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Office ki nook jhok hi toh office ka asli mazaa hai, ye hai humare kuch masti bhare office moments with some reality and some expectations ka tadka, Dil khol k ke video ko karo LIKE is baar target hai 2,00,000 Likes , SHARE kar do family, friends sab ke sath aur comments ki barish kar dena ku k mai karungi aapke comments ka reply.
Video mai apka favourite moments mujse jarur share karna, hum to aap ko issi tarah aur hasate rahenge or aap video ke through dusro ko bhi hasao.
Produced By​ : SpiceUp Media
Creative Head ​: Shruti Anand
Directed By​ : Vikram Choudhary
Channel Coordinator -​ Akanksha Borkar
Script By ​: Shruti & Akanksha Borkar
DOP : ​Dev Shankar Prasad
Assistant DOP :​ Yash
Edited By :​ Shubham Raj Verma & Rahul
VFX :​ Tushar Panchal
Thumbnail : Aslam Siddiquee
Presented By :​ Shruti Anand
Co - Actors :​ Jeetusri, Priyanka Devnath, Suraj Baliyan,Danish Khan
Shoot Coordinator :​ Sonu Gupta
Support Staff :​ Sagar, Rita
Social Media ​: Danish Khan
Powered By:​ ​
~ XoXo ~ Shruti
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  • Shruti Arjun Anand
    Shruti Arjun Anand

    Aap ko kon si salary chaiyea Expectations wali ya Reality Wali? 😁

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      Expectations wala



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      Erum Jaffri

      Channel name is Shizzy show like pls

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      Sunil maurya

      Reality because it is realti

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      Habib baby planet

      Mein ap ke dewane hu you are very very beautiful lagta he nahi ke ap ki marriage hogae hy


    Main aap ki sabse pehle fan ho shuru hoti ananya Anand

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  • Heer Songara
    Heer Songara


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    Your Helper- Mehak

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    Sandhya Suresh

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    poojan chaddha

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    poojan chaddha

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    Zunera Shaikh

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    Dilshad Fatima

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    Rajnee Sondhiya

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    SS Vloggs

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  • Ankita Singh
    Ankita Singh

    No one can say that shruti is marriaged she looks like a collage student

  • 3minutes craft
    3minutes craft

    Mam AL some on had been had to see the behind area

  • Sunita Kumari
    Sunita Kumari

    Plss guys can anyone tell me what was that songs name in the office makeup part

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    Ananya Singh

    Kitnai Sarai ads 😓😓

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    Rajni Kashyap

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    Manohar Lal sharma

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    Mitush Raghav

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    Dance and More With Garvita

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    Kidz World

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    Ramakant Sharma

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    Nida's channel

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    Nida's channel

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    Aditya Kumar

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    shivkumar yadav

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      shivkumar yadav

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  • Brightful Sparkle
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