My Kitchen Tour| Well Organised Makeover in Less Budget| Vlog| Sushma Kiron
My Kitchen Tour with Affordable Amazon Products after Well Organised Makeover is Here in this Latest Vlog. Watch this new Video to Make your Home Beautiful in Less Budget only..Sushma kiron
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Airtight Storage Organizer
Spice Jar
Adjustable Kitchen Sink Tap
Herb Scissors
4 Slots Cooking Utensil Storage Rack
Plastic Kitchen Storage Jars
Kitchen/Bedside Runner
Soap Pump Dispenser
Chakla Belan Stand
Foldable Cutting Chopping Board
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  • Pakalapati Lakshmi
    Pakalapati Lakshmi

    Very nice kitchen toor video chuci Rice store boxes tisukunnanu

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Bagundhi kada

  • Hima Bindu
    Hima Bindu

    Prashamtamga vundi. Nenu chala videos home tour n kitchen tours choosan. Your telugu n your kitchen is pleasant vibes. Devudi mandiram choopisthe bagundedi anipinchindi. Nice . Baaga simple ga neat ga saddaru. God bless u . N ur family.

  • samudrala Laxmi
    samudrala Laxmi

    Akka home tour

  • Chennaram Renuka
    Chennaram Renuka

    Onion and potato boxes teyakande akka old is gold just this my suggestion nache tha like vaye akka

  • Jyothi Tripurari
    Jyothi Tripurari

    Super and neat and well organised. Sushma garu.


    What u spelt for masala

  • santhoshini Bukka
    santhoshini Bukka

    nicely kitchen tour

  • devender goud
    devender goud

    Were you living place

  • Y vasavi
    Y vasavi

    Akka we need hair care video pls pls pls pls akka...

  • Venkateswararao Rasamsetti
    Venkateswararao Rasamsetti

    Home tour akka

  • Srinuvasu Srinuvasu
    Srinuvasu Srinuvasu

    Very nice kitchen tour

  • sai sharanya
    sai sharanya

    Akka are you staying in vizag

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron


  • Kundana Shorts
    Kundana Shorts

    Home tour cheyandii


    Own house aa akka


    akka meeru hometour cheyanndhi akka meeru naku number evvandhi akka Nenu girl no akka my name snehasai ok na reply akka

  • Kumbhagalla Kanyakumari
    Kumbhagalla Kanyakumari

    Where you live Akka

  • Basi Bandaru
    Basi Bandaru

    Super sister


    Mee house bagundi



  • Yerukola Padmaja
    Yerukola Padmaja


  • Gsklucky Lucky
    Gsklucky Lucky

    Home tour ki inka yenni rojulu baboyeeeee

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron


  • nirosha b
    nirosha b

    Well organized

  • Adi Nsrayana
    Adi Nsrayana

    U shifted ur house

  • Juan Rael
    Juan Rael

    aaka plz buy new car not in maruti in hyndai buy creta plzzzzz

    • Juan Rael
      Juan Rael

      @Sushma Kiron if you will bye buy take sx yop model

    • Juan Rael
      Juan Rael

      @Sushma Kiron ok aaka

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Time vundhi

  • naga malli
    naga malli

    Home tour pls pls

  • Manas Kiran
    Manas Kiran


  • Manjula Neeraja
    Manjula Neeraja

    Akka nuv devuni gadi enduku chupivvaledu

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Naku sentiment andi

  • samhitavinay Vinnakota
    samhitavinay Vinnakota

    Miru tomatoes store chesaru liteblue color buttaname r link plz

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Adhi Nenu outside tesukunanu andi but amazon lo kuda vundhi

