Jake Paul Defeats Nate Robinson Via Second-Round Knockout (FULL FIGHT)
Jake Paul
I told you.
Park South Freestyle Ft. Mike Tyson inlabel.info/chat/opeptN3Cj6Cjn6I/v.html
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  • Ion care
    Ion care

    All they doing is hugging


    ^😧Tal vez todos me ignoren😕 pero escribo, con la esperanza de que alguien de buen corazón lo leera mi sueño es ser INlabelr👑❤ todos sé burlan de mi por ser MANCO😣 trabajo en esforzarme pero no puedo😕si quieres ayudarme a cumplir mi sueño se parte con seguirme porfa❤🍀^

  • theo wainwright
    theo wainwright

    really titled the video the result 🤦‍♂️

  • xxl skies
    xxl skies

    jake fighting mike tyson

  • نور القرآن
    نور القرآن

    انا اعلم ان 99 ٪ سيتجاهلون تعليقي ورغم ذالك سأحاول وأحاول بفضل الله وقدرته ثم بفضلكم ودعمكم، ان أنشر القرآن الكريم و الإسلام طوعا، لعل الله سبحانه وتعالى ان يُصخر لنا عبادًا يُحبهم و يُحبونه ويدعمون اهل القرآن. فلا تبخلو علينا ولو بدعاء ♥ اللهم اعز الإسلام والمسلمين ♥

  • Judge Grimrod
    Judge Grimrod

    The music is just horrible

  • Miss Daisha
    Miss Daisha

    I can’t seee the fight, the music is too loud ❗️Turn it down so I can focus lol

  • Ultra Superior
    Ultra Superior

    This dude legit did the worm wtf

  • Marcin Hibner
    Marcin Hibner

    Zcash❤️😊"Z" 💰🤑

  • ethanostorey

    KSI is gonna fucking demolish Jake

  • Gabriel Loza
    Gabriel Loza

    im tryna watch the fight. turn off ya trash music in the background

  • Emerson Sorto
    Emerson Sorto

    Am in Seattle Washington but I still like jake pual

  • I don't know
    I don't know

    Prepare for the kSi HaS No cHaNcE Commets and also kSi iS sCaReD

  • Jay Billz
    Jay Billz

    Nate can't box! I see that early. This aint street MMA

  • Cliff Leatherby
    Cliff Leatherby

    I love hearing the punches land, but i cant hear'em cuz that music volume is cranked. Good music just wish i could hear the fight ya know

  • Alfredo Gonzalez
    Alfredo Gonzalez

    how do i mute his “song”

  • iamMaster

    All I saw was two pretty best friends hugging 🤗

  • SweDishTard Gaming
    SweDishTard Gaming

    Looks more like a hugging contest.

  • yeetomasgito

    I’m only here to see snoop dog

  • Jovann Pena
    Jovann Pena

    Dude got flattened by a dude who was on Disney Channel lmao

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000

    Cut the Fucking Music! Please! And Cut Snoop!

  • chalino sanchez
    chalino sanchez

    Theres a difference between a man who throws balls to a man that throws punches

  • Kadar Dew
    Kadar Dew

    I thought I had music playing in the back

  • Charlie

    nate robinson logic: if I"m hurt, I gotta rush in because I need the knockout

  • Jim C
    Jim C

    Get rid of Snoop and the music next time

  • PrimusLogic_Gaming

    why there is music in the background nobody want that it so annoying like i know is your song, but why dude

  • jxcobenas

    what’s this garbage music playin in the back

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus

    NATE can’t fight for us again 💯

  • Devour Sparks
    Devour Sparks


  • Dragon Rai
    Dragon Rai

    Ez win. Nate just kept coming in to eat the overhand counter. But against some1 tht knows how to box JP is guna take the L

  • Hannah Caridi
    Hannah Caridi


  • fred koblan
    fred koblan

    Lastnight my friend payed 50 dollars to watch the fight today it's free on youtube so I invited him over.

  • Ahvulon


  • Jay Leaf
    Jay Leaf

    Still waiting on that Soulja boy vs Jake Paul

  • Jacob Elwood
    Jacob Elwood

    get that trash music outta here

  • Ethan Healy
    Ethan Healy

    He dead

  • Greg whitehead
    Greg whitehead

    literally the most terrible fight I've ever seen.

  • Toren Mintern
    Toren Mintern

    They were mostly hugging lol

  • Sainik Ghosh
    Sainik Ghosh

    8:40 is prolly the part your looking for

    • Buddy


  • Lisa

    Who all knew he was gonna win

  • Shane Wood
    Shane Wood

    Can take the shitty music off da fight

  • nelson swann
    nelson swann

    Lmfao who taught this man how to fight

  • 404 name not found
    404 name not found

    They hug so much I think they be froends

  • Its Grinder
    Its Grinder

    Girl I actually said Jake Paul I am a big fan of you

  • yung diner
    yung diner

    losing to jake paul in a boxing match is worse than death

  • Cha Boii Luke
    Cha Boii Luke

    If Nate didn't clinch every 2 seconds, he wouldn't have lasted the first round

  • joshua sonier
    joshua sonier

    just nocked his ass out

    • Buddy

      This gonna be the mean of the year

  • chalino sanchez
    chalino sanchez

    They might aswell of fucked

  • Zoe Blacer
    Zoe Blacer

    Ngl Nate seemed like he was high or drunk or sum bc he was always going in for a hug

  • gaming with pro dude123 4
    gaming with pro dude123 4

    Bro I left a message on the other vids but we beat on fights with Tyson so we beat u would win bc I watch your vids

  • Mukhtar Jibril
    Mukhtar Jibril


  • Jalen Smith
    Jalen Smith

    Can we please have a moment of silence for Nate🙏🏿

  • Broadsidejohn

    Can’t stand the rap noise. Too annoying.

