yashaswini T

    Akk do home tour akka

  • Harshasri Mule
    Harshasri Mule

    Yoga video how u do ur yoga please show use

  • santha borra
    santha borra

    Super Anasuya Garu

  • Queen Bakes
    Queen Bakes

    Talli Niko namaskaram..,

  • ravi t
    ravi t

    Akka mi lovestory gurinchi video cheyandi please

  • ravi t
    ravi t

    Super anasuya sis..whatever other people talk about you just listen and throw it out

  • Rupa Reddy
    Rupa Reddy

    Akka home tour chayandi akka

  • Padma Chakali
    Padma Chakali

    House tour kavali

  • Lavanya V Lavi
    Lavanya V Lavi

    Whatever other people talk about u I don't care akka I really love you ❣️ and you keep on Rock.......

  • MyDreamchannel

  • bhanu prakash
    bhanu prakash

    Meeru every green sooo beautiful anasuya gaaru

  • Sayani Maity
    Sayani Maity

  • Gattu Lalitha
    Gattu Lalitha

    Akka home tour cheyyandi

  • rambhupal yaramala
    rambhupal yaramala

    World beautiful girl anasuya only💕💕💕


    Hi Anasuya garu, i am big fan of you not only because of yout talent and hardwork....but also because you are a strong women. Even many people passing cheap and jealous comments on raise like a special star....I just wanted to tell you....completely ignore negative are amazjng...Women should be like you strong and independent....lady superstar... I am a mom and homemaker(left job to care kids). I know how hard it will be to care family and work...only people with no work OR Tooo JEALOUS on ur success.....sit at home and pasa cheap and free comments and get their ego satiefied i guess😀😀

  • Sabavath Mounika
    Sabavath Mounika

    I love u akka

  • Sabavath Mounika
    Sabavath Mounika

    Super anusuya

  • Badguna Saritha
    Badguna Saritha

    Ur pets so nice mam

  • SRI WORLD - My Living Style
    SRI WORLD - My Living Style


  • surya sree
    surya sree

    every woman deserves a man like sushant bharadwaj..who cares and motivates his wife anasuya ..perfect bond .

  • Gajawada Sandhyarani
    Gajawada Sandhyarani

    I want you see u plz my favorite anchor


    అందరు excersize nerchukovali

  • jagadeeshwar ROCK
    jagadeeshwar ROCK

    Your great

  • Syamala Devi Sistla
    Syamala Devi Sistla

    Pregnency story chepandi

  • Anil Nayak
    Anil Nayak

    💙💙 u

  • Kanaka Ravi kumar
    Kanaka Ravi kumar

    Hai Akka how r u ? How is ur family?Akka mi skin care video cheyandi Akka plz

  • Himabindhu B. M
    Himabindhu B. M

    Supr anusuyyagaru, first comment, can u please share vedieo, hw to maintain weight loss after post pregnancy please.

  • Ajay Ajay
    Ajay Ajay

    I love you akka naku meru Chala eistamm

  • prudhviraj rathode
    prudhviraj rathode

    Kind hearted husband.n ur kids n family are good.👍 strong women anasuyaa.

  • meena kumari
    meena kumari

    So cute children's anasuya akka pls make a vedios with them activities pls

  • R.madhavi Ravikanti madhavi
    R.madhavi Ravikanti madhavi

    Hi anasuya akka plzz do home tour


    Worst intro I have ever seen

  • Ananthula saidulu Goud
    Ananthula saidulu Goud

    Akka home tour chayara

  • Vamsi

    Paina emi levu (cinemas) kindha baga penchav(jabardhath boothu show)🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vamsi

    Shoot ki vellinappudalla baga kallu spead chesthavu kadha... excellent work out... spreading leggs and inviting is good excersise

  • Vamsi

    Akkade nee bengali panulu jaruguthaya anasuya.....

  • Vamsi

    Akkade ongini veyinchukuntava................dosalu🤣🤣. Balcony lo bengali dosalu chesrhava?

  • akula chinky
    akula chinky


  • Raji Rajeswari
    Raji Rajeswari

    Pranam ma anusuya nuvvante naku as a leady ga ninnu chusi chala nerchukovali kani mammalni intlo Valle support chearu anyway keeprocking

  • Rachuri sahithi
    Rachuri sahithi

    Akka we need u r home tour


    I am big fan of u madam naku metho okka photo dhigalani undhi madam

  • PIKACHU gamer
    PIKACHU gamer

    Wt u eat in a day ??

  • Chowdary

  • Chowdary

  • Chowdary

  • manikanta varma
    manikanta varma

  • Fanfan Fanfan
    Fanfan Fanfan

    Do a video with your kids mam

  • Kumar KorCh
    Kumar KorCh

    Favourite spot in my favourite place. This thumbnail could’ve been better . Just saying madam 🤞🏻

  • Khayyum Hussain
    Khayyum Hussain

    🌹👌👌👌🔥🔥🌹 so cute

  • suresh gujju
    suresh gujju

    హోం టూర్ మేడం

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    revathi chitti

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    Mahesh Chillimuntha

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    Sivanna Naidu

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  • Mallika Mallika
    Mallika Mallika

    I love you so.. much mam. Be healthy and happy 😍😘 tell about that parrots

  • Girish varma Itta
    Girish varma Itta

    Evariki kavali ni favt place evadu adigadu Edoka bokkalo video Vlogging cheyatam utube vadaltam.... It's been usual for ur celebs u r also an normal citizen edo meru pedda special annatu pedtaru.

    • Girish varma Itta
      Girish varma Itta

      @That's me Ram I said fact.....edo random ga choosa I don't watch crappy shits on utube Mrs. Ram...... And it's my opinion Indulo meku problem emundi.

    • That's me Ram
      That's me Ram

      Mari endhuku chudatam Endhuku negativity spread cheytam?? Ignore cheyyochu ga nachakapothe.

  • Laxmi Channel
    Laxmi Channel

    Superb message 😘

  • Ram Banda
    Ram Banda


  • Anu raju
    Anu raju

    29 on trending Miss u soo much akka