  • R Samanvitha
    R Samanvitha

    You are a big people

  • Ratnakumari Meenaka
    Ratnakumari Meenaka

    అక్క మీరంటే నాకు చాలా ఇష్టం

  • Ratnakumari Meenaka
    Ratnakumari Meenaka

    అక్క మీ ఫ్యామిలీ బాగుంటది అక్క

  • Rami Siri
    Rami Siri

    Akka Kitchen Tour Super

  • Lasya Pallapati
    Lasya Pallapati


  • Kambadur Kyrun
    Kambadur Kyrun

    Nice akka

  • Rebba Navya
    Rebba Navya

    Super akka🥰🥰

  • SK love whats status
    SK love whats status

    Akka free fire game diamonds top up Chesko Achcha🥰🥰

  • SK love whats status
    SK love whats status


  • k jagan
    k jagan

    Cylinders daygaraga paytoddu akka

  • v trumurtuluyv
    v trumurtuluyv

    Ma papa name shanvitha 🥰

  • Get Vlogified
    Get Vlogified

    Akka please do home tour akka

  • Rithwik Parkala
    Rithwik Parkala

    Nice video 👍 sushma akka fans oka like vesukondi

  • lucky and laxmi the fam
    lucky and laxmi the fam

    Akka Ni explanation super 👌👌 and I loved it

  • Kunaparaju Krishnaveni
    Kunaparaju Krishnaveni

    Expecting heart from you

  • N.Sahasra Varma
    N.Sahasra Varma

    Please do home tour

  • cheemalapati bhanuprakash
    cheemalapati bhanuprakash

    Super akka

  • Kolkondha Swaroopa
    Kolkondha Swaroopa

    24 hours Red food challenge please

  • Pravallika yamala
    Pravallika yamala

    Super akka


    I too want a heaaart😊

  • Druvitha D/o ravi
    Druvitha D/o ravi

    Akka a sheets link petara

    • Druvitha D/o ravi
      Druvitha D/o ravi

      @Sushma Kiron cupboard lo petaru kada mali wash chesi use cheyochu anaru

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Which sheet

  • Sukanya Boyalapalli
    Sukanya Boyalapalli

    Meru thisukunna vasthuvulanni 99, rupis mathrame gunturu jilla motham

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron


  • Jyothi Duggapu
    Jyothi Duggapu

    Sushma Garu kitchen lo cockroaches lekunda ala uncharandi ,maku weekly cleaning chestunna kitchen lo cockroaches vachestunnai ,vati kosam chala products vadam kani povatam ledu, vatokosam adaina tip ivvandi madam plz

    • Jyothi Duggapu
      Jyothi Duggapu

      Tq Andi

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Naku chala bhaya cockroaches antye

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Yearly once mandhu pettisthanu andi

  • Sukanya Boyalapalli
    Sukanya Boyalapalli

    Dshlikvit 99, rupes nuvvu mosapothunavu

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Naku ah price ki dorakaledu

  • Vijayalaxmi D
    Vijayalaxmi D

    Informative video 👍👍👍

  • Rama Devi
    Rama Devi

    Tour means Konnavi chipinchatama

  • Potlapalli Srinivasarao
    Potlapalli Srinivasarao

    Every mile cartoon

  • Sammu Afrin
    Sammu Afrin


  • syhyamala snigdha
    syhyamala snigdha

    I have that cover holder in we bought from usa

  • Chilakala Achamma
    Chilakala Achamma

    Cash karo price ivale akka

  • Annu Sree
    Annu Sree

    Amazing.. I should say.... U r simply superb in everything. After watching this in even I started planning to buy some stuff for my kitchen. Very well organised with reasonable budget. Sushma garu.. I generally keep forwarding other INlabel celebs, but it's only yours that I watch from the beginning till the end.

