$100 South Indian Food - GIANT 19 ITEMS THALI | Chettinad (Tamil Nadu) Crab Curry!
Mark Wiens
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BANGKOK, THAILAND - Welcome to Sri Ananda Bhawan, one of the best South Indian food restaurants in Bangkok that specializes in food from Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, South India. Today, we’re going to eat the giant 3,000 THB (around $100) banana leaf thali, that includes 19 different dishes! #IndianFood #Bangkok #Thailand
Chettinad is within the Tamil Nadu state of South India. The food is characterized by lots of chili powder, pepper, and curry leaves. When I heard about the massive 19 item thali, there was no way I could resist. Thanks to Sri Ananda Bhawan and Mr. Rachan, for allowing me to see inside the kitchen as the talented Chef’s prepared all 19 dishes. One of their most well known dishes is the Chettinad crab curry. Onions, tomatoes, garlic, curry leaves, chili powder, pepper, coriander, all tempered down, loaded with crab, Chettinad masala, and coconut milk. The result was something truly spectacular, a combination of spices and ingredients that any curry lover will fall in love with.
Along with the Chettinad crab curry there was chicken 65, fish 65, prawn 65, about three other prawn dishes, 2 mutton dishes, fish masala, tandoori fish, a variety of veg dishes, chicken curries, sambar, and rasam. All laid out on a banana leaf with rice, it was truly a special meal!
I would also mention that although I ordered the massive 19 item thali, which you have to actually pre-order (and I would highly recommend). You can additionally just walk in, and they have many other more simple thalis that you can order - including vegetarian, or just order single dishes. Amazing South Indian food, and specifically one of the only Chettinad restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Thank you very much for watching this video, and hope you’re having a fantastic day!
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  • Yashwanth P
    Yashwanth P

    Mark, I truly love the way you respect and relish every dish -- some of us in India are so choosy and show disdain to many foods...we got to learn from you. It is indeed a blessing to even have any kind of food served on table, especially when so many more are in a difficult situation to even eat anything.

  • smoothwoof

    Indian food is spice of life...

  • Sudha Sundar
    Sudha Sundar

    தமிழ் நாட்டு உணவு பதார்த்ததில் எவ்வித சாஸும் சேர்ப்பதில்லை.நிறமூட்டிகளும் கலப்பதில்லை.ஆனாலும் எங்களின் உணவு சுவையாகவும் எளிதில் கெட்டு போகாமலும் இருக்கக் காரணம் எங்களின் கை பக்குவமும் அன்பான உபசரிப்பும்தான் காரணம்!!?

  • srinivasan v
    srinivasan v

    bangkok la tamil hotel, semma ..kalakunga , kandippa varuven anga vanda

  • Garrett White
    Garrett White


  • Sunil Kumar k
    Sunil Kumar k

    Mark wein luv from India ❤️😘

  • Siva Raj
    Siva Raj

    Your eyes tells taste of food

  • Recipe Hippie
    Recipe Hippie

    Welp, now I need Indian Food!!!

  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios

    South Indian food is the best

  • Aishwarya Manimaran
    Aishwarya Manimaran

    You can more specifically say Tamil food... Its from Tamil Nadu

  • Baby Dee
    Baby Dee

    Today is my fast day and I'm watching this.

  • O'Happydays

    Poor Ying having to eat cold food after filming Mark try every item single first. She must be an angel as my partner would never do that! LOL

  • Valueprix Valueprix
    Valueprix Valueprix

    Apparently, the only thing Chettinad here is the crab curry (only because they say they've put the Chettinad masala). Otherwise, I think the owner has lost the plot mid-way..😉

  • nethi madhuri
    nethi madhuri

    I live in the uk but iam from Hyderabad telangana

  • Mark Frances Cruz
    Mark Frances Cruz

    Dirty kitchen and frying stand weeewwww

  • suparna raju
    suparna raju

    Hi Mark sering u after long tie how is yr son and how old he is now


    Tamilan daa

  • Rahul Gandhi
    Rahul Gandhi

    Hey Mark, why don't you schedule a trip to birth place of Chettinaadu (South Tamilnadu, India) to give a ultimate feast to your taste buds!!!!!

  • Grameeninsta

    That reaction and smile after having food...bammm..lovely

  • Annex George
    Annex George

    Gobi manujirian is not chicken dear it’s cauliflower

  • Pooh Eduworld for Kids
    Pooh Eduworld for Kids


  • Korro

    Indian Food is One of the Best in the World & I am not Indian

  • Chirag Kewalramani
    Chirag Kewalramani

    Perfect video The background music The way you enjoy food MARK Your the best food blogger Your face speaks all that foodgasm face when u eat take a bite and just move backwards sayinggg ohhh Mann Ur the best food blogger Next time u come Mumbai will take u to some hidden gems

  • Arun stalin
    Arun stalin

    Ain't nobody told you to try the dosa with all those non veg gravies?it will transport you to heavens mark

  • Nagaraj P
    Nagaraj P

    Try our food in our country, you will not forget it ever.