  • Kareem SPX
    Kareem SPX

    8:48 *OH LAARWD* 😂😂😂

  • SlanginBricks23 *
    SlanginBricks23 *

    Nate Robinson wtf was that 😂😂😂 you trash 🗑

  • The Rock
    The Rock

    The music is so annoying omg 🙄

  • Prod. by BranMill
    Prod. by BranMill

    Lolll nate goes ko on his head literally ON HIS HEAD LMAO

  • Tonton Gipou
    Tonton Gipou


  • Winzsz

    You’ve improved since you fought Deji now fight someone with experience

  • Jayden Cope
    Jayden Cope


  • lit_royson3

    "Oahh laardd"

  • juan seven TV
    juan seven TV

    Nate got paid

  • JoshGen

    I feel like we just experienced racism

  • Abdullah Abdullsh
    Abdullah Abdullsh

    Einfach gebähbät😂

  • Iori Hoang
    Iori Hoang

    Fucking garbage music in the background, other than that good performance by Jake.

  • James Osburn
    James Osburn

    Wtf is playing in the background

  • Little Bit of Everything
    Little Bit of Everything

    Good job Jake!

  • أمجد قاسم Parkour sport
    أمجد قاسم Parkour sport

    I am a Parkour player. 😻 I hope you will subscribe to my channel to post more videos for you💕💋❤ Thank you💪💝

  • Michael Simon
    Michael Simon

    This a joke or what the fuck I wanna see him fight the light weight guy that came too his house

  • James Gurung
    James Gurung

    If Nate had more fight iq he might of had a chance, but Good Fight Jake

  • Patrick Burke
    Patrick Burke

    Yikes, I’m an amateur and I’ve fought guys more impressive than Nate. He’s sooooo bad.

  • Enrique Villa
    Enrique Villa

    Garbage music makes it unwatchable

  • Kushy Punch214
    Kushy Punch214

    Nate Robinson ain’t invited to the cookout no moe

  • Mohammed Safdar
    Mohammed Safdar

    WTF.! BOTH OF THEM TRASH AFF. Y'all hyping this for nothing.🥴😵

  • Deuce Foster
    Deuce Foster

    jake paul trash still gtfoh

  • Young Vibez #_#
    Young Vibez #_#

    Jake cant fight he won't fight anyone that he knows is gonna win hes just like Mayweather

  • Aisha almohannadi
    Aisha almohannadi

    W-what I only didn’t watch a few videos than were here?!

  • Willie Craig
    Willie Craig

    Nate Robinson better hook with Warren g and regulate

  • jesse oppong
    jesse oppong

    disappointed :(

  • lit_royson3

    Who else watched on youtube With some random ass titles

  • Knifer J
    Knifer J

    I didn't see a fight, I saw a high school kids punching and hugging.

  • Thomas Mikaelson
    Thomas Mikaelson

    Music too loud cant here the commentary on whether the punch behind the ear was fair.

  • A9five

    Bro I thought Jake was older. I'm 25 and this dude looks older than me.

  • Bacon MANN
    Bacon MANN

    8:48 now that’s a lot of damage

  • ItzSmerf

    I get so jelly that celebs can so easily get a fight thrown together. As a fat 34 year old asthmatic, I would jump at the opportunity to get in the ring. Somebody make me famous.

  • Arieon Blud
    Arieon Blud

    The fucking clenches..

  • Andres Echeverria
    Andres Echeverria

    i fuck with the music and everything 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Getrekt-at1-800

    Nate fights like a bit

  • N.A.N.A Life
    N.A.N.A Life

    I knew Jane was going to win yessir you got to fight ksi

  • Bellanira Agramonte
    Bellanira Agramonte

    Las mujeres encuera la mujer encuera

  • gang sama
    gang sama

    Bro are this is boxing game wtf event that

  • qt hunter
    qt hunter

    Round one every 2 seconds they would lock up

  • juice nasty770
    juice nasty770

    Jake Paul! I'm calling you out! I will gladly fight you for a much cheaper purse. Comment back if you want smoke bring it I give you the fight of your life

  • Marty Versitti
    Marty Versitti

    That music in the background was so annoying

  • potte

    The music is horrible

  • Dustin Shepard
    Dustin Shepard

    The worst fight I have ever seen

  • Kiri_024

    Poor Mauro Ranallo went from being WWEs best commentator to calling a Jake Paul fight. You have to feel for him really

  • Dio .M
    Dio .M

    No clean punches , 90% of the time they hugging, this fight was wack.

  • Alaqmar Chawalwala
    Alaqmar Chawalwala

    i feel like nate literally had no defense knowledge he just kept aimlessly running at jake

  • FlareBoy R35
    FlareBoy R35

    Lol his fall tho 😂

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