  • sandhya swamy Swamy
    sandhya swamy Swamy

    U th simply superb sister ❤️

  • Meduri Priya
    Meduri Priya

    Super kitchen

  • Niha Nive Rocks
    Niha Nive Rocks

    Home tour please akka

  • Madhuri Angle
    Madhuri Angle

    Akka kitchen tour chala bagunnaru

  • Kommabhatla Lakshmi shirisha
    Kommabhatla Lakshmi shirisha

    Akka cash on delivery ayithe cash back vasthundaa

  • Y. Bushnam vijay kumar
    Y. Bushnam vijay kumar

    Expecting a heart siso

    • Y. Bushnam vijay kumar
      Y. Bushnam vijay kumar

      Tq siso

  • bhuvana kruthi
    bhuvana kruthi

    Expecting heart from you sis ❤️❤️

  • Thambu Raj
    Thambu Raj


  • pavan sai hemanth
    pavan sai hemanth


  • Pavithra vlogs
    Pavithra vlogs

    Akka home tour please please please please please akka

  • punith na
    punith na

    All plastic items only😐 avoid using plastic kitchen accessories

  • Chandrika Mukkamala
    Chandrika Mukkamala

    Your phone number please mother ask friend 😃💵

  • madhu Satish143
    madhu Satish143

    Akka please reply

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron


  • K Triveni
    K Triveni

    I am k. Gnaeswara Rao

  • K Triveni
    K Triveni


  • Prasanthi Kasamsetty
    Prasanthi Kasamsetty

    juicer link share cheyandi

  • Bandaru Suvarna
    Bandaru Suvarna

    Sushma akka live ki ra vachu kada akka

  • Pentakota Bramani
    Pentakota Bramani

    Akka anniversary vlogs appudu

  • sowmya arts and crafts
    sowmya arts and crafts

    Home tour Akka plase

  • Bandaru Suvarna
    Bandaru Suvarna

    Hyderabad lo akkada akka

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron


  • sowmya arts and crafts
    sowmya arts and crafts

    Home tour

  • Jyothi Jyothi
    Jyothi Jyothi

    Akka love ❤️❤️ your

  • Sudhs Sudha
    Sudhs Sudha

    Very nice

  • Rangareddy cchs
    Rangareddy cchs

    Akka pooja cupboard tour


    vari nice kitcher tour

  • Balaji Goud
    Balaji Goud

    Please say me that next live when it will there please say me and im a new subscriber please akka

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Definitely we’ll try to come this Sunday andi at 7pm

  • Balaji Goud
    Balaji Goud

    Please akka home tour pleae we wnt your home tour


    Akka home tour

  • Smiley Anitha
    Smiley Anitha

    Akka home tour plzzzz

  • kamsani sowmya
    kamsani sowmya

    Sushma akka so cute


    Home tour Akka please

  • madhu Satish143
    madhu Satish143

    సుష్మ అక్క నీ ఫ్యామిలీ చాలా అందంగా ఉంది ఎప్పుడు అలాగే ఉండాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను

  • sudha u
    sudha u


  • sudha u
    sudha u

    Home tour please

  • Yashaswini T
    Yashaswini T

    Iam brahmin

  • Yashaswini T
    Yashaswini T

    Sushma akka iam yashaswini 7 class I will watch every video of you Your kitchen organization is super 👌 We want home tour akka plzz do it fast waiting for home tour 🙏 🤩🤩 Your vlogs are awesome sushma akka 😁

  • Jyothivarma Jampana
    Jyothivarma Jampana

    Home tour plz akka

  • prasanna pogiri
    prasanna pogiri

    Hi akka mi home lo railway clock undi kada link ivvava plzzzz

  • neerajapriya mandadi
    neerajapriya mandadi

    hi akka i am studing in 6th grade i am a big fan of your's. kotta bangaru lokam movie is one of my favorite akka. akka plzzzzzz mi next video booster gurinchii leda booster ni kanisam aa video lo kanipinchetattu ga video cheyyara. booster ni choodalani undhi akka. hope u will give respect to my request plzzzzzz.

  • Chandana goud Chandu
    Chandana goud Chandu

    Unnaliki Annie thakuvey

    • Sushma Kiron
      Sushma Kiron

      Memu middle class aa andi babu

  • mounica burli
    mounica burli

    Channels lo kuda sheets veskunte rust avvdu

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