Best Compact SUV in India : PowerDrift
The Buyer-Dealer-Dwayne-Johnson saga continues on PowerDrift! This time around, Varun Painter is on the other side of the table in search of the best compact SUV in India. There are 5 options to look at - Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, Nissan Magnite, Tata Nexon and the Maruti Suzuki Brezza. Which way are you swinging?
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  • PowerDrift

    Hey #PDArmy, which is the best SUV? Tell us in the comments below, and remember to hit that Like button if you loved the video!

    • Hebin

      05:44 The "driving thrill" car ❤️

    • hemant kumar mishra
      hemant kumar mishra


    • Supriyo_ Dey
      Supriyo_ Dey

      @prashant pillai that cost u lots bro, u can go segment up in this price point

    • Supriyo_ Dey
      Supriyo_ Dey

      @setu saket brezza is good & Vfm but only in lower varients Lxi & vxi, which has under 10 lekh

    • Supriyo_ Dey
      Supriyo_ Dey

      @tuhin sovan koley yes, hasslfree, & no nonsens car, I have Venue Sx MT turbo GDI, yes rear seat spece little less than Nexon & Xuv300, but choise depends on u

  • Bala kumar
    Bala kumar

    I will go with the starter.

  • Veer Singh
    Veer Singh


  • R.F. KAMIL
    R.F. KAMIL

    The meal is just incomplete without XUV300 and ecosport (your starter sonet is a waste)

  • Kaushik Garigipathi
    Kaushik Garigipathi

    Nexon the baap of all

  • Harshad Joshi
    Harshad Joshi

    Tata Nexon

  • Manoj Sundar
    Manoj Sundar

    What happened to the signal 2 signal series

  • Manoj Karnatak
    Manoj Karnatak

    I think Nissan Magnite is good package.

  • Saurav Mittal
    Saurav Mittal

    Venue or XUV 300

  • hemant kumar mishra
    hemant kumar mishra

    If you want a 5 seater, both sonet and venue fall short.

  • Ronit Patil
    Ronit Patil


  • Raman Tarsaulia
    Raman Tarsaulia

    this is exactly what we want from power drift....amazing

  • Prashant Sibal
    Prashant Sibal

    The starter- KIA Sonet GTx plus, wouldn’t an imt be good for its long shifts being partly a manual?

  • Chitra Sekar
    Chitra Sekar

    Thinking on pratical and VFM , my option will be vitara BREZZA VXI....

  • Rishirajsinh Rana
    Rishirajsinh Rana

    Compact SUV with Ecosport!!😡

  • vishnu reddy
    vishnu reddy


  • Jey Seelan
    Jey Seelan

    Where is ford ecosport

  • anand mg
    anand mg

    Cinematic shooting with mere reading of spec sheet. As enthusiasts we need matured content on vehicles.

  • BikerBrothers

    Obviously NEXON

  • Sushant Jagtap
    Sushant Jagtap

    bole tohhh ek dum zhakassssss.......

  • Harsha kr Harsha kr
    Harsha kr Harsha kr

    You missed Ecosport


    XUV Is like having a buffet :. Mix of all !

  • Aash A
    Aash A

    You just can't neglect the MS . . In any field 🤣🤣

  • Kshitij Verma
    Kshitij Verma

    Who gives the ideas to you guys. This is brilliant and something very different. Attention catching for sure.

  • Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma


  • H Sharma
    H Sharma

    Nexon as list scrutiny only.

  • Jithin Raj
    Jithin Raj

    The video is very creative and nice, but I expected the daddy of the compact SUV class, The Ford EcoSport to be present. Even XUV300 is missing. Features, if we demand for it Ford will give them but even after 8 yrs in the market there's hardly any other car that can match the EcoSport's standards. Be it Fun to drive, Reliability, Economical maintenance, safety and VFM

  • Car craze show
    Car craze show

    Raunak sir looks like desi tony stark amazing guys I love the way of presentation and the acting was also awesome 🔥💯🤩

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    Ford Ecosport by far🔥❤️

  • Patrick Narzary
    Patrick Narzary

    What about EcoSport??? Did you forget it??? It's a driver's car you loosers Powerdrift MC🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  • Saravana Kumaran
    Saravana Kumaran

    It's brezza

  • Siraj Irshad
    Siraj Irshad

    Where is Kiger?

  • rophit paul
    rophit paul

    ok where is ecosport and xuv300 its still a shame that no one mentioned safety here,hey painter will you still save 2 lakh when you buy metalsheets,sorry hands down.

  • Siva Sikharam
    Siva Sikharam

    why not ford eco sport

  • An old Monk
    An old Monk

    What happened to mahindra xuv 500 and scorpio☹️😟

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar

    The title Best compact SUV - doesn't that mean you pick out the best compact SUV atleast from your perspective? Yet you guys leave that to the viewer to decide.

  • Pramod Singh Betes
    Pramod Singh Betes

    First I've been planning to order the DESSERT for a long time, but finally ordered the STARTER bcoz of the Ingredients!

  • Atibur Rahman
    Atibur Rahman

    Bhai tumhara video banane ka style 🤣🤣👌👌


    Guys you missed kuv 300


    Breza or venue ko hta do baki 3no me se koi b le lo 😂

  • Rajdeep Bhowal
    Rajdeep Bhowal

    Kia sonet is the best compact SUV..👍👍👍

  • Chef D.I.Y
    Chef D.I.Y

    The joke is No Ford ecosport is here??

  • gajju injoy
    gajju injoy

    ઇટઠકગટણબછછખઠ ઑબહવઠટિ

  • crank it up
    crank it up

    Hyundai & Kia trashed ever where in insta & youtube comments but in reality their sales getting higher & higher 😂😂 . They know who will buy & who will just speak in comments only

  • V J
    V J

    Nexon wins this battle if you are looking at a driving enthusiasts car. But it shoul come with the ventilated seats. The Hyundai and Sonets Steering has a lot of play.