  • Pubg Neyso
    Pubg Neyso

    awesome dishes man u r feel hot inside kitchen 😂😂😂😂👍️👍️👍️👍️👍️

  • Aman European
    Aman European


  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran

    வணக்கம் மார்க்!! Welcome to Tamilnadu ❣️

  • Arinie Hembarwati
    Arinie Hembarwati

    Hi mark, do you miss Indonesian food?

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    Ivy Spiritual Messages & Tarot

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    Kushal Kushal

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    Derek Dsouza

    Its impossible to say wow for everything...if u dont say wow..will he give you a bill?

  • Kushal Kushal
    Kushal Kushal

    Rasam you need to eat at last for good digestions

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones

    I Don,t know what your nationality is Mark but in Australia Mutton is old sheep but I acknowledge it might be different else where any way bon appetit

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    Krishna Mishra

    INDIA Is The King Of Spices

  • Rakesh S
    Rakesh S

    Believe me or not , we Indians are magicians in cooking !! We use one common masala mixture but give different taste when tried with different main ingredient,we not only cook and serve for taste,but also keep in mind the health of the people who eat them

  • dinesh raja
    dinesh raja

    Paavam eppadi sapadunu teriyala

  • Frank MacLeod
    Frank MacLeod

    Looks great Mark!! You guys rock, keep it up.

  • shafeekmks

    Oh my god this video made me go out of home and eat a non veg thali meal..

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    Annmarie Sangaw

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    KJM 04

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      No were in asia


    Come to India Tamil Nadu and eat our foods it will be most better than u take in your country

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar

    Although Eating is a just a pleasure and no protocols ... when he mixed the 65 with sambar my heart broke :|

  • Roxy Cat
    Roxy Cat

    Pretty sure mutton is lamb...



  • Bookrack

    bro whatever disshes u tried their for 100 bucks . here india u got more flavours in just 10$ .

  • sam tharachan
    sam tharachan

    I'm a south Indian and i did not know the sweet should be eaten first😂. Idk of it's a tamil thing or a general rule but usually from where I'm from (kerala), we have the dessert in the end. Man new facts everyday! I'm loving this!

    • sam tharachan
      sam tharachan

      @Raj Srinivas ah thanks!

    • Raj Srinivas
      Raj Srinivas

      In rest of India dessert us at the last. But in TN sweet first

  • Golden

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    James Wong

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    ASMR Ambience

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    nurhidayah rusjhan

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    A Glass Of Merlot

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    sumit waghmare

    Your expressions are very good.

  • kellyblue

    Love this, I love your enthusiasm, and I love your facial expressions after taking a bite of each things, I love this vid soooo much😍

    • Aman European
      Aman European

      inlabel.info/chat/iaeKrKzF24mqeqo/v.html . inlabel.info/chat/iaeKrKzF24mqeqo/v.html

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    Roxanne Roxanne

    That sliced fish looked PERFECTTRTT🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍

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      Aman European

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    Blues Or Bliss™

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  • Martha Patricia Puente de la Vega
    Martha Patricia Puente de la Vega

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    Henrietta Bunhian

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    Bibhudutta Dash

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    Syed Ijlal Asif

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    Shilpa Lad

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  • Siddharth Vinze
    Siddharth Vinze

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    *RMS *

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    Day One Shemuyl

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    monica roberts

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    YE Fox

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  • monica roberts
    monica roberts

    I appreciate how the chefs still used hands and didn’t fake it with gloves. The main essence to South Indian food is cooking with bare hands

    • Deepa Revankar
      Deepa Revankar

      What is there to appreciate in it. They should appreciate customers health and wear gloves when making it.. especially it’s pandemic now.

    • Aman European
      Aman European

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  • SINCE 2005
    SINCE 2005

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  • Kenneth Cunningham
    Kenneth Cunningham

    Mark, you did it again... I just love also South Indian Food... here in LA there are several restaurants that I frequent, but this is why I and commenting... to see the experience of how the Chef's season the food, its all 'by eye' and as you said 'by feel'. Before you commented at 6:32 I was thinking that "no two" meal preps of the same orders would be the same... maybe close, but not the same; because, these Chefs do not use 'precise measures' of their spices for meal prep, but rather "a little bit of this" and "a little bit of that". As would be the case for any other professionally trained Chef in the business, this style of seasoning would be anathema, yes. I am enjoying thisr presentation... of course the Chefs are engaging in 'a little Showmanship' with the Knifework and the tosing of the Wok... has me wondering... is this what's going on in my favorite South Indian Kitchens? Mark, question: what was the significance of the placement of the food item on the banana leaf or was there any significance?


    15 dollar food ✌️

  • Vilma Gul
    Vilma Gul

    Food looks good! I wish you use more the spoon like your wife instead your fingers.

  • mynewapple ID
    mynewapple ID

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