  • Lakshith gowda
    Lakshith gowda

    Sonet and venue

  • Nagesh Gabel
    Nagesh Gabel

    Safety is so low on your lists.

  • Abdullah Bokhari
    Abdullah Bokhari


  • Sunand Ep
    Sunand Ep

    Nexon :)

  • Shivansh Chouksey
    Shivansh Chouksey

    Midnight meal - XUV300

  • Anirudha Barman
    Anirudha Barman

    And when you go to actually test ride & book one, you realized how inadequate and short sighted are these PD videos. Crass

  • Chiranjib Nath
    Chiranjib Nath

    I will go for the one with higest Safety ratings on Global NCAP.

  • Dnyanprit

    Sonet is the king of all cars

  • Auto series
    Auto series

    Magnite because in budget and over all good features and build quality too

  • Tejas Rasam
    Tejas Rasam

    Why PD skipped Eco sport & XUV300 ??

  • Pinky Rani
    Pinky Rani

    Nexon is the compact SUV in this segment safety features and design


    Nexon marde .....


    Nexon is the winner for me

  • Jatin Anand
    Jatin Anand

    Magnite---> 360 view, TC, ABS, etc..

  • piyush singh
    piyush singh

    V = Venue V = Value for money ❤️

  • Shishir Pareek
    Shishir Pareek

    Venue or sonet

  • Hrishikesh Jadhav
    Hrishikesh Jadhav


  • Chandra Sekhar
    Chandra Sekhar

    I own tata nexon diesel automatic.. trust me guys.. nexon is all rounder.. with safety too.. 🔥🔥

  • Rana Pal
    Rana Pal

    What's the purpose of the vedio, may be lack of new content 🤔

  • Rohit Khicher
    Rohit Khicher

    Xuv 300 best 🙄

  • Manoj Baitha
    Manoj Baitha


  • pravin murthy
    pravin murthy

    Nexon ❤️ Forever!!

  • karun b
    karun b

    1)Hyundai venue 2)Maruthi breza 3)Nissam magnite 4)Kia 5)Tata nexon

  • Satyabrata Brahma
    Satyabrata Brahma

    Xuv 300 is missed out


    Does the nexon diesel have parked regeneration for dpf??

  • ابوزرضا مردبادی ابو طلحہ رضا
    ابوزرضا مردبادی ابو طلحہ رضا

    अंतरराष्ट्रीय ़ऐ

  • Deependra

    Irony is you didn't include best compact suv , the xuv300 modern,safe, comfortable,fun to drive, amazing engine's , and the biggest reason homegrown manufacturer Making India proud

  • Rajith Ram
    Rajith Ram

    Boss of all them is ecosport 🤘

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar

    Ford ecosport anyday better than every other meal you'd have on the table

  • Sathgirinath Premraj
    Sathgirinath Premraj

    Ford Ecosport

  • Aman Pasrija
    Aman Pasrija

    Nissan Magnite Turbo Petrol is my choice, hatchback ke price me SUV ka comfort

  • Anirban Dey
    Anirban Dey


  • Aryan Banerjee
    Aryan Banerjee

    I will select Tata Nexon over every car. Way safer car then others in this segment

  • Zaraish Dhanani
    Zaraish Dhanani

    Proud owner of the sumptuous and wholesome main course - Nissan Magnite 😍👌🏻

  • Aveem Ashfaq
    Aveem Ashfaq

    They are all overhyped. Like sheep following a herd. The purest driving pleasure is from a low-slung vehicle. Buy the altroz diesel. Your inner racer, your wallet, your heart and your mother-in-law will thank you.

  • Hitesh Kasturi
    Hitesh Kasturi

    Loft, jv&Loki pub

  • Harn Singh
    Harn Singh


  • Kartik A V
    Kartik A V

    Why ecosport is not in the list .?

  • veeras2020

    Ecosport has solid fan base but rarely visible on roads in 2020-21 not sure if the fans are fast asleep ;) JK!


    Urban cruiser - better service and 4 cylinder engine makes it the best

  • Karthik Radhakrishnan
    Karthik Radhakrishnan

    Magnite magnite magnite

  • Lovin Joy Varghese
    Lovin Joy Varghese

    Wheres xuv300 and ecosport?? Baised !!!!

  • Aniket Wani
    Aniket Wani

    Xuv 300 should have been here

  • Karthick sridharan
    Karthick sridharan

    The creator of this segment is ford ecosport. What a waste of a review without it. Baap ko bhul gaye ?!

  • Roshan Srinivas
    Roshan Srinivas

    this video was gold :D

  • PRITHAM.P. Suvarna.
    PRITHAM.P. Suvarna.

    Bla bla bla!!! Incomplete with the Ford Ecosport!

  • Subham Karmakar
    Subham Karmakar

    Ajinkya ko har video mein aise hi aana mangta hain ab. It's settled.

  • faltu chai
    faltu chai

    brezza ..period

  • Sameer Padia
    Sameer Padia

    What about safety? Provide that as well pd

  • अमेय तांबे
    अमेय तांबे

    I only eat starters and desserts in Barbecue nation..

  • gimmigota1

    Yeh toh sab ki test drive lene par hi pata chalega ki kaun si leni chahiye....

  • babu3009

    Where is ecosports?

  • akshay rb
    akshay rb

    Nexon is a hatchback with compact SUV like ground clearance!

  • nitin karole
    nitin karole

    woho!!! what a crazy fun video !😍👌👌😂

  • ros jos
    ros jos


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